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3d-printed gun mastermind cody wilson jailed on sex assault charge
the files could previously be downloaded for free, but a federal judge issued a nationwide injunction last month that blocked the posting of the blueprints online.cody wilson at his company, defense distributed, in austin, nytimeswilson was placed under investigation after a counselor on august 22 told authorities a 16-year-old girl said she was paid $us500 to have sex with wilson at an austin hotel, police said.investigators later interviewed the girl and on wednesday obtained a warrant for wilson's arrest, but by then he had caught a flight to taiwan. police said at the time that they were aware wilson traveled often for business, but that it was not clear why he had flown to taiwan.reuters
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melbourne express, monday, september 24, 2018
the man, described as caucasian with ginger-coloured hair, then grabbed the woman around the neck and placed his hand inside her clothing and sexually assaulted her.the woman managed to elbow the man in his face and leave the mosh pit. she found her friends and called the comes as thirty people were arrested on drug-related charges at the festival attended by about  18,000 people.
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opera house goes carbon neutral five years ahead of schedule
by becoming more energy efficient and streamlining day-to-day operations, it reduced its carbon dioxide (co2) emissions, and offset its remaining emissions for the year 2017-2018 with help from its major partner energyaustralia. to reduce its carbon footprint, australia's most recognisable building invested in renewables, tree planting and biodiversity projects to offset its greenhouse emissions. the 2015 paris agreement set a goal of limiting a rise in world surface temperatures, and last month the mayors of 19 cities, including sydney, put in place regulations requiring all new buildings to be carbon neutral by 2030 and all existing ones to reach the same goal by 2050.each year the opera house hosts 1800 events, serves 2.6 million food and beverage orders – producing 5000 cubic metres of waste and uses electricity equivalent to 2500 households (16 gigawatts). a new waste management program, including the introduction of new recycling streams and transferring food waste that would have otherwise gone to landfill to an organics facility to be turned into energy last year, improved the waste recycling rate from 25 per cent to 60 per cent. an educational program on waste management for staff and contractors also helped reduce waste.`it’s the opera house’s responsibility to find innovative solutions to reduce its carbon footprint and inspire the community to do the same,` opera house ceo louise herron said.the opera house goes green, monday night at 6pm. photo: fiora sa...
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after hurricane florence, highways of dead fish
the department used a fire hose for the job.`well, we can add 'washing fish off of the interstate' to the long list of interesting things firefighters get to experience,` hardison wrote in a post to the department's facebook page saturday. `hurricane florence caused massive flooding in our area and allowed the fish to travel far from their natural habitat, stranding them on the interstate when waters receded.`south carolina highway 22 is flooded. photo: apwhen the firefighters arrived, they couldn't quite tell what was shimmering on the asphalt, hardison said.`when we pulled up on it, it almost looked like a mirage,` she said. `you knew something was on the road, but you couldn't tell until you pulled up on it.`and then, there was no mistaking the sight - or the smell.`it was insane,` hardison said. `there were thousands.`` /]no one at the fire department could remember anything like it from past storms and floods, she said.`when the chief got the call, he was like, 'wait, are you serious? you're kidding right?,' ` hardison said.the firefighters cleared just a portion of the highway by hose, calling in the state transportation department to finish the job with different equipment.but video of the department's effort, posted to social media, had racked up more than a half million views by sunday morning. it was one of several posts shared over the weekend that highlighted the mass fish fatalities. a second video showed fish strewn across both sides of t...
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man hit by car in annerley suffers life-threatening injuries
a 52-year-old man suffered life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car while he crossed the street at annerley on sunday night.the man was attempting to cross at the intersection of ipswich and dudley roads about 7.20pm when he was hit by a car driven by a 20-year-old man, who was not physically injured.queensland ambulance service took the 52-year-old man to princess alexandra hospital for treatment.a queensland police spokesman said there was no update on the man's condition on monday morning.the forensic crash unit was investigating.
