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call of duty: black ops 4 'mystery box' collector's edition revealed
these days, every big-name video game franchise sees special and collector’s editions for their titles, and the call of duty series is a shinning example. but for this year’s release of black ops 4, publisher activision has taken things well beyond including the yearly season pass and other digital goodies. they’ve just announced the super special black ops 4 mystery box edition at this year’s san diego comic-con, and it comes in an actual, creepy skeleton-themed box.while the size of the box isn’t made clear, it’s obviously over the top: it features a design inspired by the black ops series’ popular zombies game mode, and it even lights up and plays sounds. the contents are quite as mysterious as the name implies, however. players will get a physical copy of the black ops 4 game in a steelbook case, the first issue of the call of duty zombies comic book from dark horse, a set of ten specialist patches, figpins of the four heroes from this year’s zombies mode, and three lithographs featuring the art from each chapter of zombies.there’s also, believe it or not, a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle with artwork from the entire history of call of duty‘s zombies mode, dating back to 2008. of course, the set also includes the black ops pass, which covers all of the game’s dlc and more “bonus content” that will be revealed at a later of duty: black ops 4 will be released on october 12th for ps4, xbox one, and pc. the mystery box edition is priced at a who...
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george r.r. martin's sci-fi horror nightflyers gets first trailer
game of thrones has become one of the most popular (not to mention pirated) shows in the world, and now the author of the books it’s based on, george r.r. martin, is seeing another of his stories adapted for the screen. first announced earlier this year, martin’s novella nightflyers is being turned into a tv series for the syfy channel, and this year’s san diego comic-con saw the first trailer released.nightflyers will remain loyal to the novella, which is best described as horror set in space, with martin himself calling it “a haunted house story on a starship,” and comparing it to “psycho in space.” the story is set in the year 2093, with the earth dying, a ship is carrying a group of explorers deep into the solar system towards a mysterious spacecraft, with a hope of saving you’d expect, something goes wrong along the way, with several crew members dying. the mission can’t be turned around, and horror sets in as the crew begins to wonder if the cause is something outside the ship, or the ship itself. the nightflyers novella was first published in 1980, and then adapted into a movie in 1987. martin, however, isn’t directly involved in the production of the new series. the first season will include ten episodes and is due to air this fall on the syfy channel in the us, while netflix has picked it up for other regions.source syfystory timeline
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1969 dodge charger customized with 707hp hellcat engine
the current generation dodge challenger is a shinning example of a modern muscle car, and with the carmaker’s 707 horsepower hellcat engine, it’s a monster. but what if you could take all that modern power and combine it with a truly iconic muscle car of the past? that’s exactly what performance and restoration shop bumbera’s did, taking a 1969 charger and sticking in not just the hellcat engine, but the drivetrain and electronic systems as well.based in katy, texas, bumbera’s used a 2015 version of the 707hp hellcat engine, which dodge sells individually for custom projects, while the 1969 charger was supplied by a customer who requested the swap. they managed to outfit the car with the new engine and transmission, as well as the dashboard and several modern features like the infotainment system.the performance shop detailed the project on the their blog, revealing that this was a truly one-of-a-kind challenge, as the only other attempted hellcat swaps had been placing a 1969 body on top of a modern frame, or only replacing the engine and not the electronics and dash. in the end bumbera’s had to figure everything out on their own, including how to connect an estimated 12 miles of wiring between the hellcat system and the classic charger.after several months of work, they managed to get everything installed and functioning, including the modern steering wheel and paddle shift controls, automatic transmission, remote start, 8.4-inch touch screen, and air conditioni...
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marvel tv at sdcc: iron fist s2 in sept, cloak & dagger s2 in 2019
san diego comic-con is in full swing this weekend, meaning there are plenty of announcements coming not just for comics, but for movies, tv, and gaming as well. on the marvel side of things, marvel studios has decided to skip this year’s show, leaving us without any news on the cinematic universe, however the company’s tv shows are here to fill the gap. so far, there have been announcements for the seconds seasons of iron fist and cloak & dagger.the first to debut will be iron fist on netflix. not only was a brief teaser trailer revealed, but a date of september 7th was given for when it will be available to stream. the trailer mainly focused on shots of hero danny rand fighting on the streets of new york city, and didn’t give much away in terms of this season’s antagonist or greater conflict.this follows the second season for netflix’s previous marvel shows, daredevil, jessica jones, and luke cage, as well as a season of the hero’s team-up show, the defenders. also announced was that cloak & dagger, the marvel show on the freeform cable channel, was renewed for a second season. telling the story of a pair of teenagers from different backgrounds who were given superpowers following an accident, the show hasn’t been as widely popular as netflix’s series, but has received praise for focusing on issues beyond the typical teen drama, such as drug abuse and racism. the second season will consist of ten episodes, and is scheduled to debut in spring of 2019.source ne...
