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primary ad attacks marine for living outside kentucky
veterans groups are rushing to defend a democratic congressional candidate in kentucky after her opponent attacked her for not living in the state during her 20 years of military service.jim gray, the mayor of lexington, kentucky, who is vying for the democratic candidacy in kentucky’s 6th congressional district, released the ad friday – three days before the democratic primary – against retired marine lt. col. amy mcgrath. it highlighted the fact that she had not been living in kentucky for the past two decades because she was in the u.s. marine corps.“she’s lived around the country and the world while serving our nation. we’re all grateful for that,” the voiceover in the ad from gray’s campaign says. “now, she’s running for congress to represent the one place she’s never lived: here.”“we honor amy mcgrath’s service,” the ad continues. “but shouldn’t she live here for a while?”mcgrath, a kentucky native, says she moved back to her home state shortly after retiring from 20 years in the military last june. she had previously been in washington d.c. serving as a marine corps congressional fellow. the first female marine to fly an f/a-18 fighter in combat, mcgrath launched her congressional campaign with a viral video that recalled her longtime desire to be a fighter pilot, and described how she persisted even though she was repeatedly told women were not allowed to hold such a position.hey @jimgraycongress this is what losing looks like! take...
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iraq's muqtada al-sadr is the country's version of trump
ideasjames muldoon is a lecturer in political science at the university of exeter, u.k., and is the editor of 'trumping the mainstream: the conquest of democratic politics by the populist right'alttahir is an iraqi-born middle-east expert based in london. she has worked on projects in baghdad and kabul.he has been described as an impulsive, narcissistic egoist who lives in the shadow of his father. he’s also a populist, a political outsider who has hurtled to political power thanks to a surprise election win. this is not a description of u.s. president donald trump, but rather of cleric muqtada al-sadr, whose political coalition recently won iraq’s parliamentary election.the election on may 12 was the first since the defeat of the islamic state militant group and the failed kurdish bid for independence from iraq last year. these two successes for baghdad raised expectations among the country’s political establishment of victory at the polls.the final results announced early saturday gave al-sadr’s bloc 54 seats, more than any other group but still falling short of a majority in the 329-seat parliament. (now begins the complex process of building a coalition government.) the success of the militant-turned-populist preacher—who ran on an ‘iraq first’ style campaign—represents a fundamental shift in iraqi politics and is cause for grave concern among ordinary citizens who have suffered years of dictatorship, sanctions and consecutive wars. the average iraqi li...
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lgbt community praises pope francis' comments to gay man
(vatican city) — pope francis’ reported comments to a gay man that “god made you like this” have been embraced by the lgbt community as another sign of francis’ desire to make gay people feel welcomed and loved in the catholic church.juan carlos cruz, the main whistleblower in chile’s clerical sex abuse and cover-up scandal, said monday he spoke to francis about his homosexuality during their recent meetings at the vatican. the pope invited cruz and other victims of a chilean predator priest to discuss their cases last month.cruz said he told francis how chile’s bishops used his sexual orientation as a weapon to try to discredit him, and of the pain the personal attacks had caused him.“he said, ‘look juan carlos, the pope loves you this way. god made you like this and he loves you,'” cruz told the associated press.the vatican declined to confirm or deny the remarks in keeping with its policy not to comment on the pope’s private conversations. the comments first were reported by spain’s el pais newspaper.official church teaching calls for gay men and lesbians to be respected and loved, but considers homosexual activity “intrinsically disordered.” francis, though, has sought to make the church more welcoming to gays, most famously with his 2013 comment “who am i to judge?”he also has spoken of his own ministry to gay and transgender people, insisting they are children of god, loved by god and deserving of accompaniment by the a result,...
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how much exercise will keep your heart healthy?
time healthfor more, visit time research suggests that in order to keep your heart in the best shape, you should try to exercise for at least 30 minutes four to five times per’s well established that weekly exercise is important, and current government recommendations advise people to exercise for 150 minutes every week. but for people specifically interested in making sure their hearts are healthy, there’s been some debate over how much exercise is people age, their arteries, which are critical for transporting blood in and out of the heart, are at risk for stiffening and causing disease. though the researchers of the new study, which is published in the journal of physiology, say that any amount of exercise reduces the overall risk of death from heart disease, arteries can be affected differently by exercise, depending on their size.time health newsletterget the latest health and science news, plus: burning questions and expert tips. view sample sign up now to better understand exercise and artery health, researchers looked at 102 men and women who were over age 60 and had logged their exercise histories for at least 25 years. the researchers measured their artery stiffness and separated them into different groups according to how often they exercised each week.based on what they observed, the researchers concluded that people who reported regularly working out two to three times a week for at least 30 minutes a session had more youthful ...
