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 brexit uk government will trigger eu exit on march
uk to trigger brexit on march 29, starting two years of talks

Uber president Jeff Jones quits, deepening turmoilBusiness StandardTheresa May has until the end of 2018 to agree with the terms of break-upTim Ross & Ian Wishart  March 21, 2017 Last Updated at 02:08 IST

presstv-british queen signs brexit bill into law

The British Queen has authorized Prime Minister Theresa May to begin the process of leaving the European Union by signing the Bront style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">exitont> bill.The Speaker of the House of Commons in Parliament, John Bercow, announced Thursday that that the EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill has received Royal Assent from Queen Elizabeth II.The bill, which was passed by Parliament on Monday, allows the prime minister to notify Brussels that the UK is leaving the EU, with a two-year process of ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">exitont> negotiations to follow.May is expected to ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">triggeront> Article 50 in the last week of March. The EU ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">willont> then issue a formal response to May's formal Article 50 notification and would require about two months to draw up the full divorce guidelines.The remaining 27 EU members ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">willont> then need to formally issue a list of nego

trade with uk will be more difficult and expensive post-brexit, swedish governme

Trade with the UK ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">willont> be more expensive and tricker post-Bront style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">exitont>, Sweden's ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">governmentont> has been told. Photo: Matt Dunham/AP
Trade between the UK and Sweden ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">willont> be both more expensive and more difficult after Bront style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">exitont>, a new report commissioned by the Swedish ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">governmentont> has warned.
The report by Sweden’s National Board of Trade (Kommerskollegium) looked into how the trade of services between the EU and UK may be regulated once Britain leaves the union, and also provided alternatives for how customs and trade procedures for goods could be regulated.
"The UK is an important trade partner for Sweden and we hope that ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">willont> continue in the future. But it is clear that it ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">willont> be both more expensive and more difficult to trade with the UK after Bront style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">exitont>, and we need to look at possible solution

presstv-'reckless brexit could trigger domino effect in eu'

Within days, British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to fire the starting pistol for withdrawing from the European Union, hence putting an end to almost two years of complex negotiations. Apart from a host of international and domestic challenges Britain is facing over the Bront style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">exitont> process, the ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">governmentont> has now to deal with Scotland’s new bid for an independence referendum. Press TV has spoken to Paolo Raffone, the secretary general of CIPI Foundation, and Shabbir Razvi, an economic scientist, about the challenges Britain and other EU member states may face as a result of Bront style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">exitont>.Paolo Raffone maintains that the failure of Britain and the European Union to work out a clear path to Bront style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">exitont> has raised concerns about an uncertain future and caused dissatisfaction among Europeans, Scottis

italy's struggling economy has world's healthiest people

UK to ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">triggeront> Bront style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">exitont> on March 29, starting two years of talksBusiness StandardA baby born in Italy can expect to live be an octogenarianBusiness Standard  March 21, 2017 Last Updated at 02:14 IST style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">euont>

the brexit clock has started ticking

On Wednesday, British Prime Minister Theresa May has pulled the ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">triggeront> on one of Britain's most significant political experiments in its modern history – leaving the European Union.A formal letter signed by Mrs May was handed to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk in Brussels ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">triggeront>ing Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which allows for a country's ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">exitont> from the block. It sets up two years of negotiation of the terms of Britain's ont style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">exitont>. Ram raider arrested near US CapitolVideo duration01:24Previous slideNext slideVideo duration00:46Sorrow from Tusk over Bront style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">exitont> notificationSorrow from Tusk over Bront style="color:#666;background-color:#fff5a9;">exitont> notificationThe European Council President receives the letter of notice of the UK's intention to leave the European Union.Ram raider arrested near US CapitolVideo duration01:24Vid

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