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hot wheels announces mario kart toys for 2019
the trend of video games making the leap to real-life toys continues with a collaboration that’s obvious in hindsight: mattel’s hot wheels brand will be releasing toy cars based off of nintendo’s mario kart. the announcement was made at san diego comic-con 2018 this week, with eight die-cast models on display at the nintendo and mattel booths. the eight nintendo characters seeing their mario kart versions brought to life are luigi, bowser, peach, toad, yoshi, wario, rosalina, and, of course, mario himself. each toy will be priced at $5, however we’re still in for a wait as they won’t be hitting stores until june’s not clear if these eight characters will be the only hot wheels models released in the mario kart line, however a mattel representative did confirm that track playsets themed after nintendo’s racing game will also be available at launch, but didn’t mention specifics. let’s just hope one of the playsets is based on the iconic rainbow road track. oh, and a first-place-seeking blue shell accessory would be perfect too, but that’s just hopeful thinking.source polygonstory timeline
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stanford wearable monitors stress hormone levels using sweat
stanford researchers have developed a new wearable that measures the wearer’s cortisol levels using sweat. cortisol, a vital hormone associated with stress, can be tested with existing methods, but they require several days for results. stanford’s creation eliminates that long wait period, providing important stress hormone numbers when they matter most. the project was lead by stanford university’s materials scientist alberto salleo. the team created a stretchy wearable patch, according to the university, that can be placed directly onto the patient’s skin, where it acquires sweat and measures cortisol levels with it. this method provides continuous monitoring that isn’t invasive.that wearable works via passive sweat wicking, pooling the wearer’s sweat into a small reservoir that is covered with a cortisol-sensitive membrane. the biggest requirement is for the wearer to work up enough of a sweat that they glisten, meaning they’ll likely need to hit the sauna or gym for the monitoring to work.the wearable is promising for various medical conditions that involve cortisol, which are difficult to treat due to the delay in measuring cortisol levels. continuous cortisol level monitoring could open the door for more effective medical treatments. a prototype of the device “appears to work” as the researchers intended, according to the university, though additional work may improve accuracy and reliability. in addition, the team may create a reusable patch that can ...
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buffy the vampire slayer reboot revealed with joss whedon onboard
hit ’90s tv show buffy the vampire slayer is heading back to television, it has been revealed. the reboot will be developed by fox 21 tv studios, which plans to pitch it to cable and streaming networks. original series creator joss whedon will serve as the show’s executive producer with the rest of the original exec. producer team. however, monica owusu-breen will be showrunner, writer, and also an executive producer.the news comes from deadline, which reports that both cable networks and streaming services will start receiving pitches for the show later this summer. the reboot will be updated for modern audiences and times, bringing a fresh look at the mythology the original series centered around. a script hasn’t been written yet, according to sources speaking with deadline. many details are missing at this time, but the report claims that the reboot will cast an african-american actor for the new slayer role; that hasn’t been confirmed by fox, however. the sources caution that the project is still in its early stages and many details are likely to change in the coming months. unfortunately, this means it will likely be months — or longer — before a trailer debuts. the original series premiered on the cable network wb, later landing on upn. it’s unclear which network — or streaming station — the reboot may premiere on; potential release dates weren’t provided, either. talk about bringing buffy back started in fall 2017, according to the report, resulting...
