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enjoy the fresh dose of bollywood weekend fashion
have you ever felt that the time stands still during the week but the weekend flies away in the blink of an eye? of course, we all do, and all the time! but to lift your spirits and drive away your monday morning blues, we brought to you the bollywood fashion updates from the weekend. curious already? read on!bollywood celebs who wowed us with their weekend fashion:slide smooth and easy into the week while savoring the best fashion statements made by b-town celebs this weekend. enjoy!kajol:helicopter eela, an upcoming film with kajol in the lead role seems like a promising venture and every public presence that the diva made to promote it elevated her fashion standards.wearing a black satin outfit along with an embroidered bright yellow cape, both from prathyusha garimella label, she looked her fashionable best.with half-pinned tresses, using the nude palette for makeup, she looked absolutely gorgeous. black and metal accessories were her pick to nail the look.she was also spotted doing a splendid fashion fusion. she rocked an elegant pant style with a boho chic vibe. wondering how? take a look-she chose a classic black and white pantsuit from zara and clubbed it with chunky silver streak store jewelry which tossed in a dose of a bohemian vibe. with a sleek mid parted ponytail and kohl defined eyes, she looked enigmatic!natasha poonawalla:natasha poonawalla spent her weekend attending the dolce and gabbana show and we couldn’t agree more that the diva knows her style right....
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bollywood beauties take fashion to the next level!
b-town beauties have mastered the art of acing the fashion game. no matter what fashion experiments they make they manage to leave us impressed. check out this post for a fresh dose of bollywood fashion.check out the divas who nailed their looks with panache.priyanka chopra grooves in pink:having a gala time, tossing in some sensual moves during her shoot in new york for her upcoming film isn’t it romantic was peecee in a thigh-high slit hot pink dress.with a rock-star attitude like she has, all that is needed is a killer outfit. by keeping her accessories out of the way and with nude ankle strap heels, she grooved effortlessly.kareena kapoor ups her casual style:kareena kapoor squeezed in a cozy, comfortable and chic style at the airport and the paparazzi couldn’t resist clicking away. in a snug-fit good american sweater, vetements jogger pants, and white balenciaga sneakers, she walked out of the airport looking dapper.while the jogger pants were an easy trend to nail, she impressed us with yet another contrasting pants style. she was captured by the shutterbugs looking gorgeous in a pair of printed pinko pants carrying a chloe graphic prints handbag in tow.she played her fashion cards right by keeping her top solid, balancing out the prints on the pants. an oversized blazer was an added feature and we found no fault with it.mira makes a chic maternity style statement:pregnant with her second child with shahid kapoor, mira rajput is all glowing these days. for the baby ...
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top jewelry quotes from celebrities to inspire your next indulgence!
do you want to know how your favorite celebs feel about jewelry? from padma lakshmi to sofia vergara, hear the glitterati confess their love for all things dazzling. curious already? go ahead and check out our list of the top jewelry expensive and intricate piece of jewelry can make any woman on the planet go weak in the knees. read your favorite divas reveal their penchant for jewelry.check out our list of top jewelry related quotes to inspire your next indulgence.1. coco chanel:coco chanel lived a spectacular life. she didn’t just create one of the most iconic fashion brands in history but her quotes on career, fashion, and life are awe-inspiring till date. here she wittily talks about love for jewelry that is a universal phenomenon for women.she rightly says,“a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.”2. nikki reed:nikki reed’s quotes are all about feminism which indicate she’s unapologetic about her own awesomeness. the actress is confident and self-assured about who she is. she wants her jewelry to reflect her personality.she clearly says,“i like for jewelry to tell a story and to be able to talk about what i’m wearing. that’s more important to me than a name, brand, or label.”3. jackie kennedy:the popular former flotus had a way with words that was just as unforgettable as her personal style.for the classy style icon,“pearls are always appropriate.”4. mae west:this is our favorite jewelry quote from the diva who coined yolo.she states her l...
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a collection of different jewellery sets for every occasion
they say, jewelry is a woman’s best friend, and rightly so. jewelry, when worn with the right outfit, can elevate your look to the next level. however, if worn wrongly, the same jewelry will take your look from fab to drab.always keep in mind to skip the neck-piece when wearing a suit or a formal outfit. a neck-piece, when teamed with a dress or sari, will enhance your look. flipkart has a beautiful collection of jewelry sets that are affordable and perfect for all occasions. take a look and buy them now.these jewelry sets have everything for a woman to fall head over heels in love with. check them out now.1. the alloy jewel set:adding a traditional touch to your ensemble, this jewelry set is the perfect accessory to round up a mehendi look. the fun beads add to the drama giving out elegant vibes. the earrings perfectly complement the necklace and can be best teamed with a sleek ponytail.2. pearl jewelry set:how simple yet classy is this piece? we can’t take our eyes off it for all the good reasons. this neck-piece is a stunner and should be paired with a strapless cocktail dress. get ready to be the center of attention all night. a must-have jewelry piece that keeps the look minimalistic.3. the golden one:are you in love with gold? then, here’s the ideal set to satisfy your traditional cravings. this jewelry set is an epitome of elegance and beautifully transforms your look into a traditional one. the seven layers design of this set makes it stand out from the rest.4. ...
