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russian army missile launcher fired rocket that brought down plane, say investigators
they were still working to build prosecution cases to try those responsible in a dutch court. mr westerbeke said some may have to be tried in absentia.he could not give a timeline for the prosecutions coming to court, saying “an investigation is not like building a house … you’re waiting and looking for all the clues you need and you don’t know ahead of time when you will get the information and proof you need”.“we are not ready yet,” he said.investigators have been stonewalled by russia in their search for evidence – but pieced together proof that the russian military launcher fired the missile through forensic examination of videos and photographs taken of the launcher in a military convoy that passed through ukraine and russia, as well as witness statements and classified intelligence.the team found seven visual `fingerprints` of the buk-telar (launcher) from the russian army’s 53rd anti-aircraft brigade that uniquely identified it.this included a transport number which had been partially painted over - which typically occurs when a military vehicle is deployed into action.the visual fingerprints were unique to one particular buk-telar belonging to russia's 53rd brigade and not to any other, the investigators found.they also found detailed markings on parts of the exhaust cone and casing of the buk missile that brought down the plane, recovered from the mh17 crash site in eastern ukraine.commander jennifer hurst of the australian federal police, with p...
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storm almost resigned to losing bellamy to the broncos
“we think our offer is reasonable and fair. he’s synonymous with the melbourne storm, he’s a legend of the club, he’s a legend in our state and we want him to stay that way.”while they are still holding out hope he will stay put, the storm privately believe they are outsiders for the signature of their premiership-winning mentor.bellamy’s departure would have huge ramifications for both clubs. while his assistant adam o’brien would be the frontrunner to take over, the storm would go through a formal process to appoint a replacement. former souths mentor michael maguire and parramatta coach brad arthur - who both did their apprenticeships at the storm under bellamy - would be among those considered.a move to brisbane would solve one problem for the club but create another. any decision to remove bennett a year early was made harder on wednesday after a public guarantee from chief executive paul white that bennett's job was safe for 2019.but if bellamy's signature was dependent on him making a move right away, without taking a year's break between jobs, it would back brisbane's board into a corner.sources familiar with the club told fairfax media on thursday that the broncos would have little choice but to do the previously unthinkable should bellamy want to hit the ground running after departing the storm.there would be a significant backlash from supporters of bennett if he was treated in such fashion. he's larger than life at the broncos and still has a pl...
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blow for blues as roberts injures achilles in win over the eels
`i'm sure he'll play if he'll get picked. whatever pain he's got today will go away very quickly.`but the kempsey-bred 25-year-old took an eternity to hobble around to the brisbane bench, where his foot was immediately immersed in ice, giving fittler an early headache as he prepares to reveal his squad.... and agony: roberts ended the match with ice strapped around his nrl photosby that stage, queensland had already started their traditional ''star player races the clock'' story with news that billy slater was withdrawn from the storm side against the cowboys on friday night with a hamstring didn't take long for the blues to hit back, with roberts the second man to fall in a pre-origin round that always tends to provide some late drama to the potential sides.brisbane were able to largely shrug off a week of intrigue around the future coaching arrangements as speculation swirled about whether bennett would be replaced by melbourne's craig bellamy next was bennett's 800th game in the coach's box, a record unlikely to ever be surpassed, and as he's done so many times in the past, was able to pull his team together when the headlines were talking about everything bar their core job.the broncos surged to an early 12-0 lead and it looked as if it could a very long thursday night for the eels, who have now won only two of their 10 games this season.they tried their hearts out, running with venom and intent, yet simply dropped too many...
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one dead, two others fighting for life after gas leak at paper mill
one man is dead and two other workers are fighting for life after inhaling a mystery toxic gas at a paper mill near the victorian border.emergency services were called to the norske skog site in ettamogah, near albury, about 3pm on thursday.a worker has died after a toxic gas leak at a paper mill near victoria's border. photo: james wiltshire/the border mailabout 150 employees were evacuated, with 15 taken to albury man later died, while the other two employees remain crews remain at the scene late thursday, while worksafe has also launched an investigation.
