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 crazy cake
recipe: one-bowl chocolate wacky cake

The first time I made a crazy cake, it was a few days after 9/11. At the time, I lived in Wisconsin with my boyfriend and the world felt sharp and uncertain.
After spending countless hours on the couch, I needed something to do that would get me away from the TV. Baking seemed like a good idea. A recipe on the back of the Wooden Spoon Baking Book caught my eye, "This cake is mixed right in the pan, without an egg to help it rise. The crazy part is that it turns out so well."
Something easy that turns out well? Just what I needed.
Fifteen years later, that boyfriend is now my husband, we live in New York, and the world, well, you know — at times, it feels sharp and uncertain.
I still make the crazy cake.
(Image credit: Lauren Volo)What Is Crazy (or Wacky) Cake?
This cake, which seem

meghan trainor is back to her sassy ways on ‘i’m a lady’

After ending her 2016 on vocal rest, Meghan Trainor has bounced back with another single that’s every bit as sassy as you’d expect.“I’m a Lady” is a girl power bop that boasts the retro flavor of Trainor’s Title phase, but all the attitude and spunk of her Thank You era. “I talk with a mouthful, but I couldn’t be sweeter,” she sings. “Yep I'm a cutie in my own way, I won't play follow the leader.” There’s a lot of positivity packed into two minutes and 46 seconds, so brighten up your day by taking a listen below, and look out for the music video (which she’s been teasing like crazy) when it drops next Friday (March 3).On Instagram, Trainor gave her mom, Kelli, a shout out for helping her write the tune, saying, “thank you to my mama for helping me write this sassy/powerful song @kelliatrai

5 ways the south turns vegetables into comfort food

What do you think of when you think of Southern food? Fried chicken? Red velvet cake? Sweet potato pie? If you don't immediately say vegetables, you've got Southern cooking all wrong.
Vegetable cookery has a hallowed place in Southern cuisine, with a few of the most nutritious vegetables standing out: okra, cabbage, and dark leafy greens of all kinds. Southern cooking has the ability to take these nutritional powerhouses and turn them into comfort food of the finest caliber.
Here are five recipes that will teach you how to cook vegetables like a Southerner. These are weeknight-friendly, soulful, and delicious dishes that make vegetables the most exciting and beloved food on the plate.
(Image credit: Guy Ambrosino)The Secret of Turning Vegetables into Comfort Food
What Southern vegetab

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