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 gravity could catch the stupidity surrounding house prices as home building set to shrink deloitte
gravity could catch the ‘stupidity’ surrounding house prices as home building se

Gravity may well have caught up with the “stupidity” surrounding house prices, prominent economist Chris Richardson says.But Mr Richardson warns that this, in turn, will further slow the pace of home building which in recent years has propped up the broader economy.This slowdown in home building comes at a time when production has weakened with large gas projects reaching completion and Cyclone Debbie’s havoc across north east Australia.This slowdown in home building comes at a time when production has weakened. Photo: Jessica Shapiro JLSBut even so Mr Richardson in the latest Deloitte Access Economics business outlook expects Australia will start raising interest rates in 2018 following the global trend set by the US.But because of Australia’s heavily indebted households, the Reserve Bank

what could cause property prices to drop in sydney and melbourne as moderate gro

A significant rise in interest rates or a drop in wages will trigger a fall in property prices — putting aside factors such as a major tax reform or reduced population growth — according to a new report.As the economy is relatively healthy, the more likely situation of the two was a jump in the official interest rate, according to the Deloitte Australian Mortgage Report released on Thursday. This would make home loan repayments more expensive for existing borrowers. Even then, with low wage growth and inflation, the official interest rate remained at a record low and the Reserve Bank had not signalled any significant rises, the report says. Though interest rates were more likely to rise now compared with a year ago, they were unlikely to increase quickly. First home buyers will have to sav

good news is building in queensland, according to deloitte

Good news is building in Queensland, according to the latest Deloitte Access Economics Business Outlook report.The report, released on Monday, said China's never-say-die construction sector had showered blessings on Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.
The latest Deloitte Access Economics business outlook report has some good news for Queensland. Photo: Tamara VoninskiIn the Sunshine State, the big fall in project construction had stopped, Sydney housing prices were sending refugees north of the Tweed, gas output was set to soar and tourist numbers were good despite a rising Australian dollar.There were reasonable gains in engineering activity in Queensland, and Cross River Rail was in the planning stages.Housing construction had been supporting the state's growth wh

the ins and outs of relocating a home

An ad catches your eye while flicking through Gumtree – “Cheap house, $5,000”. Bargain! And it’s in Sydney, no less.Naturally there is a catchthe property doesn’t come with the land it’s sitting on, and has to be picked up and relocated.So how does a buyer, keen for a bargain, go about shifting an entire house? And why would someone want to get rid of a perfectly good home?Who sells a house with no land?Bill Anastasiadis from Management Express is the builder with a house advertised for sale for $5,000. The three-bedroom brick veneer structure is located in Mortdale in Sydney, on a block slated for a new build.A house for $5,000! There’s a catch – you’ll need to move it.“What we’re looking at doing is getting rid of the house so we can redevelop the site,” he explained. “We’ve looked at

house prices continue to rise, were up nearly 8% in may

House prices in the Netherlands were almost 8% higher in May than they were a year ago, the national statistics office CBS said on Wednesday.House prices have been rising steadily for over three years now and are nearly 18% higher than in June 2013, when the housing market was at its lowest level.The price of an average home is now on a par with prices in summer 2006, still some 8% below August 2008 when they hit a record.Sales were also up last month. Figures from the land registry office show nearly 20,000 transactions were recorded in May, a rise of 25% of May 2016 and 20% up on April this year.House prices in some parts of the country – Amsterdam and Utrecht in particular – have already outstripped the August 2008 record.

stockholm house prices double in a decade

An estate agency ad showing prices in different parts of central Stockholm. Photo: Tomas Oneborg/SvD/TT
A Swedish newspaper has highlighted just how rapidly house prices are increasing in Stockholm, revealing that Stockholmers who bought a large apartment in the city in 2006 would have earned 1,200 kronor ($147 dollars) per day on their home over the last 10 years.
House prices have doubled in the Swedish capital over the last decade according to Svenska Dagbladet (SvD), making the city exceptional even by European standards, with a central apartment worth significantly more than one in Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich or Paris when prices are considered per square metre.
The average price for a bostadsrätt (an apartment in a cooperative owned building that is a common form of home owners