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razer marvel vs capcom: infinite arcade stick brings iconic artwork
razer has launched marvel vs capcom: infinite arcade stick, a new arcade fighting stick featuring marvel and capcom characters. the controller is designed for the playstation 4, including modular construction and the ability to customize the device to each player’s requirements. the infinite arcade stick is based on the company’s existing arcade controller and was likewise created with modders in mind.the marvel vs capcom: infinite arcade stick is black with an upper surface mostly covered by marvel and capcom artwork. the device features a total of 10 buttons, as well as an 8-way joystick. users can open the joystick to access its cables and modify it in whatever way they’d like. this is a special edition of the existing panthera arcade stick from razer, the notable difference being the artwork. the internal compartments are designed to hold a screwdriver, screw-lock cable, and any extra buttons the users wants to keep around. players can switch to a tournament gaming mode for serious games; there’s also compatibility with major fighting arcade games.razer says panthera is tournament-grade, offering sanwa hardware and a honeycomb internal structure for screw mounting. the controller includes a 13ft detachable usb cable with a screw-lock for a secure connection. the infinite arcade stick is available in europe now for 240 eur and will arrive in the us next month for $220.source: prnewswire
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the walking dead season 9 trailer: six minutes of action and tension
this fall will bring new seasons for a number of hit televisions shows, including the walking dead. amc’s zombie-fest series will enter its ninth season starting in early october. the first trailer for the upcoming season was revealed during san diego comic-con today, and it’s a big one at nearly 6-minutes in length. if you’re all caught up on the current season, prepare to dive twd: our world ar game now availableamc has packed a ton of footage into its season 9 trailer, though you’ll want to avoid it if you haven’t finished watching the latest season. there are a number of big and small spoilers in the extended trailer, so tread carefully if you decide to take a quick look. the trailer is also potentially nsfw, depending on your company’s zombie-gore policy.if you’ve been following twd news, you’ll already know some of the big changes this season has in the pipeline (spoilers).andrew lincoln, who plays the series’ core character rick grimes, has confirmed that he is leaving the show. confirmation was given during a panel at sdcc today — lincoln specifically said that season 9 is his last as grimes in the walking dead. the decision has nothing to do with disliking the show or his role, but rather is a decision that’ll allow him to spend more time with his family.the show itself will go on, though, as evidenced by the massive season 9 trailer. we see many familiar faces in it, though some of them are a bit different than you may remember. the tr...
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overwatch free weekend starts july 26: everything you need to know
blizzard has another free weekend in the pipeline, this one for its older hit overwatch. the game will be free to play starting july 26, giving players who still haven’t purchased a copy the chance to check it out. the free weekend is offered to pc players, who will have access to the full roster of game characters, as well as progress that remains if you purchase a overwatch’s next hero is a hamster in a mechoverwatch has had a number of free-to-play weekends over the last couple years. as always, players can download the game and start playing without purchasing anything…but only on the days when it is free, july 26 to july 30. the free session is only available to pc gamers, unfortunately; those on console will have to wait.all 18 maps and 28 heroes will be playable during the free weekend, as well as the game’s newest character: wrecking ball. overwatch features various playing modes, including custom games, quick play, and arcade. any progress made during the game will still be available if the player decides to purchase the game.the weekend officially starts on july 16 at 11am pdt and ends on july 30 at 11:59pm pdt. in addition to downloading the game, pc players will need a blizzard account. blizzard will make the overwatch free weekend pc client download available starting on july 26. the free-to-play zone is open to players in the americas, europe, and asia.source: overwatch blog
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star trek: short treks mini-series brings four episodes to cbs all access
we’ve previously heard rumors that cbs planned to expand its star trek content, but nothing official was stated. that changes today with the announcement of star trek: short treks, a new series that will be available through cbs all access, the network’s subscription service. the new series was announced at san diego comic-con and is confirmed to have four short has been working out plans to expand the star trek universe for a while, at least according to past reports citing anonymous sources. the biggest rumor claims cbs plans to launch an entirely new series, one that could be a reboot of the next generation, or that would at least tie into it somehow. rumor also has it that patrick stewart may join the unconfirmed series, but nothing official has been stated.the rumors are, at least generally speaking, true. cbs is preparing to launch a new mini-series comprised of only four short episodes. these appear to be an appetizer of sorts for fans who are waiting for star trek: discovery season 2. a trailer for the upcoming series was also released at sdcc earlier today.don’t expect too much from short treks — each episode is only 10 to 15 minutes in length and will be its own confined story. these will, says cbs, help shed light on major characters and dig deeper into plot lines, making them overall relevant to discovery though they’re not technically part of it.we don’t know what each short episode will revolve around at this time; the mini-series starts...
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tap tv turns any bluetooth speakers into surround sound systems
tempow tv has introduced a new bluetooth audio protocol it calls tempow audio profile (tap) tv. this new protocol is available to any manufacturer that wants to integrate it into bluetooth-enabled tvs, streaming sticks, or set-top boxes. among other things, tap tv makes it possible to create a wireless surround sound system using any bluetooth speakers, including the ones you may already have scattered around at home.tempow explains that its new tap tv protocol enables bluetooth speakers from any maker to be turned into either a 3.1 or 5.1 surround sound system. this would eliminate the need to purchase a dedicated multi-speaker system, such as sonos, letting users pick their favorite speakers or use the ones they already addition, tap tv brings support for multi-language viewing. tempow explains that this feature utilizes bluetooth headsets to enable each listener to hear the same content in their preferred language. individual speaker and headset eq can be customized, and it also offers controls for parents to set a maximum volume for a child’s headset.the personalization and sound control is made possible through a mobile app. tempow is working to revolutionize bluetooth technology, pointing out that it is often neglected despite being an increasingly common way to deliver audio. the company previously announced a partnership with motorola that put the tap tech on the moto x4.tap tv follows this, being designed specifically for the home theater experience. the sta...