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avdulla back in the saddle of favourites after cow bone graft
“i was never really worried until i heard what had happened to my mouth and that’s why it was sore.”the injury went back a half-dozen years, when avdulla was smashed in the face by group 1 sprinter gold trail when it threw its head back at him.“i had to get crowns on my four front teeth from it and after a few falls and things happening it just got worse,” avdulla said.“over time, i have got an infection on the tips of the crown and it has eaten all my bone away.“i went and had day surgery last week, they sliced my gum and peeled it back and cleaned it all out and i had a bone graft done with cow bone.''they did it that way because i didn't want to have two operations to take it from my hip.`it was a break from riding, which should allow avdulla to focus on the charge to the end of the season, but he says the premiership isn’t a focus for him.“if i was worried about the premiership i could have kept riding but your health comes first,” avdulla said. “there was a bit of swelling for the week after the surgery but it has gone down and i feel good, even with a couple of stitches in my mouth.”avdulla continues to rise through the jockey ranks and his ambition is not a premiership, which he narrowly missed when run down by hugh bowman in the final month of last season, rather to become a group 1 regular.he lists his goals as being consistent and improving every year in terms of winners and status. he wants to step up in the group 1 arena and elevate his...
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russian missile shot down mh17, international investigation concludes
the official conclusion, announced by wilbert paulissen, the head of the national criminal investigation service of the national police of the netherlands backs and confirms the theory of ngo bellingcat that russian military missiles were involved.malaysia airlines' flight mh17 left amsterdam bound for kuala lumpur but was shot down by a missile over eastern ukraine on july 17, 2014.the trail of smoke left by a missile after it was fired by a the buk-m1 system at mh17 by pro-russia rebels, according to the ukraine suppliedthe mid-air explosion killed all 298 people aboard, and set off a diplomatic firestorm. of the dead passengers, 193 were dutch and 38 were australian citizens or residents.the investigation team announced they had found seven visual `fingerprints` of the buk-telar missile from the 53rd brigade, which matched photos and videos taken both within russia and inside ukraine around the time that mh17 was shot down.they included a transport number which had been partially painted over - which is typically done when a military vehicle is deployed into action.the visual fingerprints were unique to one particular buk-telar belonging to russia's 53rd brigade and not to any other, the investigators found.fred westerbeke, chief prosecutor of the national prosecutor’s office of the netherlands, said he could still not answer the questions why, and who was responsible for the atrocity, but that the investigation was `steadily progressing`.the rig...
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qantas boss urges business to join tax cut fight
qantas chief executive alan joyce says business must `ramp up` its campaign to prosecute the need for the turnbull government's company tax cuts or the australian economy will go south as foreign investment flees overseas.he warned a compromise proposal to reduce taxes for companies with turnovers of up to $500 million - excluding qantas and other large companies - would hurt up to 13,000 small businesses that supply the airline.`we buy 6 million bottles of australian wines each year, if we have [fewer] customers because the economy is going south, all of those businesses are going to suffer,` he said.qantas group chief executive alan joyce on dominic lorrimer mr joyce said record qantas profits had delivered $220 million in bonuses to staff on top of a 3 per cent wage rise and 14 new boeing 787s for passengers.`everybody benefits when good companies do well, we need to make sure we don't mess up the australian economy because it is actually ticking over well at the moment and the tax rate is the only thing that really worries me about it going south.`
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opec lifting oil curb may shine light on santos's takeover rejection
opec heads will meet with russia this week to discuss the continuation of these of the key reasons santos rejected harbour energy’s $14.5 billion bid earlier this week was its belief that this higher oil price – which currently sits around the $us80 a barrel mark – since the first bid was made by harbour meant the offer undervalued the australian gas also said harbour didn't acknowledge its plans for growth.“all the independent directors, including myself, were unanimous in reaching the decision that the price offered by harbour was simply not compelling enough when considered against the superior value our current plan will deliver for shareholders over time,” santos chief executive kevin gallagher said.this view was supported by santos shareholders, who believed a higher premium was analysts are cautious about santos's growth but believe if the company drives expansion the higher valuation is supported.`if santos were to execute their growth to perfection, then even citi's bearish oil price call of $us55 a barrel long term suggest santos has made the right move to reject harbour's bid,` citi's james byrne said.macquarie wealth management believed santos has instead linked itself to heavily to a changing oil price.“we disagree with santos regarding returns since the end of march as a fair metric, as a takeover premium looks to already have been factored in [to the bid],” macquarie wealth management said.“santos has li...
