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last of his tribe? brazil releases video of lonely man of the amazon
altair algayer, coordinator of the funai team that has monitored the man for 22 years, said the foundation was reluctant to release the video because it could not ask for the man's consent. but he also noted that such images help to draw attention to the plight of people who are struggling to maintain their distance from the outside world.`lots of people are seeking out [this video]. they want to know what is he like, how can he be seen, is he still alive,` algayer said in a phone interview. `i think this ends up helping to protect the territory.`brazil is home to several remote tribes whose lands are under threat as the scramble for the resources of the amazon intensifies.although sometimes described as `uncontacted`, many have been victims of violent contact with pastoralists and have lost family members to conflict over lands. others, like the last man in the video, have been contacted repeatedly by funai, even if, in the end, they are simply left 2005 survival international published this photo of the hole the man j pessoa/survival internationallast year, 71 people were killed in conflicts over land, the most since 2003, according to the pastoral land commission, which tracks the 2013, video of an isolated group aired by brazil's globo network, showed tribe members gathering food. at one point a woman carrying two children raises the alarm and the group flees. a language expert who translated the video identified it was one of the...
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storm, warriors both playing for retiring greats
mannering said he wanted to end his career with little fanfare and plenty of wins.`i'm not going anywhere just yet,` mannering said.`obviously there's seven more round-robin games to go so i just want to finish this year really strong and play the best footy i can for this team and see where it takes us.`melbourne’s five-game winning streak has pushed them into the top two while the warriors are on the edge of the eight, but there is only two points between the clubs such is the closeness of the ladder.the storm thumped the warriors 50-10 on anzac day, but don’t let the result fool you. that night the warriors were flying high, then were jumped and didn’t recover. it’s doubtful they fall in the same way again.this game will be a test of the warriors’ progression this season as former storm assistant coach stephen kearney had them at the top of the ladder earlier in the campaign and will now look to marshal his troops for a run to the finals.“the game we played against them last time, i don’t think they could do anything wrong that night,” kearney said this week.“given where we were on the table, teams have been making sure they bring their best games against us.”calling time: simon mannering is also completing his final season in the steve christoat the start of the pre-season kearney signed former storm and brisbane broncos high performance boss alex corvo to lift his side. he also brought in past storm grand final players tohu harris, b...
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world of photos - july 22, 2018
1/10twiggy, the water-skiing squirrel, performs in minneapolis, usa on thursday, july 19, 2018. she started performing with water-skiing squirrels with her husband, chuck best, who died in a downing accident in ap
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maloney tips panthers to bounce back after being bucked off by broncos
happy snap: queensland coach kevin walters takes a picture of his son jett and a friend with nathan suppliedthe experienced no.6 did not need reminding he had a stinker against the broncos, which featured six missed tackles, two penalties conceded and another costly intercept pass.`it wasn't one of my better games, but we all have them at times,'' maloney said at sydney airport on saturday.`the thing i was most disappointed with was letting myself get so frustrated and losing my head in the first half.`when you're in a leadership role in a young side, you can't have that. it's something i need to fix.`it was frustrating. a few things went against us.`but, at the end of the day, we don't need to be playing our best footy until six weeks.`we have six weeks to build. and i've said it before, i'd be more concerned if we were doing everything right now and everything was falling into place, because i don't think we'd be able to hold that form for ten weeks.`that's the reality. while you don't want another performance like friday night – we do expect better from ourselves – we've got six weeks to build the footy we want to play, and i've got no doubts we'll do it.''the panthers have performed well considering the shocking injury toll all season, which continued north of the border when jarome luai  sustained a season-ending ankle injury.starting at fullback against the broncos, the rookie was set to cover maloney or cleary if they brok...
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roo beauty: pies storm to thumping win, now eye richmond
the first shock for collingwood at the mcg on saturday wasn't a pleasant one, when defender darcy moore was a late withdrawal, having completed much of the pre-game warm-ups ahead of the clash against north melbourne. the second was far more palatable and came soon after, when brody mihocek emerged as the unlikely first-term star, booting three goals.when the magpies had another surprise, this time enjoying their best opening term of the season, booting seven goals against one of the better defensive sides, it was clear this was to be a day to remember for the black-and-white faithful.hit hard: trent dumont is tackled by jeremy aapand so it proved, as the magpies strode to a 66-point win, strengthening their hold on a top-four berth, while leaving the kangaroos dealing with their heaviest defeat of the season and facing an increasingly tough battle to make the finals. the pies' victory also added to the anticipation ahead of next saturday's blockbuster against the league-leading tigers at the mcg.there were several reasons for the pies' dominance, established when booting the opening six goals, while storming to a 45-point break by half-time, but it was hard to go past their meticulous kicking for goal. the pies converted a stunning 11.1 from set shots in the first half, the roos left to lament their 4.5.mihocek, criticised for his inability to make eagle jeremy mcgovern accountable last week, had a burst he won't forget in a hurry. in his seventh senior matc...
