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5 ways the south turns vegetables into comfort food

What do you think of when you think of Southern food? Fried chicken? Red velvet cake? Sweet potato pie? If you don't immediately say vegetables, you've got Southern cooking all wrong.
Vegetable cookery has a hallowed place in Southern cuisine, with a few of the most nutritious vegetables standing out: okra, cabbage, and dark leafy greens of all kinds. Southern cooking has the ability to take these nutritional powerhouses and turn them into comfort food of the finest caliber.
Here are five recipes that will teach you how to cook vegetables like a Southerner. These are weeknight-friendly, soulful, and delicious dishes that make vegetables the most exciting and beloved food on the plate.
(Image credit: Guy Ambrosino)The Secret of Turning Vegetables into Comfort Food
What Southern vegetab

professor chris elliott calls for new approach to food at city food lecture 2017

The need for a new approach to food production and an urgent need for people to reconnect with their food, were the key themes of The City Food Lecture 2017 held on 21 February. The lecture was prepared by Chris Elliott, the professor of food safety, and founder of the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast. It was delivered by Michael Bell, executive director of the Northern Ireland Food and Drink Association, after Professor Elliot was forced to withdraw from the evening for personal reasons.Held at London’s Guildhall, The City Food Lecture is one of the most prestigious events in the food industry’s calendar.  It brings together industry leaders, academics and members of London’s leading food related livery companies.The speech focussed on the impact of the com

best recipe apps for iphone: discover lip-smacking recipes

We all love eating the yummy dish and always like to have something special on the dining table. Many of us are not just extremely fond of exquisite food but also love cooking. For those folks who swear by super delicious food, I have made this great collection of the best iPhone recipe apps to discover the widest range of recipes and enhance cooking.So, if you are getting ready to take part in a major cooking competition or just want to explore different varieties of recipes to ensure your boundless love for yummy dishes never die down, these recipe apps can stand up to both your distinct taste and expectation. Even better, you can connect with other like-minded people to exchange experience. Let's dive right into scroll through the list!#1. Food Network in the Kitchen“Food Network in the

red tractor logo can play more significant role post brexit

The Red Tractor logo is something that British farming can hang its hat on as new international trade agreements are negotiated.  That’s the view of Jim Moseley, chairman of Assured Food Standards which runs the assurance scheme. Speaking at the NFU’s Conference, he said that with the huge challenge of opening up international trade destinations in light of Brexit, there is significant potential to use an established assurance scheme as a unique selling point for British food and drink. “The standards that Red Tractor food is produced to run right the way through the supply chain and are comprehensive,” he said.  “It’s something that British food can hang its hat on and use as a selling point. Markets are opening up and we should take advantage of that. Take the Asia-Pacific region as an e

researchers challenge need to double food production by 2050

"Food production must double by 2050 to feed the world's growing population." This truism has been repeated so often in recent years that it has become widely accepted among academics, policymakers and farmers, but now researchers are challenging this assertion and suggesting a new vision for the future of agriculture.Research suggests that production likely will need to increase between 25 percent and 70 percent to meet 2050 food demand. The assertion that we need to double global crop and animal production by 2050 is not supported by the data, argues Mitch Hunter, doctoral student in agronomy, in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences. He says the analysis shows that production needs to keep increasing, but not as fast as many have claimed.However, clarifying future food demand is

sharks guardians of biodiversity: wa study

A new WA study says over-hunting sharks is detrimental for fish at every level of the food chain. Photo: Michael JonesOver-hunting sharks is detrimental for fish at every level of the food chain, West Australian scientists have found.The study by marine biologists from The University of Western Australia and the Australian Institute of Marine Science concluded sharks influence the number, kind and size of fish on coral reefs and should be protected from overfishing.AdvertisementFish schools at the protected Rowley Shoals on WA's northwest coast were compared to fish at nearby Scott Reef, where Indonesian shark hunters have legally reduced the animals' population.Shanta Barley from UWA said the results suggested having fewer sharks in coral reefs changed fish communities at every level, rat

