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 cooperatives should explore new areas to double farm income by 2022 modi
cooperatives should explore new areas to double farm income by 2022: modi

Press Trust of India  | 
New Delhi  Last Updated at September 21, 2017 13:51 IST

cooperatives should explore new areas to double farm income: pm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asked cooperatives to venture into new business areas like beekeeping and seaweed farming to help farmers double their income by 2022 and boost the rural economy.Modi also emphasised that the 'cooperative spirit' should be kept alive and strengthened. Addressing the birth centenary of Maharashtra-based cooperative leader Laxman Madhav Rao Inamdar, the Prime Minister said: "It is natural for the cooperative sector to grow and shine in India. There are several sectors where the cooperative sector can help make a positive difference."He asked cooperatives to assess how farmers' income can be doubled by 2022 through their movement. "See what best practices to adopt and give up the old ones and move ahead," he said, while asserting that rural India should not

forecasts of farm business income by type of farm in england 2016/17

Data on farm business incomes are used to monitor and evaluate Government and EU policies and to inform wider research into the economic performance, productivity and competitiveness of the agricultural industry. The data are provided to the EU as part of the Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) and are widely used by the industry for benchmarking.These figures are for March/February years with the latest estimates covering the 2016 harvest and including the 2016 rate of the Basic Payment Scheme (which is included within total farm output and therefore contributes to Farm Business Income). Actual survey results for this time period will be published at the end of October 2017.The forecasts for 2016/17 are derived from information available in early February 2017 for prices, animal populati

aim to double farmers' income by 2022: govt to sc

Press Trust of India  | 
New Delhi  August 28, 2017 Last Updated at 22:47 IST

amid unrest, rajnath says govt working to improve farmers' financial condition

Amid the violent farmer protests in some states, including BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said the government is working to improve their financial condition and double their income by 2022.Addressing a public meeting in Dudu town in the district, he said that the Congress ruled the nation for most of the period since Independence but BJP governments have carried out remarkable work.He said that the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government worked in the the direction of making India an economic power and managed to "successfully contained" inflation.Singh said that former prime minister Vajpayee took forward the 'Jai Jawan Jai Kisan' slogan of former PM Lal Bahadur Shastri and gave the slogan of 'Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Jai Vigyan’.On the same lines, the Modi governme

centre targets to raise farm household income to rs 2 lakh by 2022-23

WPI inflation rises to 1.9% in July, reverses a 4-month downtrendBusiness StandardThe committee strongly recommends stepping up of institutional credit on a large scaleNew Delhi  August 14, 2017 Last Updated at 20:15 IST

niti aayog plan to double farm income focuses on irrigation, seeds

Sanjeeb Mukherjee  | 
New Delhi  April 8, 2017 Last Updated at 23:10 IST

dairy, horticulture and lowland grazing livestock reports, farm business survey

Highlights from the reports include:Dairy Farming in EnglandAverage Farm Business Income (FBI) on conventional dairy farms in 2015/16 was £283/ha (£41,318 per farm), whilst on organic farms average FBI was £458/ha (£61,830 per farm)The national herd size increased by approximately 46,000 cows to a level of 1,906,000 cows and returned to a level not seen since 2008/09Horticulture Production in EnglandSpecialist Glass and Other Horticulture businesses increased profitability by 25% and 18% respectively from 2014/15 to 2015/16, whereas profitability for Specialist Hardy Nursery Stock and Specialist Fruit type businesses fell by 4% and 8% In 2015 the UK was 38% self-sufficient in all vegetables, 18% in all fruit and 51% in all ornamentals, in terms of value Lowland Grazing Livestock Production

pm to review agriculture welfare programmes, farmer indebtedness on friday

With many states reporting agriculture sector crisis including indebtedness of their farmers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will review the implementation of farmers' welfare schemes on Friday with concerned ministries and their officials.The agenda of the meeting also includes steps being undertaken to double farmers income by 2022. The focus will be on availability of credit and access to capital at reasonable rates to farmers, official sources said.The government increased farm sector credit target by 11% to Rs 10 lakh crore for the current fiscal and announced two dedicated funds with a corpus of Rs 5,000 crore for micro irrigation and dairy processing.The budgetary allocation for agriculture ministry has been raised by 7.81% to Rs 52,655 crore in financial year 2017-18. However, the go