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'temple of democracy': colombia's ex-guerrillas arrive in congress
bogota: colombia's new congress has held its inaugural session with the unprecedented presence of lawmakers and senators from the former guerrilla movement farc, whom outgoing president juan manuel santos welcomed `to this temple of democracy`.from left, carlos lozada, victoria sandino, pablo catatumbo, marco calarca and olmedo ruiz, all former members of the demobilised farc arrive at congress to take up their seats in bogota on ap`many won't like seeing [farc members] at this scene,` but `it fills me with satisfaction` because people `who fought the state and its institutions with weapons for half a century ... submit to colombian laws,` said santos, who won the 2016 nobel peace prize for his efforts to seal peace with the guerrillas.loading`from now on, their only weapon will be the word,` he added.the friday session was the last inaugural one presided over by santos, who will be succeeded by right-winger ivan duque on august 7.
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canberra united lose michelle heyman to sydney
heyman's departure is a huge loss for the club but coach heather garriock is confident she can retain teenage superstar ellie carpenter.carpenter went to the 2016 rio olympics and is considered the best young talent in australia, having already played 21 games for the matildas.the 18-year-old signed with the portland thorns following the w-league season and debuted in may as the youngest player in national women's soccer league history.carpenter was outstanding for canberra last season and won united's player of the year, before she was named in the w-league young footballer of the year.the versatile midfielder was hotly pursued by almost every w-league club but it is understood she is keen to continue her develop under the tutelage of garriock.canberra united midfielder ellie carpenter was outstanding last season. photo: sitthixay ditthavonggarriock acknowledged losing heyman was a blow but emphasised she only wants players in the capital who want to be there.united endured their worst season in club history last summer after garriock was appointed late and given limited time to prepare a team she inherited.garriock admits there was some soul-searching following her rookie coaching campaign, but she is determined to build a new squad and bounce back.`there is definitely need for change when you fail. i know it was my first season but in terms of implementing my philosophy and values, it was hard, coming in late,` garriock said.`i’ve been recruiting for the past thr...
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pakenham woman, 19, dead after row between youths at cbd short-stay
commander tim hansen speaks to the media on saturday about the teenager's chris hopkinspolice do not know if the second group was invited, or if they forced their way into the 56th floor of the building where the assault took place.`a dispute of some nature has occurred, resulting in the victim ... being assaulted,` victoria police commander tim hansen told media on saturday afternoon.`a number of persons [from the second group] immediately left that party,` he said.the suspected attacker remains on the run.homicide detectives were at the scene on saturday afternoon removing evidence as forensic experts scoured nearby anthony street for clues.residents in that street heard loud shouting around 4am and 5am, as did residents from the eq tower.'this isn't a random attack'police are confident of finding the attacker. the 12 youths assisting with the investigation are from the first group that was already in the apartment when the second group arrived.`this, as i understand it, isn't a random attack,` mr hansen said.`whilst this will bring a level of apprehension to members across our community there is some connection between these groups.forensic police examine the area surrounding the apartment paul jeffers`police have arrived to what i am advised was a fairly chaotic scene. there was an [unknown] number of people out the front. it would be fair to say they were quite upset and emotive. however, the police members were never threatene...