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birthday girl priyanka chopra’s best fashion moments
oh! what we can say about priyanka chopra! she is a super-achiever right from the moment she stepped into the limelight by opting for modeling as a career, she has slogged her way to the pinnacle of success and is a global youth icon today!from being miss world 2000 to becoming an actress, singer, and producer, priyanka’s success journey is very inspiring for youngsters. starting her career with simple, cliché lover girl roles, she moved on to playing strong characters in movies like barfi, mary kom, and bajirao mastani and left us in awe.her passion and impressive acting talent got her an opportunity with the land of dreams, hollywood.on the fashion front, the glamorous diva has rocked some iconic styles. with her sensuousness and upbeat styles in dostana, she caught all the eyeballs. rolling henceforth, she stepped up every year with her style game and today as her birthday special, we have curated the diva’s best fashion ready to be mesmerized by none other than the super talented and absolutely stunning priyanka chopra:when the rays of the sun, light you up like a jewel on earth, it is a spectacular sight and peecee gave us a brief glimpse of this at meghan markle and prince harry’s royal wedding. the dior outfit dazzled on her dusky complexion making her look completely marvelous. it is a true example of the fact that the richness of style lies in subtlety.while shooting for quantico, she posed for the paparazzi in a white isabel marant dress. the metal...
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top health benefits and side effects you should know!
did you know, pine nuts or cedar nuts have omega-6 fat? and that it helps in curbing appetite, thus contributing to weight loss? want to know more about the health benefits these tiny kernels of the pine nut tree offer? read on!what are pine nuts?this teardrop-shaped delicious little nut might make you wonder – is it from a pine tree? the answer is yes. pine nuts (also called pignoli) are the edible seeds of pine trees.the pine nut tree primarily grows in the wild and cold forests of the northern hemisphere, particularly in canada and siberia. the pine nut trees are huge and erect trees with a stem so long that it may reach up to 75 ft in height. the foliage is pyramidal or umbrella-like and dense. the flowers of the pine nut tree develop into a cone.pine nuts are small and elongated ivory-colored seeds, about half an inch long. the raw pignoli nuts have a soft texture and a sweet and buttery flavor. these delicious nuts may also be lightly toasted to enhance its flavor and add an extra crunch.from the health angle, pine nuts are calorie-rich. just 100 gm of dry kernels yield 673 calories [1]. the pignoli nuts have a high-calorie content as they are rich in fats. let us get to know more about the nutritional value of pine nuts.source: value of pine nuts:pine nuts are an excellent source of vitamin e containing about 9.33 mg per 100 g. they are also gluten-free nuts and therefore a popular ingredient used for preparing gluten-free food. at 8.802...
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vaani kapoor’s namaslay is jaw-dropping and truly inspiring!
after shilpa shetty, bipasha basu and parineeti chopra, it is now vaani kapoor’s turn to give us some yoga inspiration the glam way. the diva is setting new workout goals and wellness standards with her instagram posts and we are going bonkers over it.we have seen the beast mode of katrina kaif, sonakshi sinha, jacqueline fernandez, kareena kapoor, alia bhatt and pooja hegde off late, haven’t we? and now, vaani kapoor is here giving us major midweek motivation with her awe-inspiring yoga postures.with celebrity trainer, anshuka parwani, vaani kapoor nailed some yoga asanas and took our breath away! don’t believe us? check out this post.wearing a white nike sports bra, and comfortable black tights, the diva was clicked in a side plank posture with one arm stretched and one leg crossed over the other. that’s one heck of a posture to strengthen the core muscles and she seems to do it right quite effortlessly!by letting her hair down vaani managed to unwind the right way and yet wow us with her fuss-free look!moving forward, she stretched those flexed muscles by going on her fours, stretching out her arms and arching her back. isn’t that enough to motivate us in the middle of a dull week?don’t forget to notice that her sleek ponytail helped her focus her mind on her workout!lastly, she wrapped herself up in a complex pose and looked utterly at ease. we are totally in awe of her flexibility and her firmly toned body.with knees bent stretching her thigh muscles and hams...
