lawyer r venkataramani, who is also a member of the scheme, said that in the past, the legal assistance programme could not attract needy litigants. a fresh attempt is now being made to reach out to them so that their litigations could be contested by experienced lawyers at a nominal cost, which is far below the prevailing fee in the supreme court and elsewhere.every person who desires to avail of the services of an advocate empanelled under the scheme will have to approach its secretary by filing an application in a prescribed form along with the relevant documents. once the papers are received, they will be assigned to the advocate-on-record (aor) of the choice indicated by the applicant. in case that aor “opines that this is not a fit case” for moving in the supreme court, the applicant will not be entitled to the benefit of the scheme. this rejection costs rs 750. in case, the aor finds it worth approaching the top court, the middle income group legal aid society will certify that the applicant is entitled to legal aid.the scheme offers an opportunity to a litigant to seek the first opinion by an aor on the merit of the evidence and the possibility of its acceptance by the supreme court. however, if the aor is not in favour of filing an appeal (special leave petition) before the supreme court, the litigant can still pursue the matter independently with lawyers who aren