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presstv-israel orders khan ahmar residents to evacuate by oct. 1
israeli authorities have ordered the residents of a bedouin village in the occupied west bank to vacate before the start of the next month as the tel aviv regime presses ahead with its land expropriation policies in the occupied territories irrespective of great international outcry.local sources, requesting anonymity, said officials from the so-called israeli civil administration higher planning council distributed evacuation notices among the residents of khan al-ahmar village on sunday, ordering them to evacuate their homes before the set deadline.“pursuant to a supreme court ruling, residents of khan al-ahmar received a notice today requiring them to demolish all the structures on the site by october 1st, 2018,” a statement from the israeli defense ministry unit that oversees civilian affairs in the west bank said.the sources noted that israeli forces also threatened the residents that the israeli army would advance its plans to demolish khan al-ahmar even if the villagers do not abide by the notices.village residents have vowed not to leave despite the notice.“no one will leave. we will have to be expelled by force,” said village spokesman eid abu khamis, adding that a residents' meeting would be held later on the issue.“if the israeli army comes to demolish, it will only be by force,” he pointed out.demonstrators hold palestinian flags during a protest against israel's plan to demolish the bedouin village of khan al-ahmar, in the occupied west bank on...
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presstv-needles found in australian strawberries in new zealand
the australian strawberry scare has spread to new zealand with a supermarket chain announcing sunday that needles were found in a box of the fruit sourced from the neighboring country.the countdown supermarket chain said it had taken a brand of australian strawberries off the shelves after a sabotaged punnet -- a plastic box -- was sold in an auckland store.the strawberries, from western australia state, were sold in countdown stores nationwide last week and only one incident of tampering was reported.`we take food safety very seriously,` the company said in a statement, adding it was in touch with authorities investigating incidents of needles found in strawberries in australia in recent weeks.`customers can return any choice brand of strawberries they may have at home to countdown for peace of mind and a full refund.`countdown advised customers to cut up any australian strawberries before eating them.this photo illustration shows a strawberry on a fork at a restaurant in sydney, australia, on september 19, 2018. (photo by afp)the statement said there have been no reports of any illness or injury in new added that the brand of strawberries affected by this withdrawal `have not previously had any issues of this nature reported and had not been withdrawn from sale in australia`.in australia, more than 100 alleged incidents of pins and needles found in fruit have been reported since the scare began in queensland state earlier this month.most are thought to be p...
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presstv-trump aims to sharply restrict green cards for immigrants
under a new proposal from the administration of us president donald trump, immigrants in the united states who get government benefits like housing vouchers or food stamps could be denied a green card, which are granted to legal permanent residents.the us department of homeland security (dhs) said saturday that under the proposed rule change, being a current or previous recipient of certain public aid would be seen as a `heavily weighed negative factor` in considering an application for lawful permanent residency.`this proposed rule will implement a law passed by congress intended to promote immigrant self-sufficiency and protect finite resources by ensuring that they are not likely to become burdens on american taxpayers,` homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen said.dhs officials say that once the proposed rule is published in the federal register `in the coming weeks,` the clock will start on a 60-day public review period in which the public can comment on the proposal.immigrants applying for green cards are already required to prove they will not become a so-called `public charge,` namely individuals who are likely to become primarily dependent on the government for subsistence.trump has pledged to make immigration to the united states more difficult, and reduce the number of people allowed to stay in the country.the latest rules set out a wide range of non-cash public benefits that could be disqualifying, including food stamps, housing vouchers and the medic...
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presstv-irgc vows to avenge ahvaz terror attack
iran’s islamic revolution guards corps (irgc) says the terrorists behind a bloody attack in the southwestern city of ahvaz will definitely face `deadly and unforgettable` revenge in the near a statement on sunday, the irgc expressed its sympathy with the bereaved families of the victims of the terrorist attack on a military parade in ahvaz on saturday, which killed at least 25 people and injured more than 60 added that the terrorist crime committed in ahvaz by the ruthless stooges of the global arrogance and reactionary regimes in the region revealed that the sworn enemies of iran spare no effort and conspiracy to transfer insecurity into the country after their failure to achieve their ominous goals.they are even ready to target innocent people, including women and children, with `blind terrorist measures,` the irgc's statement emphasized that such crimes would fail to undermine the firm determination of the islamic establishment and the iranian nation to remain committed to the islamic revolution's sublime ideals.the irgc said it would spare no effort to hunt for the perpetrators of terrorist measures in the region and beyond and bring them to justice.leader of the islamic revolution ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei said on saturday the terrorist attack in ahvaz was the continuation of plots hatched by us stooges in the region to create insecurity in the country, adding that iran’s intelligence services must swiftly find the accomplices of...