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twitter bots boosted donald trump's votes by 3.23%: study
twitter bots may have altered the outcome of two of the world’s most consequential elections in recent years, according to an economic study.automated tweeting played a small but potentially decisive role in the 2016 brexit vote and donald trump’s presidential victory, the national bureau of economic research working paper showed this month. their rough calculations suggest bots added 1.76 percentage point to the pro-“leave” vote share as britain weighed whether to remain in the european union, and may explain 3.23 percentage points of the actual vote for trump in the u.s. presidential race.“our results suggest that, given narrow margins of victories in each vote, bots’ effect was likely marginal but possibly large enough to affect the outcomes,” according to authors yuriy gorodnichenko from the university of california at berkeley and tho pham and oleksandr talavera from swansea university in the u.k.the research comes as members of the u.s. intelligence community allege that russian hackers tried to sway the 2016 presidential election in trump’s favor in part by deploying twitter bots, which are programs that control a twitter account. the president frequently denies that he or members of his team colluded with the hackers, and says he won because he ran a smarter campaign than his democratic rival.spread quicklyaccording to the study, bots tended to influence people most when their message backed up their prior opinion. for instance, trump supporters tended...
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my son died at sandy hook. this is what santa fe showed me
ideashockley is a cofounder and the managing director of sandy hook promise.“i’ve always kind of felt like eventually it was going to happen here too… i wasn’t surprised. i was just scared.“these are the words of a student who survived the shooting at santa fe high school in texas, on may 18. eight of her classmates and two educators didn’t. while the tragic loss of life hurts my heart, it is her words that haunt me. when did we become a country where gun violence and school shootings have become so normal that our children expect them to happen to them one day?those words — that acceptance — are the price of living in is hard to feel as if we haven’t lost interest or, at least, willpower. ten people killed, in the 22nd school shooting in only the 20th week of 2018, and yet instead of telling us the stories of the lives taken so that we can feel their loss, this weekend the media directed our focus toward the royal wedding. why? because unlike students being murdered in their american classrooms, a royal wedding is a rare event.gun violence and school shootings were not something that i thought about before five years ago. i remembered columbine and virginia tech, but they seemed like one-time events, never to be repeated. in my privileged white suburban life, i was not actively conscious of the many young people of color who lost their lives every day as a result of gun violence in communities across our eyes were opened to gun violenc...
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barack and michelle obama just signed a deal with netfliix
(new york) — barack and michelle obama are getting into the television business with monday’s announcement that they had signed a multi-year deal with netflix.the former president and first lady have formed their own production company, higher ground productions, for the material. in announcing a deal that had been rumored since march, netflix offered no specifics on what shows they would said the obamas would make “a diverse mix of content,” potentially including scripted and unscripted series, documentaries or features.“we hope to cultivate and curate the talented, inspiring, creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples, and help them share their stories with the wider world,” barack obama said in netflix’s announcement.the obamas can be expected to participate in some of the programming onscreen, said a person familiar with the deal, not authorized to talk publicly about it, on condition of anonymity. the programming itself is not expected to be partisan in nature; a president who often derided the way things were covered on cable news won’t be joining in.the type of people that obama — like other presidents — brought forward as guests at his state of the union addresses would likely provide fodder for the kinds of stories they want to tell.“barack and i have always believed in the power of storytelling to inspire us, to make us think differently about the world around us, and to help us open o...