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fifteen bids in the race for two spots in a-league expansion
the former nsl powerhouses confirmed the submission of their 100-page bid document, stressing it did not centre on `past nsl glories` but represented `a 14-year case study of a committed football community`.in nsw, the southern expansion group sweetened their offer by announcing a formal sister club relationship with chinese super league outfit guizhou hengfeng fc.their tender carries lucrative backing from hong kong property conglomerate jiayuan group and received council approval late last year to build a $300 million, 30,000-seat stadium in loftus and a football academy in barden ridge.but ffa must decide whether it's willing to split a fan base between three regions, with home games to be initially shared across cronulla's southern cross group stadium, kogarah's jubilee oval and win stadium in wollongong.south-west sydney are the latest to throw their hat in the ring and attempted to fast-track their entry by buying wellington phoenix's licence.though it's understood ffa won't allow the transfer to go ahead, the liverpool- based proposal will push on with the intention to fund and build a stadium as a third sydney bid is launched out of macarthur.the phoenix's sorry off-field state continues to fuel suggestions a third spot could open for another australian club once the club's licence expires in two years.that could benefit one of three queensland groups, gold coast united, bolstering their case for an a-league return after securing in-principle backing from ...
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police urge public not to approach missing man ryan napier
police have told members of the public not to approach 36-year-old missing man ryan charles david napier.regional investigations unit detectives said mr napier could assist them with an inquiry into an assault investigation, but did not state where he was last seen.ryan wa policemr napier is 178cm tall with a medium build, brown eyes and short brown hair.he has a tattoo of a blue star on the webbing of his left hand and a large tattoo on his right arm.any member of the public who sees mr napier are advised not to approach himn and contact police immediately on 131 444.anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of mr napier can also call crime stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report it online.callers may remain anonymous if they wish.
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three men robbed at gunpoint near university of western australia
three perth men have been left shaken after they were robbed at gunpoint in crawley earlier this month.just after 11pm on sunday may 13, the group were walking along a bicycle path running parallel with mounts bay road near the university of western australia.cctv image of the car believed to be linked with the incident, and the man who allegedly used the bank card soon after the wa policethe men, aged 18, 19 and 20, were approaching the intersection of hackett drive when a new model white toyota prado pulled up in a nearby carpark.the driver of the car got out and followed the group.police say he then produced a handgun and demanded the group's wallets and phones.
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man cut with axe, his dog shot dead by neighbour north-west of toowoomba
a 75-year-old man has been cut with an axe and his dog shot dead during a neighbourhood dispute north-west of toowoomba on wednesday, according to will be alleged the victim was working on a rural property at goranba, about 160 kilometres from toowoomba, when he shot dead what he thought was a wild dog on his land about 9.15am.however, police said the dog was in fact owned by a 50-year-old male neighbour who hit the older man in the back with an axe handle before bringing the blade down on the victim's will further be alleged the neighbour assaulted the victim before taking the victim's gun from his vehicle and shooting his dog dead. the younger man then fled the scene.the victim was taken to tara base hospital and later flown to toowoomba base hospital with a deep cut and broken leg.a 50-year-old local man was arrested and charged with serious assault person over 60, grievous bodily harm, unlawful possession of weapons and injuring animals.he was due to reappear in dalby magistrates court on friday.
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keeping up with jamaine jones
`she got me here today,` jones said.`without her i would not be here.`here is geelong, which is where jones says lovett will be on saturday, along with the village that helped raise the child who became a respected young man within his local community, to watch him make his afl debut.jones earned a rookie spot after cats recruiter stephen wells saw him put in a best-on-ground performance playing an interleague game with the hampden league against the ovens and murray league in warrnambool.wells had gone to watch cedric cox (now with the brisbane lions) and returned with as many notes about a left-footer with the initials jj as he did about the exciting defender with the initials that stage jones was playing for the north ballarat rebels in the tac cup, preferring, because of the established network he had in portland and heywood, to make the three-hour round trip to train and play than board at st pat's the first year he did that journey he only played one game with the rebels but he kept doing the hard yards, determined to push past the easiest option available, often getting home at midnight.jones remembers rebels stalwart phil partington giving him a bake at one stage to ensure he stopped mucking around too much and made the most of his talent.however partington says it didn't take much to kick jones into gear, particularly once he got used to filling out his `smartabase,` which lets clubs know how players are feeling.`when he had to take things s...
