may 14, 2018taylor knights architecture & interior design have given a home in victoria, australia, a new 538 square foot (50sqm) addition that has a living room, dining area, and the living room, the brick walls have been painted white, and when paired with light wood elements, a fireplace, and comfortable furnishings, the room becomes cozy and’s a closer look at the triangle window that’s located in the corner of the living room.the unique floor treatment that was used, which is essentially a topping screed, enabled the designers to include a two-pour concrete slab method, allowing them to insulate between the two slabs, and thereby making the space highly thermally efficient.between the living room and the kitchen is the dining area, that features a light wood table and chairs. off to the side of the dining room is a shelving unit for the home owners book the kitchen, appliances like the fridge are hidden in plain sight within the dark cabinets, and a stainless steel backsplash helps to reflect by tom blachford | styling by ruth welsby | structural engineer: r. bliem & associates | building surveyor: fotia group | builder: gc & f constructionsget the contemporist daily email newsletter – sign up here