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 google s human like speaking ai will soon start booking restaurant hair salon reservations
google's human-like speaking ai will soon start booking restaurant, hair salon r

After generating buzz and controversy with its unveiling, Google's human-like speaking assistant Duplex will be released to select users and businesses this summer, the company announced recently.
Google Duplex was introduced in May at the online search giant's I/O developers' conference in Mountain View. It was advertised as a tool for users to book restaurants and hair salons over the phone with the Assistant program making the call. Following the conference, ethics and legal issues surrounding the AI program were debated, such as whether Google can record the phone conversations and how Google should disclose to the businesses that they are speaking to a bot.In an Israeli hummus shop in Mountain View recently, Google executives announced at a media event that a limited, undisclosed nu

google assistant will soon be able to make calls to book your appointment

In a demonstration, Google showed how the Assistant can call a hair salon and book an appointment with the person on the other end of the line. With a command from the user about when she wanted to make the appointment, the Assistant then called the salon, worked out a date and time and notified the user afterward. The Assistant was even able to say, "Mhmmm," when she was asked by the salon employee to hold on. In a second demonstration, the Assistant was able to handle multiple, complicated questions while booking a restaurant reservation without being tripped up, and even asked for wait times.Google described the Duplex AI system as "a new technology for conducting natural conversations to carry out 'real world' tasks over the phone." And it's geared towards performing very specific task

were those google duplex calls edited or even faked? google won't say

Google DevelopersMedia outlet Axios has highlighted several issues with Google’s AI-powered calls shown at its developer conference.The employees in these calls don’t identify their workplace or ask for contact details when confirming appointments.Google representatives haven’t addressed these concerns, raising questions about their legitimacy.Google made headlines around the world for its Google Duplex demo, showing us a voice assistant that’s able to call businesses on our behalf. It made for an eerie experience, as the AI-powered assistant conversed like a human, but did Google edit or even stage these calls?News publication Axios has raised several important questions regarding the demo, which saw the AI assistant call a hair salon and a restaurant.The Google Duplex concernsThe publica

what is google duplex? — features, release date, and more

Google DevelopersAnnounced at this year’s I/O developer conference, Google Duplex is a new Assistant feature that can carry out specific tasks for you over the phone. It can make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, schedule an appointment at a hair salon, or call businesses to check their opening hours.All you have to do is launch Google Assistant on your phone and say something like, “Book a table for two at Luigi’s Pizza at 8 pm today,” and Duplex will do the rest. The AI feature will ring the pizza place and make a reservation in a natural, human-like voice. After the call, you’ll get a notification on your phone confirming the reservation.Google demonstrated the technology during its I/O keynote, and it blew my mind. The tech giant played two recordings of calls made to a restau

google is suspiciously quiet about its incredible duplex ai demo

Google’s most controversial demo of I/O 2018, its Duplex AI that apparently made reservations on behalf of the phone-averse, now faces questions as to just how real the showcase was. The technology, which used artificial intelligence to hold a conversation with employees at both a restaurant and a hair salon, prompted concern from some, for failing to disclose that it wasn’t a real person.Instead, as Google’s demo showed, Duplex was apparently able to sound sufficiently like a real person to staff at the two businesses. The technology was billed as a potential time-saver, an AI assistant that could handle your scheduling when you were unwilling or unable to pick up the phone yourself. Although Duplex was undoubtedly impressive, it also ignited discussions around what sort of obligation art

google duplex might be your next scam caller (updated)

Google DevelopersUpdate (07/06): Google has poured cold water on claims that it is actively looking to hawk its incredible/terrifying Duplex technology to call center companies or any other businesses. For the time being, at least…In a statement to Engadget, a Google spokesperson said:“We’re currently focused on consumer use cases for the Duplex technology and we aren’t testing Duplex with any enterprise clients. As we shared last week, Duplex is designed to operate in very specific use cases, and currently we’re focused on testing with restaurant reservations, hair salon booking, and holiday hours with a limited set of trusted testers. It’s important that we get the experience right and we’re taking a slow and measured approach as we incorporate learnings and feedback from our tests.”Whil