sharks guardians of biodiversity: wa study

Over-hunting sharks is detrimental for fish at every level of the food chain, West Australian scientists have found.The study by marine biologists from The University of Western Australia and the Australian Institute of Marine Science concluded sharks influence the number, kind and size of fish on coral reefs and should be protected from overfishing.
A new WA study says over-hunting sharks is detrimental for fish at every level of the food chain. Photo: Michael JonesFish schools at the protected Rowley Shoals on WA's northwest coast were compared to fish at nearby Scott Reef, where Indonesian shark hunters have legally reduced the animals' population.Shanta Barley from UWA said the results suggested having fewer sharks in coral reefs changed fish communities at every level, rather than a

you should totally steal this cute snack table makeover idea

The party problem: You want to have a movie night (with lots of food), but your plain snack tables are just that — plain.
The party trick: Jazz them up with a custom paint job.
We used eggshell paint because we like the matte look, although a satin or gloss finish will work just as well, if not better because glossier paints are easier to wipe clean if you spill food on them.
You don't even need a big thing of paint for this. In fact, a quart will be too much. Instead, get a can of sample paint (two if you want to add a second color!) from your local hardware store. What's sample paint? Just adorable mini versions of the stuff you'd normally get for your walls; usually available in all the colors for less than $5 each.
With our paint in hand, we used painter's tape to tape out our geom

bees are even smarter than we realized

Enlarge/ Heck yeah I'll move this ball if it means I'll get some sugar. I'm a bee, dammit!Lida Loukola/QMULShare this storyYou can now add bees to the rarefied list of tool-using animals, which already includes primates, crows, octopods, otters, porpoises, and more. A fascinating set of experiments has revealed that bees can be taught to use tools, even though they don't use them in the wild.Queen Mary University of London biologist Olli J. Loukola and his colleagues wanted to find out more about how bee intelligence works. Previous experiments with the insects have shown that they can count, communicate with each other using "waggle dances" that reveal the direction of food, and pull strings to get access to food. Loukola's new tool use test showed that not only are bees good with tools,

how to make the best buttery, movie-style popcorn

Hot, buttery, salty, crunchy — movie theater popcorn is as much a part of the cinema experience as the movie itself. The aroma beckons moviegoers toward concession stands, but the pay-off to this seductive smell is all too often disappointing, with greasy kernels loaded up with fake butter flavoring.
The fantasy of movie popcorn deserves better. Today, we fulfill the promise of super-buttery, crispy popcorn with the recipe it deserves.
There are a few surprising keys to making the best, buttery, movie-style popcorn and all of them add up to the best bowl of popcorn you can make at home.
(Image credit: Lauren Volo)How to Make the Most Buttery, Movie-Style Popcorn
The popcorn at the movies isn't made with butter at all. The corn kernels are cooked in coconut or canola oil and sprinkled

svalbard doomsday seed vault gets huge (and critical) seed deposit

The so-called ‘doomsday’ seed vault located in the Arctic on the small, cold nation of Svalbard has received what is described as a large and major deposit of seeds. According to The Crop Trust, which oversees the vault, the deposit was made on February 22, and is a necessary part in ‘ensuring global food security.’ Almost 50,000 seeds from countries all around the world were added.The seeds were sourced from seed collections that were themselves harvested from plants in countries around the world. These countries include both the US and Mexico, the UK, Morocco, Belarus, India and Pakistan, Benin, the Netherlands, Bosnia and more. The seeds, like ones before them, will be stored for a long period of time as a potential way to mitigate future food production problems.The Global Seed Vault i

arctic seed vault grows as defense against food crisis

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a gene bank located about 800 miles from the North Pole, is largely to thank for that. It bolstered its reserves two days ago when it received nearly 50,000 seeds, according to Crop Trust, a nonprofit that works closely with the vault.Institutions from the US, the UK, Mexico, Benin, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco, the Netherlands and Belarus deposited seeds, bringing the vault's sample total to 930,821. The crops included potato, rice, wheat and other critical food sources. While depositors still own their seeds, they're only permitted to withdraw them in emergency situations.For example, the International Center for Agriculture Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) made a withdrawal in 2015 during particularly trying times, Crop Trus