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internet sounds off on what you should have saved by 35
after retirement experts in a marketwatch piece suggested that people should have twice their annual salary saved by the age of 35, the internet wasted no time in sounding off on this financial advice via social media.while some were indignant about the earnest saving suggestion, pointing out its relative difficulty for the average american, others took a more lighthearted approach, offering humorous alternatives to what many considered to be an unattainable standard.before you take stock of your savings, take a moment to laugh over the best tweets about how much you should have saved by the age of 35.these twitter users thought that the advice was aimed only at a specific sector of americans.i can't be only one who reads this & thinks `who are they talking to?` i didn't have that much saved in my 30s. no one i knew had that much saved their 30s & most of us were solid middle class. is this advice only for the rich? if so, maybe start w/`95% of americans can ignore.`— jeaniene frost (@jeaniene_frost) may 15, 2018i think you meant to say, by 35 you should have debt twice your salary.— from russia with love (@emanzi) may 14, 2018while others pointed to what they considered the suggestion by presenting other scenarios that were equally 42, you should be able to lift thrice your own 16, you should have written your first screenplay. by 8, you should have your self portrait hanging in the philadelphia museum of art. https:...
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tyra banks struck a pose with bts and outed herself as a fan
america’s next top model creator tyra banks is famous for her “smize.” but at sunday night’s 2018 billboard music awards in las vegas, banks met a group of stars who made her rethink her belief in the supremacy of her favorite facial expression.“meeting bts is… better than smizing,” she captioned an instagram video. in the video, the world-famous k-pop boy band joins banks in striking poses full of personality. clearly, they’re no strangers to hamming it up for the sunday night’s show, the popular group of seven — who are known for their singing, rapping and dancing, besides living up to banks’s standards in posing — took home the award for top social artist (for the second year in a row). they also took to the stage to perform their new single “fake love” off of just-released album love yourself: tear, making history as the first k-pop act to perform at the bbmas. throughout the evening, the bts fans in the audience and online went wild for the group, who have developed a loyal following that calls itself the “army” and has propelled them to global superstar status.banks, meanwhile, was living it up at the show, hanging out with bts, lil hank williams (real name: mason ramsey) and more, and generally enjoying being a part of the audience on the night that janet jackson won a historic icon award and christina aguilera and demi lovato joined together for a duet.ok i’ll stop fangirling for @bts_twt but first this pic…and more on my ...
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can the mediterranean diet blunt the effects of air pollution?
time healthfor more, visit time health.a new study suggests that following a mediterranean diet — an eating pattern high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, olive oils, fish and poultry — may protect people from some of the health effects of air pollution.researchers at nyu school of medicine, which looked at data collected from nearly 550,000 people with an average age of 62 from around the united states for more than 17 years, grouped people based on how closely their eating mirrored the mediterranean diet and linked them to estimates of their long term exposure to air pollution, including particulate matter (pm2.5), nitrous oxide (no2) and ozone (o3).the researchers made an intriguing finding when they compared men and women who most followed the mediterranean diet to those who followed it the least, while factoring in their exposure to air pollution. death from all causes increased by 5% for every 10 parts per billion increase in long-term average nitrous oxide exposure among people who least adhered to the eating pattern, compared to only 2% among people who most followed the diet. cardiovascular disease deaths increased 17% for every 10 micrograms per cubic meter increase in long-term average particulate matter exposure among the people who did not closely follow the diet, compared to 5% among the people who did. similar patterns were seen for heart attack deaths. following the mediterranean diet did not appear to be protective against ozone exposure, howe...
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santa fe shooting is 22nd school shooting in 2018
at least eight people died friday morning when a gunman opened fire at santa fe high school in santa fe, texas, creating a horrifying scene that has become all-too-familiar in the united states.indeed, according to cnn, the incident was the 22nd school shooting in 2018 — a year marked by demands for stricter gun control legislation from teenaged school shooting survivors who want these reoccurring tragedies to come to an end.the school shootings in 2018 so far have ranged from mass casualties seen in santa fe or parkland, florida, to shots fired in college residence halls. days before the may 18 shooting at santa fe high school, a 14-year-old boy brought a semiautomatic rifle to his palmdale, california, school, shooting one student in the shoulder. in march, a gunman shot two students, one of whom later died, at great mills high school in southern maryland before an armed school resource officer responded.and three months ago on valentine’s day, 17 students and faculty members at marjory stoneman douglas high school died when an expelled student opened fire with an ar-15 assault rifle. the shooting incited a number of parkland students who survived to demand action — leading the march for our lives in washington, d.c., and in hundreds of cities around the world and becoming national figures in the movement to end gun violence in america.cnn measured the number of school shootings in 2018 by listing those that occurred on a school campus — from elementary schools to u...
