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 french institute in athens targeted in arson attack news
french institute in athens targeted in arson attack | news

Greek police said arsonists targeted the French cultural institute in Athens on Monday causing minor damage but no injuries.A car parked outside the building was torched, damaging a second vehicle nearby. The unidentified attackers also smashed windows at the institute.The French Institute conducts cultural and educational programs. There were no immediate claims of responsibility, and it was not clear why the institution was targeted, police said.Greece's Foreign Ministry condemned the attack, calling it a "mindless and criminal act against an institution that is a symbol of Greek-French friendship."[Reuters]

manhunt for melbourne islamic centre arsonists

Police are hunting for three men seen carrying accelerant at the scene of an arson attack on a Melbourne Islamic centre. Three men were seen carrying accelerant at the scene of an arson attack on a Melbourne Islamic centre.The Imam Ali Islamic Centre on Lawson Street, Fawkner, was set on fire in May, November and December last year.The most recent fire, on December 11 was deliberately lit by three men seen on CCTV carrying accelerant and car tyres about 2.30am.Graffiti reading 'The Islamic State' in English and 'The State the Islam' in Arabic was also sprayed on the outside wall of the centre before the fire was lit.Detectives have talked to an Arabic interpreter and believe the Arabic graffiti was written by someone with a reasonable understanding of the language and who intended to write

presstv-syria demands opposition condemn attack

Syria’s Ambassador to the UN Bashar al-Ja’afari has called on all parties present at the latest round of Geneva talks to condemn a deadly attack in Homs or be considered "accomplices of terrorism." "Any party who refuses to condemn these attacks today we will consider that party to be an accomplice of terrorism," said Ja’afari following a meeting with UN mediator Staffan de Mistura in Geneva on Saturday. He added that the attack “cast a shadow over Geneva” and that the it was not only a terrorists attack but a political one."What happened today will not go unnoticed and we will react to it ... The blood of Syrians is precious and those who kill Syrians will also be punished," he added.Earlier, simultaneous bombings targeted separate areas across the western city of Homs, which is largely u

several injured in fire at sweden's largest asylum centre

Panic ensued and a number of people were injured after a suspected arson attack on Restad gård in Vänersborg, the largest asylum centre in Sweden.
One man was seriously injured after escaping the fire by jumping from the third floor.
Emergency services were called at around 4:15 am to a fire in a common room on the third floor of the residential facility run by the Swedish migration authority (Migrationsverket). There was a large amount of smoke by the time firefighters arrived on the scene.
A dozen people inhaled smoke, of which most were given oxygen on the spot. Three were taken to Norra Älvsborg Hospital in Trolhätten.
"One person is seriously injured due to trauma from jumping [from height]. The other two have smoke-related injuries," communications director Niklas Claesson o

finance minister to plan tactics ahead of bailout negotiations | news

With representatives of Greece’s international creditors due to return to Athens next week for the resumption of bailout negotiations, Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos is expected to confer with government officials over the weekend to decide on what strategy Athens will follow in the talks.According to sources, Tsakalotos briefed SYRIZA’s political secretariat on the outcome of Monday’s Eurogroup summit on his return to Athens from Brussels and is this weekend expected to examine a series of scenarios with the different measures that Greece could include in its proposal to bailout inspectors.According to sources, Tsakalotos has been annoyed by the lack of unconditional support from other government officials and is determined to ensure that the political cost for the measures he is nego

'24:legacy' producers apologize for using kenya attack video - 680news

The executive producers of the new Fox series "24: Legacy" are apologizing for using footage from a terror attack at a Kenya mall that killed 67 people. A statement Thursday from Evan Katz and Manny Coto says "we regretfully included news footage of an attack in Nairobi.Start the conversation, or Read more at 680News.

