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 attention turns to bhp and fmg as miners report this week
team trump grudgingly tells the truth about miners' health care

About a week ago, when the White House was talking up the possibility of a government shutdown, Donald Trump argued on Twitter, “I want to help our miners while the Democrats are blocking their healthcare.”Whether the president was lying or ignorant was unclear, but either way, the claim was largely the opposite of the truth. Congressional Democrats were the ones fighting for a permanent fix to the retired miners’ trouble with health care coverage, but they faced Republican resistance.On this, Democrats prevailed. As part of the spending bill that’s set to become law this week, Dems, led in large part on this issue by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), successfully included the sought-after protections and 22,600 retired miners will no longer have to worry about losing coverage. At the White Hous

bitcoin mining turns electricity into money

A close-up portrait of bitcoin miners in eastern Washington reveals the real hustle at the heart of cryptocurrencies.

attention turns to bhp and fmg as miners report this week

Vuma consensus is also tipping BHP to report underlying earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of $US24.31 billion, which would represent a hike of almost 19.8 per cent on fiscal 2017.Everyone loves a dividend and there’s capital management on the horizon from the sale of the US shale assets.Clarke Wilkins, Citi analystOn dividends, Vuma consensus forecasts a full year BHP dividend of $US1.16, which includes an estimated final dividend of US61 cents. A final dividend this size would be 41.8 per cent up on the final dividend for fiscal 2017.Citi analyst Clarke Wilkins said BHP was on track to deliver a “pretty exceptional” increase in full year earnings year-on-year. Citi is forecasting an underlying profit from BHP of $US9.1 billion.“It’s a strong year-on-yea

big miners drag asx lower

The big miners dragged the sharemarket lower as commodity prices fell, while BHP and South32 traded ex-dividend.

stripping miners of safety protections

A West Virginia proposal to help the coal industry by paring back safety regulations may actually protect neither miners or their jobs.

presstv-ukrainian miners stage walkout over unpaid wages

Thousands of Ukrainian miners have gone on strike, demanding their unpaid wages in the east of the country.  Workers blocked access to the main mine in the small town of Novogrodivka on Monday, saying they would remain in the picket line until all of their wage arrears since December last year were paid.“We are here to draw the attention of politicians to our situation ... We have not been paid since December,” said Leonid Shebanov, a 30 year-old miner with a monthly salary of 6,000 hryvnias (178 euros).The miners stood guard and blocked the bus carrying workers to the Novogrodivka mine. Only a number of workers were allowed through to maintain the mines in good order while the strike was underway.Miners warm themselves up by a fire in a barrel as they block the road to a coal mine in the

coal miners at growing risk of developing debilitating, deadly lung fibrosis

Aug.17, 2018--The number of cases of progressive massive fibrosis (PMF) among U.S. coal miners has risen during the past two decades, even as the number of coal miners has declined, according to new research published online in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society.In "Progressive Massive Fibrosis Resurgence Identified in U.S. Coal Miners Filing for Black Lung Benefits, 1970-2016," Kirsten S. Almberg, PhD, and co-authors analyzed data collected by U.S. Department of Labor from 1970 to 2016 under the Federal Black Lung Program. During that time, 4,679 coal miners were diagnosed with PMF, the most debilitating and deadly form of black lung disease ever reported."Several other data sources had indicated that PMF, which is caused by over-exposure to coal dust, was on the rise among activ

this week in garbageville - mtv

Here we are again, sifting through another week of the detritus of American politics, 2017. “The Mother of All Bombs”It’s still not clear what exactly happened to prompt the U.S. to drop our largest non-nuclear bomb on ISIS targets in Afghanistan. Perhaps it was simply Donald Trump following up on his campaign promise to “bomb the shit out of ISIS.” Certainly that’s an easier one to tick off than, I don’t know, health care for “everyone” (so complicated!) or rethinking our relationship with China (also, it turns out, complicated! Or, “not what you’d think,” as Trump said).Should I bother paying attention to this?Yes, but ... the argument to pay attention is that this is Trump’s second major military action in a week, and he has yet to articulate a clear vision of what, exactly, he wants to

coal miners shift to beekeeping

Former coal miners or citizens whose lives have been shaped by the coal mining industry in southern West Virginia spent their summer learning how to establish and operate bee colonies thanks to help from the University of Delaware's Debbie Delaney.

