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 cotton corporation s fibre procurement jumps eight fold this year
cotton corporation's fibre procurement jumps eight-fold this year

Government-owned Cotton Corporation of India has recorded an eight-fold increase in the fibre procurement this year, due to a sharp volatility in cotton prices throughout this season. With the exorbitant price increase, the Corporation had operated only through commercial operations last year, with a total procurement of 150,000 bales (of 170 kg each). By contrast, however, it has procured a total of 1.2 million bales of the natural fibre this year under both minimum support price (MSP) and commercial operations. Of the total quantity procured this year, around 400,000 bales of cotton were procured under the MSP operations while the remaining 800,000 bales were for commercial operations. “The MSP operations continued only for a limited period this year. Cotton harvesting season begins with

cotton price improves on reports of crop damage

After hitting the lowest in nine months, cotton price recovered albeit marginally on reports of crop damage due to deficient rainfalls this monsoon season in major producing centres and sudden spurt in its demand from textiles mills.
The benchmark Shankar 6 variety of cotton reported an increase of nearly 3 per cent in the last two weeks to trade currently at Rs 10,967 a quintal in the physical market. In futures, however, cotton prices have declined by Rs 200-300 to trade currently at around Rs 11040 a quintal (~Rs 39,300 a candy of 356 kgs each).
Traders believe that the extended season rainfalls in October have brought a bounty for cotton crops especially late sown ones across the country. While the cotton output in India is estimated to remain higher this year, the initial crop dama

india's cotton plantings to fall as pest dents farmers' income

Cotton planting in India, the world's top producer of the fibre, could fall 12 per cent in the 2018/19 crop year as infestation by the pink bollworm has slashed farmers' incomes and prompted them to choose other crops, industry officials said.
The reduction in planting area could cut into export supply from India and further bolster global cotton prices, which earlier this month hit their highest since June 2014.
"We are expecting lower sowing in Maharashtra and Telangana due to pink bollworm attacks. Many farmers in these states are likely to switch to other crops like soybeans," said Atul Ganatra, president of the Cotton Association of India (CAI).
Infestations slashed crop yields and forced farmers to increase pesticide costs in the western state of Maharashtra and Telangana in th

save cotton revolution: reducing gm seeds price spells trouble for farmers

The agriculture ministry’s ill-advised reduction of prices of genetically modified (GM) Bt-cotton seeds and the royalty payable to technology developers — the second time in three years — may have worrisome consequences for the cotton sector. For one, it is likely to reduce the availability of genuine seeds and instead spur the sale of spurious ones. At worst, it may jeopardise the sustainability of the cotton revolution that has made India the world’s largest producer and second-largest exporter of this natural fibre. The price reduction of Rs 60 per seed pack of 450 ...

nbn shakes up the multi-technology mix with more fibre to the curb

Another 300,000 Australian premises are getting fibre all the way to the driveway as NBN becomes more generous with its fibre rollout.It seems the Multi-Technology Mix has been in constant flux since the Coalition government decided to scrap plans to run fibre to the premises to 93 per cent of Australian homes and businesses. These days it's pot luck as to whether fibre runs to your door, your basement, the end of your driveway or the node around the corner.
NBN chief executive Bill Morrow unveilrd the first fibre to the curb rollout back in 2016. Alternatively you could end up using the HFC pay TV cable networks to access the NBN. Or if you're really off the beaten track you might rely on Fixed Wireless towers or SkyMuster satellite.Fibre to the curb, also known as fibre to the distribu

india cotton exports to drop as pink bollworms eat crop

India is likely to export nearly one-fifth less cotton than previously estimated as pink bollworms are set to eat into the south Asian country's output which was expected to hit a record, industry officials told Reuters on Thursday.
Lower exports from the world's biggest producer will help its rivals like the US, Brazil and Australia to raise their exports to Asian buyers like Pakistan, China and Bangladesh.
"This year exportable surplus will be around 6 million bales. Production estimates are revised down due to the pest attack," said Nayan Mirani, a partner at Khimji Visram & Sons, a leading cotton exporter.
Earlier, industry officials were estimating exports of 7.5 million bales of 150 kg each.
A 19 per cent jump in the area planted for cotton prompted industry officials to esti

cotton seed firms threaten to halt supply to 8 mn farmers over price cut

Indian seed companies threatened on Thursday to halt supplies to 8 million cotton farmers in protest against a potential government plan to cut prices by 7.5 per cent, the chief of a producers' body said.
Farmers in India, the world's No. 1 cotton producer and the second-biggest exporter of the fibre, start planting the crop in the rainy months of June and July. Lower supplies of seeds could delay plantings and hit output, potentially pushing up benchmark prices in New York.
Reuters reported on Wednesday that New Delhi is likely to lower the price of genetically modified (GM) cotton seeds by 7.5 per cent to 740 rupees ($11) for 450 grams of seeds to help farmers whose fields have been ravaged by pests.
Seed companies would also stop producing for the next season beginning June 2019,