presstv-anti-refugee violence on rise in germany

German authorities have reported an increase in the number of attacks on refugees as the country continues to grapple with an influx of asylum seekers that began to hit the country two years ago.German Interior Ministry said in a written response to a parliamentary question on Sunday that more than 3,500 attacks were carried out against refugees last year, leaving 560 people injured, including 43 children.The data showed that a total of 2,545 attacks came against individual refugees while attackers targeted 988 units of housing for refugees and asylum seekers.The data, which was based on police statistics, showed that nearly 10 acts of anti-refugee violence had occurred each day across Germany in 2016, showing a sharp increase compared with the previous years. It said police had detected 1

athens expects tensions with ankara to last until 2019 turkish elections | news

Athens is reportedly preparing – on a political, economic and military level – for a standoff with Ankara that could last up to two years, as the government says the recent spike in Turkish provocations is part of a plan to bring its claims in the Aegean Sea back to the fore.Greek and foreign analysts say that the harsh rhetoric coming from Turkey is directly linked to the upcoming referendum on April 16 on whether to expand the powers of the president.Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has tried to woo voters by playing the nationalist card. The stakes couldn’t be higher for Erdogan, as a no vote could plunge the neighboring country into an even deeper crisis.However, it is believed that the provocations are driven by more than just a populist effort to appeal to a domestic audience,

black-grass requires a ‘three-pronged’ attack

Black-grass requires a three-pronged attack to promote and develop sustainable management solutions, according to the main findings arising from an AHDB-funded workshop. Organised by the BBSRC/AHDB Black-Grass Resistance Initiative (BGRI), the workshop united farmers, industry and researchers to help concentrate the UK’s black-grass management efforts.Three areas of focus were identified at the workshop: Targeted farmer-to-farmer learning, to optimise management systems in the short term; focused applied research, to provide integrated management solutions in the medium term; and fundamental research, to develop game-changing technologies in the long term.Coordinated thinkingDr Paul Gosling, who manages weed research at AHDB, said: “The headline grabbing topic of black-grass has fuelled mu

no debt relief for greece, germany's deputy finance minister says | business

Greece must not be granted a "bail-in" that would involve creditors taking a loss on their loans, Germany's deputy finance minister said in an interview broadcast on Sunday, reiterating the German government's opposition to debt relief for Athens."There must not be a bail-in," Jens Spahn told German broadcaster Deutschlandfunk, according to a written transcript of the interview."We think it is very, very likely that we will come to an agreement with the International Monetary Fund that does not require a haircut," he said, referring to losses that Greece's creditors would have to take if debt was written off.The IMF has called for Greece to be granted substantial debt relief, but this is opposed by Germany, which makes the largest contribution to the budget of the European Stability Mechan

kansas community tries to heal from shooting; bar to reopen

In the middle of a crowded bar, Adam Purinton yelled at two Indian men to "get out of my country," witnesses said, then opened fire in an attack that killed one of the men and wounded the other, as well as a third man who tried to help.Hours later, the 51-year-old former air traffic controller reportedly told a bartender in another town that he needed a place to hide because he had just killed two Middle Eastern men.In India, the father of one of the wounded men called Wednesday's attack in the Kansas City suburbs a hate crime, but authorities yesterday declined to discuss a motive as they investigated.The shooting swiftly stoked fears about the treatment of immigrants, who feel targeted by President Donald Trump's promises to ban certain travelers, build a wall along the Mexico border and

police defuse hand grenade bomb found outside dafni precinct | news

Police bomb disposal experts defused an explosive device comprising a hand grenade on Saturday after receiving an anonymous caller telephoned a threat that the bomb would detonate outside the police precinct in Dafni, southern Athens.The bomb was found in a bag that had been placed in a small park behind the police precinct. The bomb is said to have had an unusual composition: a hand grenade, a timer, a detonator, a battery and an undisclosed amount of explosives. It was destroyed in two controlled explosions.The anonymous caller who phoned the police shortly before 3 a.m. had warned that the bomb would go off in 40 minutes from then. The caller said the attack would be in memory of Lambros Fountas, a member of Revolutionary Struggle who died in a shootout with police in the area in March