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terrafugia's flying car sets 2019 debut with tech upgrade
flying car company terrafugia insists it’ll launch its first production vehicles in 2019, revealing the latest version of the transition two-seater this week. able to convert between a road-going vehicle and a plane, the transition is getting a cabin upgrade along with a tweaked powertrain, terrafugia says. propulsion is now courtesy of a hybrid-electric motor, terrafugia has confirmed, which will operate while the vehicle is in drive mode. that will use both an internal combustion engine and a lifepo4 lithium iron phosphate chemistry battery, which the company says is “much safer than other lithium battery chemistries.”there’ll also be a new “boost” feature, though it’ll only be available when the transition is flying. the throttle will deliver a “brief burst” of additional power for extra acceleration. exactly how fast that will be is unclear at this stage, though terrafugia has previously promised top speeds of up to 100 mph in the air, and a cruising range of 400 miles. inside, there are now new and upgraded seats, and an fresh user interface, which terrafugia promises is more intuitive to navigate. there’ll also be greater luggage capacity. a whole host of updated safety tech has also been integrated, with the seat belts and airbags improved. three rearview cameras will deliver a better perspective of what’s going on behind the flying car while it’s in driving mode. brs aerospace will be providing a full-frame parachute system, meanwhile. that’s...
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dish lights up imessage support chat to save you from calling
if you’re a dish customer who happens to own an iphone, your days of calling into customer service might be over. today, apple and dish announced that dish customer service can be reached using messages on ios through apple business chat. cish is the first pay-tv company to join apple business chat, so it’s getting in on the action early.when we say that this might put an end to calling into dish customer service, we’re not (entirely) kidding. to hear dish describe this new functionality, it sounds like the representatives you’ll contact via text message will able to do most – if not all – of the things a customer service agent at a call center addition to answering general questions you have, these customer service reps can help you schedule appointments or make changes to your account. you can even send them a text to order a pay-per-view movie or event using the credit card you have on file. dish says that apple business chat won’t share any account details by default, which means that “customers are in complete control of whether they want to share any contact information.”perhaps most interesting about business chat support is that it doesn’t require your constant attention. conversations don’t time out and only “end” when you delete the thread in the messages app itself, meaning that you can continue a conversation with a customer support rep as you have time throughout the day. that’s definitely a better deal than having to set aside ...
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artificial on-demand meteor showers may dazzle future skies
the future may bring us on-demand meteor showers, at least if a tokyo-based startup has its way. ale is setting the foundation for the world’s first on-demand shooting stars, something that’ll involve a pair of micro-satellites containing small balls. these balls will emit a bright glow as they reach the planet’s atmosphere, providing a show for those on land.each micro-satellite is planned for its own mission, one set to happen in march 2019 and the second later that same year. the first launch will be facilitated by japan’s space agency, but the second is anticipated to launch on a private rocket. assuming everything goes according to plan, an artificial meteor shower is scheduled to happen over hiroshima in early seems the micro-satellites will take ale’s glowing balls stockpile into space, where they’ll then be ready to put on shows for earth. the startup isn’t revealing much about the balls within the micro-satellites — they’ll have a proprietary, secret formula that’ll prompt them to glow brightly as they plunge through earth’s atmosphere.a total of 800 balls are carried by the two satellites; the number of shows they can put on depends on how many “shooting stars” each event has. the company estimates its two micro-satellites could put on between 20 and 30 shows, and that they can be spread out through approximately 24 months. it’s unclear what color the balls will glow, though they can be tailored to different colors. whether ale ha...
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guardians of the galaxy 3 director james gunn fired over offensive tweets
guardians of the galaxy vol 3 director james gunn is no longer involved with the movie after controversial tweets were found on his twitter account. the tweets, which were published years ago and since deleted, include crude jokes and statements about pedophilia, rape, and more. gunn was dropped by disney after copies of his tweets were shared across twitter.gunn has been vocal in his criticism of president trump. in tweets published earlier today, conservative personalities tweeted more than a dozen screenshots of tweets published by gunn several years ago. each tweet, which were first surfaced by the daily caller, contain crude to offensive content often centered around pedophilia.following the revelation, disney released a statement denouncing gunn’s tweets, calling them “indefensible and inconsistent” with its values. disney has officially cut ties with gunn and fired him from guardians of the galaxy vol 3’s directing role. gunn has since offered his own explanation for the content, doing so in a multi-tweet statement. “many people who have followed my career know when i started, i viewed myself as a provocateur,” gunn said, “making movies and telling jokes that were outrageous and taboo.”gunn also states that he is “very, very different” than he was when those tweets were published, working to root his “work in love and connection and less in anger.” he also clarifies, “for the record, when i made these shocking jokes, i wasn’t living them out...