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is meghan markle the first black royal? why we don't know
the nuptials of prince harry and meghan markle on saturday will mark a break from royal-wedding tradition in a number of ways, from the wedding cake to the invitations. among the wedding’s most significant deviations from the past is the very fact that the bride is meghan markle: as a divorced, american, catholic-raised woman of color, she falls into into several categories that stand out on the british royal family tree.but some experts believe that markle — whose father, thomas markle, is white and whose mother, doria ragland, is african-american — wouldn’t be the first black royal in british leading theory is that the distinction of being britain’s first black queen or first biracial queen may belong to queen charlotte, who became queen when she married king george iii, who reigned from 1760 to 1820. born sophia charlotte of mecklenburg-strelitz, the german princess was 17 when she married the 22-year-old british monarch, whom she met for the first time about six hours after arriving in britain. they had 15 children together, 13 of whom lived to adulthood.according to mario de valdes y cocom, who researched her roots for a pbs frontline documentary, queen charlotte is directly descended from a branch of the portuguese royal family that had its roots in africa. when the king of portugal in the 1200s conquered the town of faro from the moors — the muslim population of the iberian peninsula, with links to north africa — he took the governor’s daugh...
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santa fe school shooting: students protested gun violence
less than a month ago, about 10 students at santa fe high school in texas participated in the national walkout against school shootings. they handed out fact sheets about gun violence, read a poem by a parkland shooting survivor and held a sign with a message of solidarity: “santa fe high school says #neveragain.”on friday morning, 10 people at santa fe high school were killed when a gunman, reportedly a student, opened fire, parkland shooting survivors are sharing messages of support with the students of sante fe. “this is the most fatal shooting since the one at our school and tragedies like this will continue to happen unless action is taken,” the organizers of march for our lives said in a statement on friday. “santa fe, we are with you, and we will do whatever we can to support you as the days go on.”authorities said 10 people were killed and 10 others were wounded in friday’s shooting. a suspect — identified as 17-year-old dimitrios pagourtzis — has been taken into custody.even though we stood alone by ourselves, we stood— galaneaa (@mr_thing456) may 18, 2018the santa fe high school shooting follows months of protests and marches against gun violence, and it has become the latest incident to exemplify the frequency of mass shootings in the santa fe high school student interviewed by a local news station on friday said she was not surprised that a shooting had occurred at her school.“it’s been happening everywhere. i’ve always ...
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meghan markle arrived at the hotel for the royal wedding
meghan markle has just arrived at the hotel where she will be spending the night before her wedding to prince harry tomorrow.while markle and prince harry live together in nottingham cottage, a two-bedroom home located on the grounds of kensington palace in london, like many soon-to-be married couples — commoners and royals alike — they opted to spend the night before the wedding apart.harry is staying at the dorchester collection’s coworth park in windsor, with his big brother and best man, prince william. markle and her mother, doria ragland, are staying at cliveden house hotel, on the national trust’s cliveden estate in windsor. cliveden house hotel is known for its connection to the profumo affair, a 1960s scandal in which war secretary john profumo had an affair with a 19-year-old dancer named christine keeler, who he met at befitting a soon-to-be duke and duchess, the hotels are both five-star estates with luxurious spas, award-winning restaurants, and in the case of harry’s hotel views of a polo field, perfect for working off any pre-wedding meghan markle arrives at cliveden house hotel, accompanied by her mother ms. doria ragland— kensington palace (@kensingtonroyal) may 18, 2018the two hotels are about a 30-minute drive (15 miles) from each other, meaning there’s very little chance that the bride and groom will run into each other before they meet at the altar in st. george’s chapel on sa...