major accounting firm deloitte reports extensive cybersecurity breach

It's currently unclear who was behind the attack, but for the past six months, Deloitte has been investigating the breach of its email server, which exposed some five million emails. Along with emails and their sometimes sensitive attachments, the hackers may have gotten their hands on usernames, passwords, IP addresses, business information and workers' health records. The breach apparently stemmed from an administrator's account that was protected by a password and not two-step verification.The Guardian reports that six of Deloitte's clients have been notified that their information was affected. A Deloitte spokesperson told the newspaper, "In response to a cyber incident, Deloitte implemented its comprehensive security protocol and began an intensive and thorough review including mobili

tips of the week: heat shrink, post jacks, and monkee branding

Another week of tips and techniques I’ve scooped up into my Felix the Cat magic bag o’ tricks. Don’t forget to share in the comments below any tips that you’ve come across in your travels. And if you’re going to be at Maker Faire Bay Area on May 20th, come see my Amazing Tales from the Shop panel (see details below).Building a Simple 2×4 JackOver on Essential Craftsman, Scott shows us an ingenious way of building a post jack using nothing but a couple of 2x4s.Correctly Measuring Heat ShrinkHack-a-Day recently ran a piece on the chemistry behind heat-shrink tubing. Heat-shrink is fascinating stuff, and ever so useful once you get over the strange particulars of how to size it, how to determine the percent of shrinkage when heated, and after you consistently remember to thread the heat shrin

property prices slipped 0.3 percent on annual basis in q4 | business

Greece and Italy are the only European Union countries to have seen property prices shrink in the last quarter of 2017, according to Eurostat figures.Both countries saw house rates slip 0.3 percent on a yearly basis, indicating that they are close to joining the rest of the bloc in returning to normality.According to the price index compiled by the Global Property Guide, in the last quarter of 2017 Greek property prices climbed 0.2 percent on a quarterly basis, while the Knight Frank property service company measured the quarterly rise at 0.5 percent.This is the first time in a decade that there has been a reversal to the declining trend in rates.

sydney house prices jump again, but ‘days of double-digit growth are over’

Sydney’s property market has soared to new heights, with the median house price now $1.18 million, data released on Thursday shows.But surprisingly, unit prices grew at twice the pace over the June quarter, suggesting supply is still yet to catch up with demand.Sydney apartment prices jumped 3.2 per cent over the past three months to $757,991, while houses grew a more modest 1.6 per cent to $1,178,417, the latest Domain State of the Market Report shows.Sydney property prices have continued to rise, but for houses the growth rate has slowed. Photo: Jessica HromasThe strong apartment market growth came as a shock to AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver, who had anticipated a sharp slowdown on the back of a record building boom.“We’ve got units popping up like mushrooms, I expected this w

'unprecedented' wave of gambling advertising reaching children, daily mail owner

Northamptonshire is leading a Midlands 'mini-boom' in house prices, says The Guardian. As London’s unaffordable prices drive people away, asking prices for homes in Northants have jumped by 9.1% over the past year, the biggest increase in England and Wales, says Rightmove. Asking prices for the county rose by 2.2% in August, to an average of £256,642.

london house prices, online advertising, sainsbury's to buy nisa| the week uk

London home sellers have trimmed asking prices for a second time in three months as buyer interest continues to wane. Bloomberg reports that prices dropped 2.4% in June, leaving them down 1.4% from a year earlier. Rightmove said that in the capital, buyer activity "remains subdued compared to the recent boom years". Nationally, asking prices slipped 0.4%.

irish sun - nui galways new program partners with deloitte

Deloitte will provide funding over five years to support students while studying abroad The company is partnering with NUI Galway on the University’s new BComm courseNUI Galway partners with universities in several countriesGALWAY, Ireland - Deloitte has announced its partnership with NUI Galway on the University’s new BComm course. Deloitte has said that it will provide funding over five years to support students while studying abroad. According to reports, the new Bachelor of Commerce course at the J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics in NUI Galway offers the opportunity of a work placement and a study abroad in the same year.The university has said that the global experience is crucial to the educational experience.It said that it offers students the opportunity to experience new

melbourne property prices keep going up despite warnings the market is cooling

 Melbourne house prices have jumped $100,000 in a year with the median now sitting at a record $865,712, new data shows.The 15 per cent jump means home ownership is further out of reach for many would-be first home buyers, despite predictions house prices will soon plateau. Melbourne house prices have risen consecutively for more than 4½ years, driven by low interest rates and strong investor activity. In the past quarter alone the city’s median soared almost $30,000, according to the latest Domain State of the Market Report.The median house price in Melbourne has reached $865,000. Photo: Nelson AlexanderExperts say the median is tracking steadily towards the million dollar mark in the next two years unless interest rates rise.“I think the only thing that could slow the Melbourne market wi