oslo humanitarian conference on nigeria and the lake chad region: highlights of

2016 saw a significant scale-up in the response across the worst-hit areas of the Lake Chad region. Owing to the support of donors and collective efforts by Governments, UN agencies and non-governmental organisations, children were rescued from malnutrition, vaccinated against life-threatening diseases and able to access education. Families on the move were sheltered and provided with help. Communities were assisted with food or livelihoods to avoid hunger.ACROSS THE LAKE CHAD REGIONUp to 1.6 million people received life-saving food and nutrition supportOver 1 million children were vaccinated against measles4.4 million people. accessed emergency primary health care1.4 million farmers and pastoralists received the means to resume their livelihoodsAlmost 300,000 boys and girls out of school

get your maths right even on the fly

Due to the tiny screen size, calculating is certainly not a convenient task on Apple Watch. But that doesn't mean, you can let go off calculating on the Watch that's considered to be an iconic wearable device. Since the Watch remains on your wrist, you would definitely like to get on with your maths even on the move. Needless to take the iPhone out of your pocket, if you can fast-track calculation right from the comfort of your wrist!How about having a go at some of the best calculator apps for Apple Watch? From letting you solve your difficult maths to assisting you to convert currencies fast, these calculator apps are highly advanced in terms of functionality. Let’s dive ahead to have a look!#1. The Calculator FreeCombining the standard and scientific calculator, it's designed to make yo

video friday: giant robot bug, spacex rocket landing, and flamethrower drone

Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your Automaton bloggers. We’ll also be posting a weekly calendar of upcoming robotics events for the next two months; here’s what we have so far (send us your events!):The Suzumori Endo Lab at Tokyo Tech has developed this tendon-driven quadruped robot, which can walk in any direction thanks to a symmetrical design:It moves just a little too quickly for my general level of comfort around robots that look like giant bugs.I don’t think it’s recognized widely enough that SpaceX is building giant rockety robots with a whole bunch of very sophisticated autonomy going on:At some point, someone in a meeting said, “The best way to solve this problem is by putting a flamethrower on a drone.”I need to have more meetings l

delta resumes nyc flight | riviera insider

The Delta daily flight from Nice to New-York JFK resumes on 15th April. The flight provides full comfort with lie-flat seating and direct access to the aisle for all Delta One Customers. The aircraft is also equipped with WiFi and on demand programmes are free of charge for all passengers.Delta recently equipped 344 stations including Nice with RFID luggage tags, giving passengers full confidence in getting to destination with their luggage and being notified via the Delta app. The Nice-JFK flight is the only existing flight to the US out of the French provinces. For customers travelling beyond NYC on domestic flights, Delta has introduced free cabin meals on 12 top US markets including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle amongst others. The airline will be the only U.S. carrier to offe

new york schools help cornell monitor local waterways for invasive species

Invasive aquatic species like round goby, Asian carp, and sea lamprey are a growing problem in New York State. Their presence impacts water quality, food supply, recreation and tourism, as well as human and animal health. Early detection is a critical first step in monitoring a species' spread and managing responses.

recipe: one-bowl chocolate wacky cake

The first time I made a crazy cake, it was a few days after 9/11. At the time, I lived in Wisconsin with my boyfriend and the world felt sharp and uncertain.
After spending countless hours on the couch, I needed something to do that would get me away from the TV. Baking seemed like a good idea. A recipe on the back of the Wooden Spoon Baking Book caught my eye, "This cake is mixed right in the pan, without an egg to help it rise. The crazy part is that it turns out so well."
Something easy that turns out well? Just what I needed.
Fifteen years later, that boyfriend is now my husband, we live in New York, and the world, well, you know — at times, it feels sharp and uncertain.
I still make the crazy cake.
(Image credit: Lauren Volo)What Is Crazy (or Wacky) Cake?
This cake, which seem

print your own body parts

Enlarge/ As the technology has improved, 3D printing has become a more realistic option for medical professionals, though printing a femur replica (seen here) presents much less of a challenge than creating a functioning prosthetic. Getty ImagesShare this storyFor people who are missing limbs, 3D printing can make new prosthetics—faster, cheaper, and better. For Mosaic, Ian Birrell reports that this idea could transform mobility for millions around the world. This article
was first published by Mosaic and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.John Nhial was barely a teenager when he was grabbed by a Sudanese guerrilla army and forced to become a child soldier. He was made to endure weeks of walking with so little food and water that some of his fellow captives died. Four m