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apple, sonos and fitbit could feel the pain with trump's new china tariffs
popular electronics from apple, sonos, fitbit, and others could be inadvertent victims in the newest batch of us tariffs on chinese goods, highlighting the potential hit on shoppers’ wallets by trump’s trade war. the us government has proposed $200 billion worth of new tariffs that could be applied as soon as this fall. currently, the proposal is in the public comment period, and the details off the tariffs may well change before their implementation. however early analysis of their potential impact has already highlighted some possible headaches for the electronics industry. that, it seems, is in part down to the fiendishly complex rules and classifications that authorities use to organize imports. depending on which of those classifications a product is assigned, manufacturers who have devices manufactured in china and then brought to the us could face a significant uptick in the cost of each. us customs and border patrol is responsible for deciding which category each product falls into, and according to reuters‘ analysis of those rulings, it could affect wearables, smart speakers, and more. for instance, the fitbit charge, charge hr, and surge fitness trackers are all classified as “data transmission machines” and thus fall foul of the proposed tariffs. the sonos play:3, play:5, and sub speakers are all included in that category as well. the original apple watch is deemed a “data transmission machine” too. as a result, they’re all subject to the suggested ...
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pokemon go cheats face this tough new policy
ascending to the ranks of pokemon master is not an easy task. if you’re going to complete the pokedex and dominate the gym scene, you need to be committed to the cause, because there are hundreds of monsters to track down, catch, and evolve. it’s definitely not something for the faint of heart, but there are some pokemon go players out there who think they can claim all the glory without any of the hard put a finer point on it, they’re cheaters. perhaps nothing more than a product of the game’s immense popularity, cheaters have been trying to get an unfair advantage in pokemon go since day one, and today, niantic detailed a new policy that’s not very lenient on the more unsavory players among us. niantic’s new cheating policy is a three-strike one, but don’t take that to mean that it’s going to go easy on cheaters on their first and second offenses. the first strike is essentially a warning, which will surface an alert within the app that informs you that niantic has detected cheating on your account. beyond that alert, niantic says that it may “degrade” the your gameplay experience by removing rare pokemon encounters and preventing you from receiving new ex raid passes.the first strike will remain active for seven days, after which the gameplay experience will return to normal. if you continue to cheat after that, you’ll receive a second strike in which your account will be suspended entirely for “approximately” 30 days. cheat a third time, ...
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disney is reviving star wars: the clone wars for its netflix rival
when disney took over lucasfilm, there were a lot of casualties in the expanded star wars universe. perhaps the casualty that hurt the most was star wars: the clone wars, an animated series on cartoon network that had just wrapped up season five when disney took the reins from george lucas. instead of giving the show a proper ending, disney decided to quickly cancel it, later releasing a series of “lost missions” on netflix.those lost missions were nice to see, but of course, they didn’t provide the tidy wrap up fans were hoping for. just when it seemed like the clone wars was going to remain unfinished forever, disney has announced that the show is coming back. in an announcement at san diego comic con, disney revealed that the clone wars will return for 12 more episodes, sharing a poster and a new trailer alongside the reveal.“the clone wars ended after five broadcast seasons — just as ahsoka left the jedi order,” disney’s announcement on the official star wars site reads. “a few post-season five episodes were later released as ‘the lost missions,’ but the story wasn’t over. fans have clamored for disney and lucasfilm to finish what was started ever since. and now it’s actually happening.”supervising director dave filoni will be returning for these additional twelve episodes, and at the moment, it’s unknown if these are indeed the final episodes of the series. in a brief interview with disney, filoni says that this is an opportunity to “put the...
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ferrari just gave us a glimpse of its hybrid supercar tech
ferrari might not be the first automaker you’d associate with a hybrid engine, but the famed italian supercar-maker has cooked up an innovative new electric turbocharger that could deliver both performance and an iconic soundtrack. it’s another sign that, though ferrari has been cautious about electrified sports cars, the automaker isn’t dismissing the idea out of hand. one of the lingering concerns some high-end automakers have had about electrified supercars is the emotional connection. maserati – which has used ferrari engines for its recent performance cars – flagged aural shortcomings as a primary concern about sports evs, for example. ferrari ceo sergio marchionne, meanwhile, said last year that in the face of the tesla roadster the automaker couldn’t avoid electrification, but promised the company would ease its way into the segment in a distinctly “ferrari” way.a possibility is outlined in a recently-published european patent application, spotted by autoguide, describing a potential electrically-operated turbocharger. intended to be deployed in a supercharged internal combustion engine, the turbocharger could not only compress air that would be used to help drive the engine, but also power electric motors on the wheels. while electric turbochargers aren’t new, ferrari’s implementation would be. typically, a turbo is used to compress air and force more into the engine, using exhaust gases from the engine itself to drive it. some automakers have used...