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canberra now: golden grille's $5m makeover & tuggeranong pond concerns
the canberra racing board will consider a redevelopment to take advantage of the light rail corridor, which could also revamp the race track site and help ensure their long-term financial future.developer lockbridge will present a masterplan that's been six months this week. they will then vote whether to adopt the plan and if accepted then begin the process of seeking government approval.david polkinghorne has the story.anna's long journey to 'bear witness' for cyclist partner at inquestmike hall and anna haslock in 2016. photo: it has been an emotional 18 months since anna haslock took a fateful call at 5am at her parents' home in wales.the partner of champion ultra-endurance cyclist mike hall had gone to bed hearing sketchy reports of an incident during the indian pacific wheel race, but was not worried.`i was experienced at mike going off to races – he'd done a fair few while we were together – and i always knew he'd be all right,` she says. `i trusted that he'd be able to take care of himself.`but the news in the morning was devastating.garry maddox has the rest of the more salad bars and lairy carpet, golden grille gets $5m makeoverlex and toni courage, with son benjamin, 6, in front of the iconic golden dion georgopoulosit's a simple oval-shaped sheet of glass with a garish brass frame - but for a generation of canberrans, the golden grill is the official logo of the ultimate canberra childhood.the striped decorations of the old ...
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the united nations has entered its darkest hour
for much of the cold war period, the un was splintered by veto wars between the us and the soviet union in the security council. the us victory in the cold war sparked giddiness even among un skeptics like former president ronald reagan, who spoke of `a standing un force – an army of conscience – that is fully equipped and prepared to carve out humanitarian sanctuaries through force if necessary.`australian soldiers on patrol in dili, east timor in apambitions for the body expanded. even the disasters that befell missions in somalia, bosnia and rwanda didn't damage the enthusiasm. the security council has authorised more than 50 peacekeeping operations since the fall of the berlin wall, compared with fewer than 20 over the previous four and a half's geopolitical landscape threatens to turn back the clock. last year saw the greatest number of vetoes in the security council since 1989, mostly over syria. before that, there were differences over libya and russia's annexation of recent years, china – the second largest contributor to peacekeeping and to third highest budget donor – has become more willing to deploy its veto. china's efforts to defend its interests in the crisis over north korea, russia's recalcitrance on syria, and saudi arabia's proxy war in yemen are efforts to reshape un diplomacy. and that's to say nothing of the growing assertiveness of regional powers old and new such as india and ethiopia.this competitio...
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meghan markle reveals her 'something blue' from the royal wedding
`my goodness, it's amazing, isn't it?` she says. `somewhere in here, there is a piece of ... did you see it? the piece of blue fabric that's stitched inside? it was my 'something blue'. it's fabric from the dress that i wore on our first date.`the clip was made public on sunday to preview the documentary that deals with the queen's role as head of the commonwealth. it marks markle's first television interview since joining the royal family.the outfits prince harry and meghan markle wore at their wedding will go on public display from october 26 at windsor castle. photo: apin it, the former suits star describes her may wedding at windsor castle as a `magical day.`she also speaks about the inclusion in her veil of wild flowers from the commonwealth.`it was important for me, especially now being a part of the royal family, to have all 53 of the commonwealth countries incorporated,` she says.`and i knew that it would be a fun surprise as well for my now husband, who didn't know, and he was really over the moon to find out that i would make this choice for our day together.`i hope people liked it as much as i liked helping to create it. it's such an exciting time for us, especially with harry's role as youth ambassador for the commonwealth and the travel that we intend to do to work specifically in all those different territories.`the duke and duchess will visit australia, new zealand, tonga and fiji next month.– with ap
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scoot boots takes boots for horses to the world
scoot boots creator and co-founder dave macdonald knew his business had made it when he saw his boots worn on police horses at the super bowl in the united states.the tasmanian business is the only australian manufacturer of protective equine hoof boots which offer an alternative to metal horse shoes.scoot boots won the telstra australia business awards emerging and energised award in 2018. photo: after working as a trainer and farrier for 30 years macdonald saw that most hoof boots were clunky, heavy and over complicated so he designed, created and patented a unique one-piece hoof boot that is simple, lightweight and easy to fit.`it goes back to 1500 years when alexander the great went across europe conquering and the victorious armies had the best calvary and they had to keep them sound so it went back to the metal horse shoes on all the horses, and that’s how they won the battles because they kept the horses sound,` macdonald says. `unfortunately for nearly 1500 years it hasn't changed when humans' footwear has advanced with technology, but poor old horses had to have metal and as a result it breaks them down.`the scoot boot provides a solution to protect a horse's hooves but does not impede its movements and it doesn't get soggy, heavy or wet when horses through muddy and wet terrain.