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top travel-friendly looks from sonam kapoor’s fashion diaries
the queen bee of bollywood fashion, sonam kapoor is seen holidaying with her bae, anand ahuja in tokyo. the fashionista knows how to make everyday phenomenal with her effortless style and charm. we have seen celebs take off for a honeymoon to london, mauritius, paris, ny etc., but japan is an interesting choice as a holiday destination for the lovebirds.while most divas choose to flaunt their well-toned bodies on their vacations, sonam filled up her travel bags with chic anti-fit relaxed outfits. sonam kapoor kept her styles easy-breezy and in vogue and her beau, anand ahuja surely proved his photography skills by capturing the diva’s simple, subtle and trendy looks effortlessly. check out her sartorial experiments for yourself!from fancy chunky silver jewelry to white sneakers, she rolled out styles that turned out to be trendsetters in the world of travel fashion. here are a few of the impeccable styles that left us deeply in love with her fashion a multicolored pastel toned anti-fit outfit from ekaco by rina singh, she took tokyo for a fashion spin. white sneakers and silver dangling jewelry added a chic appeal to her look.source: anti-fit casual looking styles, sonam also chose to keep her beauty and hair absolutely natural and flawless. she was seen rocking an all black avatar along with oversized oxidized silver jewelry.source: came another style of the diva that was every bit eye-catching. in a cr...
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10 hair removal soaps you must try to bid goodbye to painful waxing!
any lady, no matter her age, needs to flaunt clean-shaven arms and legs. she has to look her best in her sleeveless dresses or lbds. alas, she has to go through the painful methods of hair removal like waxing, shaving, electrolysis. ouch! it hurts. hey, just chill. ever heard of hair removal soaps in india? read this post to know more about them.source: beautisecrets.comdid we see a smile on your lips and your forehead sweat vanish off on the very thought of using hair removal soaps? well, these are one of the safest and most painless ways of removing body hair without wasting precious time and money. go ahead and find out more about the brands available in the beauty mart.why should you use hair removal soaps?waxing and hair removal creams are the common methods used to get rid of unwanted hair from our body. but they are painful, messy and also time-consuming. you can bid these problems adieu when you switch over to soaps for hair removal. you will notice the magical results when you use them. one of the primary benefits of hair removal soaps benefits is that they involve no to use hair removal soaps:thinking about how to use hair removal soaps? the steps are simple and easy:lather the hair removal soap on the targeted areas (arms/legs/thighs etc.) for hair removal.then wash the complete area with lukewarm water.pat it dry.get prepared to get smooth and silky soft will be left wondering “hair? where?”best hair removal soaps you must try:the hair remova...
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these kolhapuris are worth a steal
footwear fashion has evolved in ways we cannot imagine, especially the traditional kolhapuris that have managed to steal a place in every woman’s heart. decked with tassels, frills, pom poms etc, the kolhapuris are a rage amongst the younger generation.a simple outfit teamed with kolhapuris is no match to the usual boring flats. durable and easy to wear, they banish the pain of wearing heels to look stylish. these kolhapuris are one of a kind and deserve that tiny place in your wardrobe, not just your heart.don’t you love to put on a pair of hassle-free and comfortable kolhapuris? well, here are a few types of kolhapuri chappals that will complete your wardrobe.1. flirt with a bright & colorful pair:it is no surprise that we are drawn to things that are bright and beautiful. this is a perfect example of just that. these blue and pink kolhapuris will win your heart in an instant. it works as the ideal pairing with plain ethnic outfits and adds a dash of glamour to them.2. play safe with the classic one:the subtle gold tones with white pearl-like stones make this footwear a classy affair. a timeless choice that can be teamed with any outfit irrespective of color and style. grab this beauty before it goes off the shelves!3. say hello to sunshine:these yellow kolhapuris radiate so much oomph that we are already weak in our knees! the most happening party or the perfect brunch, this footwear will have you covered without a doubt. full of tassels and colors, this is definitely ...
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step-by-step tutorial to refurbish your beach wardrobe!
don’t you agree with us that swimming is the best way to de-stress and tone your body? why not raise the temperatures while enjoying a dip in the water by wearing a hot swimsuit? don’t worry we are not asking you to invest in an expensive piece of designer swimwear. just go ahead and check out our diy bikini tutorial.this craft idea is going to give vent to your creativity, up your glamour quotient, save you some precious bucks and win you compliments too! what more do you want?there are several ways to make your own bikini from old t-shirts, vintage one-piece bathing suits, crochets, and others. check out these awesome ideas to take your swimwear collection to a new level that too without burning a hole in your pocket.method 1: turn your swimsuit into a halter bikini topthis diy is a great idea to use an old full bikini suit including bottoms. alternatively, you may also use bathing suits in a larger size.what you need:full bathing suit including a bottom with tiessteps you need to follow:the first step is to trim off the strings on the front part of the cut off the crotch part of the bathing suit directly into a half. cut directly below the seam.fold the cut part over and hem a straight line for a clean use the strings that you cut off earlier and sew them over the top of your the ties on securely using a needle and thread with the string facing vertical rather than horizontal.repeat on the other side.tie it around your neck and yo...