response of new cotton variety (rassafa) to nitrogen fertilizer

Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.), as the greatest source of natural fibre, is one of the most valuable crops grown worldwide. Like most major field crops, irrigation and nitrogen (N) fertilization are the most important two factors for improving cotton yield in term of quantity and quality. As these represent the largest inputs in the best management practice for cotton production, the optimum water and N-fertilizer requirements of cotton should be closely evaluated. The Rassafa cotton cultivar is a relatively new variety grown in the dry areas of the Eastern Mediterranean region. Farmers have targeted the higher seed cotton yield and they assume the greater yields would need augmented N fertilizer and water quantity. So, water and nitrogen fertilizer requirements of this new cultivar need t

dressing down: new generation of designers creates individualistic fashion

As I speak with Shani Himanshu, founder of the fashion label 11.11/eleven eleven, he is heading to Mumbai international airport. For his “airport look”, he is dressed from head to toe in khadi. “I am wearing a kala cotton khadi denim jacket with my track pants, made from fibre sourced from the dev vruksha. This is organic tree cotton, single spindle-spun, with zero count and dyed beautifully in indigo,” he says. The garment is very contemporary — I imagine it will look just as chic on the streets of Paris as it exudes comfort and convenience at Mumbai ...

equity etfs asset base jumps three-fold to rs 43,234 cr

Press Trust of India  | 
New Delhi  May 4, 2017 Last Updated at 16:41 IST

dhampur sugar q1 profit jumps two-fold to rs 62.63 cr

Press Trust of India  | 
New Delhi  August 8, 2017 Last Updated at 16:20 IST

nbn embraces copper speed boost for homes on a limited fibre diet

NBN will squeeze even more out of the old copper phone lines next year, but only if you're lucky enough to have fibre running all the way to the curb or basement.The good news stories keep coming from NBN this week, which is in damage control after The 7.30 Report's Monday night exposé – even though the report didn't really offer anything new and barely scratched the surface of the NBN's troubles.
NBN is offering a speed boost for premises with fibre running all the way to the nature strip. Photo: AAPOn Monday morning NBN announced the results of its first Fibre to the Curb trials, in the Melbourne suburb of Coburg, which run fibre to the end of your driveway and only rely on the old copper phone line to cover the last few metres into your house. The technology is also known as Fibre to

cotton spinners pin hopes on demand uptick to improve margins

The cotton yarn industry is pinning its hopes on a fall in raw material (cotton) prices, after having had its margins squeezed in the past couple of quarters owing to dwindling yarn exports and excess spinning capacity. According to cotton yarn spinners, margins were hit when the price of cotton went up, leading to lower demand from fabric and garment manufacturers, as well as dwindling yarn exports. Spinners are hoping that margins will improve in the last quarter of the current fiscal year on the back of an uptick in demand and improved yarn exports. However, in the interim, the industry is also expected to see a bumper crop, which could bring down cotton prices to some extent. “Raw materials have been high whereas the forward integration value chain has seen sluggish demand. Hence, marg

nathan chen made history with 6 quad jumps. what's that?

All eyes are on the quadruple jumps of the figure skaters competing in the men’s free skate program at the 2018 Winter Olympics.Quadruple or quad jumps are figure skating jumps that involve at least four full revolutions. Successful quad jumps occur when the figure skater takes off backwards, does at least four full revolutions and lands with one foot on a backward outside edge of their skate.Men’s events in figure skating tend to place a lot of focus on quad jumps, specialized in the U.S. by skater Nathan Chen, who became the only figure skater to land five quadruple jumps in one program in 2017. The quadruple jump phenomenon has taken off over the past decade, and is now basically a requirement for men who want to compete after the International Skating Union increased the jump’s point v

cotton tales

Tom Cotton, the Republican senator from Arkansas, is becoming President Trump’s right arm in the Senate. Or maybe it’s the other way around, and Cotton, a right-wing ideologue, is helping to steer the president. Either way, Trump’s behavior in the immigration debate—turning against a legislative compromise after Cotton was summoned to a White House meeting to oppose it—illustrates the young senator’s influence. In fact, Trump is said to be considering him as the next CIA director.
Cotton’s emergence is alarming. In part, that’s because what endears Cotton to Trump—and makes them particularly dangerous together—is Cotton’s unflinching willingness, in pursuit of an agenda, to say things that aren’t true.
Cotton is a veteran. He served with honor in Iraq and Afghanistan. But when he came ho

seedy growth | business standard editorials

Unrestrained cultivation of unapproved strains of genetically modified (GM) cotton in several states is a matter of grave concern. Surprisingly, this development has been ignored both by government agencies as well as environmental vigilantes. Going by market reckoning, more than 3.5 million packets of illegitimate seeds of GM cotton were sold in the current season alone. Indications are that such seeds had been in circulation last year and, perhaps, even earlier, but little was done to check their multiplication, trade or cultivation. Nearly one million cotton growers may already be using ...