black lung caused by 'catastrophic failure' of safeguards, inquiry finds

There was "catastrophic failure" at almost every level of the regulatory system designed to protect the health and safety of coal workers in Queensland.As a result of those failures, 21 Queensland coal miners have now been diagnosed with coal workers' pneumoconiosis (CWP) - or black lung, a parliamentary committee has found.
Coal Workers' Pneumoconiosis Select Committee has handed down it's black lung report. Photo: Supplied imageAnd many more coal miners are likely to be diagnosed with the disease in the future, with significant reform urgently needed.The damning findings were delivered in a report into the "re-identification" of black lung in Queensland, named Black Lung White Lies.Black lung was thought eradicated in the 1980s, but the parliamentary inquiry found that instead it had d

south africa: 955 miners rescued

More than 950 South African gold miners have been rescued following a power cut on Wednesday that left them trapped up to 1,000 metres (3,280ft) underground.After being brought to the surface today, one miner told local broadcaster SABC News: “Feeling very, very bad because we have been there for almost three days. There was no communication with us and we just heard they were gonna bring food underground, but we didn’t even see that food.”“It was very bad,” another miner told reporters. “I was thinking about my family back at home… The hunger was getting to us. Most of the employees underground were very stressed.” Mine operator Sibanye-Stillwater, which manages the Beatrix mine, southwest of Johannesburg, says all the miners are now recovering, adding that there were “cases of of dehydra

presstv-rescue op continues for 4 miners after quake in poland

Rescuers battled in the early hours of Sunday to reach four coal miners who remained trapped nearly one kilometer underground in southern Poland after an earthquake.The 3.4-magnitude quake hit the Borynia-Zofiowka-Jastrzebie mine on Saturday morning, initially trapping seven miners at a depth of about 900 meters, state mining office WUG said.Two had been rescued by mid-afternoon, and one was found late on Saturday but showed no signs of life, the deputy chief executive of the mine owner JSW, Tomasz Sledz, told reporters.He said the third miner was buried and that it was not yet possible for rescuers to confirm he was dead. He said there had been no contact with the remaining four miners.The two rescued miners were taken to a hospital in Jastrzebie-Zdroj City in "relatively good condition"

asx finishes high after turbulent week

The Australian sharemarket enjoyed a positive week, with miners leading the market higher as trade tensions eased between the US and China.The S&P/ASX 200 index finished up 13.6 points to 5829.1 on Friday, for a 0.7 per cent advance over the week.
The ASX was up for the week despite trade tensions and missile threats.  Photo: Peter BraigThe weekly gains followed Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday promising to drop tariffs on the auto industry and in turn receiving praise from US President Trump.Markets managed to shrug off the threat of US missile strikes against Syria by President Trump, which pressured the Australian market midweek.Miners were the best performers by sector over the week. BHP  finished every day in the black and rose 3.9 per cent to $29.76.Rio Tinto was up 6.8 per

coal miners' health database to be evaluated by independent party

Data from the health records of thousands of Queensland coal miners will be reviewed, with a new project put out to tender this week.The Department of Natural Resources and Mines wants an organisation to evaluate the data from the Health Assessment Database, collected from Queensland coal miners' health assessments since 1983, to determine its use and limitations for future research.
A tender has been advertised for a review of data from the health assessments of Queensland coal workers since 1983. Photo: Vincent MundyThe scoping study will also provide a statistical summary of the data.The review will be part of the department's delivery of a recommendation in the Monash University's July 2016 report to conduct group surveillance of coal mine worker health data.The recommendation said:

the effects of being trapped in the dark for days, fearing for your life

It is caused by sudden shifts in the electrolytes that help metabolise food.Much of what was known about such situations came from the ordeal of 33 miners trapped nearly 500 metres underground for 69 days in Chile in 2010.The cave the boys are trapped in would have been in darkness.Photo: APOnce the miners had been rescued they struggled going back to a normal, healthy life, Yasmin said.Talking about the case of the miners, survival psychologist Dr John Leach, of the University of Portsmouth, told the Daily Mail that when the mine collapsed most people would have tended to freeze, then go into a flight mode, and lastly a fight mode.After a disaster, people go into an impact phase, where they realise something has gone wrong but may not comprehend it. People could continue with their normal

banks, miners drag asx lower

Shares endured a soft start the week, as selling in the banks resumed and a sharp fall in the price of iron ore on Friday night weighed on the miners and sent the benchmark index towards 5700 points.Bank holidays in the United States, the United Kingdom and China meant investors were bereft of global market cues and instead focused on the potential for higher US interest rates as early as next month.
Shareholders at the ASX in Sydney Photo: Peter BraigThe benchmark S&P/ASX 200 index and the broader All Ordinaries Index each fell 0.8 per cent to 5707.1 points and 5747.7 points, respectively."We've seen this pattern last weekas early strength is overcome by constant selling – particularly in some blue-chip stocks," said Atlantic Pacific Securities client adviser Gary Huxtable."This patt

hundreds of miners among 950 trapped in south africa resurface

Hundreds of gold miners among almost a thousand trapped underground for more than a day in South Africa following a power-cut resurfaced Friday, mining company Sibanye Gold said, as a rescue effort moved into full swing."Power has been restored," spokesman James Wellsted said, adding that "the first hoist has come up and brought the first batch of employees up".By dawn, several buses carrying the freed miners had already left the site of Beatrix gold mine, in the small town of Theunissen near the city of Welkom, according to an AFP reporter.Rescue operations are expected to continue for around another hour to bring up the entire group of 955 miners who have been trapped since Wednesday evening, Wellsted said.Asked if there had been any casualties, Wellsted said there was "no indication so