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presstv-turkey invites venezuela to trade in local currencies
turkey has invited venezuela to use national currencies instead of the dollar in mutual trade in a joint campaign to bolster their economies in face of pressures by the administration of us president donald trump.“we are so keen actually to use local currencies in our bilateral trade, not only between turkey and venezuela, but also between turkey and other countries,” turkish foreign minister mevlut cavusoglu was quoted by media as saying at a joint press conference in caracas with his venezuelan counterpart jorge arreaza.`we always try to use local currencies in our transactions... given that the united states government has used the dollar as a tool of aggression. many countries now prefer to use their local currencies.”he accused the us administration of using dollar as a tool to attack other countries’ economies, adding that turkey has been experiencing fluctuations in its currency, as a result of a recent attack against turkish economy.presstv-turkey will ban dollar in trade transactions: erdoganturkish president erdogan says ankara will pursue non-dollar transactions in trade with russia and other countries.the turkish minister further emphasized that ankara condemned what he described as the interventionist methods by trump’s administration against caracas.the most important illustration of such interventionist methods, he said, were the sanctions that he said were meant to isolate venezuela.  cavusoglu added that the turkish government would do all in its ...
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presstv-uganda optimistic about return of south sudanese refugees
daniel arapmoipress tv, kampalauganda has expressed optimism that a recent peace agreement signed between rival factions in south sudan will ensure peace in the african country. but many south sudanese refugees, who have fled the conflict in the country, remain skeptical on whether the peace agreement will hold. our correspondent daniel arapmoi reports from kampala.
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presstv-armenia’s capital holds snap municipal elections
residents of yerevan took to municipal polls sunday, the first vote held in the ex-soviet country since mass protests pushed its former leader to resign, and a major test for the new government.the election of the city council or council of elders and mayor in the capital, where almost half the national population lives, is crucial for armenia's prime minister nikol pashinyan, who was swept into his new role after spearheading weeks of protests in may.pashinyan, whose popularity is based on his anti-corruption and economic reform stance, still faces an armenian parliament mostly comprised of members of the formerly ruling republican party.ahead of the polls, he urged citizens to cast ballots for his allies, saying the outcome will determine whether he has enough public support to negotiate holding snap parliamentary election.the mayoral seat has been empty since former mayor taron margaryan resigned on july 9 over corruption allegations and protests urging him to quit. snap polls were triggered when the city council was unable to select a new armenian law, the mayor is selected based on election results for the council: if one party gains more than half of the votes, the party's candidate becomes minister nikol pashinyan arrives to a polling station in yerevan on september 23, 2018, to take part in the city elections. (photo by afp)in case of a different outcome, the new council selects the mayor via secret ballot.twelve parties and alliances are runnin...
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presstv-opec, russia rebuff trump’s call to raise oil output
saudi arabia – the biggest oil producer of the organization of the petroleum exporting countries (opec) – and biggest oil-producer ally outside the group, russia, have jointly rebuffed a veiled request by us president donald trump to implement an immediate increase in their production of crude oil.saudi energy minister khalid al-falih was quoted by media as saying that the kingdom had spare capacity to increase oil output, but stressed that no such move was needed at the moment.`my information is that the markets are adequately supplied. i don't know of any refiner in the world who is looking for oil and is not able to get it,` falih told reporters as opec and non-opec energy ministers gathered in algiers for a meeting that ended with no formal recommendation for any additional supply boost.nevertheless, he signaled saudi arabia stood ready to increase supply if iran's output fell.  `whatever takes place between now and the end of the year in terms of supply changes will be addressed.`russian energy minister alexander novak said no immediate output increase was necessary, although he believed a trade war between china and the us as well as us sanctions on iran were creating new challenges for oil markets.benchmark brent oil reached $80 a barrel this month, prompting trump to reiterate on thursday his demand that the opec lower prices.`we protect the countries of the middle east, they would not be safe for very long without us, and yet they continue to push for hig...