new google duplex details keep sneaking out

Google’s Duplex, the controversial AI that promises to make appointments on behalf of the phone-averse, will make its artificial identity clear first, according to leaked details of a demo given to employees this week. Part of Google’s splashy I/O 2018 opening keynote last week, Duplex first wowed and then worried many with its human-impersonating talents. The goal, Google CEO Sundar Pichai explained on-stage at the annual developer event, was to create an artificial intelligence that could step in at times when it wasn’t practical or preferable to make calls yourself. While the Google Assistant can already find local businesses and even dial the number for you, Duplex took one big step further. It’s capable of speaking with the person at that business, making appointments on behalf of the

google duplex is about to start calling businesses for real

Google Duplex, the controversial phone call-making AI intended to make reservations for you, will begin public testing within the next few weeks, the company has confirmed. Previewed at I/O earlier this year, Duplex may sound like a human on the call, but it’s actually the Google Assistant tasked with going through the steps of making a restaurant reservation, an appointment for a haircut, or finding out a business’ opening hours. The demonstration at Google’s developer event wowed those present, but it wasn’t long before concerns about Duplex surfaced. Among the criticisms was the fact that, at no point during the two demo calls Google played, did Duplex identify itself to the human participants that it was an AI speaking. Google’s reluctance to discuss whether the calls were edited befor

am i speaking to a human?

Alexa and Siri never say “like” or “mmm-hmmm” to buy themselves time. Instead, the virtual assistants from Amazon and Apple are brief and to the point when they speak. They’re machines, after all, and their stilted cadence and brevity are reassuring. They show that we can still tell the difference between humans and robots.
Except that’s not true anymore. A new version of Google Assistant, the company’s answer to Alexa and Siri, can apparently dupe unsuspecting humans into believing it’s made of flesh and blood. This new capability is called Duplex, and two recordings of it conversing with regular humans, recently played to attendees of Google’s developer conference, I/O, are now online. The people on the other end of the phone line, taking bookings for a haircut and for a table at a rest

google's voice-calling ai could handle your next insurance claim

While Google quietly removed the "don't do evil" clause from its mission statement, apparently work on this project has moved at a snail's pace due to ethical concerns stemming from Duplex's debut at I/O in May.Namely, that it wasn't clear if the hair salon or Chinese restaurant employees were aware that they were speaking to a synthesized human voice rather than a warm-blooded homo sapiens. Google later clarified that Duplex would disclose itself as an AI when making calls.Plenty of call centers are automated at this point, it's just that none of those robo-operators could pass the Turing test; Duplex sounds like it absolutely did. The other side is that this could be another case of computers taking over low-skill jobs that'd typically be done by humans.As The Information notes, plenty o

frankston hair salon robbed three times in five hours

The first offenders broke a large shop window. If Goldilocks was a hairdresser this would be the story of the Three Bears - in reverse.A Frankston hairdresser was robbed three times in one morning in a big theft (of a television and computer), a medium-size theft (of a cash tin) and a little theft (of hair products).Two thieves smashed through a large front window at the Kareela Road haisalon around 2.40am on February 27. They stole a computer and TV. Three hours later, a man stepped through the damaged window and strolled around the salon, before taking a cash tin.The salon was again struck when a third burglar turned up between 6am and 7.30am.As the cash, computer and television were already gone - and perhaps having a bad hair day - he helped himself to hair products on a display shel

trump administration takes a hands-off approach to ai

Kratsios noted the government did not get in the way of Alexander Graham Bell or the Wright brothers when they invented the telephone and airplane, suggesting that a loose regulatory approach was vital for innovation and could keep the US at the forefront of AI development. The hands-off tactic reflects Trump's broader free-market approach to governing. The Obama administration was reluctant to impose AI rules as well, though it wanted companies to make sure their software worked safely and securely.But perhaps regulators will rethink the approach after Google and Microsoft unveiled some AI tools that promise a profound, if not unnerving, shift in the human-machine dynamic. At this week's I/O conference keynote, Google showed its Assistant booking a hair styling appointment with a naturali

find out why the world is raving about the best of tresemme shampoos?

