the asking price was set at a cool $10 million, and the sale of the hotel was intended to free up funds to support the expansion of the miss maud coffee hotel management has only been in operation for just under five months, after registering as a business in november last a statement, mrs edmiston said the new arrangement would change very little about the set up of the hotel.`i'm delighted to say that everything will be the same for customers and staff with nothing changed for customers,` she said.`it will be a seamless transition for customers and staff alike, with claus paulus the long-time general manager of more thirty-five years continuing to manage the miss maud hotel and restaurant and the same friendly faces there to welcome customers.when asked how the company plans to support its existing workers, a spokeswoman said all staff will continue to work under their current arrangements.`all staff will work under the same arrangements, conditions and entitlements as when working for miss maud,` she said.`miss maud is very pleased and proud that they had succeeded in maintaining the operation together with all staff of miss maud swedish restaurant and hotel while releasing funds for the planned expansion of miss maud pastry houses.`