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presstv-swiss region introduces ban on muslim full-face veil
a referendum in switzerland's northeastern region of st. gallen has introduced a `burqa ban` that would prohibit muslim women from wearing garments covering the entire face in public. voters in st. gallen on sunday approved by a two-third majority the ban on islamic veils such as niqab or burqa.according to official results, nearly 67 percent of voters were in favor of the new controversial law.the regional government now has to implement the result of the vote, which drew a turnout of around 36 percent.a text stipulating that `any person who renders themselves unrecognizable by covering their face in a public space, and thus endangers public security or social and religious peace will be fined` was adopted by legislators in st. gallen late last year.the law passed the regional parliament with support from populist parties. the issue was put to the people after the green party and young socialists demanded a referendum.   presstv-second swiss region to vote on 'burqa ban'a second swiss canton will vote on whether to introduce a ban on a face veil worn by muslim women.reacting to the sunday vote, switzerland’s largest islamic organization, the islamic central council, recommended that women continue to cover their faces. it said it would closely monitor the implementation of the ban and consider legal action if necessary.the italian-speaking ticino region in southern switzerland imposed a ban on burqas two years agothe swiss federal government in june opposed a gr...
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presstv-us ports fear they will be big losers in trade war
american ports are alarmed at the thought of becoming big losers as the intensifying trade war between washington and beijing is biting into business.they worry that the tariffs the two world’s economic powers are levying on one another might crimp shipments, cutting into port revenues.following the latest tit-for-tat this week between the united states and china, kurt nagle, head of the american association of port authorities, described the state of play as `concerning.``the total amount of tariffs and international retaliation affect 10 percent of the total trade in american ports,` or about $160 billion in revenues, nagle far, the various trade fights have had a mixed effect, with some ports reporting dramatic declines in some products, even as others saw an increase in activity aimed at beating the new levies.the us economy is sustained by around 100 ports across the country that manage the flow of goods inbound and outbound at points of embarkation along the pacific and atlantic oceans, the gulf of mexico and the great lakes.over the first six months of 2018, the port of new orleans reported a fall of 350,000 tons of steel in comparison with the year-ago period, a significant hit for a flagship product used in a petroleum-focused region.`it represents between three and five million dollars,` said robert landry, vice president of the port of new orleans. `for us it's very big.`in los angeles, although there has been a surge in some products, the incr...
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presstv-unexploded mortar detonates in afghanistan, kills 8 kids
at least eight children in afghanistan were killed and several others sustained injuries when unexploded ordnance detonated in the country’s northern province of faryab.the eight children, including four siblings, were killed in faryab’s shirin tagab district after a mortar shell they were playing with exploded, witnesses said on saturday. another six children were also wounded in the blast.karim yuresh, a spokesman for the provincial police chief, said all of the children had been aged between five and 12 and were playing when the bomb went off, adding that two of the wounded children — who lost limbs — were in critical condition.“they found an unexploded mortar shell and brought it near our house,” a relative of one of the victims told afp. “they didn’t know what it was and were trying to open it when it suddenly exploded.”local officials said the mortar had been fired by the taliban, which last week captured koh-e-sayad, the village where the children lived.the war-wracked country suffers from scores of deadly attacks by the taliban militant group almost across the country.the taliban’s former, five-year rule over at least three quarters of afghanistan came to an end when the united states and its allies invaded the country in 2001 as part of washington’s so-called war on terror; but, ever since, the group has been involved in widespread militancy, killing thousands of civilians as well as afghan security forces and displacing tens of thousands of peo...
