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 elderly swedish man fends off elk with cane
elderly swedish man fends off elk with cane

A man in Västergötland found an alternative use for his walking stick after being attacked by an elk.
Bernt Erlandsson, from Noltorp Talldungen, went out at around 7am to buy a newspaper and potter in his garage when he was approached by the large-antlered mammal.
"Suddenly, four elk rushed out and started dancing around," Erlandsson said to local newspaper Skaraborgs Allahanda.
Erlandsson - who says he has "30 to 40 years" of experience in hunting - told the newspaper that he was unsure how to act until one of the elk broke towards him aggressively.
"I had the stick with me and socked him one right on the head. I think he had small antlers, he caught me on the thumb and I now have a wound and a blue thumb," said Erlandsson, who admitted he was "fortunate" to have been carrying th

fox news 'swedish national security advisor' has no links to authorities

Nils Bildt - who is unknown to Swedish authorities and also has a criminal conviction in the US - was billed by Conservative American television station Fox News as a "Swedish Defense and National Security Advisor".
Neither the Swedish foreign ministry nor ministry of defence have heard of Bildt, who emigrated from the country in 1994, according to newspaper Dagens Nyheter.
"We have no spokesman by that name," Marie Pisäter of the Ministry of Defence (Försvarsmakten) told Dagens Nyheter.
The foreign ministry also told the newspaper that it had no link with Bildt.
Bildt appeared on the Fox News channel on Thursday, where he was interviewed by one of the station's most prominent presenters, Bill O'Reilly.
During the section, Sweden was described as a country plagued by crime - par

multi-tasking posties to help the elderly and check on weeds

Photo: PostNLPostNL is extending its pilot schemes for multi-tasking postmen from next year, the AD writes.By taking on extra jobs, PostNL hopes to keep the delivery service profitable, now that the amount of mail is going down some 10% a year.The postal company already has a number of pilot schemes in place. In Amsterdam and Almelo postmen are reading water meters apart from their postal duties and in Almelo they have been photographing green spaces to help municipal environmental department Twente Milieu find out if they are tackling weeds efficiently.In Gelderland postmen are checking the quality of roads while in Rotterdam they are participating in a pilot aimed at keeping an eye on isolated elderly people and sounding the alarm when mail accumulates or people don’t respond to the door

impress your friends with this recipe for swedish stuffed pork chops

Stuffed pork chops. Photo: John Duxbury/Swedish food
If you love pork, you'll love this Swedish recipe for pork chops with apple and sage stuffing. Summary
Serves: 2
Preparation: 10 minutes
Cooking: 30 minutesTips
- If you can't get thick pork chops, don't try to stuff them with the apple and celery mixture. Instead, coarsely chop the ingredients for the stuffing and fry gently for 5 minutes or so and serve as a kind of sauce. For a bit more theatre, let the chops rest for 5 minutes after taking them out of the oven then flambé them at the table.
- If you haven't got any aquavit or snaps you can use brandy or simply eat the pork without flambéing. It is such a tasty dish anyway that the flambéing isn't really necessary: it just makes for a bit more fun!Ingredients
2 thick por

court: man tried to raise cash on facebook to fund isis

File photo of a Facebook home page in Swedish. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT
A Swedish citizen has been jailed for urging people to finance Isis through Facebook, a landmark case for the country.
In a Facebook account linked to Ahmad Qadan, 34, a post written in Swedish and published on August 21st, 2013, said: "Help us supply our brothers at the front with weapons so they can avenge their brothers and sisters."
He was sentenced to six months in jail by Malmö District Court on Thursday.
Court judge Lennart Strinäs said the case had no precedent in Sweden.
"The crime that the man has been convicted of might have been at an early stage in the chain of events but it could have led to a terrorist crime," he said in a statement.
Those who read the post were urged to call two named men

police step up search for missing elderly man

Police have stepped up their appeals for help to find an elderly, missing man.They are concerned for the welfare of Colin Halliday. The 88-year-old has been missing since Thursday.
Police are concerned for the welfare of Colin Halliday, 88, who has been missing since Thursday. Photo: WA PoliceHe was last seen around 4.30pm at St John of God Hospital in Midland where police say he was dropping off some paperwork.He left his Ballajura home around 1.30pm and was driving a 2011 model white Hyundai i30 hatchback with the registration number 1DVW166.Police believe he may have become confused or disorientated.He is fair skinned, around 180cm tall, and has a solid build.He may be wearing glasses and a black coloured t-shirt and blue jeans.Anyone with information about his whereabouts should call