We all desire to have healthy gorgeous hair and that is why experts suggest using TRESemme shampoos. The right shampoo is what makes our hair bouncy, shiny and healthy, and we are lucky to have TRESemme shampoos in this day and age to help us have the hair we want. The salon feel comes through when we wash our hair with TRESemme shampoos. And they add plenty of volume and help control the untamed frizziness of the hair too. If you have curly hair, the curls are defined with TRESemme shampoo use and the strands of any hair type are kept clean as well. Easy hair cleaning solutions at your service!An Overview Of The BrandBefore you start using the brand, knowing about it would make sense. TRESemme is a French word which means ‘well-loved’ and true to its name, it was first manufactured in the

athawale calls for raising quota limit from 49.5% to 75%

Ramdas Athawale, Union minister for social justice and empowerment, on Sunday called for increasing the reservation in the country from current 49.5% to 75% basis economics, paving way for reservations for other communities.“Currently there are 49.5% reservations, we should be open to providing 25% additional reservations to Patel, Rajput, Brahmin, Baniya, Maratha with persons not in a creamy layer or earning Rs 800,000 per annum must get reservations,” he said. “I believe that they should get 25% reservations by increasing quotas to 75%.”Athawale, who was speaking to media persons in Ahmedabad on Sunday, said that while the other communities must get reservations, it should not be from existing quotas to OBCs, SC/STs or others.

airbnb now takes restaurant reservations in 16 us cities

Airbnb, much like Uber before it, is expanding its business by getting into the restaurant industry. In this case, the company has started accepting restaurant reservations on behalf of customers who plan to eat out while traveling. The service currently supports nearly 650 restaurants throughout the US; Airbnb says this is a curated selection and that the reservation process takes place directly within the Airbnb app.The new feature is tailored toward travelers who are away from home and looking for somewhere to eat. You, like many other travelers, have likely booked restaurant reservations while on vacation or traveling for business, and that can be time-consuming if you’re in an unfamiliar city. Airbnb has taken on the work of finding and curating restaurants in a variety of cities, mak

google's reservation-making ai will be making calls soon

That said, there are very strict limits on what the Duplex-powered Assistant can actually do. The system was designed to handle a small handful of interactions: inquiring about business hours, handling restaurant reservations and making hair appointments. When Google kicks off its testing in earnest this summer, it plans to call businesses and ask for their holiday hours. That's it. There's no way for the human talking to the Assistant to engage in idle chit-chat or tap into any of the AI's more common functionality either — in other words, forget about asking it what movies are playing around you. Meanwhile, business owners wary of receiving robo-calls (albeit highly advanced ones) will be able to opt-out of receiving Assistant calls entirely, though for now, Google isn't sure how it's go

how new google features tap digital smarts

Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaks under a video showing singer John Legend at the Google I/O conference in Mountain View, Calif., Tuesday, May 8, 2018. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)Google showcased its plans for the next several months as it kicked off its annual developers' conference Tuesday. Many of the new features center on the use of artificial intelligence to help save time.
Here are the highlights:___MAPS: Google will use augmented reality to help guide you to your destination. When you pull up direction on Google Maps, you can look through the camera and get turn-by-turn directions while viewing the actual street. The app will also orient you and verify your position using local landmarks such as buildings and shops viewed through the camera. Google calls the technology VPS, or visual posi

human-sounding google assistant sparks ethics questions

Google CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled new technology that enables the tech giant's digital assistant to sound like a real person, with pauses and "ums"The new Google digital assistant converses so naturally it may seem like a real person.
The unveiling of the natural-sounding robo-assistant by the tech giant this week wowed some observers, but left others fretting over the ethics of how the human-seeming software might be used.Google chief Sundar Pichai played a recording of the Google Assistant independently calling a hair salon and a restaurant to make bookings—interacting with staff who evidently didn't realize they were dealing with artificial intelligence software, rather than a real customer.Tell the Google Assistant to book a table for four at 6:00 pm, it tends to the phone call in a

apple, where's the smarter siri in ios 12?