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broadcast boss calls for think tank to address nrl's mid-season lull
“the game has to find something for that origin period that it hasn’t got at the moment,” crawley said.“while origin is an absolute showcase, i think the wind goes out of the sales of the club competition too much.“we’ve got to get together with our partners at the nrl and the clubs and work out, in a very entrepreneurial sense that’s good for all parties, what we can do to share the stage in some way with the showcase that is origin.“we came into the period with the best competition in modern times and if that competition is a sailing boat, the spinnaker is down. now we have to start pumping and pumping again.“we’ll get going again, we always do. this weekend’s round of matches is interesting and the run home to september is sensational. but we need to look at what we can do to keep that club competition going and keep interest in our game apart from origin.”triumph: the blues enjoy the spoils of a rare series aapcrawley said fox had a strong relationship with the nrl and was confident all relevant stakeholders would be keen to get together to thrash out solutions. asked what type of content he could envisage bolstering the schedule, crawley said: “i’m not smart enough to work this one out. but i love the idea of a big prizemoney challenge cup-style thing. the clubs that don’t have a stack of origin players could make some extra money.“i like the idea of 100-metre dashes, finding out who the fastest guy in the comp and the strongest...
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afl live round 18: essendon v fremantle
goalsessendon: fantasia, baguleyfremantle: johnson 2, neale, waltersdisposalsessendon: zaharakis 10, parish 8, mcniece 8fremantle: neale 8, banfield 7, sutcliffe 6
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faith: jim and june, salt of the earth
their real love was for dogs, and when one died, another one was rescued from the lost dogs’ home, which they financially generously supported all their lives. each dog, after its life’s end, was lovingly buried along the back fence, with morning tea to follow. many dollars were spent at the vet, even when their last dog, zac, needed treatment in hospital over christmas.twice a day over the years, jim walked around the ovals and park behind us. he was well-known to others doing the same thing daily. jim kept this up until he could no longer manage to hold the lead and had a nasty fall. eventually neighbours took over the dog walking responsibility.because of circumstances jim and june had little formal education. their education was life experience. invaluable lessons in living.having lived through hard times, the depression and world war ii, jim and june developed a strong political and social conscience. they did not suffer the postulations of fools who had not experienced the real world. they had an innate concern for humanity and could not stand hypocrisy of any kind.jim’s tone of voice and expressions often were directed to those who demonstrated little concern for others.they were outspoken critics of what they called religious stuff. “how could you possibly believe that rubbish?” they said to me. and yet both, before they died, asked me to say a few words at their civil burial services.i had no trouble doing that. i was privileged to represent two wonderful n...
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tomlinson dares to dream about return to big mcg stage
outside of richmond, tomlinson says, no team has emerged to be a clear cut next best.`from second to 11th, you can't decide who's better than anyone else,` tomlinson said.`the way the season's gone, you're vulnerable each week. if you don't rock up and play your best footy you won't win.`whoever makes that final spot in the top eight has a chance to go as far as anyone else. we 100 per cent feel we're a genuine chance if we stay in the eight – anyone would say the same thing.`tomlinson would dearly love to get another crack at september. last year's campaign ended with defeat against the tigers in front of a mammoth partisan crowd at the mcg, but he had success on a personal front with 26 disposals playing on a wing.`it was a preliminary final, i had to play my best footy,` tomlinson said this week. `if we lose, i'll leave it all out there. it was one of the best experiences. i'll never forget that game.`i don't think any team will come up against 93,000 richmond fans ever again.`built to play a key position and with the aerobic capacity of an on-baller, tomlinson's performance gave him the confidence that he could cut it as a midfielder. which is just as well given the giants have asked him to play there this year after the serious injury to tom scully.such is his versatility, the 194cm tomlinson has even filled in as second ruck – a role he is likely to see more of after jonathon patton's season-ending knee injury.while most players prefer speci...
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pm defends lnp longman candidate trevor ruthenberg
prime minister malcolm turnbull says labor should consider the ethics of its own members before casting aspersions on the integrity of the liberal national party candidate for turnbull on saturday visited the longman electorate, giving his full support to `honest` by-election candidate trevor ruthenberg earlier this week apologised to voters after he incorrectly claimed to have a medal for distinguished service in peacekeeping and non-war operations.the revelation sparked calls from labor for the prime minister to sack mr turnbull said `big trev` has his full support, and that labor's claims smacked of hypocrisy given that susan lamb, who is recontesting the seat, was forced to quit parliament over the dual-citizenship saga.`really, the labor party should be looking at themselves,` he said.
