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 h h question of the week how should i feed my competition horse with gastric ulcers
h&h question of the week: 'how should i feed my competition horse with gastric u

Spillers' equine nutritionist Clare Barfoot provides one H&H forum user with some helpful advice on how to feed a horse with suspected gastric ulcersQ: “My dressage horse hasn’t been quite right. He hates having his rugs on, fidgets when I tack him up, is fussy about having his feet picked out with his saddle on, has started moving away when I try to get on and is reluctant to go off my leg as much as he was. All of these signs lead me to think he might have gastric ulcers. If the vet tells me this is the case, what recommendations do you have for feed and supplements? He is in substantial work.”A: You are right to investigate gastric ulcers especially if these are all new behaviours at least to confirm or eliminate ulcers as a cause. If your vet does confirm a diagnosis firstly he will ne

channel your inner mary berry to help horses throughout the world

World Horse Welfare, in partnership with Horse & Hound, is inviting its supporters to get baking and host their own stable-themed brunch.Fundraising initiative The Morning Feed is designed to get friends, family, riding partners, yards, competition teams and colleagues together to have fun and raise vital funds to support the international charity’s work.The Morning Feed asks budding baking stars to create mouth-watering recipes using ingredients that would even tempt your horse.A little help has already been offered from some familiar faces to give you ideas what to bake. World Horse Welfare patron Lee McKenzie has devised a delicious healthy “cool mix” granola, Jane Holderness-Roddam has come up with the ultimate power breakfast and fellow World Horse Welfare patron and Olympic medallist

condition score your horse | farming futures

Condition scoring your horse is an objective assessment of his current body condition, essentially scoring fat cover.The level of fat cover is assessed using a numeric grading system.There are a number of factors that can affect the condition score of a horse. Primarily condition is related to feed intake, but also other factors such as fitness, age, pregnancy and general health will be influential.Many horse owners find it difficult to differentiate between fat and muscle. Condition scoring needs to be hands-on in order to feel the relevant areas of the horse.The areas where horses store fat are:Neck – including their toplineOver their shouldersRibsBackboneRump (pelvis area)Top of the tailA top tip is to divide your horse into three sections, condition score each area and then divide your

how to feed a barefoot horse — horse & hound

Spillers' equine nutritionist Clare Barfoot provides one H&H forum user with some helpful advice on how to feed a barefoot horse for optimum healthQ: “Feeding a barefoot cob — I’m very new to horse ownership and want to research the best diet I should be feeding my cob cross, who I believe has been barefoot her whole life (she is nine-years-old). She’s on full livery, so gets fed as part of that, but I want to make sure she’s having what she should be to keep her and her hooves in the best condition. Could anyone give me some advice please?”A: The importance of healthy hooves has been known for generations of horsemen with the saying “no hoof, no horseoften quoted. Hoof problems are a very common headache for horse owners and while good hoof trimming is essential, the importance of sound

'i feel fantastic': tim stockdale back competing after fall

Tim Stockdale is delighted to be back competing after a fall that left him with a broken collarbone.The British showjumper fell while trying out a potential new horse in January.Following the “clean break” to his collarbone, Tim was put under strict doctor’s orders to let the healing process run its course.After three weeks he was back in the saddle and on Saturday (11 March) he donned his show jacket and returned to competition at Keysoe.All of his horses jumped clear and Tim said he felt “fantastic”.“Everything is in order,” he told H&H today (13 March).“The horses jumped very well and I’m glad to be back again — five weeks was a long time.“I’ve been having physio and building up the muscles around it.“The healing is good and there’s certainly no pain— it’s a question of getting the stre