new research debunks home building hurdles

Australian property research conducted by has found Australians are succumbing to myths surrounding building a home and choosing to buy a move-in-ready property instead. This research has debunked Australians’ perceived challenges around building, reporting that most issues are far less likely to occur than thought.The most commonly expected and actually faced hurdle for Australian home builders is time delays; however, the research proves expectations are in fact worse than reality. Almost 37 per cent expected to face time delays compared with 23 per cent who actually experienced them.The research found that besides time delays, the top road blocks home builders expected to face versus what they actually experienced were budget blowouts (expected 23 per cent vs actual

deloitte says 'very few' clients hit by hack

Deloitte said Monday that "very few" of the accounting and consultancy firm's clients were affected by a hack after a news report said systems of blue-chip clients had been breached.
Deloitte said it immediately contacted government authorities and the affected clients after discovering the hack, which stemmed from a breach in an email platform, the firm said in a statement."Only very few clients were impacted," the company said. "No disruption has occurred to client business, to Deloitte's ability to continue to serve, or to consumers.""Deloitte remains deeply committed to ensuring that its cyber-security defenses are best in class, to investing heavily in protecting confidential information and to continually reviewing and enhancing cyber security," the company said.The Guardian report

is the end of the boom in sight? house prices in amsterdam drop slightly

House prices in Amsterdam were down 0.5 % in the third quarter of 2017, compared with the three months to end June, the Financieele Dagblad said on Thursday, quoting figures from real estate agency association NVM.The price of terraced homes fell by as much as 7% compared with the second quarter, the NVM figures show. Terraced homes are particularly common in parts of Noord, Zuid-Oost and Nieuw-West, all areas of the city that had been booming.‘We may have reached the top of the market,’ Sven Heinen, chair of the Amsterdam association told the paper. House prices in the capital have risen steadily since the end of 2013, with annual increases of up to 25%.‘Many people find it impossible to pay the current prices,’ he said. The average asking price for a home in Amsterdam is now €506,000, ac

dutch firm asml perfecting 'microchip shrink' for tech giants

They call it "the shrink"—it's the challenge of how to pack more circuits onto the microchips which power everything from our phones to our computers, even our coffee machines.

bloemendaal tops expensive home list, while delfzijl is bottom

This gardener’s cottage in Bloemendaal is a listed building. Photo: Marcelmulder68 via Wikimedia CommonsThe most expensive homes in the Netherlands are once again found in the coastal town of Bloemendaal near Haarlem. The average price for a house was €776,0000 in 2017, according to a new report published jointly by the national statistics office CBS and the land registry on Thursday.This was well above the national average of €263,000 last year and far above the average €141,000 paid in the northern port city of Delfzijl, reckoned to be the cheapest in the country for housing.The price differences last year were wider than in 2016, the CBS said. Average house prices in Bloemendaal were 5.5 times more expensive than in Delfzijl in 2017 but only just over five times higher in the previous y

oil price: trump should change his policy on iran rather than blaming opec

President Donald Trump has once again taken to Twitter to slam Opec for driving up oil prices. The group is a useful scapegoat on which to pin the blame for rising gasoline prices at home, but getting it to pump more crude won’t bring them down for long. The way to really lower prices is for him to change his policy on Iran.
Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen, so oil prices could well keep rising. Oil prices have climbed by more than 50 per cent in a year, and very nearly touched $80 a barrel last week as traders anticipated that the world’s margin of spare production capacity available to offset supply disruptions is set to seriously shrink.
They know something that the president either can’t or won’t understand: When sanctions on Iran come into force in November, producers do

a safety-first budget won’t work | economy

This week’s Budget speech by the chancellor of the exchequer, Philip Hammond, was rather more entertaining than one might expect from a man ironically called ‘Box Office Phil’.There was an open goal of a joke about Jeremy Clarkson’s dislike of driverless cars – ‘Sorry Jeremy, this is definitely not the first time you’ve been snubbed by Hammond and May’ – and a gentle dig at Theresa May about bringing some cough sweets. Sadly, the content of the speech was predictably timid and politicised in all the wrong ways. It was a budget that will do little to solve the problems of the UK economy.For example, a longstanding problem has been ever-rising house prices: good if you are downsizing, terrible if you’re trying to buy a house for the first time. While Hammond talked up the rising rate of new

jenelle evans proudly unveils 'forever home'