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dipti sharma creates history by wearing a sari at the d&g 2018 show!
indian model dipti sharma has created a sensation in the world of international fashion by walking the ramp in a saree at the dolce and gabbana alta moda 2018 show in italy. want to know about her? read on!breaking the internet with her act, dipti sharma is the first indian model to walk an international ramp wearing the traditional indian drape.the show hosted at lake como in lombardy, italy grabbed the attention of the international media almost instantaneously with the pictures of an indian model going viral for working the indian saree at the d&g runway.the look was finished with an indian tiara placed on her head along with a veil just like the one an indian queen would carry.for accessories, dipti’s saree soiree was adorned with a pair of oversized chandbalis, a maang tikka in gold, a gold watch, and a trim bracelet.a pair of bejeweled flats much like the famous kolhapuri sandals along with a blue clutch complemented dolce and gabbana’s vision of an indian princess.seeing the saree in the d&g show hog all the limelight we had all the reasons to wonder why the international fashion house chose to include the most popular indian silhouette in their collection.stefano gabbana conceded in a statement that for the saree they actually took cues from dipti herself. he said, “ we have a model, an indian girl, and we told her: ‘we’ll give you a piece of fabric and you do, by yourself, the sari and after that, we’ll customize the outfit. we love the tradition. in this...
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anushka sharma’s talking statue to greet fans at madame tussauds
anushka sharma is not only the new entrant to the list of indian celebrities having their wax statues at madame tussauds museum. she has created history by being the first indian actress to have a talking wax model! want to know more about it? read on!source: newsonscreen.commadame tussauds, singapore has bestowed on anushka sharma the honor of having a wax replica of her’s at their museum. but what will set apart anushka’s statue from all the other wax statues present there is the fact that her statue will greet visitors! isn’t it exciting news for all you anushka sharma fans out there?source: hapz.comwe all know that madame tussauds museum is extremely selective about the celebs they choose as their muse. although they have a few celebrity wax models with interactive sets anushka’s statue will be the only one which will go one step ahead and talk. the museum is surely adding one massive interactivity feature for anushka’s wax replica.source: kenikura.comrendering the leading lady of bollywood’s statue this unique interactive feature, anushka sharma’s wax model will be the first of its kind to be unveiled at the singapore museum.standing tall amidst uncanny wax models of iconic global personalities, like oprah winfrey, cristiano ronaldo, lewis hamilton, anushka’s wax frame will be the only one privileged with the ability to greet her onlookers.with this step the globally renowned museum has, in its own right, acknowledged and applauded the indian superstar’...
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heated clothing redefine winter fashion the futuristic way!
do you find the thought of piling on layers of warm clothes extremely inconvenient and appalling? have you heard about the concept of heated clothing that is revolutionizing the world of winter fashion? are you excited already? go ahead and check out this post!source: orogold.comwhat is heated clothing?according to wikipedia, “most heated clothing is designed for cold-weather sports and activities, such as motorcycle riding, downhill skiing, diving, winter biking, and snowmobiling, trekking and for outdoor workers such as construction workers and carpenters.”these hi-tech electric clothing have tiny wires that are sewn into a layer of the fabric. these wires are generally made from a carbon fiber, in some cases, they also use a metal composite, which performs well when subjected to continuous heating and cooling cycles.these wires are what we call the heating elements of these garments. these wires are connected to a battery, and when the battery is turned on, a low electrical current passes through the wires, causing them to heat we understand that this futuristic winter wear is a revolutionary alternative to bulky woolen garments. what we have also discovered is that this battery heated clothing is not going to be fashionably challenged like those drab sweaters and boring jackets but are very fashion things you should know before you try heated clothing:though they are taking over the fashion scene, there are a few things that one must bear in mind be...
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patanjali shampoos benefits, reviews, list of products and prices
it is one of the highest demanded products in the indian market. it brings the combination of ayurveda and nature-sourced ingredients to your hair and scalp, amongst beauty benefits. it is high time you said goodbye to dull, lifeless, and dandruff hair with the impressive range of patanjali shampoo in your is expected and heartening to know that the range of patanjali shampoos, an indian brand of patanjali ayurved limited, has given a cut-throat competition, in fact, beaten the foreign brands, operating in the indian soil. goes to show the combined talent pool and partnership of baba ramdev and acharya balkrishna which spans many years.benefits of using patanjali shampoos:the goodness of patanjali shampoos is the use of natural, tried and tested ingredients like milk protein, reetha, aloe vera etc. these fight hair fall, graying hair, and itchiness of scalp. another key benefit of shampoos from patanjali ayurved is that they can be used by all age groups since shikakai is a great ingredient for all the hair is the list of patanjali shampoos:1. patanjali kesh kanti aloe vera hair cleanser:the nice and thick consistency of the green gel, transparent packaging and amazingly fresh fragrance of limes and aloe vera bring you closer to nature. this hair cleanser is topped with natural hair tonics, such as amla, brahmi, and henna.ingredients:each 10 ml contains extract of:ghritkumari (aloe vera) 100mghow to apply: massage a small amount of patanjali kesh kanti...