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presstv-indonesia’s anak krakatau dramatic night eruption
anak krakatau, an indonesian volcano known for its deadly 1883 eruption, showed off a dramatic night eruption on saturday.anak krakatau, or known as the 'child of krakatau', has erupted at least 44 times this week, the country's meteorological, climatological and geophysics agency said.reuters aboard the japanese helicopter carrier js kaga encountered the volcano after the ship's departure from jakarta.the volcano has been active since june but not caused any disruptions. no airport closure and tourism on neighbouring krakatau volcano remains normal.lying on the sunda straits between java and sumatra islands, krakatau claimed more than 35,000 lives in a deadly eruption in 1883. the highly active anak krakatau, is a new island formed by underwater eruption in 1927.(source: reuters)
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presstv-chinese naval medical ship makes 1st visit to venezuela
a chinese naval medical vessel has traveled for the first time to the venezuelan port of la guaira, amid apparently growing ties between beijing and caracas.the hospital ship, named daishan dao, also known as the peace ark, arrived on saturday for an eight-day stop, xinhua news agency reported on sunday.the ship has the capacity for 300 beds, 20 icu beds, and eight operating rooms.forty major surgeries a day can be done on it, in addition to x-ray, ultrasound, and ct scanning. it also has a communications system to allow teleconferencing with doctors and specialists at other hospitals.during the stay, the navy ship’s commander is to conduct “friendly visits” with venezuelan officials, according to xinhua. the news agency said the ship’s commander would be visiting military and political officials and inspecting venezuelan military and medical facilities.the chinese visit comes after president nicolas maduro’s trip to beijing earlier this month.presstv-big sister to the rescue? venezuela 'wins funds' from chinavenezuelan president nicolas maduro says he has secured new commitments from china on financing his country’s trouble-hit oil industry and other sectors.maduro said during that trip that he had secured new commitments from china on financing his country’s trouble-hit oil industry and other sectors.china has been a major supporter of venezuela over the years, with more than a decade of oil-for-loan agreements.hyper-inflation and shortages of basic commodit...
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presstv-militants reject disarming in blow to turkey-russia deal
turkish-backed militants have rejected laying down their arms or surrendering the territory under their control in syria’s idlib province after russia and turkey said they had agreed to set up a buffer zone in the region. in a statement released late saturday, the so-called national liberation front (nlf), an alliance of militant factions supported by ankara, said it would cooperate with turkey in idlib, but ruled out disarming.`we will not abandon our weapons, our land or our revolution` against syrian government forces, the group said. earlier this month, turkish president recep tayyib erdogan and his russian counterpart vladimir putin met in the black sea resort of sochi and announced an agreement on idlib which is the last major terrorist-held bastion in syria.following the meeting, putin told a joint news conference with erdogan that they had agreed to create a demilitarized zone of 15-20 kilometers in idlib along the contact line between the armed opposition and government troops by october 15.the agreement involved the withdrawal of “radically-minded” militants, including the al-nusra front, from the region, he added.erdogan said both turkey and russia would carry out coordinated military patrols on the borders of the buffer zone in a bid to detect and prevent `provocation by third parties and violations of the agreement.`presstv-russia, turkey agree idlib demilitarized zonethe deal was hammered out after lengthy talks between the russian and turkis...
Tags : presstv-militants reject disarming in blow to turkey-russia deal - idlib ,turkey ,zone ,russia ,from ,agreement ,buffer zone ,demilitarized zone presstv-militants reject disarming in blow to turkey-russia deal
presstv-iran says trump pressing oil majors to raise output
iran has criticized the united states of pressuring oil producers of the persian gulf region to increase their output, expressing hope that member states of the organization of the petroleum exporting countries (opec) would not yield to “orders” by us president donald trump to turn the taps on.iran’s petroleum minister bijan zanganeh described last week’s tweet message by trump in which he linked us support for the countries of the region to oil prices as insulting, emphasizing that producers should not be “terrified” by such attempts and refrain from changing their production policies.   zanganeh was referring to a tweet message by trump on thursday in which he had threatened that his administration would respond to the failure by regional countries inside the organization of the petroleum exporting countries (opec) to do enough to help lower oil prices.`we protect the countries of the middle east, they would not be safe for very long without us, and yet they continue to push for higher and higher oil prices! we will remember,` trump said, adding, `the opec monopoly must get prices down now!``in my opinion, president trump's statement is the biggest insult to us-friendly states and nations in the region,` zanganeh said.presstv-iran: saudis, uae turned opec into “tool” for usiran criticizes opec for allowing saudi arabia and the united arab emirates to turn the organization into a “tool in the hands of the us.”in a similar gesture in july, the us ...
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presstv-italian journalist recounts solo motorbike trip across iran
max civilipress tv, romesenior italian journalist emilio radice has recently returned from a solo motorbike journey across iran. he recounts what he has experienced during his month-long ride through the iranian desert, all the way to the caspian sea.