Credit: CC0 Public DomainApple this week had every opportunity to show off new voice skills for Siri, the personal digital assistant, and to prove that it could be competitive with Amazon and Google.
Instead, it pretty much took a pass.At its annual developers conference Monday, the company spent 15 minutes on new augmented reality updates, nearly a half-hour on updates to a fall macOS software update and over an hour on the new version of iOS12, the mobile operating system upgrade for the iPhone and iPad that will be out in the fall. This includes improved privacy controls and tools to curb our cellphone addiction with parental controls.It did announce some new features, touted as "Shortcuts," but they're way more about text than voice and touted as "suggestions," that can be set up wit

google pitches artificial intelligence to help unplug

Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivers the keynote address at the Google I/O 2018 Conference at Shoreline Amphitheater on May 8, 2018 in Mountain View, CaliforniaGoogle on Tuesday unveiled an artificial intelligence tool capable of handling routine tasks—such as making restaurant bookings—as a way to help people disconnect from their smartphone screens.
Kicking off the tech giant's annual developers conference, Google chief executive Sundar Pichai argued that its AI-powered digital assistant had the potential to free people from everyday chores.Pichai played a recording of the Google Assistant independently calling a hair salon and a restaurant to make bookings—interacting with staff who evidently didn't realise they were dealing with artificial intelligence software, rather than a real custo

what happens when the robots sound too much like humans?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaks at the Google I/O conference in Mountain View, Calif., Tuesday, May 8, 2018. Google put the spotlight on its artificial intelligence smarts at its annual developers conference Tuesday, where it announced new features and services imbued with machine learning. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)Artificial intelligence has a new challenge: Whether and how to alert people who may not know they're talking to a robot.
On Tuesday, Google showed off a computer assistant that makes convincingly human-sounding phone calls , at least in its prerecorded demonstration. But the real people in those calls didn't seem to be aware they were talking to a machine. That could present thorny issues for the future use of AI.Among them: Is it fair—or even legal—to trick people into talking to

top 8 hair color removers in india

Have you ever faced a situation when you wanted your hair to be in a particular color, but instead you ended up with a hue utterly unimaginable? Well, most of us might have gone through that, and trust us, it’s not a pretty sight. So what do you do when the burgundy shade you wanted, turned your hair into this nasty shade of pink instead? Well for starters, you should have left this job to the experts! But never mind, you can’t cry over spilled hair color now, can you?So the best way to deal with a shoddy hair coloring job is, of course, to get rid of it! In this article, we will name some of the top hair color removers in India and also help you with some natural hair color remover ideas in case you aren’t too keen on adding more chemicals to your mane. Read on to know more!Top 8 Hair Col

how to book dinner reservations for valentine's day with your iphone

The big couple's day is approaching. I highly recommend that, if you're planning a romantic dinner, you get the table booked as soon as possible. All of the top-rated restaurants will be booked before long and you don't want to end up eating fast food under a harsh fluorescent light. You can find a restaurant, book a table, and either get direction or book a ride, all from Apple Maps. It's simple and even kind of fun. Here's how.How to find a restaurant for Valentine's Day with Apple MapsSo, you know you want to take your significant other out to dinner, but you just don't know where. You can find local haunts right inside Apple Maps.Launch Maps from your Home screen.Tap the Search field.Tap Food.Tap Restaurants to see local eating establishments. Select a restaurant.The restaurant summary

5 best hair dryers which can do wonders for your hair

Ever wondered why your hair dryer at home doesn’t work the magic a parlor one would? We too wonder the same! Is it the technology or the way of handling? What is special in these best hair dryers that we don’t see in the ones we use at home? Will our home hair dryer work the same way the professional best hair dryers do and more? So many questions and this is why we are here to speak about the five most happening and the best hair dryers. Take a look!In this post, we would be discussing about 5 best hair dryers which can trasform your dull-looking hair into shiny and glossy tresses! Take a look.[Also Read: Best Travel Hair Dryers]1. Sephora Travel Hair DryerLightweight and compact, and easy on the pocket too, one of the best top rated hair dryers around – Mini Blast Travel Ionic Blow Dryer

diy protein hair treatments

Most of us feel our hair is weak and limp, and this could be a very good indication that the hair we have needs protein hair treatment. With the help of protein hair treatment, the hair is boosted with plenty of proteins for sure, and with nutrients too. This helps strengthen the hair and reconstruct the strands as well. With hair that has a lot of protein-packed strands in it, it would be an awesome way to keep the health of your hair in good stead, and in the best shape as well.With protein hair treatment, you can go ahead and plan to lighten the hair, color it, and even chemically-texturize your hair. In doing protein hair treatment prior to hair coloring, the hair strands would be strengthened and the base of the hair gets stronger. Hence, it becomes a very healthy canvas for the color

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