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best fitness quotes from celebs to hit the gym right away!
are you looking for truly inspiring fitness quotes from your favorite celebs? look no further as you have reached the right page. check out our compilation of the fitness secrets straight from the world of glamour.hope this post on fitness motivation helps you kick-start your fitness journey soon!check out quotes about fitness by celebs as they share their wellness mantra.1. beyonce:the singer, actress, songwriter, and mother of three, is an inspiration for women all over the world. her fitness mantra is all about balancing her nutrition and exercise. here is what she has to say on having fun even while working out:“i love my butter pecan ice cream, but i also love to work out. we all have our issues. mine is arms and legs, keeping them tight and toned. it takes work, believe me.”she feels staying healthy is worth the extra effort! inspiring, isn’t it?2. jessica biel:actress jessica biel reveals how exercise is a big part of her life.“i’m working or when i’m preparing to work i’m pretty dedicated and i’ll keep a pretty healthy diet.”another one from her:“i like to do a couple of yoga classes during the week, mixed in with weight training sessions for strength . . . yoga for me is more of an elongating thing. i hike and walk my dogs a lot. it keeps me very clear-headed.”3. kim kardashian:never the one to shy away from flaunting her curves, kim kardashian has changed people’s perspective on body issues.“i am an advocate for curves because i have them a...
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the latest wedding trend with a twist!
we all have grown up witnessing two people getting married and becoming partners for life. but have you ever heard of a lady marrying herself? sologamy is the latest trend that is taking the wedding industry by storm. curious already? read on!are you thinking that there will be no bridal costumes, diamonds, champagne and all that in a sologamy wedding? you are mistaken! the only difference is that this time, the wedding cake will have a figure of just the bride on top. everything has got to revolve around the woman who is marrying herself. no place for prince charming here. got the point?source: micaelamartinithe very definition of a solo wedding means marriage to oneself. those who believe in this practice believe that it publicly establishes one’s own value and paves their way for a happier’s like saying – “i wed myself”, not “i am wed”. there are no usual trappings in the solo wedding trend, such as flowers or a romantic meal for two, not even a card sealed with a kiss. a solo wedding is like cherishing yourself for eternity.source: wedding trend – concept and examples:every trend has a story behind it. same is the case with the solo wedding trend. let us first get our facts right about the origin of the concept of a solo wedding. well, the credit goes to a lady called linda baker. she was the first person to marry “herself” in the us, way back in 1993, which means 25 years ago, to celebrate her 40th birthday.the story ...
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these casual pants and trousers are a must-have this monsoon!
you own quite a lot of jeans, and don’t you think you need a break from the discomfort, stiffness and the ugh feeling of wearing them on a humid day? here are a few stylish substitutes for your denim.check out the casual pants and trousers that serve the same purpose of jeans but with more ease and from this list of trendy trousers and ace the fashion game without compromising on your comfort.1. black relaxed pant:this black relaxed trouser is a chic take on casual fashion. it boasts of a loose fit and oozes comfort along with style. the ideal pairing would be to tuck in a body-hugging shirt that would complement the free-flowing trouser. with a zipper at the pockets, the semi-formal feel of this pant leaves room for more fashion experiments.2. printed palazzo:why has the palazzo fever caught everyone? it is no surprise since palazzos are the trendiest and most versatile trousers in the world of fashion. from plain ones to printed ones, each and every palazzo has a unique appeal that lets us experiment. this blue printed palazzo is an ideal brunch wear outfit!3. the pencil pant:one of the most desirable types of pants has to be the pencil pant. bagging a place in the list as one of the hottest trends in women’s clothing, these chic pants help you flaunt your toned legs in style. this pencil pant in linen blended fabric is a perfect office wear option for sultry days. this pant is mid rise and goes well with heels.4. printed trousers:this uber smart pair of bla...