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stardew valley multiplayer just got a pc release date
since the moment stardew valley launched back in 2016, multiplayer has been one of the most anticipated additions to the games. after a period of beta testing, it’s nearly ready to roll out on pc, mac, and linux. while it probably isn’t going to look a lot different from the beta that’s currently available, this is exciting news for more reasons than one.stardew valley‘s multiplayer launch was actually announced by way of a new trailer that was published just a few minutes ago. stardew valley version 1.3, which includes the game’s multiplayer component, will be officially available on pc, mac, and linux on august 1. a significant portion of the player base has likely already seen what it has to offer, as a publicly accessible beta has been available since the end of april.though multiplayer is the biggest new feature in version 1.3, that isn’t the only thing the update adds. there’s also some additional content to be found within the update, such as new heart events, new enemies, and new items. it isn’t quite as massive as some of stardew valley‘s previous content updates, but there will definitely be some new things to check out for those who aren’t really interested in multiplayer.1.3’s launch on pc is good news for other platforms as well. multiplayer support is currently planned for most platforms, including xbox one, playstation 4, and nintendo switch. now that the pc, mac, and linux version of 1.3 will soon be in the books, concerned ape and chuckl...
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with physics and some clever tech, nasa's solar probe survives a star
as surviving inhospitable trips go, nasa’s parker solar probe having to withstand more than a million degrees fahrenheit as it approaches the sun seems on paper like an insurmountable challenge. turns out, though, a mere 4.5-inch thick solar shield is all the spacecraft needs, as nasa has explained. the parker solar probe is expected to blast off this summer, the start of a seven year mission to the star at the center of our solar system. it’s designed to orbit through the sun’s corona, the fiercely hot region of the solar atmosphere that contains materials at temperatures greater than a million degrees fahrenheit. when there, nasa expects the probe to make 24 orbits as it takes measurements. given scientists have struggled to make us a hot pocket that can survive a simple kitchen microwave if you don’t get the timings right, a spacecraft surviving that sort of environment seems unlikely. in fact, though, the parker solar probe benefits from both some high-tech materials and a fistful of physics that make the whole thing a little more straightforward. on the physics side, it comes down to heat versus temperature. high temperature materials may be measured in the millions of degrees around the sun, but as they’re high moving and relatively scarce in number, they’re actually relatively low heat and transfer little energy. “the corona through which parker solar probe flies, for example, has an extremely high temperature but very low density,” nasa explains. “th...
Tags : with physics and some clever tech, nasa's solar probe survives a star - solar ,probe ,that ,nasa ,degrees ,will ,solar probe ,parker solar ,degrees fahrenheit ,million degrees ,high temperature ,parker solar probe ,million degrees fahrenheit with physics and some clever tech, nasa's solar probe survives a star
fortnite's first birthday means free stuff for players
it’s almost hard to believe that fortnite has been available for a year already, but it’s true, at least in the case of save the world. while fortnite‘s more popular battle royale mode won’t be celebrating its first birthday until late september, save the world turns one-year-old on july 25. to celebrate, epic is launching an in-game promo that will serve up some limited-time cosmetics for players of both modes.fortnite‘s first anniversary celebration kicks off on july 24. in battle royale, a series of relatively simple quests will go live, rewarding some birthday-themed cosmetics for their completion. epic today detailed what these quests are and what you get for doing them. there are three quests in all. the first tasks you with simply playing 14 matches, for which you’ll be rewarded with 5,000 experience points. the second quest gives you the “fortnite birthday!” emoticon for dealing 1,000 damage to your opponents, while the final one gives you the “happy birthday!” spray for dancing in front of 10 birthday cakes. complete all three and you’ll be given the “birthday cake” back bling.over in save the world, you’ll be able unlock birthday brigade ramirez for completing the fortnite birthday quest line. you can also earn tickets and use them to purchase birthday llamas, which have a chance of dropping heroes and weapons from every event that’s occurred throughout the previous year.we’re sure there will be some birthday-themed skins and cosmetic...