fox news interviews unknown swedish 'security advisor' in crime debate

Swedish government officials were left dumbfounded after a man appearing as the country's 'defense and national security advisor' took part in a crime debate on US outlet Fox News. A man with no apparent link to Sweden's government has appeared in the role of 'defense and national security advisor' during a political debate on 'The O'Reilly Factor', a television news and current affairs program on Fox News.During the segment, which focused on the "link" between immigration and crime in Sweden's cities and suburbs, the man, Nils Bildt, spoke about the difficulties of integrating newly arrived immigrants and expressed his desire for the country's leaders to engage in "open and honest" debate about crime.Swedish publication Dagens Nyheter said Bildt was in fact a company owner in the US who e

gothenburg is the world's 'most sociable city': study

People drinking at a Gothenburg bar. Photo:öteborg & Co
Forget the stereotype about cold Swedes – Gothenburg in the west of the country has just been ranked the most sociable city in the world, in a study of the social life of world cities.
The study, commissioned by hostel booking site Hostelworld, looked at the social behaviour and attitudes of 12,188 residents from 39 different cities in 28 countries. It examined how they socialize and their general openness to others.
And Gothenburg, known for its talkative natives by Swedish standards and its vibrant bar scene, came out on top, beating the likes of Boston, Rome, Hamburg, Dublin and Madrid in the top 10.
Perhaps most satisfyingly for Gothenburg, it also beat Swedish rival Stockholm, which placed second.READ ALSO: Wh

swedish pm seeks to cut inflow of foreign workers

Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT
Sweden's prime minister wants to curb labour migration to the Scandinavian country to provide more jobs for its own unemployed, including refugees accepted in recent years.
"Jobs that require little or no education will first be filled by the unemployed who are already in our country," Social Democratic leader Stefan Löfven told reporters in Stockholm.
A country of almost ten million people, Sweden took in 244,000 asylum seekers in 2014 and 2015, the highest number per capita in Europe. Figures have since dropped to fewer than 30,000 in 2016, following tighter borders and asylum rules.
"It's unreasonable for us to have a labour migration that consists of dishwashers (and) restaurant employees when we have capable peopl

spies have been identified in sweden: intelligence agency

Foreign powers are taking greater risks in intelligence gathering, according to Sweden's Military Intelligence Service. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
Sweden's Military Intelligence Service (Must) says that it has identified people linked to foreign intelligence agencies operating in the country.
Those people have "without reasonable cause, been at and studied areas important to Swedish national defence," Must notes in its new annual report of 2016.
"These are people we have been able to identify who can be linked to intelligence services of foreign powers," Jan Kinnander, deputy head of Must's security office told Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SvD).
According to Must's report, foreign powers are taking greater risks to reach their intelligence targets, and intelligence gatheri

jidenna’s the chief is an adventurous, deeply rooted debut

Jidenna emerged in 2015 with his platinum debut single, "Classic Man," and a sartorial decisiveness suggesting a persona that was fully formed off-camera. Like his mentor, Janelle Monáe, the new kid on Wondaland Records was serious about both his music and his aesthetic, which evokes the elegance of the Jim Crow–era black bourgeoisie with traces of European dandyism. This striking look was a conscious choice following the 2010 death of his father, noted Nigerian computer scientist Oliver Mobisson — a symbol of intellectualism (he helped build the country's first personal computer), but also of a certain leadership, as the honorary chief of a village back home. On a personal level, Jidenna's double-round collars, wing-tipped shoes, and walking cane have always been statements of respect and

new gondola to summit of toulon's mont faron

The cable car to the top of 600-metre high Mont Faron in Toulon has received a mechanical and ecological upgrade. Re-adapted to be better suit the needs of elderly and disabled passengers hoping to soak up the glorious views of the Var and the Mediterranean, the new cabins set off on their 10-minute maiden voyages earlier this year. The funicular is unique in the Côte d’Azur and was first launched back in 1959. The new red gondolas, which ‘preserve the historical soul of the earlier cabins’, are barely distinguishable from their predecessors on the outside, but inside they are far more comfortable and have also received safety updates. Their vast windows allow for almost totally uninterrupted panoramic views and with a tempered glass section of flooring, visitors can enjoy the sights of th