Tags : these casual pants and trousers are a must-have this monsoon! - trousers ,this ,your ,fashion ,pant ,these ,pencil pant ,this blue ,wear option ,printed trousers ,printed palazzo these casual pants and trousers are a must-have this monsoon!
international magazine covers july 2018 are a visual treat!
it is that time of the month when we need to get a fresh dose of fashion inspiration by checking out the latest international magazine covers. the sizzling cover girls yet again left us mesmerized as they rolled out some solid fashion goals to follow. don’t believe us? go ahead and check out this post.although we have to admit that this july, we didn’t find many magazine covers to refer to but the few that caught our attention were impressive enough!check out the celebs who looked awe-inspiring as cover girls for these international glossies.1. taylor hill for elle us:the victorias secret model, taylor hill graced the cover of elle us 2018 looking pretty in pink. in a polo neck outfit with a fringe falling along one shoulder line, she looked super glamorous. with volume filled eyebrows, luscious lashes, side swept hair and glossy lips, she was simply stunning.she was captured trying trendy layering and fringe pattern styles on the spread of the magazine. take a look.2. kylie minogue for vogue españa:kylie minogue, the australian songstress, and actress lit up the cover of the spain edition of vogue, this july 2018. the fashion photographer, boo george captured the diva on his lens looking luminous and sparkly as he chose to keep the background out of focus and a dolce & gabbana sequin top and denim, and with her blonde and beautiful hair, glossy lips and kohl defined eyes, she looked exemplary.the work of the stylist phoebe arnold, makeup artist petros p...
Tags : international magazine covers july 2018 are a visual treat! - cover ,dress ,looked ,with ,diva ,that ,july 2018 ,marie claire ,along with ,cover shoot ,paired with ,louis vuitton earrings ,marie claire australia ,international magazine covers international magazine covers july 2018 are a visual treat!
top asian hairstyles to give yourself a mane makeover!
talk of hair and asian women are naturally gifted with beautiful and silky black strands. this is why asian hairstyles have a glamorous appeal naturally. since most of the hottest hairstyles (i will add the word ‘bold’ too) have come from asian beauties, scroll below to be in-the-know of the choicest asian hairstyles young chicks to office babes should try out during their next salon visit.check out the best possible asian hairstyle options you can try irrespective of the length of your hair.glamorous asian hairstyles you must try:check out our top picks of super glam hairstyles that will surely give you a complete mane makeover and up your style quotient too.asian hairstyles for short hair:1. try the textured pixie to be trouble-free:if you have fine and frizzy hair, a textured pixie is one of the hottest short asian hairstyles for you. make sure you don’t grow the pixie too long in the back, as you leave long strands in the front. this messy hairstyle is cute and easy to maintain and gives you a young and spunky look.source: bestshorthair.com2. look awesome in an asymmetrical bob:hola! women with oval faces can now make the most of their asian short hair through this asymmetrical bob. just make one side shorter than the other and you will look incredible. when you add long bangs, you get to frame your face in a better way.source: hairstylecamp.com3. bowl over everyone with an asian bowl cut:this is one of the trendiest short asian hairstyles. it is a straight haircut ...
Tags : top asian hairstyles to give yourself a mane makeover! - asian ,with ,hair ,source ,this ,hairstyle ,asian hairstyles ,asian hairstyle ,this asian ,your hair ,side swept ,short asian hairstyles ,this asian haircut ,side swept bangs ,length asian hairstyle top asian hairstyles to give yourself a mane makeover!
here is the ‘who wore what’ of the week!
looks like the movie world, in other words, the divas from b-town don’t rest. every day of the week, they experiment with dressy to casual styles impressing us with their beauty, glamour, and it at promotional events, or any kind of filmi parties, the celeb style diaries have always been fascinating. here is a quick recap of who wore what during the week. care to join us all?yes? alright, then let’s have a fun fashion trip!here are the divas who managed to turn heads for the right reasons.janhvi kapoor:janhvi kapoor has taken over instagram this week with her impressive style experiments. she was spotted donning a white and printed blue outfit from the label adding trinkets from amrapali jewels, she nailed the indo-western style with great ease and comfort. with a high ponytail, kohl defined eyes and glossy lips, she looked simply gorgeous!source: was also spotted looking lovely and adorable in a dainty manish malhotra outfit at a promotional event for the film dhadak. dancing with ishaan khatter, she sure seemed to have had a gala time.source: the indo-western styling themes, the diva jumped to the haute couture bandwagon and caught us by surprise.she was spotted sporting a peplum top pattern floral dress by prabal gurung. wearing accessories from misho designs and louboutin shoes, she looked super chic.source: timesnownews.commadhuri dixit:for an event in singapore, madhuri d...
Tags : here is the ‘who wore what’ of the week! - with ,source ,style ,instagram ,fashion ,from ,source instagram ,gold toned ,radhika apte ,this week ,payal khandwala’s here is the ‘who wore what’ of the week!
mehndi designs that are topping the popularity charts in 2018-19
adorning our hands with mehndi designs or the practice of applying temporary henna tattoos is an ancient body art. a paste made of crushed leaves of the lawsonia inermis or the henna plant is used to beautify different body parts in the form of exquisite designs. it enjoys a huge popularity in the indian subcontinent, middle east, and some parts of africa too!the importance of mehndi designs cannot be ruled out in the indian context. no celebration or occasion is complete without adorning your palms with some beautiful mehndi designs comprising of roses, peacocks, names or alphabets.the art of mehndi allows you to experiment with your creativity and then the fun is never-ending. the excitement continues long after the mehndi has been applied. excited to know about some super hot, interesting and intricate mehendi designs that are topping the popularity charts this year? read on!there is never an end to beauty and craftsmanship when it comes to mehndi designs. the unlimited options will definitely make you keep asking for more. so, come closer to your screen to go through some trending mehndi designs of 2018 we have cherry-picked for you.1. desirable designs for the minimalist diva:if you believe that beauty lies in simplicity. then these mehandi designs are perfect for you. neat and clean lines, a bit of shading and cable work and everyone is going to admire you.don’t you wish you had an actual version of the flowers in the mehndi design in your house – something you coul...