'modi magic double lock' seals fate of defeated sp candidates

Vacating government bungalows by outgoing ministers following electoral defeats may appear to be too routine a matter to grab media attention. In Uttar Pradesh, however, it became the focus of attention.The ‘Modi magic’, which swept the state in the just-concluded Assembly polls and handed down one of the worst defeats to the Samajwadi Party, it seems, continues to haunt the SP leaders.And this time Modi’s magic was on display on the doors of one of the outgoing UP ministers, Ravi Das Mehrotra, in the form of a lock when he vacated his official accommodation on Friday.The lock read ‘Modi Magic Double Lock’, which was manufactured by a firm in UP’s Aligarh town, known for its lock industry. It was, however, unclear if the ‘Modi Magic’ locks were deliberately used to lock up the government b

income data shows australia has avoided the 'american disease' - for now

Incomes in most of Australia's regional areas are keeping pace with those in major cities, according to new information tracking earnings in each suburb and town. Australia has managed to avoid the “American disease” of income inequality between urban and rural areas, according to the head of the Regional Australia Institute.But new neighbourhood income data released by the Australian Bureau Of Statistics shows that floods and droughts have pushed average incomes in some areas backwards, and a squeeze on household budgets continues to lead to poorer health outcomes in the bush.CEO of the Rural Australia Institute, Jack Archer, said he had been "a bit worried that the American disease was going to come to Australia".“That would mean growing income inequality, particularly geographically - w

ifs: uk needs £15bn in tax rises or spending cuts by 2022

Austerity is not going anywhere soon, predicts the Institute for Fiscal Studies, which warns the next government must either increase taxes or make spending cuts to eliminate the deficit.See related Austerity will continue into 2020s, says IFSThe think-tank, often a scourge of chancellors with its headline-grabbing analysis of official Budget figures, says £15bn needs to be raised by 2022 – the date of the next parliament after the snap general election on 8 June, if the Fixed Term Parliament Act is honoured.It came to this conclusion after summarising the UK finances under the two Conservative-led governments since 2010, a period marked by sluggish recovery from the global financial crisis.The financial crisis was so severe and recovery so weak that national income per adult only returned

farm incomes and profitability hit a new peak as production surges

Australian farmers are riding a wave of profitability and soaring production with the farm cash incomes of broad-acre Australian farms projected to rise to $216,000 in 2016-17, the highest figure recorded in the past two decades.The boom result, which is more than double the average for the 10 years to 2015-16 of $104,000, has been driven by record winter grain production, soaring prices for beef cattle and very good prices for lamb, wool and sheep.
The incomes and profits of Australian farmers are on the rise. Photo: Michele MossopFarm cash incomes are projected to rise in all Australian states in 2016-17, except for Tasmania.Thanks to the surging revenues, farm profitability has also jumped in 2016-17. Australian broad-acre farms are expected to record an average farm business profit o

why modi waiting for up polls to waive farmers' loans? asks akhilesh

Taking on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his poll promises, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav today asked why he was waiting for the results of the Uttar Pradesh election to waive farmers' loans."Why Modi is waiting for the UP poll outcome to waive farmers' loans. He is the PM and he can do it any time. Farmers of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and other states are also waiting for this (waiver)," he said.Addressing a press conference hours before the fifth phase polling, he said Modi should tell people the works he has done during his nearly three-year tenure as the Prime Minister."How much has farmers' income increased after Modi's promise to double it?" he asked. Akhilesh also refuted the Prime Minister's charge that no work has been carried out by the Samajwadi Party governme

gst done, govt to now take up income tax laws overhaul

After the historic GST, the government may soon take up an overhaul of income tax laws. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hinted at a revisit to the Direct Taxes Code (DTC).The finance ministry mandarins said the Prime Minister’s comment that Albert Einstein too found it difficult to understand India's income tax laws is being taken as the beginning of an overhaul of complex income tax laws.“Once Albert Einstein, an eminent scientist had said that the most complex thing to understand in this world is Income tax. I was wondering if he was present here then how he would have reacted looking at the plethora of taxes,” Modi had said addressing a huge gathering of lawmakers, industry and prominent citizens from social sector soon after launching GST from the Central Hall of Parliament on late Fr

after win, a 'humble' modi talks of inclusivity, a new india

Fresh from BJP's landslide win in UP and Uttarakhand after a bitter and often divisive campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today talked about inclusivity and pitched for building a 'new India' by 2022 that would have made the nation's founding fathers proud.Accepting felicitations from party leaders and supporters at BJP headquarters, Modi said he saw the election results, particularly in Uttar Pradesh, as the "foundation of the new India"."I see this victory as the foundation of a new India where 65 per cent of the population will be of young people below 35 years of age... a new India of unprecedently vigilant women."A new India where the poor do not want anything by way of charity, but seek opportunity to chart out their own course. I see this change happening," he told the gathering

low income earners priced out of wa rental market

A new national report has found Western Australian rentals are still unaffordable for people on low incomes.National Shelter, Community Sector Banking and SGS Economics and Planning released the rental affordability index (RAI) report on Wednesday, and found the average income of a Western Australian household was often incompatible with average rental prices in the state.
A snapshot of a low income average Australian household's experience in Perth. Photo: SGS RentalShelter WA spokesman Stephen Hall said while there had been a marked improvement over a two year period, low income earners were still being consistently priced out of the market.  "The RAI is based on Western Australian households with an income of $85,000, and it is a much different picture for those people living under th