Tags : presstv-italian journalist recounts solo motorbike trip across iran - across iran ,solo motorbike ,italian journalist presstv-italian journalist recounts solo motorbike trip across iran
presstv-watch press tv news headlines
here is a brief look at press tv newsroom's headlines from 1800 gmt, september 22, 2018 to 0800 gmt, september 23, 2018.iran blames us puppets for ahvaz attackiran’s leader ayatollah seyyed ali khamenei says the terrorist attack in ahvaz is the continuation of conspiracies by the us puppets in the region. ayatollah khamenei strongly condemned the act of terror, saying it once again shows the cruelty of the iranian nation’s enemies.brexit deal rowbritain’s labour party leader has urged prime minister theresa may to call for snap elections if she can’t get a good deal on brexit. corbyn was addressing his supporters in liverpool amid mounting criticism at home over may’s brexit plans. meanwhile, a rally dubbed save brexit campaign was held in the town of bolton. participants called for a clean break with the european union. they expressed opposition to may’s attempts to keep close post-brexit trade relations with the remaining 27 eu member states. former brexit secretary david davis and british politician nigel farage also took part in the demo. on friday, may said talks have hit an impasse and demanded more respect from brussels. this came after eu leaders rejected a major part of her brexit plan.trump’s pick abuse allegation a woman, who has accused us president donald trump's pick for the supreme court of sexual assault, has now agreed to testify before a senate panel. lawyers for christine blasey ford say she accepted the senate judiciary committee's request...
Tags : presstv-watch press tv news headlines - said ,that ,brexit ,sanctions ,will ,with ,north korea ,syrian government ,this week ,nusra front ,ministry said ,senate judiciary committee presstv-watch press tv news headlines
presstv-iran summons uae envoy over 'idiotic' remarks
iran has summoned uae's charge d'affaires over “idiotic” remarks made by a senior emirati official about a terrorist attack that left 25 people dead saturday, foreign ministry spokesman bahram qassemi said on sunday. `following idiotic remarks by an emirati political adviser on the terrorist attack in ahvaz, the united arab emirates' charge d'affaires was summoned to the ministry of foreign affairs by the head of the relevant political office and the islamic republic of iran's strong protest at the irresponsible and insulting remarks was conveyed to him,` qassemi said. `at the meeting, the emirati charge d'affaires was warned that the blatant support for terrorist acts by an individual affiliated to the official emirati agencies will bear responsibility for the uae government, and indifference to it will not be acceptable,` he added. the summon came after abdulkhaleq abdulla, a political adviser to emirati crown prince mohammed bin zayed, said the attack in ahvaz was justified and that `attacking a military target is not a terrorist act`. `moving the battle deeper inside iran is a declared option and will increase during the next phase,” he added.iranian authorities also summoned ambassadors of the netherlands and denmark as well as chargé d'affaires of the british embassy in tehran after the shooting spree during a military parade.presstv-ambassadors summoned over ahvaz attacksiran’s foreign ministry summons three foreign diplomats over terro...
Tags : presstv-iran summons uae envoy over 'idiotic' remarks - said ,attack ,terrorist ,emirati ,ahvaz ,iran ,qassemi said ,saudi arabia ,armed forces ,strong protest ,iranian people presstv-iran summons uae envoy over 'idiotic' remarks
presstv-may's govt. on verge of collapse: labour
the opposition labour party's deputy leader tom watson has warned that the government of uk prime minister theresa may is on the brink of would not be easy for the party's leadership to ignore the possibility of members at labour's annual conference in liverpool backing the idea of holding a “people's vote” second referendum on brexit, watson said sunday.`it seems to me inconceivable that if ... labour party conference decides it wants a manifesto pledge on a people’s vote, that we would defy that decision,` he told sky news.`this government is on the verge of collapse, we could have another general election basically around brexit.`meanwhile, britain's opposition labour party leader jeremy corbyn said on the same day that he would prefer a national election to a second referendum on brexit.`our preference would be for a general election and we can then negotiate our future relationship with europe but let’s see what comes out of conference,` he told bbc tv.corbyn said that if labour was holding talks with brussels, it would want a trade agreement with a customs union with the eu so there was no need for hard border on the island of ireland, one of the main, yet unresolved issue in brexit talks.brexit and labour manifesto will be high on the agenda in the conference as leaders of the party seek a more united stance on the issues. a main topic for discussion is whether the party should push for a second brexit referendum as the government led by?...