6 cracking competition horses for sale

With the outdoor competition season fast approaching, you need to get yourself a four-legged friend to fully enjoy it with. Take a look at our selection of competition horses for sale on the Horse & Hound website this week.1. ‘Super fun’Height: 16.2hhAge: 11Gender: mareSelling points: “This mare has jumped competitively up to 1.25m British Showjumping (BS), including winning at Scope Festival and has qualified for all major finals. She is fast against the clock and super careful. She isn’t spooky in any way and jumps open water and water trays etc. She has hunted with the Meynell and has also team chased, being fantastic across country — 100% to do.”View the advert2. ‘Exceptional’Height: 16.2hhAge: 12Gender: mareSelling points: “This horse has tonnes of scope and has competed in all discip

australian cup favourite humidor examined on morning of race

A barrage of social media concerning the wellbeing of Australian Cup favourite Humidor sent shockwaves through the Australian racing world on Saturday morning.However, it seems that the outcry about the condition of Humidor was the result of an oversight by the four-year-old's strapper.
Jockey Damian Lane (left) rides Humidor. Photo: Getty ImagesRacing Victoria stewards said that they did a stable inspection at 3am on Saturday morning at the Warrnambool stables of Darren Weir and found a plunger from a syringe in top-line galloper Humidor's feed bin.But stable staff said the plunger contained a liquid that should be lathered over the tongue of the horse to help with its digestive system overnight."After the inspection it was pointed out that instead of having the liquid put on the horse'

21 signs you’re an incurable showing addict

If you live and breathe showing — either to compete or as a spectator — many of the following may well be familiar…1. You think nothing of setting your alarm for 3am in order to get to a show. It’s all worth it for a champion sash.2. Travel time and distance covered are irrelevant factors when you’re chasing a Royal International, Horse of the Year Show and/or Olympia ticket. Devon to Scotland? No problem.3. What do Robert Walker and Jayne Ross et al have that you don’t? This is the million-dollar question you’ve been researching for years.4. Being overtaken during the gallop is a no-no — and doing it in front of the judges should be one of the seven sins.5. Feeling euphoric when the judge nods at you first.6. Holding your breath for the entire time the ride judge assesses your horse.7. Th

6 awesome all-rounders for sale this week

If you’re on the lookout for a horse to have a go at all disciplines with, take a look at our selection of all-rounders for sale on the Horse & Hound website this week.1. ‘Exceptionally talented’Height: 14.3hhAge: 11Gender: geldingSelling points: “‘Troy’ is a horse with endless potential. He has three great paces and is an absolute head-turner. Troy needs a confident, quiet rider as he isn’t a novice ride. He hacks alone and in company, loves schooling, jumping, dressage, competitions and has been my best friend for the past four years. Troy has won almost every dressage competition he has been entered into and consistently scores above 69%. He came fifth at the Pony Club national championships last year in the intermediate dressage and also qualified for the novice showjumping. Troy has c

for one week only: save 50% on horse & hound subscriptions

For the equestrian world, Thursday is widely know as Horse & Hound day, with the arrival of the magazine in newsagents and supermarkets being keenly anticipated.But if you normally pop out to pick up the magazine each week, why not take advantage of this fantastic limited offer and get the magazine delivered straight to your door instead?For one week only, you can receive a 50% discount – yes that’s HALF PRICE (we must have lost our minds!) – on a subscription to Horse & Hound.Subscribe now from just £18.75 >>Every week our +100-page magazine is packed full of news analysis, expert comment, veterinary insight, brilliant reports from across the disciplines, interviews with some of the most influential individuals in the equestrian world, plus a whole host of brilliant regular and special fe

consider yourself an eventing geek? put yourself to the test with our mark todd

To celebrate this week's eventing special issue of Horse & Hound magazine (9 March 2017), we put your knowledge about our cover star Mark Todd to the testTAGS:Horse QuizMark ToddDon’t miss our exclusive interview with Mark Todd in this week’s issue of Horse & Hound magazine (9 March 2017)

a fear of missed calls — and other things that a horse owner on holiday experien

Some parents can’t wait for a few days holiday from the children (or their partner...) or a well-earned rest from the office politics, however leaving our horses can bring on countless worries and the not-so-impossible what-ifs. Military operations have been easier to organise… 1. Who is going to look after your four-legged child?If you are at a livery yard then hopefully your horse won’t be thrown too out of their routine with your absence. You leave a big bag of carrots and hope your friend will send you regular photograph updates of your horse’s goings on while you’re gone (you can never have enough photos of your horse eating…)2. But if you keep your horses at home this may take a little more organisingYour adoring non-horsey partner claims they are up to the job. How hard can it be th

charlotte dujardin debuts her new horse pumpkin: is this the next valegro?