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best of fairfax cartoons may 25, 2018
8/14jim pavlidis cartoon for letters age, friday may 25, 2018
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the search for missing canning vale man ian collett: a timeline
perth man ian collett has been missing from his family home in canning vale for nearly a and rescue officers are desperate to find him before the severe cold front hits the perth metropolitan area and south west on thursday collett has been missing since suppliedhe is described as fair-skinned, 176cm tall, of slim build, with grey hair.he was last seen wearing black track pants and a black shirt with a red stripe. he wears a bracelet stating he has dementia.concerns are held for his welfare and anyone who sees ian, or has information about his whereabouts, is urged to call wa police on 131 444.this timeline will be updated as information becomes available from wa police or emergency services.
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sibling rivalry the sub-plot as marshalls go head to head
`we've been texting each other this week, but he's said 'you do your job and i'll do mine'. he's been good. for the age he is [33], he's still going well and his legs are going good.`he's still got it, he's definitely still got it, and i reckon he's still got a lot [of football] in him.`marshall-king recalls the games of backyard footy. he always pretended to be jonah lomu because of his love of rugby.`and 'benj' ... he was just him,` marshall-king said.marshall is a marketer's dream and when the tigers lured him home this season, they knew they would get bang for their buck on the field but more importantly off it.marshall-king, 11 years benji's junior, is much more his own admission, marshall-king says: `i'm the quiet brother, i'm not that good at speaking, he's much louder than me`.they have different fathers but marshall-king dislikes the term `half-brothers`.new role: jeremy marshall-king has made hooker his own at the nrl photosto prove how close the pair are benji watched marshall-king make his debut for the tigers in round 26 last year at leichhardt oval and then joined in an impromptu haka to celebrate his younger brother's first game.he also encouraged marshall-king to leave the tigers - and skip the chance for them to play together in the nrl - because he knew better opportunities awaited at belmore.marshall-king has played every game this year for canterbury, where he was shifted from the halves and has no...
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the family tragedy that sparked a wallaby's unravelling
slipper told his coach and the queensland rugby union what was happening at home. but the 28-year-old, beloved of coaches for his tireless work rate on the field and as understated off it as you might expect of a tight forward, did not tell anyone how hard he was finding it to thursday's bombshell made clear, he was falling apart at the seams.`speaking with james quite a lot over the course of the last week, his first expression and first emotion when he found out about the situation was relief,` rugby union players' association boss ross xenos said on thursday. `that's an indication of some of the demons that he has been battling over the course of the last little while.`loadingthis case was the first use of rugby australia's four-year-old illicit drugs policy. slipper first tested positive to cocaine in a random urine test carried out at the reds' ballymore headquarters. he was fined $27,500, a mandated five per cent of his salary, and put into a mandatory testing pool. under the policy, only slipper, ra's integrity officer, and the chief medical officers from the reds and ra knew about the violation.his second violation this month came after a random test carried out at his brisbane home. the positive result came with a mandatory minimum two-month suspension and a second $27,500 fine, plus notification of the qru and ra. within hours of being notified, qru boss richard barker met slipper at a local cafe to size up the player's emotional state. during the...
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bizarre outcome as electoral funding laws changed
this means that, in the city of sydney for example, where there were 140,000 voters at the most recent council election, lord mayor clover moore’s team would have $35,000 to spend at the next poll.but those same spending limits also apply to wards, or sub-divisions of councils. there are no wards in the city of sydney, but there are, for instance, in walcha. if an impendent group of candidates was to run in a ward in walcha, population 540, they would  also be able to spend $35,000.a $35,000 limit for clover moore equates to about 25 cents a voter in the city of sydney. photo: christopher pearcethe measures produce uneven, but less extreme, results among other sydney councils. an independent running in woollahra would have more than $4 per voter to spend, compared to 30 cents for a campbelltown candidate. the figures are similar for candidates endorsed by parties.the greens’ local government spokesman, david shoebridge, said the discrepancies were probably the result of “incompetence and carelessness” rather than a “machiavellian object” of rigging local politics. mr shoebridge said the greens supported caps on electoral spending, but not those of flawed design.and indeed the government has acknowledged the laws might need to be changed. it has referred the provisions to the parliamentary committee on electoral matters.“the committee will be asked to review the impact of the caps on different local government areas, but will not call into question the requireme...