Tags : presstv-may's govt. on verge of collapse: labour - labour ,that ,brexit ,party ,would ,with ,labour party ,agreement with ,corbyn said ,second referendum ,opposition labour ,opposition labour party presstv-may's govt. on verge of collapse: labour
presstv-ahvaz terrorist attack, and the us connection
breaking newsahvaz terrorist attack, and the us connectionsun sep 23, 2018 12:06pmhomeprogramson the news line ahvaz terrorist attack, and the us connection loading ...iranmiddle eastusukasia-pacificafricaeuropeamericassocietyartsbusinesssportsnews bulletinreportsinterviewswatch livescheduleshowsdocumentariesabout presstvfrequenciesprivacy policycontact infosmspresstv © copyright 2018 presstv. all rights reserved. top
Tags : presstv-ahvaz terrorist attack, and the us connection - attack ,terrorist ,terrorist attack ,ahvaz terrorist ,ahvaz terrorist attack presstv-ahvaz terrorist attack, and the us connection
presstv-russian oil majors ditching dollar in payment settlements
russia appears to be already moving closer to a plan to ditch the dollar with reports emerging that more of its biggest oil companies are already preparing to settle payments in other currencies in transactions with clients.surgutneftegas was quoted by media as announcing that it had informed at least one of its customers that it would receive payments for oil sales in euros and other currencies.according to a message sent by surgutneftegas to one of its customers, the oil company said it wanted to “avoid any possible problems with payment in usd,” reuters reported.  the reported move came in line with recent comments from the kremlin that russia was taking measures to move away from the greenback.over the past months, russia has repeatedly raised the possibility of replacing the us dollar with other currencies in its transactions with the outside world in response to the us sanctions.last month, finance minister anton siluanov said russia could reject the us dollar in oil trade.“it is not ruled out. we have significantly reduced our investments in us assets. in fact, the dollar, which was considered the global currency, becomes a risky instrument for settlements,” he was quoted by media as saying.russian energy minister aleksandr novak also recently said that the government was considering the possibility of oil settlements in national currencies, especially with turkey and iran.“there is a common understanding that we need to move towards the use of national cur...
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presstv-kavanaugh's accuser agrees to testify before senate
christine blasey ford, the woman who has accused us supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault, has agreed to testify before a senate panel.the senate judiciary committee and lawyers for ford reached a tentative agreement on saturday for her to publicly testify before the panel on thursday.`dr. ford accepts the committee's request to provide her first-hand knowledge of brett kavanaugh's sexual misconduct next week,` debra katz and lisa banks, attorneys representing ford, wrote in a message to the committee.this comes after a brief call late on saturday between the woman’s lawyers and aides to senator charles e. grassley of iowa, the republican chairman of the judiciary committee. aides to senator dianne feinstein of california, the committee’s top democrat, were also part of the negotiations.they decided to continue the negotiations over the conditions of the testimony on sunday morning, according to three people familiar with the call.meanwhile, kavanaugh's allies quickly reacted to the agreement, saying that it does not mean that ford accepted the committee's invitation to testify.`this is not an 'acceptance' of anything at all. the email doesn't even say she will testify. it says she will 'provide her firsthand knowledge' but it doesn't say how. it says she will do so 'next week' but doesn't say when. and it says the rest of the terms are still up for negotiation. it 'accepts' nothing at all, but the language is very carefully calculat...
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presstv-voting begins in maldives presidential election
people in the maldives are heading to the polling stations to choose a new president, in an election that critics claim is effectively a one-man show.more than a quarter of a million people are eligible to vote in the country of roughly 400,000 people, in around 400 polling booths set up across the archipelago for the sunday election.incumbent abdulla yameen is running against the opposition’s joint candidate and long-time lawmaker, ibrahim mohamed solih.critics claim yameen has imprisoned or forced into exile all his main rivals.maldives’ president abdulla yameen (photo by afp)“maldives authorities have detained critics, muzzled the media, and misused the election commission to obstruct opposition candidates to ensure president yameen a victory on election day,” said human rights watch asia associate director patricia gossman.however, the election commission’s spokesman has rejected allegations of voter fraud.yameen’s half-brother, maumoon abdul gayoom, ruled the maldives for three decades until the presidential election in 2008, which was won by mohamed nasheed.yameen came to power in 2013 by defeating nasheed in an election that critics alleged had been rigged.nasheed was jailed on terrorism charges but was allowed to go to britain for medical treatment in january 2016. he never returned.the indian ocean archipelago of the maldives is made up of 26 coral atolls and 1,192 islands.police raid opposition campaign officepolice raided the main campaign office of the...