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hyundai kona iron man edition will be produced
hyundai is at the san diego comic-con event and at the show it has unveiled the kona iron man edition suv. the suv gets a unique interior and exterior design that is inspired by the iron man suit. the coolest thing about the special suv is that you will be able to buy one.kona iron man edition will be built-to-order with limited global production. production for the special edition is set to start in december with the first units available in q1 2019. the iron man kona gets unique front-lighting structure with custom daytime running lights that look like the facemask and eye shape of the iron man suit.the vehicle has an iron man mask motif on the roof, unique v-shaped hood garnish, front fender iron man mask badging, stark industries lower fascia and rear door decals, iron man-engraved headlamp internal surfaces, and custom 18-inch wheels.those wheels have iron man mask center caps. the outside color is exclusive iron man red with matte gray. inside the ride is a tony stark signature on the instrument panel. the shift lever is a unique iron man unit, and a special hud and center stack have iron man visual graphics. hyundai gives the ride a custom seat bit that hyundai is mum on is just how much the kona iron man edition will sell for. we also have no idea just how limited of an edition the car will be.source: hyundai
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facebook, google, microsoft, and twitter team to take the headache out of data transfers
moving your data between internet services is something that isn’t always easy or fast. this is especially true when you’re doing something like moving photos between social networks or music libraries and playlists between music streaming services. today, some of the biggest companies in the world announced that they’re going to do something about it, announcing the data transfer project.the data transfer project is the result of a team up between facebook, google, twitter, and microsoft. each of these companies (which the exception of microsoft for the moment) discussed the data transfer project in separate announcements today. the project is still in the early stages of development, but eventually, these four companies would like to see wide scale adoption across an array of services.while facebook and twitter merely touch on the core concepts of the data transfer project, google goes into a little more detail in its own announcement post. “the organizations involved with this project are developing tools that can convert any service’s proprietary apis to and from a small set of standardized data formats that can be used by anyone,” google writes, noting that so far, these four have developed adapters for “seven different service providers across five different types of consumer data.”on the security side of things, google says that services which agree to allow data transfers will need to require that individuals independently authenticate each account bef...
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flashy and fiercely armored, new dinosaur shakes up old theories
when your fellow dinosaurs have big teeth and even bigger appetites, what’s a herbivore to do but develop some seriously impressive natural armor. that’s the case with akainacephalus johnsoni, a freshly-identified dinosaur the remains of which were extracted from a cache of ancient bones in utah. that site was first identified in 2008, in the kaiparowits formation of grand staircase-escalante national monument. rather than just a single specimen, preserved for millions of years, the fossils showed evidence of numerous species and their associated skeletons. one of them was a dinosaur nobody had ever seen before. turns out, while its existence may have been quiet until now, back when it was alive the akainacephalus johnsoni was quite the attention-seeker. the dinosaur was covered in armor, particularly around its snout, which prompted the natural history museum of utah paleontology team to give it its name, which means “spiky head.” from that point back, it was protected by a comprehensive husk of osteoderms.these bony deposits are effectively dinosaur armor plating, and ran all the way down to the club-like tail that gains akainacephalus johnsoni membership to the ankylosaurid species subset. it could well have been the most glamorous of the bunch, too. the paleontologists suggest that those armor plates would’ve given the dinosaur “a flashy, ornate appearance.”noted for their huge tails, which were used as defensive weapons, ankylosaurids hadn’t been identifi...
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fujifilm's 5 new lenses include a groundbreaking f1.0 prime
fujifilm has unveiled a new range of x mount lenses, including teasing a groundbreaking prime lens that stands to be a world-first in mirrorless circles. two new models and three on the x mount lens roadmap have been detailed today, though of the five it may well be the fujinon xf33mmf1 r wr that gets photographers’ mouths watering. that’s a very large aperture prime, which fujifilm says is likely to be the first mirrorless lens with a maximum aperture of f/1.0 while still having autofocus capabilities. in short, we’re expecting incredibly artistic short depths of field, and probably some silky bokeh to go with it, too. sadly we’ll have to wait a little while for the new f/1.0 prime to make its appearance, but fujifilm does have two new lenses getting here sooner. first off is the fujinon xf8-16mmf2.8 r lm wr ultra-wide angle lens, with a full 20 elements in 13 groups. it has a constant maximum aperture of f/2.8, along with a focal length equivalent to 12-24mm in 35mm format. fujifilm is positioning it as perfect for landscape and architecture photography, as well as for nightscapes and astrophotography. its floating lens element – which shifts according to the position of the zoom – helps with edge-to-edge sharpness, the company claims, in addition to correcting the field curvature that you’d usually expect to encounter in an ultra-wide angle lens. a nano-gi coating on the rear of the two front lens elements should help cut ghosting and’s also weathe...