best movies and tv shows on amazon prime

Amazon is continuously adding new movies and TV shows to its Prime video streaming service, and each week, we'll bring you the best it has to offer!Press PlayIn this week's crop of films and shows on Amazon Prime, check out the first season of the British/French crime thriller The Tunnel, watch the story of a woman who must navigate life in an underground bunker with strangers in 10 Cloverfield Lane, and follow the story of two poets who fall in love while struggling with mental illness in Touched with Fire.The Tunnel - Season 1 - With a French politician found dead at the tunnel border between France and the UK, two detectives, one British and one French, must work together to solve a murder that turns out to be anything but ordinary. - See at Amazon10 Cloverfield Lane - In this thriller

trial over siemens cash-for-contracts scandal begins postponed again | news

The long-awaited trial of dozens of suspects in the Siemens cash-for-contracts scandal started on Friday but was almost immediately postponed until March 6 due to absences.The case first went to court last summer, some 10 years after judicial authorities launched an investigation into claims that the German electronics and engineering giant’s Greek branch bribed local politicians and public officials to secure state contracts.But, in response to appeals by French- and German-speaking defendants, the court postponed the proceedings to allow for the translation of the charge sheet, which runs to more than 4,500 pages, and important documents relating to the case which had not been translated into German and French.

nearly 10 anti-migrant attacks a day in germany, data shows

Germany recorded more than 3,500 attacks against refugees and asylum shelters last year, according to new interior ministry figures, amounting to an average of nearly 10 acts of anti-migrant violence a day. The assaults -- coinciding with the country's bid to cope with a record influx of newcomers -- left 560 people injured, 43 of them children, the ministry said in a written reply to a parliamentary question.The government "strongly condemns" the violence, according to the letter seen by AFP on Sunday."People who have fled their home country and seek protection in Germany have the right to expect safe shelter," it read.A total of 2,545 attacks against individual refugees were reported in 2016, the ministry wrote, citing police statistics.There was no immediate comparison with previous yea

nearly 10 anti-migrant attacks a day in germany, data shows

Germany recorded more than 3,500 attacks against refugees and asylum shelters last year, according to new interior ministry figures, amounting to an average of nearly 10 acts of anti-migrant violence a day. The assaults -- coinciding with the country's bid to cope with a record influx of newcomers -- left 560 people injured, 43 of them children, the ministry said in a written reply to a parliamentary question.The government "strongly condemns" the violence, according to the letter seen by AFP on Sunday."People who have fled their home country and seek protection in Germany have the right to expect safe shelter," it read.A total of 2,545 attacks against individual refugees were reported in 2016, the ministry wrote, citing police statistics.There was no immediate comparison with previous yea

researchers use holography to improve nanophotonic circuits

Nanophotonic circuits, tiny chips which filter and steer light, suffer from small random variations which degrade the transmission of light. Researchers have now found a way to compensate those variations, which may lead to energy savings in datacenters and computer equipment. The researchers from Utrecht University (Debye Institute), University of Twente (MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology) and Thales Research & Technology France published their results in the leading optical journal Optics Express on 21 February.

do we belong here, asks wife of indian killed in us

The grieving wife of the Indian engineer shot dead in an apparent hate crime by a navy veteran in Kansas City said on Saturday reports of bias against minorities in the US make them afraid, and wonder “do we belong here”.Sunayana Dumala, wife of 32-year-old Srinivas Kuchibhotla who was killed by Adam Purinton at a city bar on Wednesday, asked what the US government of Donald Trump would do to stop hate crimes against minorities such as the one that involved her husband. She, however, did not mention Trump.At a news conference organised by GPS-maker Garmin, the company where Srinivas worked, she said: “He didn’t deserve a death like this. I don’t know what to say. We’ve always read in newspapers of some kind of shooting happening somewhere. I was always concerned, ‘are we doing the right th

one dead, two injured in germany car attack

One person was killed and two injured when a man rammed a car into pedestrians in the southern German city of Heidelberg, said police, adding that it did not appear to be a terror attack. After the crash, the driver, a 35-year-old German man, fled on foot armed with a knife on a busy city centre street but was shot and wounded by police.Police said a 73-three-year German man who suffered serious injuries died later in hospital.A statement said a 32-year-old Austrian and a Bosnian woman aged 29 were injured by the car."At the current stage of the investigation there is nothing to suggest that it was a terrorist" act, the police said.Officers had tracked down the driver with help from witnesses and opened fire on the suspect who was "seriously wounded", police said. They said there was "no a