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legend of 1000 cranes lights beacon of hope
according to ancient japanese legend, anyone with the patience to fold 1000 origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods.what the legend fails to mention are the late nights and fast food it apparently takes to get the job done if you happen to be on a strict deadline - as was vivid designer isabella bain.visitor numbers and tweets influence the brilliance of the 1000 cranes wolter peeters`we spent the last three or four weeks non-stop with a whole bunch of pizza and beer and a group of friends folding all the cranes,` she says. `we really have lived the legend.`the cranes bain and her friends - who have formed a collective called ambient & co - are made from recyclable plastic and lit from within. they are now suspended en masse in the rocks forming a striking installation.the 1000 cranes legend took hold of the popular imagination in japan after a young hiroshima victim began folding cranes in hospital. in one version of the story she reached 644 cranes before succumbing to leukaemia. her classmates folded the remainder.
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mawson club armed robbery mastermind jailed
munro and melkie were armed with guns when they confronted three armoured security van guards during a cash pick up.loadingmunro shot security guard kevin matangi with a sawn-off shotgun at close range, spraying pellets across his face, arm, abdomen and matangi survived, but many of shotgun pellets are still lodged in his body more than a decade later.munro and melkie made off with $151,995 in cash.dna found on cigarette butts at a nearby bus shelter, where the pair had waited for the van, helped police track the pair down.loadingboth men served time in jail for the crime, with melkie since released on parole.earlier in the day, during a sentencing hearing, the court heard a victim impact statement which described the “profound effects” the shooting had on mr matangi.the court heard his physical injuries had mostly healed, however, he still wore glasses, lost part of his intestine, and still had pellets in his body as a result of the shotgun blast.the statement said the psychological injuries had a longer lasting impact, which forced mr matangi to undergo years of counselling and eventually seek a quiet life in the country to avoid stressors.the victim has never returned to work.will’s lawyer, james sabharwal, had urged the judge to take into account the offender’s age, ill health, and minor criminal history in calculating sabharwal said his client had never been sentenced to a jail term before, had pleaded guilty, and had been a contributing memb...
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anu presents climate change in beer coaster and bracelet form
in late 2017, the pair approached the anu climate change institute with the idea of collaborating on small tangible visualisations for the institute’s 2018 state of the climate event.the result was - what else but? - a beer coaster.sitting on desks, bars or tables, the aim of the coaster was to prompt discussion and reflection on australia’s rapidly changing climate.climate change coasters created by the anu school of art and design.the coasters, which visualise 12 months of climate data against long term averages for australian capital cities, proved so popular that the researchers decided to build a website showing the same visualisation for more than 100 different locations around the country.“everyone at the event was captivated,” dr hinchcliffe said.“people were handling them, smelling them, asking about them, and everyone wanted more copies.“so this online version is an opportunity for people to have a look through thevisualisations for themselves.”visitors to the site can download coaster images for print and social media sharing, or for laser cutting their own coasters.the researchers, who have also made bracelets that represent 12 months of canberra weather data, believe tangible visualisations of data are a powerful way of helping people understand complex topics.“they are engaging in a way that traditional graphs just aren’t,” dr whitelaw said.“graphs can be static and hard to read, by having these visualisations live and online it lets people...
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cba kept quiet on interest overcharging
the commonwealth bank of australia delayed reporting a systemic issue of overcharging interest on business overdrafts until after a parliamentary inquiry.the overcharging related to two types of overdrafts - business and simple business - which targeted smaller businesses and had an interest rate of 16 per's clive van joe armaoa customer complaint in 2013 revealed a `computer glitch` that caused `double interest` of 33.94 per cent to be charged to about 300 business overdraft customers and 2500 simple business overdraft enticed customers to apply for the overdrafts by sending them letters headed `when your business needs change, we’ve got you covered with a $30,000 pre-approved business overdraft`. during the pilot period for the offer, there was no verification of the income or expenses of the businesses's executive general manager of retail products, clive van horen, told the financial services royal commission on thursday that cba initially put in place a manual process to prevent customers being overcharged, however, this did not work. it was another two years until a system fix was implemented.