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heels you’d definitely long for!
a pair of designer heels on sale is the best piece of news for fashionistas the world over. here’s a dream come true as we have curated the best heels in the business for you to look ramp-ready. have a look and pick as many heels as you want and that too at throwaway prices! want to upgrade your glam quotient? go ahead and buy those stilettos.get ready to drool over heels that are to die for. we are sure you will be spoiled for choice with our top picks.1. qupid women bsnu heels:take your style to the next level by adding a pair of pink heels to your wardrobe. your dream start should be with this super stylish pair. a slender strap bridges the toe and the wraps around the ankles of this pretty sandal add to its oomph. this elegant sandal with a tapered stiletto is totally red-carpet worthy. pairing colored heel requires a bit of thought and effort naturally. it can look lovely paired with a black dress or a floral number.2. allen solly women beige heels:curving straps make these comfortable beige heels a classy and modern choice. a pretty strap at the top defines the barely-there look of this must-have shoe elevated by a covered kitten heel. this trendy heel is perfect for every occasion. beige heels have the advantage of never going out of style, mainly because they’re so timeless in their appeal. and the beauty of these heels lies in the fact that you can match them with any outfit.3. catwalk women gold heels:add a little razzle-dazzle to your look with this pair of cat...
Tags : heels you’d definitely long for! - heels ,this ,with ,your ,heel ,pair ,nine west ,with this ,this pair ,gold heels ,beige heels heels you’d definitely long for!
different fashion avatars of sara ali khan were equally impressive!
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Tags : different fashion avatars of sara ali khan were equally impressive! different fashion avatars of sara ali khan were equally impressive!
mehndi designs that are topping the popularity charts in 2018-19
subscribe with us to be updated on the latest fashion trends, beauty and health tips! your mail id is safe with us. it will only be used to send you fashionlady newsletter! we promise!
Tags : mehndi designs that are topping the popularity charts in 2018-19 mehndi designs that are topping the popularity charts in 2018-19
name tattoos to immortalize your love in style!
ever explored innovative ways to mirror and express your style, attitude, and personality? my dear, name tattoos is the new thing on the block, which can help you achieve that. it allows you to explore myriad possibilities in terms of design and fonts to convey you. want to know more about popular name tattoos? read on!wearing your heart on your sleeves comes easy with a simple name tattoo. you can even etch the initials of your parents as a tribute to them or flaunt your fiance’s initials as a token of love. getting the name of their little bundle of joy inked is a rage among new age parents too!here is a variety of name tattoos – some carrying the bearer’s own name, whereas others carrying the name of loved ones. there is as such no fixed formula to define the name tattoo designs. to each his own! and you can get them modified and customized to the occasion and need. formal or informal, peppy or sober, it’s your call.1. name tattoos on arm:bangles are not the only thing, which can grace the arms of a lady. name tattoos on the arm are one more way to attract attention. possible? check out below.who is emma? looking at the font style used for immortalizing the name of a woman in the form of a tattoo, she could be a beautiful woman with a penchant for the finer things in life. are you this emma that i am talking about? say yay or nay?source: tattoo journal.comgoing by one of the most popular name tattoos for girls, sophia is ruled by her heart. saw the heart symbol ink...
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gorgeous silk sarees on sale are a must-buy!
are you looking for sarees to wear to your bff’s wedding? do you want to nail your ethnic look this festive season? fret no more! as you have come to the right page. check out the saree collection we have specially curated for you that will help you bag you tons of compliment for sure!check out our top picks that are sure to win your heart and up your style quotient.1. janasya navy silk saree:while attending a festive celebration or a small puja at home, go traditional with this classic silk drape with an interesting twist of a contrasting zari border in bright orange. the silk saree features a matching plain orange and gold blouse. simple and sophisticated, this navy silk saree is perfect for the classy diva. buy it today to add regal elegance to your festive look.2. peecaso multicolored silk saree:stunning and elegant, this multicolored saree is truly unique. this gorgeous saree boasts of a classic color combination of black and red. pair the silk saree with a black blouse if you’re looking for saris for upcoming formal events or office parties. its broad red border is definitely eye-catching. its subtle gold motifs add to its elegance. wear it with light-weight gold jewelry for a stylish and sleek look.3. sareeshop designer sarees multicolored silk sareebold and festive, this multicolored silk saree has a beautiful and solid appeal. this saree is perfect for weddings and other grand occasions, as it will add a unique touch to your look. the saree features mirror work, ...