The double Olympic champion Charlotte Dujardin has debuted a new horse, Gio, in competition — winning two elementary level tests with high scores on Sunday (26 February) at Hunters EC in Gloucestershire. It was the horse’s first ever show.Charlotte spotted “Pumpkin”, as he is now known at home, when she was teaching a clinic in California in the autumn of 2016. Her pupil Amelie Kovac was riding the then five-year-old by Apache x Tango, and he caught Charlotte’s eye.“He wasn’t even meant to be on the clinic; someone dropped out and Amelie — who was local — came in on him at the end of the day as a replacement,” Charlotte told H&H. “As soon as he came in I thought, ‘Oh my god I love that horse’. Then I saw him trot and canter and I thought, ‘Oh my god, I really love that horse’.“He had this

a fear of blackthorns — and 24 other signs you're addicted to hunting

If your heart sinks as the days get longer and the sight of diamante brings you out in a cold sweat, you may well be addicted to hunting... 1. In autumn you buy a mass of gin and pick as many sloes as you can.2. You are hacking but you still shout ‘gate please!’ when walking through a gateway.3. Never mind Chanel, Gucci or Louboutin it’s all about Patey and Bernard Weatherill.4. Your natural riding seat is feet forward and body slightly behind the vertical.5. Your breeches are a lot more baggy than any competition breeches.6. Any sight of diamante or patent leather brings you out in a cold sweat.7. You don’t care whether your horse is on the bit or what leg it’s on, but it is important that it is still underneath you and enjoying it as much as you are.8. Your idea of a perfect holiday is a

how do you know when to report a neglected horse?

Horse & Hound's charity of the year World Horse Welfare relies on members of the public to be its eyes and ears. Here the charity explains when you should call their welfare line — and when a call is not necessary All calls are confidential and World Horse Welfare would always encourage people to contact them if they are in any doubt as to the well-being of any horse, but here are a few specific things to look out for.Call the World Horse Welfare welfare line as a matter of urgency if…CollapsedHorses will lie down to sleep so it is important wherever possible to distinguish between a horse which is collapsed and one which is simply lying down.Non-weight-bearing lamenessThis is where the horse is unable to put one foot to the floor or clearly unable to put any weight on one limb. Horses wil

the science of liquorice

Once you’re over the shock of Marmite. Credit: ShutterstockThere are foods that can split families, or even just couples. Love it or hate it foods. Marmite (and the vegetarian alternative, Vegemite) is one. Then there's Brussels sprouts, blue cheese, chilli peppers, coriander (cilantro), tomatoes (especially the cooked variety) … and liquorice.
Personally, I've always liked liquorice, but there are others who feel very differently about it. There are known to be genetic reasons behind a dislike of some foods such as Brussels sprouts or coriander but no one has established this for liquorice.Liquorice has a long history; the root of the plant Glycyrrhiza glabral has been used medicinally for over 4,000 years. Liquorice has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties and has

horse & hound unveils exciting new look

Horse & Hound has been the trusted source of news, reporting and entertainment for the equestrian world since 1884, making it an essential read for everyone who loves horses.Today, we unveil the latest exciting development for the UK’s number one equestrian weekly with a new logo and a fresh appearance for our market-leading content.Our unrivalled coverage of events, reported by award-winning journalists, plus the latest news and vet research as well as training, interviews and features every week — all enhanced by access to the best experts in the world — will be even easier for readers to enjoy.During the past six months we have been working hard researching and reviewing our magazine, talking to readers and riders about what they want from Horse & Hound and how can we make it even bette