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war of the media giants as comcast threatens murdoch deal with disney
it plans to offer a higher figure, all in cash, to gazump disney's bid of $us52 billion in shares only. mr roberts's manoeuvrings became one of the worst-kept secrets on wall street in recent weeks as he lined up tens of billions of dollars in finance.the public confirmation of his plot is a direct challenge to mr murdoch and disney chairman bob iger as they prepare to take their deal to shareholders this summer.loadingthe three sides have fought multiple battles over the decades. an attempt by mr murdoch to challenge us cable operators with a takeover of the satellite provider directv in 2001 was met by mr roberts with aggressive expansion and the takeover of at&t broadband. three years later comcast made a failed bid for's asset sale to disney last year signalled a withdrawal by mr murdoch. as the 87-year-old gradually hands power to his eldest son lachlan, they are planning a much smaller `new fox` focused on us news and sport. the family will also remain in control of news corp, the separately listed publisher of newspapers including the sun and the wall street journal and locally the australian.prior to the agreement with disney, fox rejected rival interest from comcast as too risky even though its bid was regulators and the trump administration are opposing the planned takeover of time warner by the telecoms giant at&t.rare opportunityunlike comcast and at&t, disney does not operate in the broadband market and was seen as less likely to trigger...
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canberra should have an 'elective death unit', assembly inquiry hears
ms arthur said an official medical unit that helped people end their life would present an alternative to such violent methods, and while it was a `very very difficult` proposal to make, dying with dignity should not be treated as a taboo subject.`no-one talked about sex in the past, but now you can't go and talk to your doctor about the fact you want to die, [because] you put the doctor in a compromising position,` she said.`you can't talk to your relatives because they [say] 'oh no you can't die'; how can you talk to anyone about wanting to die if everyone is absolutely committed to you living?`but she said she believed that after someone had gone through the steps of talking to their doctor about it, and receiving counselling, very few would actually proceed to the unit to end their life.the organisation's submission said the unit would provide any adult act citizen with an `elective death` after the person had provided a reason for the wish of death, received offers of help through counselling and met a designated `cooling off period` negotiated with the individual said authorities would respect both a decision to die, as well as a decision to live, by the person seeking the services of the unit.while commonwealth laws prevent territory legislators from passing laws to allow assisted dying, the act government has argued that law, driven by federal liberal mp kevin andrews, should be overturned to allow the territory assembly to decide the iss...
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loose lips on china have cost australia dearly
australia stands off to the side.if i were foreign affairs minister today my language on the south china sea would be identical with julie bishop’s. namely, that australia will exercise freedom of navigation pursuant to international law but that we will not provoke an increase in tensions. i’d be stating that differences must be resolved peacefully, that all parties must respect international law, including the united nations convention on the law of the sea, and so on.a chinese h-6k bomber patrols the islands and reefs in the south china xinhuabut the current freeze in relations is not due to difference of substance. we’ve lost our chance to press our case like germany, india and japan simply through loose talk, presumably to impress the trump administration with our impeccable alliance credentials.australia’s flamboyant rhetorical shift against china predated malcolm turnbull’s introduction of anti-foreign influence legislation last december. earlier in 2017, julie bishop, in a speech in singapore, disputed china’s right to leadership because it was not a democracy. tom switzer noted in the sydney morning herald this was the first time since billy mcmahon that we were elevating differences over china’s system of government as an issue in the bilateral relationship. up till then under coalition and labor governments we’d set them to one june last year, the prime minister was calling for a bigger us military commitment in our region. it was...
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meghan markle and prince harry to be lured to perth for a cause, not quokka selfies
prince william, the duchess of cambridge and prince harry had all been involved in launches.“i think i’m closing in on my half-century of trees being planted. i think the queen is in the thousands,” prince harry says in the of bayswater deputy mayor chris cornish spoke out in response to reports wa was working behind the scenes for prince harry and the duchess of sussex to visit wa before or after the invictus games for injured servicemen and women in sydney in october, and promoting wa’s usual suspects: quokka selfies, swimming with dolphins and penguin island.“the royal family won’t come over here for some experience,” cr cornish said.“their whole life is about service. give them a purpose for coming here. it’s clear they all have a passion for trees and increasing tree canopy.“you have the city of bayswater already identifying and planning for a four-hectare site to be converted into an urban woodland with walking trails. it’s a here-and-now opportunity the state government should grasp.“he’s coming to sydney in october for the purpose of supporting wounded soldiers. they’ll come for a purpose, not self-satisfaction.prince harry takes part in the queen's commonwealth canopy bbc“harry is right into this. he’s globetrotting and launching these things all over the place, passionately promoting the queen’s commonwealth canopy project.“it won’t just lure him here but also leave a lasting legacy for this gove...