sweden warned of february wildfires. yes, you read that right

Forget about this week's snowy weather in much of Sweden. In other parts spring has already sprung, so much so that forecasters on Friday issued a warning for grass fires in the south.
The warning applies to most of the southern Götaland region as well as the Öland and Gotland islands. Meteorologists said the fire risk was due to combination of no snow, warmth from the sun and dry air.
Many Swedes tend to start the barbecue season the moment temperatures edge below zero, but Leif Sandahl of the Civil Contingencies Agency urged people to be careful.
"When there's this high grass fire risk, and especially in combination with wind, you shouldn't light a fire because it is too risky," he told the TT newswire.
Sweden has around 2000-3000 grass fires every year, according to the authori

yellow claw, dj snake & elliphant will make sure you have a 'good day': listen

Yellow Claw has arrived with their first new release of 2017, a collaboration with DJ Snake that dropped today (Feb. 24),  and it’s pretty damn good.“Good Day” features vocals from Swedish songstress Elliphant, who sings lines like “Oh, what a good day/ That day you broke my heart/ I loved you way too hard/ Now I'm free.” The track is dripping in sunshine with tinges of 80s new wave that lead into sweet, dynamic drop.This is Yellow Claw’s third collaboration with DJ Snake and the track will appear on the Dutch duo’s upcoming album Los Amsterdam due out April 7 via Mad Decent.Listen to “Good Day” below.

crocodile attacks full grown dog and drags it under water - daily mail

'He's the nicest guy you could ever meet': LAPD cop who opened fire in scuffle with teens lives with his elderly parents and 'obnoxious' youths are ALWAYS walking on his lawn, says his terrified neighbor 'This is a disaster': Caitlyn Jenner hits out at Donald Trump for scrapping transgender bathroom directive -months after she appeared to back him for President Reince Priebus is accused of asking FBI Director James Comey to say reports linking Trump to Russia were not true Chicago out of control? People are being murdered in the city at even FASTER rate this year than in record setting 2017 after seven people are shot dead in a single DAY Wisconsin's butter crackdown: Fans of Irish Kerrygold are forced to leave the state to get their hands on banned dairy product Kim Jong Un's half brother

the culture war over sweden | europe

But this really doesn’t hold up. As the Swedish author Johan Norberg argued, Trumpites’ attacks on Sweden are for the most part ‘fake news’. Even despite the increase in gang turf wars, which are partly down to the arrival of migrants who do not find gainful employment, ‘the homicide rate is almost exactly what it was a decade ago’, says Norberg. The number of Swedes suffering physical assault fell by 0.7 per cent over the past decade. And general offences against the person are at approximately the same level as they were in 2005 – ‘almost a decade before the surge of refugees’, as Norberg points out. And there aren’t more rapes in Sweden than in any other European nation: it’s just that Sweden does more to encourage women to report all sexual assaults.So Sweden isn’t hell. Rather, the al

horse who was once so scared he 'nearly went to heaven' wins world cup qualifier

A horse who was once so frightened and erratic he “nearly went to heaven” has come up trumps for Isabell Werth in a World Cup dressage qualifier.The 11-year-old gelding Emilio recorded a score of 84.2% in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Friday (24 February), to take the competition from Swedish runners-up Patrik Kittel and Delauney, on 80.91%.Isabell said the horse lost some confidence in the freestyle, and that she was realised “he needs more training because he didn’t always know what to do and we had two mistakes, in the pirouette and tempi changes”, but that she will also compete him at the final qualifier in the Netherlands in a fortnight’s time.Isabell explained Emilio had “something of a reputation” in his early years.“It was as if he could see something out of the corner of his eye when you

6 books about the things nazis stole

The Nazis famously confiscated and burned books they deemed subversive — but they also collected many of these "degenerate" works, as well as books that were worth a fortune. Swedish journalist Anders Rydell documents the regime's pillaging, and follows new efforts to return the volumes to their rightful owners in his nonfiction work The Book Thieves, out this month in the U.S.Books of course weren't the only items Nazis stole. Hitler's regime looted art, tchotchkes, furniture, anything of value — and the stories behind their pillaging have served as source material for a number of nonfiction books, blending the intrigue of mystery with the gravity of restoring justice. Here are 6 fascinating books about the things Nazis stole.VikingThe Book Thieves, 2017Nazis plundered texts by Jews, Cath

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