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plane leaving havana airport carrying 104 crashes at takeoff
(havana) — a boeing 737 operated by state airline cubana crashed on takeoff from jose marti international airport in havana on friday with 104 passengers and nine crew aboard, coming to rest in a farm field where firefighters sprayed the charred fuselage with hoses.there was no immediate word on casualties.officials said the plane was headed to the eastern city of holguin when it crashed between the airport in southern havana and the nearby town of santiago de las vegas.the plane lay in a field of yuca-root plants and appeared heavily damaged and burnt. firefighters were trying to extinguish its smoldering remains. government officials including president miguel diaz-canel rushed to the site, along with a large number of emergency medical workers and ambulances. residents of the rural area said they had seen some survivors being taken away in ambulances.a military officer who declined to provide his name to reporters said that there appeared to have been only three survivors in critical condition, but other officials declined to confirm that figure.the plane was rented by cubana, which has taken many of its aging planes out of service in recent months due to mechanical problems. cuba’s first vice-president, salvador valdes mesa, met thursday with cubana officials to discuss improvements in its heavily criticized service.
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santa fe shooting suspect dimitrios pagourtzis: what to know
the suspect in the santa fe high school shooting who police arrested friday used his father’s guns to carry out the attack that killed 10 people and injured 10 others, authorities said.the suspect was identified by authorities as 17-year-old dimitrios pagourtzis, a student at the santa fe, texas, school. he was booked in the galveston county jail and is being held on capital murder with no bond, according to the county sheriff department. one to two other people were questioned by police about the shooting, texas gov. greg abbott said.the suspect kept notes in his journal, computer and phone that indicated that he wanted to commit a shooting — and commit suicide, abbott said. there were no clear red flags about the suspect as there were with other suspects in school shootings, abbott said, and the suspect had no police record. abbott did, however, point to a t-shirt the suspect shared an image of on social media that read “born to kill.”representatives from the houston branch of the fbi and local law enforcement officials did not respond immediately to a request for comment from time. the santa fe independent school district asked anyone with information on the suspect or the shooting to reach out.#update we have one suspect in custody and one suspect of interest. anyone with information regarding this event, needs to contact our command center at 409-927-3310. #santafeisd— santa fe isd (@santafeisd) may 18, 2018santa fe high school was fully evacuated friday amid t...
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yanny vs. laurel: voice actor pronounces other words
if you’re sick of hearing the viral audio clip of the word “laurel” (which has been making the rounds because many people bizarrely hear “yanny” instead), then it may be time to try some other sounds.the clip, which spread via social media, was originally recorded almost a decade ago by an actor-singer named jay aubrey jones, who was working on a project for at the time. the word-learning site hired trained vocalists to utter words for pronunciation recordings that are still in use on the site. and while jones might have become meme-famous for his baritone intonation of “laurel,” he recorded some 36,000 other words as on the speaker icon beside each word above to hear jones’ rendition. click on the word itself to see definitions and context via memes like this can seem like superficial distractions, they are also moments of learning, says marc tinkler, chief technology officer for he provided time with this selection of other words uttered by jones’ dulcet voice, with the hopes that the great laurel-or-yanny debate of 2018 will at least leave us with more robust lexicons.
Tags : yanny vs. laurel: voice actor pronounces other words - words ,word ,other ,with ,time ,vocabulary ,other words yanny vs. laurel: voice actor pronounces other words
meet 3 of america's most fanatical royal family fans
millions of americans are expected to tune into prince harry and meghan markle’s royal wedding on saturday — 23 million americans tuned in to watch the wedding of prince william and catherine, the duchess of cambridge, in 2011. but some stateside super fans are taking it a step further and heading straight to windsor for the royal wedding.kristen meinzer, kristin contino and christine ross are just three of the so-called royal family watchers heading across the pond to windsor, england, to celebrate meghan and harry’s royal wedding just a stone’s throw from the happy couple themselves. here are their stories:kristen meinzertime.for kristen meinzer, who grew up in minnesota and now lives in new york, watching prince charles and princess diana spencer’s 1981 wedding on television was a formative moment. “i think that may be the first wedding i was ever aware of outside of disney fairy tales,” she told time. “and that’s where i got all of my knowledge about what happens at traditional weddings — you wear a white dress, you maybe ride in a carriage.”meinzer’s late mother and late grandmother were both anglophiles, who loved reading the tabloids and hearing about the latest royal family news. her mother was even a member of an eastenders fan club — a long-running british tv soap. “it’s no surprise that between those two i ended up becoming a little bit obsessed with the royals from a very young age,” she 12 hours i'll be on a flight to the ...