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wagga wagga mp daryl maguire to resign, gladys berejiklian says
`i envisage it will be some time next week and he will present that resignation to the speaker, as is the process.`she said the speaker would be in touch with the electoral commission to set a date for the byelection, which would see wagga wagga voters go to the polls twice in a span of months.`as frustrating as it is for everybody, it's the right thing to do,` ms berejiklian said.nsw premier gladys berejiklian announces that daryl maguire will dominic lorrimer`i think the public would not have accepted it, had we held the seat open until march next year. i do not fear a byelection. the people of wagga should be heard.`ms berejiklian said she had also spoken to deputy premier and nationals leader john barliaro and a decision had been made that the liberals would run a candidate in the byelection and that the nationals would not.loading`the liberal party has held that seat for half a century and the liberal party has opened nominations,` she said.many senior nationals had been agitating to contest the regional seat, and under the coalition agreement a byelection was the only time they could do that.but mr barliaro on saturday told the herald he was happy for the liberals to run again in the seat.`it is a liberal seat and they have every right to run,` he said.`the nationals have no interest in three-cornered contests. history shows in nsw that three-cornered contests are not good for the coalition.`this month, the independent commission against corrup...
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como hotel developers granted extension in sat
alh said while it had not spent $350,000 on architectural or engineering drawings to be assessed for building approval they had spent almost $1 million on the project.`(alh has) incurred over $600,000 in legal fees and over $325,000 on consultant fees, including architects, town planners, project managers and engineers, thus far, in obtaining the development approval, defending the validity of the approval in the supreme court and in the court of appeal, and in lodging and pursuing the application for alteration and redefinition of the tavern licence,` alh said this demonstrated it had 'actively and conscientiously pursued and prosecuted the application'.the tribunal agreed with alh and said it was entirely reasonable for alh to not proceed with detailed architectural and engineering drawings until it had obtained liquor licensing approval.the tribunal also said the initial two-year period granted to alh to begin construction on the project was 'wholly inadequate'.the department still has not issued alh its license.the project has been controversial among como residents who have consistently raised concerns over the traffic and noise a big-box liquor outlet would bring to the area.
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afl live round 18: pies v roos, swans v suns
five collingwood goals in a row!!greenwood is taken high by mcdonald and wins the free kick.from 45m out directly in front, greenwood drives another dagger into his former team's heart!is it game over already? what a start by the pies!
Tags : afl live round 18: pies v roos, swans v suns afl live round 18: pies v roos, swans v suns
russian 'flash mob' attempts to drive maria butina's release
a similar message was posted to the ministry's facebook page, and both accounts switched over to an image of butina, her red hair blowing in the breeze. the accounts also urged russians to share messages under the hashtag #freemariabutina to voice their support.butina was indicted on tuesday on charges she acted illegally as an agent of the russian government, attempting to infiltrate republican circles. she `should be considered on a par with other covert russian agents,` prosecutors said. on wednesday she was ordered jailed while awaiting trial.maria butina and alexander torshin, at the washington hilton in feb 2017 according to her facebook page. torshin,a russian senator, is a life member of the nra and a link in butina's powerful facebookrussia has maintained its position that the charges against butina were unsubstantiated. foreign ministry spokeswoman maria zakharova said at a news conference on wednesday that the claims against butina seemed `odd.``as we know, maria butina has been in the united states for a long time as a student at a university in washington, and she has not been hiding from anybody,` zakharova said. `as we understand it, the order came from those who continue to stir up russophobic hysteria, for which purpose they regularly plant more fictional sensations about russia's alleged interference in the internal affairs of the united states.`the calls on social media echoed the government's official stance. the foreign minis...
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canberra raiders get treated differently: ricky stuart
with almost 400 nrl games of coaching experience at four different clubs, hall of fame inductee ricky stuart says the canberra raiders gets treated differently to their competition.his comments come in the wake of the refereeing and bunker debacles that cost the green machine the game, and probably their finals hopes as well, in their 28-24 loss to the cronulla sharks on friday night.sharks winger sione katoa scored a highly controversial try with the game in the balance, before the raiders were denied a try of their own when joey leilua's pass - which was flat at worst - was called forward.canberra coach ricky stuart says the raiders get treated aapnrl referees boss bernard sutton called stuart to personally apologise on saturday morning.stuart coached the sydney roosters, the sharks and parramatta before returning to canberra to take the reins of the club he helped to three premierships as a player.