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boost numeracy results by making maths 'beautiful'
tackling fear of maths and restoring teachers' confidence in teaching it were key to improving nsw students' performance in numeracy tests, says the head of the nsw department of education's research centre.`we want to make maths beautiful,` said jenny donovan, the executive director of the centre for education statistics and evaluation (cese).around one fifth of schools around australia did their naplan tests online in jason south the state's naplan results in year 3, 5, and 7 numeracy have been stable since 2009. `there is some hint of a very slow improvement, but not statistically significant,` said peter goss from the grattan institute, who analysed the results.the news is better for year 9, which had its equal best result in numeracy since 2008 this year. `while there was no real change from 2008 to 2016, results have improved by about five months in the last two years and this difference is statistically significant,` said dr goss.`it seems that students in nsw are making three to four months more progress in their numeracy skills between year 7 and year 9 than they used to. if this trend continues, that will represent a significant achievement.`
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'broke' liberals set to splurge up to $1 million on wentworth byelection
the liberal party expects to spend anywhere up to $1 million on the wentworth byelection, despite being `broke` just months ahead of crucial state and federal polls.senior liberals told fairfax media they believed the price tag would match or exceed last year's byelection in the nearby seat of bennelong, which cost the party $850, minister scott morrison and liberal party candidate for wentworth dave aapthe splurge is made possible by an extraordinary fundraising effort by liberal candidate dave sharma, who is said to have helped rake in close to $500,000 in donations already.however, a party spokesman would not confirm that figure or answer questions about fundraising. budgeting for the byelection is a tightly guarded secret but will be discussed at a meeting of the party's state executive on friday.sources said the liberals' average expenditure in a federal byelection was about $600,000 – far more than what it would typically spend in a blue ribbon seat such as wentworth at a general election.
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morrison government giving catholic schools 10 times what they need: analysis
dr goss said catholic primary schools could `easily afford` to keep fees low for less-advantaged families at a cost of just $3-4 million a year - or no more than $50 million over the decade.`the government has chosen to subsidise fees for all of the students,` he told fairfax media.`rather than doing that, catholic schools could keep fees low just for the families who aren’t advantaged - for less than a tenth of the price.`they could find that $3-4 million from their own funds, they don't need an extra slush fund.`the schools were largely in inner-city sydney, particularly the north shore, and melbourne's eastern suburbs, dr goss said.he said the morrison government's argument that extra money was necessary to ensure `affordable choice` for parents was misleading.`affordable choice is not the same thing as low-fee,` he said. `what's affordable to a family on $300,000 is very different to what a family on $60,000 can afford.`the $1.2 billion fund will be delivered to private school authorities in each state to use as they please, though the government wants part of the money to flow to regional and remote schools, as well as those affected by is the most controversial part of last week's $4.6 billion boost to private schools, and was quickly branded a `slush fund` by labor, the unions and former nsw education minister adrian piccoli.the remaining $3.4 billion provides interim and transitional funding as private schools move to a new model for a...