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trump nominates next va secretary in surprise announcement
(washington) — in a surprise announcement that caught the candidate off-guard, president donald trump said friday he’ll nominate acting veterans affairs secretary robert wilkie to permanently lead the beleaguered department.trump spilled the news about wilkie at a white house event on prison reform as he introduced cabinet members in attendance. when trump got to wilkie, he said, “i’ll be informing him in a little while — he doesn’t know this yet — that we’re going to be putting his name up for nomination to be secretary.”trump added, “i’m sorry that i ruined the surprise.”the president had already appeared impressed with wilkie, saying publicly last month that he’s been doing a “great job” at va. on friday, trump upped his assessment of wilkie’s job performance to “incredible job.”wilkie has led the va since trump fired david shulkin in march amid an ethics scandal and mounting rebellion within the agency. trump then turned to ronny jackson, the navy doctor who had been his personal physician, but jackson abruptly withdrew last month amid allegations about his professionalism.wilkie, 56, is a former pentagon undersecretary for personnel and readiness who oversaw a new policy aimed at stemming harassment in the military after an online nude-photo sharing scandal rocked the marine corps. the senate confirmed him unanimously for the the va, wilkie has sought to rebuild morale at a department beset with inner turmoil and rebellion over...
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i took the first fda-approved migraine prevention treatment
time healthfor more, visit time health.on thursday, the food and drug administration approved the first drug designed to prevent chronic migraine headaches. aimovig, made by amgen and novartis, is a monthly, self-administered injection that blocks a molecule involved in migraine attacks. over the course of three clinical trials, the drug was successful at reducing the frequency of migraines for chronic sufferers. it is expected to be available in as soon as a week and will cost $575 per month, though out-of-pocket costs will vary depending on insurance. this is the story of susan giordano, 58, whose chronic migraines have nearly ceased after taking a monthly shot of aimovig in a multi-year clinical trial. my migraines started slow: they were infrequent but very severe in my late 20s and early 30s. after i had chemotherapy and radiation for colon cancer treatment, they became so much more severe. the radiation therapy put me into early menopause. at that point, they became so frequent that i was taking about 12 migraine abortive pills every month.they would knock the headache back, but even a tamped-down migraine is not so much fun. it’s an all-body thing. it’s not just nausea; it’s a mental stupidity of a really shocking nature. it makes you super slow, like you’re trying to swim through molasses. everything ordinary is just very, very hard. i was also very sensitive to light. you really just want to put a blanket over your head and lock yourself in a dark was...
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why meghan markle should walk down the aisle alone
ideasatkinson is a british historian and author of 'rise up, women! the remarkable lives of the suffragettes.'in the week leading up to the wedding between prince harry and meghan markle, one question suddenly threw royal observers into a wobble. would the titular head of meghan’s american family—thomas markle—walk her down the aisle of st george’s chapel in windsor into the british royal family, or not?on thursday, kensington palace released a statement from meghan, saying that her father would not be attending the wedding and that she hoped he could “be given the space he needs to focus on his health.” there was a sense in the media that thomas markle had shown a dereliction of patriarchal duty by abandoning a long-held tradition. the tabloids feverishly speculated about who would perform the role. doria ragland, meghan’s mother, was suggested, or a close female friend.the palace ended the speculation friday, saying meghan had asked prince charles, her future father-in-law and a person she barely knows, to be the man to walk her down the aisle.underlying the flurry and froth of full-time royal watchers, all-round pundits, and every media platform, lurks a more profound issue at the heart of every traditional wedding in western christianity and other old religions: the wedding ceremony is predicated on the fact that a father ‘gives away’ his daughter to another man. he walks her down the aisle and hands her over.feminism has come so far, and yet this tra...
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fahrenheit 451 movie and the true history of book burning
when the hbo adaptation of ray bradbury’s fahrenheit 451 premieres on saturday, the movie will introduce a contemporary twist to the centuries-long history of burning books — one in which bradbury’s story plays a significant role.references to book burning date back far into history: the chinese emperor shih huang ti “thought that if he burned all the documents in his kingdom, history would begin with him” in 213 bce, time previously noted. and when “the mongols sacked baghdad in 1258, the waters of the tigris were said to have run black with ink from all the destroyed books.” but, experts say, book burning as we know it today is a relatively recent development.“in the modern sense, it’s very much a mid-20th century idea, very much a propaganda thing that happens during world war ii,” says matthew fishburn, author ofburning books.the defining moment for that modern history came in 1933, with one of history’s most infamous book-burnings — the one that prompted time to coin the word “bibliocaust.” it was that year, in berlin and elsewhere, that nazi forces led the burning of tens of thousands of books, from the works of sigmund freud to those of jack london. along with the nazi ideology that there existed a superior race of people came the idea that there was one true cultural and ideological canon; that which didn’t fit was consigned to the fire.“the old goes up in flames, the new shall be fashioned from the flame in our hearts,” nazi propagan...