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tigers can still get better: grigg
`we play the same way - when guys get their opportunity it is no different. they are expected to do the same stuff they have in the vfl.`hardwick said it was important those players battling for a senior spot remained on high alert. the tigers had made three changes heading into the saints' clash, losing bachar houli (groin) and dropping shai bolton and corey ellis.`we have got some guys that are playing really good footy at vfl level. players like sam lloyd, anthony miles, tyson stengle kicked six goals last week and i can't get a game into [them],` hardwick said.`we know that if we have some injuries or slight concerns they can come in and play a role for me which is a great place to be. it's hard on those guys, no doubt, they all want to be playing senior footy but jacob townsend is a really good example last year where you look at him ...'towner' by his own accord had an airtasker account set up doing odd jobs, but all of a sudden he becomes a premiership player. you never know when it's your turn.`as the tigers ramp up their intensity ahead of what they hope will be successive premierships, grigg said it was important they maintained an aggressive ethos. the tigers emerged from a mid-table pack to claim a breakthrough flag last year but this campaign have become the hunted.`we have shown in games this year that if we don't come out and be the hunters then we are just an average football team. it doesn't matter who we play or where we play, we want to come...
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deng breaks australian 800m record
`i knew it was going to be a fast race. (coach justin rinaldi) said to stick in the top five, top six position and see what happens.`this is my last race of the season, so i'm done now.`i'm back in australia next week.`deng was born in a kenyan refugee camp in 1998 after his mother fled the brutal civil war in sudan.the family arrived in queensland in 2004, with deng soon showing huge promise as an athlete.he was controversially selected to run the two-lap race at the gold coast commonwealth games in april despite not qualifying for the final at the trials, but justified the selectors' faith by finishing seventh as countryman luke mathews claimed the bronze medal.since the gold coast games, deng and training partner peter bol - another australian middle-distance runner of sudanese descent - have been chasing the 800m national record in europe, with bol finishing ninth in 1:46.64 in monaco overnight.deng's new mark means that silver medallist peter norman's 200m record of 20.06 seconds - also set at the mexico city games - is now the oldest one in the australian book.the most durable women's mark is charlene rendina's 800m time of 1:59.0 which dates back to 1976.deng also broke the oceania 800m record of 1:44.3 set by new zealander peter snell way back in 1962.
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uwa researchers battle against time, weather to glimpse a distant world
time was against them. the nasa team aboard the airborne sofia (stratospheric observatory for infrared astronomy) had only eight minutes to capture the occultation. the uwa team had four.uwa associate professor david coward told watoday the timing of the cosmic dance worked against them.“this was always going to be a difficult observation, because as we know july is one of the wettest months,” he said.a nasa scientist and two engineers were stationed at the gingin telescope to manually operate a camera to capture the event.“they had to wait until the clouds cleared — if they did clear — hit the go button, and start recording,” professor coward said.“normally you would practice this two days before, but because it was raining for two days solid, they never had any practice so we weren’t going to know if the camera worked, or the recording, we just didn’t know.”loadingat 7pm, the outlook was grim. professor coward had received a text message saying cloud cover had thrown a spanner in the works: “it’s clouded out; it’s not going to happen.”but all hope was not lost. as the clocked ticked closer to 11.09pm — the time of the occultation — the heavens parted to give a clear view of our cosmic neighbourhood.“a miracle happened and the clouds just vaporised ... and they had this amazing window and they’ve got the most exquisite data,” professor coward was a triumphant end to a nervous night staring at the artist's impression of th...
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miners could be forced to look overseas if enrolments don't improve
cme’s new chief executive paul everingham allayed concerns of any current ‘panic or crisis’ but said if the sector didn’t make an effort to turn students toward mining engineering now it could become one.he said if demand for talent couldn’t be met locally or even from the east coast then overseas was the next option.“once people see an economy with rapidly rising wages because of unmet demand then international professionals start looking at the market and saying it could be attractive,” he said.“then international labour becomes a question you really have to address if you can’t locally.”mr everingham said the taskforce was gathering enrolments data and would devise some short, medium and long term plans of attack.he said a quick step that would be taken in the 2018 calendar year would be to speak to new engineering students and let them know about the potential shortage so they specialise in mining.according to employment surveys mining engineers in wa were some of the highest earning first-year graduates, with an average salary of between $80,000 and $100,000.longer term mr everingham said a lot of work was needed to get school students into science, technology and maths subjects and improve awareness about mining as a potentially lucrative career path beyond traditional social media campaigns.“we’ve got to be making sure those students know what careers are available to them in our sector and if they want to be a part of our sector what subjects s...