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anna's long journey to 'bear witness' for cyclist partner at inquest
one of the world's best riders in an extreme form of cycling, an aeronautical engineer and race director who won the first world cycle race over 29,000 kilometres in 2014 and had twice won the 4400-kilometre tour divide from canada to mexico, had been struck by a car while racing south of canberra on the route from fremantle to sydney.riding more than 5000 kilometres in just over 12 days – averaging more than 400 kilometres a day – hall briefly led in the snowy mountains before being overtaken by belgium's kristof allegaert, who was expected to win the race later that day.mike hall photo: four days earlier, hall had tweeted his concern that cars were passing intimidatingly close to his bike.after the race was called off, cyclists around australia and britain held memorial rides and a `ghost bike` was erected in his honour at the site of the collision.with the three-day inquest into hall's death beginning in canberra today , ms haslock has made her first trip to australia.a part-time support worker for adults with learning disabilities who has taken over from hall as director of the transcontinental race across europe, she wanted to be there but had to start a crowdfunding campaign to raise £3500 (almost $6300) for the trip.`i think it was really important that somebody who loved mike was present to hear the outcome of the inquest and hear what's said,` she says. `[the collision] ended his life so it's a massive thing in my life and it's a massive thing in anyb...
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'very small' queensland uni at top of the class for student experience
the student cohort enrolling in university without family background were more vulnerable to dropping out earlier, research university student declan roe was the first member of his family to attend university, saying he wasn’t prepared for the amount and quality of work he was expected to produce.“however, the number of services that were on offer to students ... helped me figure out what to research in an essay and how to structure, allowed me to embrace the academic style of writing that is expected at university,” he university was the only university ranked in the `very small` category by good universities, with less than 10,000 students.the university of queensland, queensland university of technology, and griffith university, in contrast, all reported a cohort of more than 40,000 students.of all the queensland universities, bond university had the highest percentage of international students, with 19 per cent, followed by uq with 18 per cent and usq just 6 per cent.the university of southern queensland also had the highest number of non-school-leavers enrolling in queensland, with 76 per cent. cqu had a student body of 68 per cent non-school-leavers, while uq had 40 per suppliednon-school-leavers are defined as people who have pursued other training or certification, entered the workforce or are mature-age university had the highest percentage of students studying full-time and on-campus nationally ...
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dominic perrottet wanted preselection issue sorted a year ago: source
the nsw treasurer dominic perrottet told his liberal party colleagues 12 months ago that he was struggling with work-life balance and he needed a solution, sources close to him have revealed.sources said mr perrottet, who has five children under 10, `quietly made it known` a year ago that the pressures of being treasurer and living some distance from his electorate was taking its is understood he believed that the party would clear the way for him to contest the safe seat of castle hill at next year's election, despite it being currently held by fellow minister ray perrottet, who is deputy liberal leader, lives in epping, 40 kilometres away from his electorate of hawkesbury, which is a semi-rural seat.but instead, a bitter brawl has broken out within the party because mr perrottet has nominated for the seat and will challenge mr williams in a preselection.the move has infuriated mr williams, who says the first he knew of the challenge was when mr perrottet called him the day that nominations closed.
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race-by-race preview and tips for bathurst on monday
race 2 - bm58 hcp (1408m)a modest group here, but looks a nice race for warwick farm-trained 1. tony's reward, who has to lump a big weight, but scr from a later race. won here three starts back, and closed off nicely in his last two at goulburn and mudgee. extra trip suits.dangers: local mare 6. winterconi finished off nicely in a decent class 1 at dubbo and gets a lovely run with cover back in the field.  3. kormaddie makes the long trip from moruya but has won three of his last five and has the early speed to offset a wide to play it: back tony's reward to win.race 3  - maiden hcp (1408m)another plain bunch, but 1. battle fury from a strong hawkesbury stable only needs to progress naturally into his 2nd-up run to win this. wasn't far from the mark in better quality maidens in the autumn and just needs some cover from a wider gate to finish over the top.dangers: former victorian 3. the flying scot made a sound debut for his new dubbo trainer at home and gets the fence draw here.  5. ellie beach is first-up for nine months but has some good mile form under her to play it: back battle fury to win and quinella with the flying scot.race 4 - class 1 hcp (1808m)sticking firm with lightly-raced 4yo city raider 1. garros up in trip. ran to his market drift in a stronger race at goulburn last start, but was through inferior inside ground. two starts back swept home along the inside to win his maiden at mudgee and the form around that race is solid.dangers:...