quit india movement anniversary: let's make a new india by 2022, says modi

ANI  | 
New Delhi  August 9, 2017 Last Updated at 11:18 IST

modi asks bureaucracy to work towards creating 'new india' by 2022

Press Trust of India  | 
New Delhi  August 28, 2017 Last Updated at 02:05 IST

i wrote a blog about small farms

Guest blog by Vicki Hird, MSc, FRES, @vickihird, Campaign Coordinator at Sustain and Independent Food and Environment Consultant...I wrote a blog which suggested we need to consider how we protect farm diversity and the smaller farm sector. There were, it seems, ‘extreme’ elements in my blog which I had not intended. Yet I had intended to provoke a response.I wanted to hear if there is general support for maintaining a dynamic farm diversity – against a backdrop of a new, post-brexit farm support system being developed and major trade liberalisation. If support was there then how should we fix it given that up till now, the UK has been highly adverse to any measures that would specifically safeguard a mix of sizes by assisting smaller farm businesses over larger.What could we mean by dynam

affaire defaix: les promesses des `coopératives de croissance` scrutées à la lou

Jean-Jacques Defaix, 69 ans, comparaît devant la juridiction inter-régionale spécialisée (JIRS) de Rennes pour "escroquerie en bande organisée, blanchiment et participation à une association de malfaiteurs", entre 2007 et 2010.  Il est soupçonné, entre autres, d'avoir organisé un système de cavalerie financière permettant de rémunérer des investisseurs avec les apports de nouveaux arrivants. Quelque 1.500 personnes, la plupart dans le Finistère, y ont souscrit pour plus de 34 millions d'euros. Chantal, 70 ans, fait partie de ces victimes. Assistante maternelle à la retraite, elle a investi et perdu 60.000 euros en 2010, "toutes ses économies". "J'ai voulu récupérer les fonds pour acheter une maison mais je me suis retrouvée sans un centime", explique-t-elle, ajoutant avoir fait deux tentat

modi describes india's ties with israel as 'special'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today described India's ties with Israel as "special" and said his visit - the first-ever by an Indian premier to the country - will "lead to further cementing" of bilateral ties and cooperation in key areas including counter-terrorism."My visit comes at a special moment- we mark 25 years of the establishment of relations between India and Israel this year," Modi said on the eve of his three-day visit to Israel.In an interview to the pro-government daily 'Israel Hayom', Modi said his visit was "based on the deep centuries- old connection between our two peoples.""I share the opinion of many of my people, who see Israel as a beacon of technology, as a country that has managed to survive even though the odds were against it."Modi's visit is expected to focus on f

brics summit kicks off; xi, modi display bonhomie

The BRICS Summit began here today with a group photograph of leaders of the five countries and was preceded by a warm handshake between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping, who received the leaders of Brazil, Russia and South Africa ahead of the restricted meeting of the grouping.Modi was the third leader to reach the convention centre, venue of the 9th BRICS Summit in this port city of China and was followed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Modi is also scheduled to hold a bilateral meeting with Xi tomorrow.The Summit will be the first gathering when the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa will meet after New Delhi and Beijing decided on "expeditious disengagement" of their border troops in the disputed Dokalam area on August 28 after ove

modi for special initiative to end poverty, illiteracy, graft

Terming corruption, poverty and illiteracy as the greatest challenges, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today called for special initiatives to end all such ills in the next five years with the pledge of 'Karenge Aur Kar Ke Rahenge' (We will do and surely do).Addressing the Lok Sabha on the 75th anniversary of the Quit India movement, the Prime Minister said from 2017 to 2022 when India turns 75, there is a need to create the same spirit that existed between 1942 and 1947.He said the menace of corruption has adversely impacted the development journey of the country and has eaten the polity from the inside.Corruption, poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition are the greatest challenges that India now needs to overcome and a common resolve is needed for this, he said, adding "We need to bring a posi

modi, xi hold 'forward-looking' talks, call for peace in border areas

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping today held their first substantive bilateral meeting after the Dokalam standoff and reaffirmed that maintaining peace and tranquillity in the border areas was a pre-requisite for ties to move forward.Modi, who attended the BRICS Emerging Markets and Developing Countries Dialogue earlier in the day, met Xi on the sidelines of the 9th BRICS Summit here.There was a forward-looking and constructive approach taken by both sides during the over an hour-long meeting between the two leaders, Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar said while briefing reporters on the Modi-Xi bilateral meet.Prime Minister Modi and president Xi felt that there should be closer communication between the defence and security personnel of India and China, Jaishankar

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