post doctoral fellow

Department: Open Cloud Institute
Institution: University of Texas, San Antonio
The Open Cloud Institute at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) invites applications for one Post Doctoral Fellow position to start during the Spring 2017. Preference will be given to those applicants with research expertise in an area associated with Cloud Engineering (infrastructure, applications: robotics, communication, informatics). Required qualifications for the po...
(Visit for the complete position description.)

presstv-over 150 french mps urge palestine recognition

More than 150 lawmakers of the French parliament have signed a letter to President Francois Hollande urging him to officially recognize Palestine as a state.According to the text of the letter published in the French media on Sunday, some 153 lawmakers demanded that Hollande conclude the case of Palestine’s statehood before he leaves office in May.“France must demonstrate its determination to break the deadlock on this conflict,” said the letter in reference to the continuing Israeli acts of aggression against the Palestinians in the occupied territories, adding that France should reaffirm that “Palestinian people have the right to be granted the title of a state.”The letter, drafted by Gilbert Roger, a French Socialist senator, added that the decision for the recognition of Palestine as a

france president hollande: trump should support allies

French President Francois Hollande took issue with Donald Trump's Friday comments about Paris, in which the American President claimed he had a friend who felt "Paris is no longer Paris" in the wake of recent terrorist attacks.Hollande called for Trump to support U.S. allies."There is terrorism and we must fight it together," Hollande said on Saturday during a visit at the Paris Agric fair, according to Reuters. "I think that it is never good to show the smallest defiance toward an allied country. I wouldn't do it with the United States and I'm urging the U.S. president not to do it with France."I won't make comparisons but here, people don't have access to guns," the French president added. "Here, you don't have people with guns opening fire on the crowd simply for the satisfaction of cau

brazil's carnival begins with parades, parties but no mayor - wtoc-tv savannah

A patient from the Nise da Silveira Mental Health Institute wears an octopus costume during the institute's carnival parade, coined in Portuguese: "Loucura Suburbana," or Suburban Madness, in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, ... RIO DE JANEIRO - Revelers across Brazil began Carnival celebrations on Friday, taking to the streets to dance, drink beer and spirits, and blow off steam at a time of economic angst and fury with politicians over a sprawling corruption scandal. The world's most famous Carnival bash in Rio opened in a strange way.Start the conversation, or Read more at WTOC-TV Savannah.

riviera world premiere at miptv

Who needs the drama of Hollywood when there’s the French Riviera! In a new 10-part series from Sky Atlantic, the dark side of the Côte d’Azur raises its head in a luxuriously-set thriller by Academy Award-winning writer Neil Jordan. The world premiere is to be screened on 3rd April at MIPTV in Cannes' Palais des Festivals: the world’s most established global distribution market and leading TV and online content development event. Jane Millichip, Managing Director AT Sky Vision says, “Thank you to the organisers of MIPTV for selecting ‘Riviera’ for the world premiere TV screening at this year’s festival. The series is set on the French Riviera and radiates glamour, style and quality. How fitting, it is making its debut at a festival in Cannes!” Laurine Garaude, Director of the TV Division a

small plane lands on beach on french island

A small plane carrying three occupants has landed safely on French Island, just north of Phillip Island, in Western Port Bay. No occupants have been injured, Ambulance Victoria spokesman John Mullen has confirmed. 
Police are on French Island inspecting the plane. Photo: Rob GunstoneVictoria Police are currently on the island inspecting the plane, which was damaged during what is described as an "intentional landing" on the shore, Leading Senior Constable Lee Thomson said. Ms Thomson said the plane's propeller was damaged on landing.Australian Transport Safety Bureau spokesman Stuart Bodley said it was common for pilots to make precautionary landings on a beach, if it was overcast, or if they detected problems with the plan's engine."It sounds like a precautionary landing, the pilot is a

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