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restaurant lobby concedes widespread underpayment problems
high-profile restaurants run by celebrity chefs george calombaris and shannon bennett have also been embroiled in underpayment scandals. bennett denies the claims.a 2015 report by the fair work ombudsman found about half of all restaurants and cafes audited did not pay legal rates.loadingand in july this year the ombudsman reported that 81 per cent of businesses inspected in victoria street, richmond, did not comply with workplace laws.the fair work ombudsman recently signed a three-year memorandum of understanding with the industry group aimed at improving compliance with workplace laws in fast food outlets, restaurants and cafes.ombudsman sandra parker said getting businesses to abide by workplace laws was a priority.‘’improving compliance will also establish a level playing field by eliminating the unfair competitive advantage gained by employers who are underpaying staff,’’ she payne said a lot of the ombudsman's resources and private resources had been devoted to auditing and prosecuting individual businesses, especially after media exposure.“how do we come at this in a strategic, systemic way? how do we come at this in a strategic industry-wide manner that addresses the causes and finds solutions?”loadingthe comments come just days after rockpool frontman neil perry told fairfax media he believed his group was one of ''very few, if any'' in the industry that now complied with workplace laws.he was commenting after rockpool made workplace change...
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school sectors should unite around needs-based funding: top headmaster
when my staff say to me, `email's down', i say, `good`.this time has seen the discovery of risk; the invention of compliance; and also workplace health and safety paradigms, and the outsourcing of much of the nurture of young people to schools as a consequence of the relative collapse of other social institutions. the tsunami of mental health issues amongst the young has also placed enormous pressures on teachers as carers. amidst all of this, it's no wonder that so many crumple.amongst all of this, the answers to these dilemmas are not just in building design. there are critical issues here in terms of the whole profession of teaching, and the resourcing and equipping and supporting of teachers.the research is clear; the differences within schools are greater than the differences between schools.given the enormity of the problems that face our schools, it seems to me we all need to work together towards a solution. for this reason, i want to make an observation which may be both controversial and unpopular.we do not really have a government and a non-government system. we actually have two government systems. in one of those, which is called public schooling, there is very heavy control over the process – staffing, budgets, policy etc. in the other, which we call non-government (which i believe is a misnomer), consisting mostly of systemic and independent schools, there is heavy government monitoring in return for government funding on a sliding scale. this monitorin...
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ex-solicitor-general gets new gig after quitting over nasty spat with boss
besides, westpac said this month it would pay the fine after agreeing it had breached responsible lending laws by automatically approving 10,500 loans.but judge nye perram was not so sure.asic and westpac gave him a list of three silks late last week, and cbd understands gleeson was the man who came up on top.going a few rounds with gleeson won't be fun for the geniuses at the corporate regulator.but it will be a distraction from preparing for the punishment royal commissioner kenneth hayne is about to dish out.a wish list for marchpremier gladys berejiklian, pictured with treasurer dominic perrottet, is facing a difficult month as nsw liberal preselections for the state election are sorted paul bravennsw premier gladys berejiklian's cabinet teeters on the brink of war, with neither treasurer dominic perrottet nor multicultural affairs minister ray williams backing down from a run for the seat of castle hill.but it was only earlier this month that berejiklian, despite a terrible result in the wagga wagga byelection, was telling colleagues she was confident the government could pick up seats come next march.cbd had to pick its jaw off the floor when we heard this.we can't imagine what the reaction would have been like among her mps.berejiklian apparently told some colleagues the government was in with a good shot for the seat of prospect, held on a slim margin by selfie fan hugh mcdermott, as well as in orange and ballina, where former nationals state director ...
