april 12, 2018hi-light architects have designed a modern apartment in poland that features a neutral color palette with hidden lighting throughout.stepping inside, the front door almost blends away into the wood accent wall with hidden lighting, while a black box leads into the living room.in the narrow living room, a concrete wall becomes the backdrop for a shelving unit that houses the television, and the couch sits against the bar and kitchen cabinets.at the end of the living room / kitchen, there’s a small space for a round four-person dining table. in the kitchen, black countertops contrast the wood cabinetry, while white countertops designate a bar area. at the end of the kitchen, there’s a built-in wine rack.back by the front door, and hidden within the black box and behind a mirrored door is a walk-in closet.on the wall opposite the walk-in closet is the bedroom. a wood accent wall, with a diagonal pattern, is highlighted by the hidden lighting in the ceiling.the mostly white bathroom has a blacklit mirror, grey accents and an open wood shelving space.get the contemporist daily email newsletter – sign up here