Jenelle Evans began the process of building her perfect house during this season of Teen Mom 2 -- and now the mother of three is unveiling the (almost) finished product. Home sweet home, indeed!"Cannot wait to start another new chapter with you and our family!" the 25-year-old captioned the snapshot above, proudly standing with fiancé David Eason in front of their abode. "After about 8 months of hard work clearing land, getting stung by bees, blistering up our hands, etc.... our #ForeverHome is finally here!!!! Still a lot more work to do on the inside and out but glad we decided to make this big decision and couldn't be any happier!!! #FamilyFirst #BlessedMom Also would like to give @claytonhomes a shout-out for building our dream home!"Baby Ensley's daddy shared the same image as his lad

wednesday 13 september 2017 | the week uk

More than half of Britain has seen wages rise faster than house prices in the last 10 years, says the Yorkshire Building Society. Yet although in 54% of areas, including Edinburgh and Birmingham, pay has outpaced property prices since 2007, across London and much of southern England, it has become "increasingly difficult for first-time buyers and those wanting to move up the housing ladder", said a spokesman.

deloitte still dealing with the trauma of bourke street six months later

"It's still very raw and when you get reminded, it's tough."The Melbourne employees of multinational accounting firm Deloitte are still struggling to deal with the death of one of their own, accountant Bhavita Patel, six months after the Bourke Street attack, says Victorian managing partner Jeremy Cooper.      
Deloitte corporate adviser Bhavita Patel, 33, victim of the Bourke Street attacks. Photo: FacebookFor many of those working in the company's office at 550 Bourke Street, the wounds have yet to heal. That might never happen. Mental health experts estimate one in five witnesses to the attack will develop a mental health condition such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, an anxiety disorder or substance abuse problems.
Bhavita Patel was hit at the corner of Bourke and El

boost in collateral, not 'feeling richer,' drives consumers to borrow as home pr

PRINCETON, N.J.--When home prices rise, households tend to borrow and spend more. But economists have had trouble identifying exactly what causes that relationship. Is it that when a house becomes worth more, borrowers are able to offer more collateral to secure a loan? Or is it that when a house is worth more, borrowers feel richer so are more willing to borrow and spend? A study by Princeton University professor Henrik Kleven and colleagues, published as a working paper on the National Bureau for Economic Research website, tries to tease this out. Their key finding is that the main mechanism driving householders to borrow and spend is the collateral effect -- when the value of homes rise, people have more collateral to use for borrowing, which in turn gives them access to lower interest

rising prices ‘changing australian culture’

The Great Australian Dream of owning your own home – usually a house on a quarter-acre block – is almost considered a universal truth. But one in every three people no longer holds onto this aspiration, a new survey reveals.While one in four of 3200 people surveyed by ServiceSeeking thought they would never be able to own a home, of those who don’t own, 35 per cent said it was not a major priority in their life.This could be due to the unaffordability of housing in key east coast capital cities, ServiceSeeking chief executive Jeremy Levitt said.The Great Australian Dream of a house on a quarter-acre block is fast fading. Photo: Glen McCurtayne“This contradicts the ‘Great Australian Dream’ of property ownership and shows how rising house prices are changing Australian culture,” Mr Levitt sa

the last areas sydney first-home buyers can afford

House prices have risen so fast in Sydney that just four suburbs are still within reach for first-home buyers. Not surprisingly, they are all more than 45 kilometres away from the CBD.Just a small cluster of suburbs in Sydney’s west – Willmot, Tregear, Emerton and Lethbridge Park – had a median price that was on par with the typical amount spent on a property by first-home buyers.In 2000, there were 51 suburbs with a median price that matched what first-home buyers were spending, including a swathe of choices in the west and south-west.This Emerton house sold in 2016 for $440,000 – up $225,000 since 2007. Photo: Raine & Horne St MarysTo calculate a likely price paid by first-time buyers, Domain analysed the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ NSW first-home buyer loan data, adding a deposit o

house prices reach a new record, are 28% up on five years ago

Photo: Niels van der PasHouse prices in the Netherlands have now reached their highest ever level, surpassing the previous peak of August 2008, before the start of the economic crisis.House prices in May were an average 9% up on a year ago, according to new figures from the national statistics office CBS and land registry Kadaster.The average price of a property changing hands was €283,945, although there are extremely wide regional variations.House prices have now risen 28% since their lowest point in June 2013. In total, 18,237 homes changed hands in May, up 2,000 on April.