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tabcorp, racing bosses seek to arrest tote betting decline
`both parts of our joint venture are concerned about it.`loadingamid the explosion of internet and app-based wagering in australia and overseas, fixed-odds betting has soared in popularity, partly at the expense of traditional pari-mutuel betting, also known as tote betting.wagering revenue at tabcorp, australia's biggest gambling company, which recently merged with rival tab operator tatts group, is made up of both fixed-odds and tote betting.its latest yearly financial results showed the company's digital and fixed-odds offerings were major growth drivers. fixed-odds betting on racing was up 12.7 per cent to $680 million, more than offsetting the decline in tote betting, down 5.2 per cent to $1.04 billion.`our focus is on providing customers choice in how they want to bet - whether it is a choice between tote and fixed odds, or retail and digital betting, which is growing rapidly,` a tabcorp spokesman said.`that said, we are taking steps to improve the position of the tote including the introduction of longitude pool betting technology. the overall performance of the tote will be also improved by the introduction of tab tote products into queensland, south australia, tasmania and the northern territory.`we spend a lot of time brainstorming what can be done about it, what investments need to be victoria's chief executive giles thompsonmr thompson said the decline in pari-mutuel wagering was a cause of concern for the joint venture between tabcorp and vic...
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sponsor offers private jet to fly 'concerned' slater to judiciary
a melbourne club sponsor has offered to fly billy slater in his private jet to and from sydney for one of the most anticipated and important judiciary hearings in slater met with lawyer nick ghabar for several hours on sunday to map out his case, storm coach craig bellamy said reality was starting to set in for the retiring superstar no.1.realist: billy nrl photos`he's concerned, we all are. he's affected by it and realised he might not be able to play with this situation coming up,` bellamy told fairfax media on sunday. `at the end of the day, if we were to put ourselves in his shoes for five minutes, we'd be feeling exactly how he's feeling.`he's been through a lot in this game and in his life. he'll handle it ok at the end of the day. but he's also a realist, he doesn't live in fantasy land. he knows he'll get his chance to beat the charge, but there's also a chance he won't beat it and not play.`the storm had hoped to have the hearing scheduled for monday night `but for whatever reason they can't do it'`, said bellamy, with the all-important showdown at league central to proceed 24 hours later.
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filmmaker james ricketson lands safely in australia after 'spy' ordeal
the ordeal began in june 2017, when ricketson was arrested for flying a drone over an opposition rally, taking photographs of the heavy security presence. having lived and worked in cambodia for 22 years, ricketson's work largely focused on the underprivileged, including documenting the lives of children who scavenged on a large rubbish dump on the outskirts of phnom penh.he was an outspoken critic of the so-called cambodia solution, a controversial scheme under which australia resettled four refugees.ricketson spent a year in pre-trial detention, and his trial in august was widely criticised by observers and human rights advocates as unjust.loadingdaughter roxanne holmes told fairfax media immediately after the pardon was announced that it came `out of the blue` but the family was incredibly grateful for the support they had received, including more than 107,000 people who signed the petition.`but the first thing he will want to do is to have some space, get some medical treatment,` she said.phil robertson, deputy asia director of human rights watch, said `the 14 months of hell` ricketson endured should not be forgotten in light of the pardon.“no one should overlook the bogus criminal charge of ‘espionage’ and how the cambodian government cruelly used him as a pawn to give substance to their fantasy political conspiracy of a so-called ‘colour revolution’,` mr robertson said in a statement.loading`apparently now that prime minister hun sen has de...