Tags : presstv-voting begins in maldives presidential election - election ,yameen ,opposition ,critics ,maldives ,nasheed ,presidential election ,campaign office ,abdulla yameen ,critics claim ,that critics presstv-voting begins in maldives presidential election
presstv-in jab at russia, us threatens sanctions over n korea
the us state department says washington would not hesitate to impose sanctions on any shippers that transfer fuel to north korea; days after the us ambassador to the united nations accused russia of “cheating” on the a statement on saturday, state department spokeswoman heather nauert accused pyongyang of continuing to employ tactics to evade un sanctions, and pressed member states to prohibit ship-to-ship transfers of petroleum fuel to the north.“the united states will not hesitate to impose sanctions on any individual, entity, or vessel supporting north korea’s illicit activities, regardless of nationality,” nauert said.the un security council has steadily stepped up sanctions on north korea in an effort to block funding for the country’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs since 2006.presstv-russia, china block us bid for north korea sanctionsrussia and china have blocked a us request to add a russian bank to a un sanctions blacklist along with a north korean official.however, the recent showdown between the us and russia have demonstrated cracks in the unity of the 15-member council over the a heated session on monday, us ambassador nikki haley accused moscow of systematically seeking to evade sanctions on pyongyang.washington has “evidence of consistent and wide-ranging russian violations” of the sanctions, haley said, adding that moscow was helping pyongyang obtain fuel through transfers at sea and had attempted to alter an indepen...
Tags : presstv-in jab at russia, us threatens sanctions over n korea - sanctions ,north ,korea ,russia ,haley ,said ,north korea ,security council ,china have ,ship transfers ,nikki haley presstv-in jab at russia, us threatens sanctions over n korea
presstv-china postpones military talks with us over sanctions
china has postponed joint military talks with the united states in protest against washington’s move to impose sanctions on the chinese military for buying russian fighter jets and surface-to-air missile systems.the defense ministry said in a statement on saturday that it had recalled navy chief commander shen jinlong from a visit to the us and postponed talks between chinese and us military officials in beijing planned for next week.the statement added that china’s military reserved the right to take further countermeasures against the latest us-imposed sanctions, without giving further details.earlier in the day, china’s foreign ministry had summoned us ambassador to beijing terry branstad and “lodged solemn representations over us sanctions against (the) chinese military.”presstv-china summons us envoy over military banschina summons the us ambassador over washington's decision to sanction a chinese military agency and its director for purchasing russian fighter jets.the us state department imposed the sanctions on thursday on the equipment development department (eed) — a branch of the chinese military responsible for weapons procurement —for engaging in “significant transactions” with russia’s major weapons exporter rosoboronexport.the sanctions are aimed at blocking the eed and its director, li shangfu, from the possibility of applying for export licenses and participating in the us financial system.according to the us state department, the sanction...
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presstv-iran rings in new school year with call for better life
iran has begun the new school year, with president hassan rouhani underlining the need to promote mutual respect and work toward building a better country. rouhani rang in the new school year on sunday for about 14 million students who are offered curriculum in a variety of subjects in 92,800 educational centers across the country. the president attended a high school for girls in downtown tehran along with education minister mohammad bat-ha’ei, calling the first school day `a new attempt to ascend the stairway of sublimation, and to create a better iran.”“a school is a place for science, education, upbringing, skill, and preparedness that enables one to enter the society,” he told the students, underlining the need to teach mutual respect at schools.  this picture taken on september 23, 2018 shows a ceremony honoring the first day of the new school year in iran at a girls’ school in tehran. (photo by irna)rouhani also touched on the terrorist attack in the southwestern city of ahvaz on saturday, saying some of those killed or injured were about to attend line with the tradition, iran’s president poses a question to iranian students every year to encourage them on honing their critical and analytical skills and forging better interaction with their instructors.this year, rouhani asked the students about the nature of the skills which they deemed most important to life.the president also inaugurated via a video conference 59 schools rebu...
