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 chocolate chips
what is chocolate wax and its benefits

Of late, number of fashion news has been raving about the benefits of chocolate wax over normal wax. Even though it is a relatively new concept, let us throw light on some of its touted benefits.What Is Chocolate Wax?Chocolate Wax is a type of wax that is enriched with a plethora of natural ingredients like cocoa, almond oil, soya bean oil, sunflower oil, glycerin, and other skin nourishing compounds and vitamins including vitamin E and minerals. That being the reason why it’s so tender on skin.Difference Between Chocolate Wax And Normal WaxThe major difference of normal wax from chocolate wax is that chocolate wax is smooth on the skin and does not call for pain or discomfort. This is a major win among women who avoid waxing due to the pain. Apart from that, chocolate wax has a lot more b

researchers use holography to improve nanophotonic circuits

Nanophotonic circuits, tiny chips which filter and steer light, suffer from small random variations which degrade the transmission of light. Researchers have now found a way to compensate those variations, which may lead to energy savings in datacenters and computer equipment. The researchers from Utrecht University (Debye Institute), University of Twente (MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology) and Thales Research & Technology France published their results in the leading optical journal Optics Express on 21 February.

google starts dabbling in chromebook hardware with the op1 soc

We quite liked Samsung’s Chromebook Plus and Pro when we went hands-on with them a couple of weeks ago. One of the most interesting aspects of the new Chromebook range is the processing options between the Plus and Pro models, which feature different ARM and Intel processors respectively.The former hands in a solid performance, despite ARM’s more energy efficient and less powerful CPU architecture when compared with Intel’s Core M3. More mysteriously, those reading into the Chromebook Plus’ spec sheet will have noticed that this processor is listed as an unbranded “OP1, Made for Chromebooks, Hexa-core” SoC. While the 2x Cortex-A72 and 4x Cortex-A53 CPU configuration isn’t anything too strange, many were wondering who was producing this chip.It turns out that the OP1 was developed by Rockch

a potluck party with a twist for your next snow day

There might be nothing better than a snow day — especially as an adult. Getting one is rare because it basically requires enough snow that it cancels every single thing you've got going on — including work.
If the opportunity does present itself, take full advantage. Instead of going full-on hermit, invite some friends over. (Ideally, you have friends in walking distance — we don't want to encourage driving when the conditions are bad. That would be irresponsible!) Just tell everyone to bring one thing: a thermos.
Tell them to fill their thermos with a warm drink or hearty soup of choice. A spiked hot chocolate, hot toddy, or chili are all fair game.
Any thermos will do; in fact, the wackier the better. If people have their old Ninja Turtles thermos from their middle-school lunch box, t

understanding stimulated brillouin scattering with a multiphysics approach in co

If you are interested in learning how to model stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) in COMSOL Multiphysics®, then tune into this webinar with guest speaker Carl Meinhart of Numerical Design, Inc. and the University of California, Santa Barbara.SBS is commonly observed in long lengths of optical fiber, where the electromagnetic intensity exceeds a critical level and there is sufficient distance for the SBS to accumulate. There has been renewed interest in SBS, as it is now feasible to microfabricate photonic chips that exhibit SBS.In this webinar, we present a multiphysics approach for simulating SBS in the COMSOL® software. First, optical whispering gallery modes are predicted. Next, they are combined with the photoelastic tensor to estimate the 3D electrostrictive stress distribution, wh

recipe: one-bowl chocolate wacky cake

The first time I made a crazy cake, it was a few days after 9/11. At the time, I lived in Wisconsin with my boyfriend and the world felt sharp and uncertain.
After spending countless hours on the couch, I needed something to do that would get me away from the TV. Baking seemed like a good idea. A recipe on the back of the Wooden Spoon Baking Book caught my eye, "This cake is mixed right in the pan, without an egg to help it rise. The crazy part is that it turns out so well."
Something easy that turns out well? Just what I needed.
Fifteen years later, that boyfriend is now my husband, we live in New York, and the world, well, you know — at times, it feels sharp and uncertain.
I still make the crazy cake.
(Image credit: Lauren Volo)What Is Crazy (or Wacky) Cake?
This cake, which seem

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