kitchn's delicious links column highlights recipes we're excited about from the bloggers we love. follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. since i write about food for a living, it's not really cool when i don't like a common ingredient. other people can have preferences for what they do and don't like (as long as olives and pickles aren't on the `no` list, i'm sorry), but i'm `supposed` to eat everything. this is why i used to keep my aversion to sun-dried tomatoes mostly under wraps. i ate them when i had to; i chewed through the leathery, sad versions that i found on pizza and salads and wondered why people put up with this overrated ingredient. and then i went to rome last october, and wow. after accidentally ordering something with sun-dried tomatoes again (oops), i realized that whatever `sun-dried tomatoes` i had before were sad excuses for the real deal. good sun-dried tomatoes can transform a meal from average to special, and that's why they're my weeknight meal obsession. read more »