mobile health and nutrition teams providing crucial services for pastoralist mot

By Rebecca BeauregardGASHAMO, SOMALI, 15 February 2017 – Mutas does not look at his mother. He is not looking anywhere, rather he lays still, his unfocused pupils covered occasionally by heavy eyelids. While we talk, his mother, Bedra Dek, keeps her eyes entirely on him. Her one-year-old son is suffering from severe acute malnutrition (SAM) and despite the food and water shortage and her two other children, she explains that all her thoughts are focused on him improving.“When your child is well, spiritually you feel happy. This is what I am waiting and hoping for. Nothing else is in my mind except this,” Bedra speaks softly, her eyes never wavering from her son.About six months ago, Mutas became sick with a cold. Since then, he has fought that illness and intermittent diarrhoea while they

interaction design: wine-searcher application

Wine-Searcher Application is an interaction design and UI/UX project shared by Olena Mostepan and MEAT Studies on their Behance profiles. In a nutshell, the whole idea was create an mobile app that could help you search and understand a bit more about wine, with the ultimate goal of making you love wine. From the interaction design point of view, it's a fairly simple and straightforward model. You can search wine by type of food, type of wine or even scan wines to understand more about that particular type. The visual design is also simple but lovely with "cute" icons across the many screens. From the images I felt that the fonts tend to be quite small and I wonder from the accessibility point of view, if the text color is not too light. Enough said, check out the images below for a better

the making of music | eurekalert! science news

These days, it's a territory mostly dominated by the likes of Raffi and the Wiggles, but there's new evidence that lullabies, play songs, and other music for babies and toddlers may have some deep evolutionary roots. A new theory paper, co-authored by Graduate School of Education doctoral student Samuel Mehr and Assistant Professor of Psychology Max Krasnow, proposes that infant-directed song evolved as a way for parents to signal to children that their needs are being met, while still freeing up parents to perform other tasks, like foraging for food, or caring for other offspring. Infant-directed song might later have evolved into the more complex forms of music we hear in our modern world. The theory is described in an open-access paper in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. Music

how to make red beans and rice in a pressure cooker

"Red beans and rice on Monday" is one of the dependable workday cornerstones of New Orleans cuisine, a hearty dish rooted in the city's 300-year history. Originally an ingenious, low-maintenance way to feed a house on pre-machine laundry day, "red beans and rice" worked its way into classic status through the region's home, restaurant, and lunchroom menus.
As luck would have it, when I moved to New Orleans in 2001, I was looking for a way to feed a bunch of folks. A new transplant to the city, I had inherited my grandmother's kitchen table — a hulking, Formica-topped chunk of maple that served as one of the centers of our family's emotional universe. Two generations of my mama's family grew up around that table, so filling it once a week with clatter and food seemed like the right thing t

impress your friends with this recipe for swedish stuffed pork chops

Stuffed pork chops. Photo: John Duxbury/Swedish food
If you love pork, you'll love this Swedish recipe for pork chops with apple and sage stuffing. Summary
Serves: 2
Preparation: 10 minutes
Cooking: 30 minutesTips
- If you can't get thick pork chops, don't try to stuff them with the apple and celery mixture. Instead, coarsely chop the ingredients for the stuffing and fry gently for 5 minutes or so and serve as a kind of sauce. For a bit more theatre, let the chops rest for 5 minutes after taking them out of the oven then flambé them at the table.
- If you haven't got any aquavit or snaps you can use brandy or simply eat the pork without flambéing. It is such a tasty dish anyway that the flambéing isn't really necessary: it just makes for a bit more fun!Ingredients
2 thick por

violet festival in tourrettes-sur-loup | riviera insider

Once again the town of Tourrettes-sur-Loup will be filled with the sweet scent of violets for the annual violet festival. The festival first began in 1952 and was created to mark the end of the violet season that runs from October to March. It also helped promote local craftsmen and celebrated the arrival of the new olive oil. It has since grown in popularity and has now become a huge attraction every year. The festival begins tomorrow and runs for the following two weekends (25th and 26th February and 4th and 5th March). There are many events planned for the celebration such as: violet infused food tastings, a flower procession, dawn serenades and a ‘Mon Selfie’ photography competition. Saturday 25th February9am  to 5pm: Traditional Market (running for the duration of the two weekends)10a

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