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captain america detention meme goes viral
it seems the internet may have a new favorite meme following its recent obsession with the “is this a pigeon?” reaction.thanks to the resurgence of a scene from spider-man: homecomingin which captain america stars in a video peter parker is forced to watch in detention, cap has emerged as twitter’s new disciplinary hero.“so. you got detention,” he says in the clip. “you screwed up. you know what you did was wrong. the question is, how are you going to make things right? maybe you were trying to be cool. take it from a guy who’s been frozen for 65 years; the only way to really be cool is to follow the rules.”now, a screenshot of the first avenger laying down the law is making the online rounds—with a variety of hilarious captions attached.“so,” reads one particularly well-liked iteration. “you ended up in the dc cinematic universe.”soyou ended up in the dc cinematic universe— jack (@msmp__) may 15, 2018see some of the best tweets stayed up til 4am again.— juliet (@queerschtein) may 15, 2018so. you don’t feel so good— maria (@cevansdoritos) may 15, 2018so….you heard yanny instead of laurel….— missshadowlovely ???? (@msshadowlovely) may 16, 2018soa needle pulling thread— littlekuriboh (@yugiohtas) may 15, one told you life was gonna be this way…— emera...
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read donald trump's remarks on the texas school shooting
unfortunately, i have to begin by expressing our sadness and heartbreak over the deadly shooting at santa fe high school in texas that just took place moments ago. we’re closely monitoring the situation and federal authorities are coordinating with local officials.this has been going on too long in our country. too many years, too many decades now. we grieve for the terrible loss of life and send our support and love to everyone affected by this absolutely horrific attack. to the students, families, teachers and personnel at santa fe high: we’re with you in this tragic hour and we will be with you administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure our schools and to keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat to themselves and to others. everyone must work together at every level of government to keep our children safe.may god heal the injured and may god comfort the wounded, and may god be with the victims and with the victims’ families. very sad day. very very sad.
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ebola outbreak in congo is not yet a global emergency: who
time healthfor more, visit time health leaders met on friday to discuss the ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of the congo (drc) and concluded that for the time being, while the outbreak is serious, it is not a public health emergency of international concern.the director-general of the world health organization (who), dr. tedros adhanom ghebreyesus, convened the meeting of the international health regulations emergency committee in geneva. tedros, as he prefers to be called, previously visited an affected area of the country and said he’s impressed by the local response. “we were encouraged by what we have seen despite the challenge,” he told reporters on friday. “there’s strong coordination between government and other partners.” dr. robert steffen, chairman of who’s emergency committee, announced the who’s decision. “it was the view of the committee that the conditions for a public health emergency of international concern have not been met,” he told far, 14 cases in drc have been confirmed by laboratory testing, according to the who. while most of the cases were in remote areas, one of the people tested positive in mbandaka, a densely populated city of nearly 1.2 million. there are also 21 other probable cases and 10 suspected cases. three health workers are among the reported cases. the who has requested $26 million to aid in the response.ebola is a virus that spreads through direct contact with the bodily fluids of s...
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what to know about italy's populist coalition government
italy’s populist five star movement (m5s) and far-right lega have been on the cusp of announcing a deal to lead italy’s next government for days now; on friday morning, they released their governing platform to the public. here, five things to know about this oddest of odd couples.1. the five star movement moves away from the political fringesm5s rose to power as an anti-europe, anti-establishment party launched in the wake of the eurozone’s economic crisis back in 2009. one of its principal founders was beppe grillo, a political satirist in the mold of jon stewart. in its early days, m5s courted the young and disenfranchised as it railed against the endemic corruption in italy’s political class. as it moved from the political fringes and into the mainstream, it dropped many of its more overt anti-europe policies and rhetoric, but stayed true to its anti-elitist and anti-austerity core. in 2013, the party made its debut in italian national elections, storming to a second place finish in parliament. in elections this past march, it captured more seats than any other party (222), but still fell short of the 316 needed for an outright majority. for a party that less than a decade ago was little more than a protest vote, that’s impressive.2. lega’s rebranding and upsetbut the real surprise of the march elections came from hard-right lega, formerly known as the northern league—before a recent rebranding. lega was running together with former prime minister silvio ber...