Tags : fujifilm's 5 new lenses include a groundbreaking f1.0 prime - lens ,fujifilm ,with ,that ,will ,lenses ,angle lens ,lens with ,wide angle ,fujifilm says ,lens element fujifilm's 5 new lenses include a groundbreaking f1.0 prime
the note 9's success may seal the galaxy s plus' fate
samsung may consolidate its plus-sized galaxy s flagship with its note range, after several generations of increasing screen size – and struggling sales – have worn away the differentiation between the two. currently samsung offers the galaxy s9+ with a 6.2-inch display, and is expected to launch the 6.38-inch galaxy note 9 in just a few weeks time.the note 9 will continue to differentiate itself from other galaxy smartphones by virtue of the s pen, samsung’s digital stylus. that’s predicted to gain new functionality courtesy of an embedded bluetooth chip, together with updated software that will see samsung double-down on the galaxy note’s virtual notepad focus. all the same, many have pointed out the slim gap between what we’re expecting from the note 9 on august 9, and what the galaxy s9+ already offers. samsung began offering multiple sizes of its galaxy s-series flagship consumer smartphones back in 2015, with the launch of the galaxy s6. that was available in three styles – galaxy s6, galaxy s6 edge, and galaxy s6 edge+ – with either 5.1-inch or 5.7-inch super amoled screens. since then, the “plus” sized version has increased the same time, the galaxy note range has also adopted bigger and bigger panels, but the growth has been more conservative since the pen-enabled phablets were already relatively large to begin with. over the past few years, therefore, the delta between the largest galaxy s-series handsets and the note series has s...
Tags : the note 9's success may seal the galaxy s plus' fate - galaxy ,note ,samsung ,with ,series ,will ,galaxy note ,note series ,series handsets ,note range ,inch display the note 9's success may seal the galaxy s plus' fate
nissan leaf nismo debuts in japan aiming at green hooligans
if you ever wanted to be the sort of hooligan that flies around the city, racing from stop light to stop light, but you also want to do it without hurting the environment nissan has your ride. the new nissan leaf nismo will go on sale july 31 in japan. nissan says that the leaf nismo combined the world’s bestselling ev with the sporty image and performance of nismo road cars.the leaf nismo has custom tuning computer for more responsive acceleration, custom tires and suspension, and improved style inside and out. the leaf nismo is based on the new leaf ev that debuted in october of last year and has 100% electric drivetrain. it has the same features like e-pedal and propilot as well as propilot park autonomous driving features.we’ve driven the 2018 leaf and offered up our driving impressions. the exterior of the leaf nismo has double layered wings that adds downforce without messing up the slipper aero of the car that helps with driving range. nismo buyers also get custom 18-inch wheels that are designed for minimum air resistance.the leaf nismo will come in custom brilliant silver, super-black two-tone, and dark metal grey and super black two-tone colors. inside the car are lots of red nismo accents. a three-spoke steering wheel with red center mark and instrument panel with carbon-like finish are integrated. the electronic shift knob is in a gunmetal chrome finish. the tires are high-grip units and the customized suspension gives a good ride and stable handling. the powe...
Tags : nissan leaf nismo debuts in japan aiming at green hooligans - nismo ,leaf ,that ,nissan ,custom ,with ,leaf nismo ,super black ,will come ,nismo will ,stop light nissan leaf nismo debuts in japan aiming at green hooligans
nasa shows off incredibly clear images of saturn's moon titan
nasa has published six different images taken of saturn’s very interesting moon titan. the images represent some of the most seamless-looking global views of the surface of the icy moon ever produced. the super clear images were created using 13-years of data captured by the visual and infrared mapping spectrometer (vims) on the cassini spacecraft.the images are “smoothly combined” from a “multitude” of different observations made under a range of lighting conditions during the cassini mission. nasa has shown off vims maps of titan before, but those images had great variation in image resolution and lighting that resulted in obvious seams between different surface areas of titan.the new images are sans seams giving the best representation of how titan might appear to the causal observer if it was stripped of the hazy atmosphere. the reason nasa images the surface of titan with infrared rather than visible spectrum is that hazy atmosphere.the haze comes from small particles in the atmosphere called aerosols. the aerosols are in the upper atmosphere and can strongly scatter light. infrared wavelengths are used because the scattering and absorption of light viewed through what nasa calls “infrared windows” is much weaker.the second image here with the clear shots of titan around the yellow hazy center show the vims infrared images compared to the hazy center image of titan taken in visible light. the images show off the complex surface with varied geological featur...
Tags : nasa shows off incredibly clear images of saturn's moon titan - images ,titan ,nasa ,infrared ,atmosphere ,surface ,hazy center ,hazy atmosphere ,clear images ,moon titan nasa shows off incredibly clear images of saturn's moon titan
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