sydney housing continues to slow

Sydney's housing market is continuing to slow while Melbourne remains on the climb, latest auction figures show.Home prices in Melbourne held steady in the week to July 23, after climbing for three consecutive weeks, data on the latest round of auction activity from property analytics firm CoreLogic shows.
Sydney's house prices were flat in the week but monthly growth in prices has slowed from 3.1 per cent to 2.1 per cent. Photo: Glenn HuntSydney's house prices were flat in the week but monthly growth in prices for the Harbour City has slowed from 3.1 per cent to 2.1 per cent.AAP 

boost in collateral, not 'feeling richer,' drives consumers to borrow as home pr

When home prices rise, households tend to borrow and spend more. But economists have had trouble identifying exactly what causes that relationship. Is it that when a house becomes worth more, borrowers are able to offer more collateral to secure a loan? Or is it that when a house is worth more, borrowers feel richer so are more willing to borrow and spend?

life on earth is used to gravity – so what happens to our cells and tissues in s

Look ma, no gravity! Credit: NASA , CC BYThere's one force whose effects are so deeply entrenched in our everyday lives that we probably don't think much about it at all: gravity. Gravity is the force that causes attraction between masses. It's why when you drop a pen, it falls to the ground. But because gravitational force is proportional to the mass of the object, only large objects like planets create tangible attractions. This is why the study of gravity traditionally focused on massive objects like planets.
Our first manned space missions, however, completely changed how we thought about gravity's effects on biological systems. The force of gravity doesn't just keep us anchored to the ground; it influences how our bodies work on the smallest of scales. Now with the prospect of longe

house prices across britain expected to grow by 14% by 2022 - cotswold journal

Savills has said it expects house prices to increase by around 14% across Britain over the next five years . House prices in the North West of England are forecast to surge at nearly double the rate of that in London over the next five years, according to a report.Start the conversation, or Read more at Cotswold Journal.

gravity puzzle challenges your brain and your reflexes

When young Isaac Newton was struck on the head with an apple, he quickly realized he had discovered something he came to call gravity. It's always there, but what if you could control it?In Newton - Gravity Puzzle, that's just what you do. Each level presents new challenges, encouraging you to spin the board around to control gravity and complete the puzzle.It isn't always safe and easy, though. Newton - Gravity Puzzle presents you with spikes and other dangers to prevent you from getting your white ball to the end of the puzzle. Can you outwit the game?Control gravity to solve these Zen-like puzzlesThis game not only allows you to control gravity, but it's fairly relaxing as you do so. Even so, there's an edge of anticipation as your white ball rolls ever closer to the dangerous spikes. D

malcolm turnbull increasingly isolated over capital gains tax

If only someone had taken the heat out of the property market back in February 2016.Back then Sydney home prices were climbing 9 per cent a year, Melbourne prices 11 per cent.Rates on holdVideo duration01:03Previous slideNext slideVideo duration01:20House prices from state to stateHouse prices from state to stateThis is what happens when you have all the states over for a BBQ and the topic of house prices comes up.Rates on holdVideo duration01:03Video duration01:03Rates on holdRates on holdRates are set to stay at a record 1.5%We own 28 investment propertiesVideo duration01:49Video duration01:49We own 28 investment propertiesWe own 28 investment propertiesHere's how this young couple managed the seemingly impossible.Scott and Mina's journeyVideo duration01:49Video duration01:49Scott and Mi

ipswich records highest growth in house prices in queensland

House prices in Ipswich are skyrocketing and its growth outstripping every other region in Queensland, including Brisbane, the Gold and Sunshine coasts.The Domain regional house price report shows Ipswich house prices increased by 6.3 per cent during the March quarter –a massive result compared to the rest of the state, where most house prices fell.Out of 14 regions in Queensland, only four others recorded positive growth during the March quarter: Cairns (0.7 per cent), the Gold Coast (1.1 per cent), Redlands (1.0 per cent) and the Sunshine Coast (2.7 per cent). Brisbane’s house price fell by 3.2 per cent to a median of $635,925.8 Thorn Street, Ipswich, is a four-bedroom, three-bathroom renovated Queenslander listed at $569,000 with Ray White Bundamba. Photo: SuppliedIpswich also recorded

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