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gary janetti prince george memes make fun of meghan markle
prince harry’s fiancée meghan markle has been out and about working that charm on everyone in the world, except for…one person.that person apparently is gary janetti, the tv writer known best for his work on shows like family guy and will & grace. but he’s also the guy behind a satirical instagram account with 365,000 followers that sinks its teeth into the former suits star daily. and he treats the incoming royal’s entertainment industry past like your most judgmental friend treats any new significant other: brutally.the gary janetti prince george meme premise:janetti imagines meghan markle’s soon-to-be nephew, a.k.a.the world’s most recognizable little tyke, prince george as a huge snob. he’s no fan of his uncle’s fiancée. in fact, janetti’s fictional prince george will stop at nothing to steal focus from the bride-to-be and destroy her big day on may 19. evil plots have included: encouraging his mother kate middleton to hold the third royal baby until at the exact moment before markle walks down the aisle, or hitting the fête with a splashy date like blue ivy.welcome to the meghan markle parody formula: grab the most breathless headline on the latest meghan markle outing, then juxtapose it with a snapshot of wee prince george looking cranky (give him a break, he’s a kid). finally, top off the post with a caption that does not hold back on the sass.a sampling of the savage meghan markle memes:a screen cap of an elle headline that reads “here’s a v...
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see a long-lost film of crossing the brooklyn bridge in 1899
when the brooklyn bridge opened on may 24, 1883, its towers were the tallest structure in the country, and it was considered an engineering marvel of the kind that few americans outside the big city would have seen in person.but those americans, around the turn of the century, might have seen it in a movie, like the short film above. perhaps they saw the film when w. frank brinton, an early-20th-century traveling moving-picture exhibitor, came through their towns. brinton spent the years around the turn of the century bringing movies to america’s heartland and in 1908 retired to iowa, bringing his films with him — including this one, of a journey across the bridge by train.brinton died in 1919, and his collection went underground, literally. decades later, in 1981, the films were unearthed in a farmhouse basement by a local history teacher and antique collector named michael zahs.they were a remarkable artifact, particularly because many of the films made at that time had disappeared entirely. cellulose nitrate film, of the type used here, is highly flammable; it wasn’t until later that companies like eastman kodak began to produce “safety film.” the earlier product had been a hazard for users, and it also a tendency to destroy itself.the original nitrate for the brooklyn bridge filmcourtesy of 'saving brinton'zahs donated many of the originals to the american film institute. but he kept copies of the films on his farm for another three decades, during which time ...
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why calling donald trump an 'animal' doesn't fix anything
when president donald trump sat at a roundtable on wednesday and referred to certain immigrants as “animals,” he was engaging in a practice that has been around for millennia. go back to ancient mesopotamia and there examples of people using language to describe other humans as something less than human, whether insects or parasites or donkeys. “it really goes back to the beginning of history,” says david livingstone smith, a professor of philosophy at the university of new england. and, he says, it’s always been a dangerous way of thinking.trump has since insisted on a distinction, even as mexico has protested: he wasn’t talking about all undocumented immigrants but only those who are members of the gang ms-13. smith, who wrote a book called less than human: why we demean, enslave and exterminate others, says that doesn’t justify the language trump used (which he has deployed many times before). “part of the psychology of this sort of thing is that people generalize,” he says. what happens when a powerful figure like the president makes that comparison, smith explains, is essentially people think, immigrants = evil = monsters.many people who were offended by trump’s language in turnmadedehumanizing commentsof their own on twitter, saying that trump — or anyone who continues to support him — are the real animals. but that is falling prey to the same bad instinct. “we often dehumanize the dehumanizers, as if to say, ‘this has nothing to do with us,...
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