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red wiggle murray cook joins dz deathrays on stage at splendour in the grass
red wiggle murray cook on stage with dz deathrays at splendour in the grassphoto: justin mathe guest acts and the dune rats had the mostly young crowd flailing about with abandon to bullshit and a cover of blur’s song 2.loadingwhile acts like the dune rats attracted particular people, the crowd at splendour this year is more varied than well as the cool young things in serious festival get-up, covered in glitter, there are also middle-aged locals, cattle farmers from queensland, parents with children, parents who left their children at home, and underage teens there by themselves.the mix made for an interesting crowd at the presets, with people across the age spectrum going wild for my people and one of their latest singles 14u+14me.lorde, the headline for friday night, had to stop her set shortly after starting it when her top came undone. unperturbed by the fact she almost flashed the huge crowd gathered to see her at the amphitheatre, she resumed with tennis court.lorde had to stop her set shortly after starting it when her top came jess gleesonsunday, headlined by kendrick lamar, will be the biggest day in terms of the sheer number of people at the festival site, but saturday’s stellar lineup will also attract large crowds.right off the back of the release of her new album, amy shark has been given a spot at the main amphitheatre this year. besides methyl ethel and american rapper lil xan, a number of the main acts on saturday are a throwback to ...
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man arrested over stabbing attack on bus passengers in luebeck, germany
berlin: a man armed with a knife has attacked people on a bus in the northern city of luebeck injuring several including two seriously before he was arrested.the luebecker nachrichten newspaper, without citing its source, said the attacker was a 34-year-old man originally from iran who now had german nationality and had lived in luebeck for years.firefighters attend to victims of a stabbing on a bus in luebeck, northern germany, on dpa/apthe interior minister of schleswig-holstein, the state where luebeck is located, did not assume there was a terrorist motive to the attack on friday, local time, the local paper added. prosecutors later said he was refusing to speak with investigators.`the exact number of injured is still unclear. there were no dead,` the police and prosecutor's office said in a statement. `the background to the crime is still unclear and the subject of the on-going investigation.`the nachrichten reported at least 14 people were wounded, two seriously.
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disney fires director james gunn from 'guardians 3' over decade-old tweets
`my words of nearly a decade ago were, at the time, totally failed and unfortunate efforts to be provocative. i have regretted them for many years since - not just because they were stupid, not at all funny, wildly insensitive, and certainly not provocative like i had hoped, but also because they don't reflect the person i am today or have been for some time,` gunn said in a statement.`regardless of how much time has passed, i understand and accept the business decisions taken today. even these many years later, i take full responsibility for the way i conducted myself then.`gunn's current twitter account is heavy on left-leaning politics, and some on the right with whom he'd sparred found and promoted the tweets from 2008 to 2011 that led to his firing.disney did not announce a replacement director for `guardians of the galaxy vol. 3.` gunn had been writing the script and it's not clear how far along he was or whether new writers will be brought in. marvel studios has not announced a release date, though gunn had said 2020 was the addition to pratt, the `guardians` franchise stars zoe saldana and dave bautista, and features the voices of bradley cooper and vin diesel.the characters also were an essential part of this year's disney and marvel megahit `avengers: infinity war.`through two installments, the franchise has brought in more than $2 billion in global box office suppliedfans at comic-con in san diego said they disapproved of gunn...
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mounted cops, canines bust out of control party in quiet perth suburb
police in riot gear have broken up a party with more than sixty teenagers at a house in perth's northern suburbs that also hosted an `out of control gathering` in january.mounted police and the canine squad supported officers from the regional operations group as they dispersed the party on hyland crescent in clarkson around 9.15pm on friday night.police said they observed `in excess of 60 teenagers in the yard, with many consuming alcohol and intoxicated, and further people were inside and also expected to attend.`police moved around 100 people on from the cathryn tremainpolice said they attended the same address in january 2018 to respond to a party which was declared an out of control gathering - and on friday police returned to the home to respond to the party planned for that night.around 100 party-goers were moved on from the area; a bottle was thrown at a police vehicle, with no damage, and 19 juveniles were detained and conveyed to their home addresses.