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rail safety vehicle faulty, public transport victoria documents show
a fault with the track-inspection machine was detected in june, but had still not been fixed two months later, the internal document from early august shows.the backlog of checks that haven't been done risks creating  `operational delays`, the document warned.“mtm [metro trains melbourne] have been requested to undertake repairs with v/line awaiting an indicative timeframe to machine availability,` the review paper states.if scheduled checks are not carried out, it could result in service delays. photo: eddie jim`there are several scheduled runs that will now be out of compliance with several overdue runs being pushed further out of compliance.“the service with mtm is not currently delivering the minimum compliance requirements.”public operator v/line pays metro a “significant cost” for every day the regional operator uses the rail car, the document highlights.the service with mtm is not currently delivering the minimum compliance requirements.under the terms of a contract with metro, v/line pays $18,000 for a day, even if the use of the vehicle is limited.v/line is charged extra every time it converts the gauge of the vehicle, forking out a total of $200,000 for the last two times this occurred, the document shows.when the iev100 is out of service, v/line pays a further $4000 a day to send out safety inspectors weekly to check that the track is is understood that v/line pays metro up to $2 million a year for using the locomotive.lengths of track in...
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staple surprise: a circus like no other
melbourne fringe festivalsocial staples ★★★★gasworks theatreseptember 25-27ever tried to balance on top of a can of diced tomatoes? it's one of a number of clever analogies the na djinang circus brings to their production social staples. as six acrobats throw, balance and position cans in a complex routine, it gives rise to the feeling of just how hard it can be to make ends djinang circus: a circus like no other. photo: suppliedthroughout the performance, the troupe subtly explore themes of individual and collective gain, wealth and culture.there are fearless acts with aerial rope, a subtle but stirring exploration of depression and suicide and vegemite footprints explore one performer lights matches that slowly flicker and fade on the ground, another performs a moving and saddening sequence about rape.
Tags : staple surprise: a circus like no other - circus like staple surprise: a circus like no other
melbourne united on the up as nba trip arrives
going long: united veteran david mick connollybarlow has impressed throughout preseason as a starting power forward and he pinch-hit at centre during parts of the blitz. import centre josh boone sat out due to a hamstring injury, forcing melbourne to consider bringing in another american player to bolster their centre stocks for the two nba games.chris goulding had 20 points and barlow 18 points in the win over the hawks, who were led by emmett naar and brian conklin with 17 points each.“we are not where we need to be which is kind of expected at this time of the season,” barlow said.“but every game we get we are working on things and trying to improve next game.“i don’t care what position i play, but i do think that [me being in centre] is a line-up we can maybe throw out there from time to time. we need to get better at it and see where the advantages lay.”loadingwith the sixers boasting a team of great athletes led by ben simmons, barlow said melbourne had to lift its transition defence and keep turnovers to a minimum when in the us.“transition defence and turnovers are always a priority when playing against one of those teams - if you turn the ball over and give up transition buckets it can get ugly,” barlow said.“so getting back on defence and making them work defensively is something we need to try and do.`but we are super lucky to be able to do it, it should be fun and it give us a chance to get better and spent two weeks together - we ...
Tags : melbourne united on the up as nba trip arrives - barlow ,centre ,melbourne ,said ,united ,game ,barlow said ,melbourne united melbourne united on the up as nba trip arrives
column 8
in the tradition of holidays in zam-buk and swarfega (c8), some years ago ron quinton of mylestom asked an english gentleman he was working with where he'd gone for his holidays, to which the reply was: `ourgate.` not having heard of the place ron enquired where it was. `oh, 20 feet from the front` was his humorous response.yes, ralph davis, dogs named fido (c8) do exist. greg oehm of robertson is somewhat embarrassed to admit that his six-year-old self proudly gave the name fido to his family's border collie x cocker spaniel dog. greg adds: `he was true to his name, being a faithful companion throughout my childhood, if one ignored his tendency to roam local schools in search of food. he even followed me to school one day – quite how he did that is still beyond me, since i had a good five-mile bus ride to school. his affectionate greeting in the middle of school assembly, after having crossed the nearby creek without using the benefit of the nearby bridge, remains etched in my memory!`it would appear fido (c8) is more popular in some places in its french form.  from david thorn of corlette: `i knew a dog once called phideaux. he was a french poodle.` norman buckley of balmoral hasn't come across a fido in sydney `but when i lived in london a friend had one. spelled phydeaux. he lived in chelsea of course.`after having submitted many proofs for one signage job, all being returned requiring minor changes, belinda morrow of johns river received a request `f...