Tags : gorgeous silk sarees on sale are a must-buy! - saree ,silk ,with ,this ,your ,look ,silk saree ,multicolored silk ,nail your ,zari border ,banarasi silk gorgeous silk sarees on sale are a must-buy!
steal the dupatta deal
these dupattas on discount are a steal. pick as many as you want and give your wardrobe a makeover that too without burning a hole in your pocket. these dupattas also make a great gifting option!check out our pick of colorful and chic dupattas to up your style quotient today.1. red bandhej dupatta:stand out from the crowd with this rich red printed stole, crafted from the finest cotton. it is lightweight and keeps you cozy. the bandhej dupatta comes with tassels, mirror work, and studs. this pretty scarf can get you compliments no matter where you go wearing it. super soft, in a generous size, rich red shade, and regal print, it’s perfectly versatile taking you breezily through the day.2. kajal bollywood art silk dupatta:be a style goddess with the bollywood art silk dupatta around your neck. it is patterned in a teal base with a muted but interesting border designed for a unique style statement. loop the scarf around your neck with a dress or kurta and have everyone give you extra attention. the light and warm dupatta is crafted with the finest silk and is pretty long. the warm and cozy dupatta with bright and colorful prints is perfect for a daytime look.3. kajal marvelous art silk dupatta:designed from the softest silk fibers and featuring solid colors of blue and green, this dupatta can keep you comfortable and cozy during the season in great style. this luxurious, super soft silk dupatta is a gorgeous accessory that you can wear all the year round. wear it with jeans, ...
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pastel kurtis for everyday wear
kurtis on discount is great news for all those ladies looking to refresh their wardrobe. the pastel hues of these daily wear outfits can add to their sleek and sophisticated appeal. what are you waiting for? go ahead and buy them today!here’s our list of the best kurtis you can find online in pastel shades.1. floral print women straight kurta- light blue:a floral print adds rich color to a subtle straight kurta with half sleeves and a collared neck. don’t think of it as purely feminine based on the cut, silhouette, and print type. it is a versatile top that will up your style quotient both at work and at your brunch meeting with friends. pick it up to watch your style quotient zoom.2. w women’s a-line kurta- pink:like a dress, this a-line pink kurta is super flattering. it will draw the attention, where it belongs. if you want to up your feminine appeal, then stick to the basic pink shade. the hue won’t take away the attention from you. the kurta features white panels coupled with graphic designs that add to its stylish appeal. pair it with heeled sandals and get ready to turn heads. it is a must-have in your wardrobe for sure.3. aurelia women’s straight kurta- white, red:a perfect color combination can enhance the richness and beauty of any outfit. this red and white straight kurta by aurelia is a perfect wardrobe staple. there are a lot of ways to style it if you get bored with one look. keep experimenting with it as you can pair it with denim, leggings, salwars a...
Tags : pastel kurtis for everyday wear - kurta ,with ,pair ,your ,straight ,this ,straight kurta ,them with ,multicolored kurta ,pathani kurta ,women’s straight ,women’s straight kurta ,your style quotient pastel kurtis for everyday wear
know how to do it and learn about its health benefits!
a sedentary lifestyle can be the biggest cause of pain and stiffness in our body. why not choose a natural and effective way to correct our spine alignment and bring it back to a neutral stance. the mountain pose tadasana is one such “blueprint pose”, which is a cure for problems related to your back. want to know more about the benefits of the mountain pose? read on!what is tadasana?regarded as the ’mother of asanas’, samasthiti is a basic standing asana. the aim of this asana is to strengthen the legs and the abdomen. the simple pose can correct your spinal alignment and calm your nervous system too!since the feet carry the weight of the rest of the body, the strength of the feet is of critical importance. a minor change or variation in the feet position can affect the body posture.things you should know before you try tadasana:the word ‘tada’ in this yoga technique means mountain. so what should you know before trying out mountain poses? read below to find out.check your body alignment and maintain the correct posture while doing can practice tadasana at any time of the is not a “rule” to do tadasana on an empty belly. but if you are doing yoga asanas before or after tadasana, then you can have meals 4 to 6 hours before doing the mountain pose.remember to attend nature’s call before trying to do the tadasana:now that i have introduced the concept of samasthiti, it is time to learn how to do mountain pose. the style is hat...
Tags : know how to do it and learn about its health benefits! - your ,tadasana ,pose ,this ,body ,mountain ,mountain pose ,this pose ,your arms ,your body ,your feet ,your nervous system know how to do it and learn about its health benefits!
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