andhra to inspect cultivation of monsanto's unapproved gm cotton

A top Indian cotton-producing state has ordered an inspection of fields planted with an unapproved variety of genetically modified seeds developed by Monsanto, which is fighting to retain its market in the world's biggest grower of the fibre.
Farmers in Andhra Pradesh have planted 15 per cent of the cotton area in the state with Bollgard II Roundup Ready Flex (RRF), prompting the local government on Friday to form a panel of officials to "inspect the fields of farmers growing RRF".
The order, issued by senior Andhra Pradesh official B Rajasekhar, did not say how the farmers accessed the unapproved variety of genetically modified (GM) cotton. Calls to his office went unanswered.
"It's a matter of grave concern that some seed companies, while suppressing their real intent of profiteeri

racehorse dead after jumps fall at warrnambool

A racehorse has been euthanised after falling during a jumps race at the Warrnambool carnival, less than a month after the same thing happened in South Australia.Six-year-old gelding Bring Back was put down after fracturing his shoulder in the Decron Maiden Hurdle race at Warrnambool on Wednesday.
The Warrnambool carnival always attracts controversy over jumps racing. Photo: Getty ImagesBring Back was euthanised behind a screen by the on-course veterinarian. Jockey Christopher Brown wasn't injured during the fall.The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses said two other horses fell in the same race, and renewed its call for jumps racing to be banned.  The jumps fatality comes on the back of the death of Wheeler Fortune at the Oakbank carnival last month which sparked outrage and prom

rs 21,738 cr naval copter purchase to be 1st under strategic partner policy

The procurement of 111 “naval utility helicopters” (NUH) is the first acquisition to have been cleared by the defence ministry under its new “strategic partner” (SP) model, which seeks to bring the private sector into defence manufacturing.

On Monday, the ministry’s apex procurement body, the “Defence Acquisition Council” (DAC) headed by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, accorded the NUH procurement “acceptance of necessity” (AoN) for an estimated Rs 21,738 crore.

According to this “Make in India” sanction, ...

keeping your horse in the best of health *promotion*

Dr Tom Shurlock, nutritionist with British Horse Feeds for Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet, discusses the benefits of beet fibre, micro flora, pre- and probiotics for horses and ponies and how they impact on gut health…Beet fibre has long been used as an equine feed due to its nutritional suitability, supplying high levels of slow-release energy while minimising sugar intake. Speedi-Beet, the original 10 minute quick soaking beet, was developed using a unique patented cooking process and as such it is recognised as a super fibre with a superior DE value similar to grain and can be used to reduce reliance on grain/hard feeds while maintaining condition and activity.There is, however, far more to beet pulp – and especially its fibre – than its supply of nutrients. One of the most important of the

procedural fairness important in public procurement, award of contracts: fm

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Monday said the government cannot act like a commercial entity even when it comes to the "commercial activities of the State", and cannot just "pick and choose" in matters of public procurement. He said a "pick and choose" system could not only lead to unfairness, but at times, it could also lead to "very serious allegations of corruption and nepotism". "From a concept which existed decades ago that the State was free to act as any other commercial entity was free to act, we've now moved to the other end of spectrum where the State can only act in a particular manner when it comes to public procurement," Jaitley said at the South Asian Regional Procurement Conference here. He said when it comes to matters of procurement, awarding contracts, and even public-

eight steel majors in fray for rail track renewal tender

Seven foreign steel companies and Jindal Steel & Power (JSPL) have bid for a Rs 2,000-crore contract from the ministry of railways, for an expanded track renewal plan. This is the first time in three decades that rail procurement has been opened for the private sector.
The foreign entities are Sumitomo Corporation, Angang Group International, Voestalpine Schienen, East Metals, CRM Hong Kong, British Steel France Rail, and Atlantic Steel.
Though the bids were opened on Friday, the Prime Minister’s Office wrote a scathing letter to the Railways after the global tender was floated on November 28, asking all departments to give priority to domestic manufacturers. "It is very disturbing that the broad message has not been appreciated by various departments," Prime minister Narendra Modi's p

commerce ministry shuts century-old procurement arm dgs&d

The Commerce Ministry closed down its nearly 100-year-old public procurement arm -- the Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals (DGS&D) -- on October 31, a senior official said.
The closure of the DGS&D, which traces its origin to London during the British raj, follows setting up of the government e-market (GeM) platform last year for public procurement of goods and services.
"We closed all the operations of the directorate on October 31. It was replaced with a much transparent GeM platform," the ministry official said.
About 1,100 of its employees are being shifted to different departments, including income tax, while the senior officers are likely to be accommodated in other branches of the government.DGS&D assets, which were present across the country, are transfered to the

dac nod to procurement of assault rifles, carbines worth rs 3,547 cr

The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) today cleared the procurement of assault rifles and carbines worth Rs 3,547 crore on "fast track basis" to meet the immediate requirement of troops deployed on the borders, defence ministry sources said.Under the proposal, cleared at the meeting chaired by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, 72,000 assault rifles and 93,895 carbines will be procured, the sources said.The procurement is expected to address the shortage of weapons for the armed forces, they added.

die often in these hardcore platformers

The third installment of the tough as nails platformer series.If you're not familiar with League of Evil, you're given ornate level design, and tight touch controls to try to pull off delicate platformer sequences, and not die. The third installment further refines the style with over 80 levels of jumps, flips, wall jumps, wall hugs, double jumps, and decapitations.

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