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film accused of 'normalising' child sex abuse to be edited before release
concerned parents and child protection groups, including the us's national center on sexual exploitation, accused the scenes of `grooming children for sexual abuse`.`these are similar tactics child abusers use when grooming children – telling them to pretend they are somewhere else, and that they will get a reward for withstanding their discomfort,` a statement from the center read, describing the scenes as `confusing messages endorsing unwanted genital touching.`the hollywood film has been accused of promoting child abuse.the controversy quickly spread to australia, with local child protection group bravehearts calling on communications minister mitch fifield and the classification board to ban the film ahead of its planned september holidays release.local theatre chain cineplex australia had also removed the film from its upcoming schedule.following the outcry, the film's production company global road entertainment announced on thursday it would be removing the two offending scenes from the film and re-releasing a revised version.`the company takes these matters very seriously and remains committed to providing quality entertainment for the intended audiences based on the film's rating. we apologise to anybody who feels the original version of show dogs sent an inappropriate message,` the statement, published by deadline, reads.roadshow films, the film's local distributor, did not immediately reply to requests for comment.the film, which also stars natasha ly...
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ingles to make shock comeback against giants
`someone as experienced, classy and just the calibre of player that she is, it'll definitely add to their game,` green said.`they're playing some really good netball. we always have good tussles with vixens. if anything we play in a similar style to vixens so it's always a really good match-up.`ingles spent most of her career in melbourne but moved to adelaide at the start of 2012. she gave birth to twins jacob and milla in 2016 and took a year off the sport before returning for the thunderbirds last year and ultimately announcing her retirement.she has been keeping fit in utah through long-distance running, and maintaining a frequent regime of netball drills.loadingher and husband joe returned to australia soon after the utah jazz were beaten by houston in the nba playoffs. the next nba season doesn't begin until october, which means ingles should be available for the remainder of the super netball season.ingles joins the second-placed vixens ahead of one of the games of the season so far, up against a giants outfit which has also managed three wins from their first four games.fresh in the memory of the vixens will be last season's preliminary final in melbourne which the giants won by eight points.`we've been able to isolate them in different passages of play, we know how to do it it's just a matter of getting out there and actually doing it,` green said.`they look like they have a really good culture and they've all grown up together. they know each other'...
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what to see and do
customs house will light up with a tribute to may gibbs’ 100-year-old characters snugglepot and cuddlepie, while australian artist jonathan zawada has created a custom work for the opera house sails.taronga zoo is also lighting up for the festival, with a wildlife-themed light display.a port jackson shark at taronga zoo as part of vivid christopher pearcehowever vivid is not just about the lights, and there are some seriously great music and idea events on offer.on the 20th anniversary of its release, cat power is performing her breakthrough album moon pix in full at the sydney opera house. also performing at the opera house will be daniel johns and luke steele, fresh from coachella in their new collaborationdreams.another 20th-anniversary treat is the 90s-themed masquerade ball young hearts run free, a full soundtrack performance of the soundtrack to baz luhrmann’s romeo + juliet at the enmore theatre.and the grammy award-winning st vincent is performing one show only at the the idea category of events, the after-hours jurassic lounge party at the australian museum is returning for one night only, and those keen on debate might like the inaugural mark colvin conversation at city recital vincent is performing at vivid sydney.accessible eventsmore than 150 vivid events are wheelchair accessible, including the main light sights around circular quay and displays including the nautilus forest, oasis and the bower at the royal botani...
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anti-vaccination parents? they're just trying to fit in, university of wa study reveals
parents touting anti-vaccination beliefs may not be so resolute in their conviction – rather, they are likely just trying to fit in with their social group as they enter a new phase of life.that is the finding of a university of western australia study, which interviewed parents from fremantle and adelaide – chosen because of their low vaccination rates – and framed their results through the works of sociologists nicola ingram and pierre bourdieu.a uwa study has examined the social circumstances surrounding anti-vaccination fairfax mediathe uwa school of social science study, published in the international journal of environmental research and public health, was compiled after interviews with 32 parents, including 12 who had never vaccinated their children.researchers found decisions around vaccinations were linked to food, school choices and birth practices; parents who shunned vaccines were more often in favour of organic foods, montessori or steiner schools, and their social groups provided support and advice on health professionals who would sign conscientious objector forms so government benefits could be accessed without vaccinating.the study also revealed parents who accepted vaccine science and vaccinated their children were more likely to stay quiet about their actions for fear of being ostracised.
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