asx finishes high on easing tensions

The market is closed and its time to see what moved this week. The S&P/ASX 200 index finished up 13.6 points to 5829.1 on Friday, for a 0.7 per cent advance over the week.Miners were the best performers by sector over the week. BHP Billiton finished every day in the green and rose 3.9 per cent to $29.76.Rio Tinto was up 6.8 per cent to $78.18 for the week, also recording five consecutive days of growth. Shares in Alumina rose 8.4 per cent to $2.59 this week.Infigen Energy was one of the biggest movers this week, up 16.7 per cent for the week to $0.70. Seven West Media was up 12.6 per cent to $0.58 for the week. Shares in Fletcher Building jumped 8.9 per cent to $6.02 on Friday.The banks dragged this week with NAB down 1.3 per cent for the week at $28.48 and Commonwealth dropping 0.4 per ce

presstv-police, striking miners clash in chile

Police in Chile have used teargas and water cannons to disperse striking, stone-throwing workers at the world’s biggest copper mine in the northern part of the country.Clashes erupted at the Escondida copper mine on Wednesday as protesters started throwing stones and tried to block a highway, which briefly caused traffic and cut off southern access to the Chilean city of Antofagasta.The workers set barricades on the main roads to the mine and set tires on fire, which eventually led to police intervention.Escondida copper mine miners on strike block a road in Antofagasta, Chile, March 1, 2017. (Photo by AFP)“We are urging these people to think again about what they are doing and open up the highway, so as to allow free transit for the general public who goes through this area,” Antofagasta

the fbi turns its attention to jared kushner

The president’s son-in-law and senior advisor is reportedly being investigated over his contact with Russians.

a new york town just placed a moratorium on crypto mining

Why Plattsburgh, New York? It's simple: the small town has the "cheapest electricity in the world," as Mayor Colin Read told Motherboard. Mining involves using high powered computers to solve complex problems, and thus be rewarded with cryptocurrency. It generates a lot of heat and uses an inordinate amount of electricity. It makes sense that these mining enterprises would look for places with inexpensive electricity. The problem is that it's resulted in higher electric bills for everyone else in the town.This doesn't mean Plattsburgh is hostile to cryptocurrency miners, though. The town is interested in various proposals, including charging the miners for overages in the city's power budget. The city currently has a budget of 104 megawatt-hours per month; if it exceeds that, Plattsburgh i

siberian gold miners launch hunger strike over wage theft

Dozens of miners in Siberia have declared a hunger strike to demand compensation for over 35 million rubles ($557,000) in unpaid wages, the state-run TASS news agency reported Tuesday. Miners at the Darasun mine in the Zabaikalsky region went on strike on at least three occasions in 2017 over unpaid wages. The mine was sold to Uryumkan LLC in 2017 after the previous owner, Russian billionaire Konstantin Strukov, deemed it unprofitable.At least 92 Darasun miners went on strike Tuesday demanding three months' worth of pay. Sixty workers also declared a hunger strike, the local branch of the investigative committee told Interfax. The local governor’s office said the mine’s parent company had failed to pay its employees because of debts it owed to Promsvyazbank, a private lender bailed out by

doctors floored by epidemic levels of black lung in appalachian coal miners

Enlarge/ Lungs of a coal worker, with black pigmentation and fibrosis from inhalation of coal dust.Yale RosenShare this storyAn epidemic of severe and rapidly progressive black lung disease is emerging among coal miners in Appalachia. Case counts from just three clinics in the region reveal the highest disease levels that doctors have ever reported, according to a study published in JAMA this week.Between January 2013 and February 2017, researchers at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health documented 416 coal miners with the condition. Prior to the discovery, researchers largely thought that black lung cases were a thing of the past. Diagnoses have been rare since the late 1990sThe clinics, run by Stone Mountain Health Services, would typically see five to seven cases ea

presstv-trapped miners in south africa safely evacuated

At least 900 miners who were trapped in a South African gold mine for more than 24 hours after a power outage have been safely evacuated.The Sibanye-Stillwater company, which manages the Beatrix mine in Free State province, said Friday that the miners will have medical tests and counseling and that it expects the mine to start operating again Monday.Mine unions and others, however, expressed concern that there was no functioning back-up plan for evacuation after a storm knocked out power Wednesday night and say the incident reflects continuing safety problems in South Africa's mines.Company managers and unions said food and water was delivered to the trapped miners while they awaited the restoration of power, which enabled elevators to ferry them to the surface."I am relieved because for a

cobalt boom turns life upside down in dr congo

Subsistence miners on the road between Kolwezi and Lubumbashi sift chunks of cobalt from soilIn early 2014, according to local folklore, a man digging a septic tank or a well in his garden in Kasulo came across rocks with a distinctive grey-green sheen: cobalt.
From then on—rather like the find at Sutter's Mill in 1848 that sparked the California Gold Rush—life for local people was never quite the same again.Demand for cobalt—vital for batteries powering products from iPhones to Tesla electric cars—is soaring, with world prices tripling in four years. Miners have moved in wherever a fat seam of the metal can be ripped from the Earth's grasp, especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which last year produced two-thirds of the world's cobalt.In Kasulo, a district of Kolwezi in the he

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