Tags : presstv-iran rings in new school year with call for better life - school ,year ,students ,with ,rouhani ,iran ,school year ,mutual respect presstv-iran rings in new school year with call for better life
presstv-world through the aperture
a selection of photos shot recently from around the world:anak krakatau (child of krakatoa) volcano is seen in indonesia from japanese helicopter carrier kaga at the indian ocean, on september 22, 2018. (photo by reuters)cranes at the construction site of an apartment building are silhouetted as a storm approaches in chacarita neighborhood in buenos aires, argentina, on september 22, 2018. (photo by reuters)a hiib rocket carrying a hii transport vehicle is seen taking off from the tanegashima space center in kagoshima prefecture, japan, in this photo taken by kyodo, september 23, 2018. (via reuters)iranian armed forces march in a military parade marking the 38th anniversary of iraq's 1980 invasion of iran, in front of the shrine of the late founder of the islamic republic, imam khomeini, outside tehran, iran, on september 22, 2018. (photo by ap)palestinian teenager ahed tamimi flashes a peace sign next to palestinian ambassador to greece marwan emile toubassi following her speech at the annual festival of greek communist youth, in athens, greece, on september 22, 2018. (photo by reuters)an activist holds a sign as he protests to reject the construction project of a border wall replacement in downtown el paso, texas, the us, on september 22, 2018. (photo by reuters)mariana ponce, 6, a deportee from the us who was separated from her father jesus ponce, 26, under the trump administration's hard-line immigration policy, plays in la ceiba, honduras, on september 22, 2018. (photo...
Tags : presstv-world through the aperture - photo ,september ,reuters ,from ,world ,2018 photo presstv-world through the aperture
presstv-‘us attempting to sustain hegemony with china sanctions’
the recent sanctions imposed by the united states on the chinese military are about washington attempting to maintain its hegemonic position in the world, says a political commentator.the us state department on thursday imposed sanctions against china’s equipment development department (eed) — a branch of the chinese military responsible for weapons procurement — for engaging in “significant transactions” with russia’s major weapons exporter rosoboronexport.jason unruhe, a political analyst, told press tv on sunday that, “what the us is really trying to do is maintain its hegemonic position within the world both militarily and economically.”the sanctions, he said, are attempts “by an empire that perhaps sees its position in the world coming to an end.”he said the us was in fact expressing a great deal of frustration with the imposition of the sanctions.presstv-china tells us not to interfere in ties with russiachina slams new us sanction on beijing for its military ties with russia.
Tags : presstv-‘us attempting to sustain hegemony with china sanctions’ - with ,sanctions ,world ,position ,military ,ties with ,hegemonic position ,chinese military presstv-‘us attempting to sustain hegemony with china sanctions’
presstv-un has not lived up to its potential: trump
us president donald trump has censured the united nations ahead of his address to the annual gathering of world leaders at the general assembly next a video posted to twitter saturday, trump said, without elaborating, that the un has `tremendous potential` but has `not lived up to that potential.`“it's always been surprising to me that more things aren't resolved because you have all of these nations getting together in one location but it doesn't seem to get there. i think it will. again, i look forward to being at the united nations next week. we're going to make a speech. we're going to have many meetings. a lot of good things could happen”, he said.trump is set to address the general assembly on tuesday. he will also hold meetings with heads of south korea, egypt, france, japan and the united kingdom.iran and north korea are expected to dominate trump’s speech, with members of his administration ramping up the rhetoric against both countries ahead of the assembly. last year, trump used the platform to threaten to “totally destroy” north korea and castigate the 2015 nuclear deal with iran, which he later withdrew the us from.presstv-trump slams ‘bureaucracy’ at un, urges reformthe us president kicks off his maiden appearance at the united nations with a call to overhaul the international organization.the us president is also slated to lead a security council meeting on wednesday, addressing issues such as north korea, syria, the iran deal an...
Tags : presstv-un has not lived up to its potential: trump - trump ,united ,korea ,with ,that ,nations ,united nations ,north korea ,general assembly ,next week presstv-un has not lived up to its potential: trump
presstv-photo of the day
the oktoberfest parade in munich (photo by reuters)people dressed in historical clothes take part in the oktoberfest parade in munich, germany, on september 23, 2018.
Tags : presstv-photo of the day - oktoberfest parade presstv-photo of the day
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