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fiba says it cannot punish violent fans as boomers seek legal options
in response to a question from fairfax media, a fiba spokesman said the fiba disciplinary panel could only cite and punish members of a team’s delegation or accreditation holders such as officials or media members.loadingso philippines squad player jio jalalon, who punched sobey, was suspended for five games but the spectator is not known to have been punished.the spokesman said fiba was “inquiring” with samahang basketbol ng pilipinas (the philippines basketball federation) about what measures have been taken against that australia a similar act would be met with a life ban for the spectator and possible criminal charges and sobey’s agent announced overnight on friday that he would be looking into legal options for his client.fiba issued a detailed report on the brawl but is keeping it confidential despite basketball australia asking that it be made public.the ba board is keeping its options open for possible appeals against a one-game ban for chris goulding and a chf 100,000 fine (aud$134,000).agents for sobey and goulding have both hit out at fiba and philippines officials for their inaction following the brawl while australian nba forward thon maker called on fiba to boost security at games so that players don’t have to defend themselves.goulding's agent daniel moldovan said on friday he was looking at options for his client and marquis l. taylor from mogul sports issued a statement in the early hours of saturday morning confirming he too was seeki...
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man dies after turning car hit west of brisbane
an ipswich man has died after his station wagon was hit by a sedan while turning across an intersection west of brisbane on friday night.the station wagon was turning across forest hill-fernvale road and onto coominya connection road in mount tarampa when it was hit by a sedan about 6.50pm.the crash scene in mount tarampa, 80km west of google mapsthe driver and sole occupant of the station wagon, a 47-year-old man from the ipswich suburb of moores pocket, died at the scene.the driver and sole occupant of the sedan, a 22-year-old man, was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.there were delays in the area as the forensic crash unit examined the scene and the scene was not clear until about 1.30am on saturday.
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'trump headline fatigue': wall street is starting to ignore the president
`china, the european union and others have been manipulating their currencies and interest rates lower, while the us is raising rates while the dollars gets stronger and stronger with each passing day - taking away our big competitive edge,` trump complained in one tweet.`as usual, not a level playing field,` he continued. `the united states should not be penalised because we are doing so well. tightening now hurts all that we have done. the us should be allowed to recapture what was lost due to illegal currency manipulation and bad trade deals. debt coming due & we are raising rates - really?`wall street is becoming increasingly immune to donald trump's headline-grabbing behaviour. photo: apyet through it all markets traded happily along, staying close to the flatline and pretty much ignoring the president's jawboning. stocks were poised to end the week about where they started on monday. the dow jones industrial average, the standard & poor's 500-stock index and the tech-heavy nasdaq composite were all pretty much flatlining through friday trading. the dow was down 0.2 per cent to finish at 25,042. the s&p 500 dropped 0.2 per cent, and nasdaq finished 0.1 per cent to the downside.the dollar slid against the british pound and the euro after trump's comments on the fed. crude oil prices rose, and the closely watched 10-year us treasury bond finished up at 2.896 per cent.part of the reason for the market's relative calm has to do with corporate performance. around 1...
Tags : 'trump headline fatigue': wall street is starting to ignore the president - trump ,cent ,with ,said ,have ,tariffs ,trump said ,united states ,have been ,earlier this ,trade authority ,trade authority hatch 'trump headline fatigue': wall street is starting to ignore the president
'we are being taken advantage of': trump heightens china tariff threat with no deal in sight
in a tweet, the president said:`china, the european union and others have been manipulating their currencies and interest rates lower, while the us is raising rates while the dollar gets stronger and stronger with each passing day - taking away our big competitive edge.`last month, the fed raised its benchmark rate for a second time this year and projected two more increases in 2018. its rate hikes are meant to prevent the economy from overheating and igniting high inflation. but rate increases also make borrowing costlier for households and companies and can weaken growth.analysts say they're becoming more convinced that trump's multi-front trade fights aren't merely a short-term negotiating ploy. rather, he may be prepared to wait as long as he feels it necessary to force other countries to adopt trade rules more favorable to the united states.`people are underestimating what we're headed for,` said rod hunter, a lawyer who served as a white house economic adviser under president george w. bush.`he's been saying since the '80s that trade deals are bad and we should have more tariffs, and that's what we're getting.`loadingmoody's analytics estimates that if the tariffs were imposed on autos and most chinese imports and other countries retaliate as expected, annual us growth would slow by 0.5 percentage point by mid-2019. it expects that 700,000 jobs would be markets have remained generally calm despite the eruption of a full-blown us-china trade wa...
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