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heidelberg take victorian title with 2-1 win over avondale
avondale united's season, which promised so much just five days before, ended without silverware after they crashed to defeat in the npl victoria grand final to heidelberg united at aami park on sunday evening.the bergers - who had finished top of the table during the regular season - confirmed their status as the state's best second-tier club when they survived a late fight back to win 2-1 in 90 minutes.crowning glory: heidelberg united capped off their season by claiming the npl championship mark avellino photographyfirst half goals by former melbourne heart forward adrian zahra, who struck early, and a thunderbolt from andrew cartanos shortly before the interval handed george katsakis' side an initiative they held for the rest of the game.heidelberg has been one of the most consistent npl clubs in the past five years and have been a regular feature in both the victorian finals and the ffa cup, where they have reached the quarter finals in the past two years. their last eight tie against bentleigh greens is scheduled for next wednesday.last year the bergers also won the npl clubs national championship.
Tags : heidelberg take victorian title with 2-1 win over avondale - heidelberg ,they ,their ,season ,united ,heidelberg united heidelberg take victorian title with 2-1 win over avondale
best of fairfax cartoons september 24, 2018
best of fairfax cartoons september 24, 2018openmenubrisbane timesbrisbane timesadvertisement5 imagesbest of fairfax cartoons september 24, 201823 september 2018 — 9:43pm1/5illustration: john shakespeare2/5illustration: david pope3/5illustration: joe benke4/5illustration: david pope photo: smhadvertisement5/5illustration: david rowe
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rsl queensland's youngest ever president has a repair job on his hands
“we’re in a state of repair. my issue is that we need to be more transparent to our members and also the public,” he said.“the rsl is full of great people and it does a great job. we’ve just been tarnished and we need to repair that.”a former police officer, mr ferris also served in the royal australian air force from 1979 to 1985, joining the rsl in 2010 before being elected sunshine coast region district president in 2014.he is the youngest state president in rsl queensland’s history, taking oversight of an organisation that, in 2016, reported a revenue of $106 million and assets of $86 million.describing himself as “a fixer”, he likes a challenge but still felt a few nerves and had several “surreal” weeks as he got to work in his new role.rsl queensland has lumbered through its 102 years, growing steadily from a small, volunteer-led group dedicated to the support of world war i veterans into a household name with 33,000 members and “serious governance failures”.an acnc investigation into the organisation's finances found multiple breaches in governance over the use of funds by directors, among other problems.veterans' support is still at the heart of what the organisation glenn campbellthe investigation had been launched after it was discovered rsl queensland owed the australian tax office a fringe benefits tax liability of more than $312, found that a “long-standing practice” of rsl queensland directors being given funds f...
Tags : rsl queensland's youngest ever president has a repair job on his hands - that ,queensland ,said ,organisation ,ferris ,into ,ferris said ,perception that ,veteran welfare ,pints parmies ,mental health rsl queensland's youngest ever president has a repair job on his hands
call for pedestrian crossings overhaul after much-loved sister's death
at 7.30am on tuesday, july 3, penny barringham was walking her dog in woolloongabba, as she did most mornings.but as she crossed annerley road from stephens road towards ross street, on the green walk signal, a car turned left.penny barringham was hit by a car on july suppliedthe 62-year-old suffered critical injuries and died almost two weeks later when her life support was turned off on july 16.her sister elizabeth stanhope said she would still have her “much-loved, healthy 62-year-old sister” if vehicles and pedestrians were not allowed to cross intersections at the same time.“her death will leave an emptiness in the lives of so many,” she said.
Tags : call for pedestrian crossings overhaul after much-loved sister's death - july ,penny barringham call for pedestrian crossings overhaul after much-loved sister's death
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