horse who was once so scared he 'nearly went to heaven' wins world cup qualifier

A horse who was once so frightened and erratic he “nearly went to heaven” has come up trumps for Isabell Werth in a World Cup dressage qualifier.The 11-year-old gelding Emilio recorded a score of 84.2% in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Friday (24 February), to take the competition from Swedish runners-up Patrik Kittel and Delauney, on 80.91%.Isabell said the horse lost some confidence in the freestyle, and that she was realised “he needs more training because he didn’t always know what to do and we had two mistakes, in the pirouette and tempi changes”, but that she will also compete him at the final qualifier in the Netherlands in a fortnight’s time.Isabell explained Emilio had “something of a reputation” in his early years.“It was as if he could see something out of the corner of his eye when you

horse & hound to unveil exciting new look tomorrow

Horse & Hound has been the trusted source of news, reporting and entertainment for the equestrian world since 1884, making it an essential read for everyone who loves horses.Tomorrow, we unveil the latest exciting development for the UK’s number one equestrian weekly with a new logo and a fresh appearance for our market-leading content.Our unrivalled coverage of events, reported by award-winning journalists, plus the latest news and vet research as well as training, interviews and features every week — all enhanced by access to the best experts in the world — will be even easier for readers to enjoy.During the past six months we have been working hard researching and reviewing our magazine, talking to readers and riders about what they want from Horse & Hound and how can we make it even be

12 reasons why horses are better than cats (just in case you were in any doubt)

Just in case you were in any doubt (or are in need of convincing friends and family who are sceptical about your horsey habits), here are 12 very good reasons why you're better off with a horse rather than a cat... 1. You won’t wake up unable to breathe because your horse has stuck its tail up your nose. We hope not, anyway.2. You don’t have to lift your horse off the sideboard repeatedly when you’re trying to cook, end up shutting it in the living room out of exasperation, and then find the horse has expressed its displeasure by shredding your sofa.3. Your horse won’t leave you “presents” of eviscerated mice and headless birds outside your bedroom door, carefully positioned so they squelch between your bare toes.4. Your horse won’t suddenly take a flying leap on to your shoulder, or try t

dressage rider to jockey in 60 days: 'i need to start doing some cardio work. so

As my horse Morris and I made our way to the Summerhouse British Dressage (BD) regional finals last week, with my friend Ruth and Morris’ ‘girlfriend’ Arietta, Ruth and I discussed the differences between dressage and race riding, of which, there are many. There are the obvious ones, such as my stirrups on my tiny riding out saddle being a quarter of the length of those on my beautiful Bliss Paramour Dressage saddle. Or finding your balance during the sudden burst of power as your horse jumps off at the bottom of the gallops.There are, however, more subtle differences that you only realise exist when you’re required to switch between the two riding styles. In dressage, you encourage the horse to go in ‘self-carriage’. An elastic, independent contact is desirable on a dressage horse and you

fighting antibiotic resistance - india legal

Meat from animals and chickens also contain antibiotics as it is mixed in their feed under the guise of preventing them from falling sick, but the actual goal is to fatten them before slaughter. The Superbugs pass from the animal’s dung and spread through the air, soil, and water into rivers and sewers.Dr Vikram Sarbhai, senior consultant in chest medicine, critical care and sleep medicine at the National Heart Institute, New Delhi told India Legal: “The idea of auditing prescription to regulate use of antibiotics may be wonderful. But the question is how do we ensure compliance? The magnitude of logistics is huge and there is no apparatus to deal with it. India has not yet standardised healthcare and created even minimum standards format. We do not have health records for every individual

top british horse returns to competition after injury break

Gemma Tattersall’s brilliant cross-country horse Arctic Soul is back in action after an injury break.The syndicate-owned retrained racehorse finished fifth in an open intermediate at Tweseldown yesterday (9 March), his first competition since landing third place at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials last year.“He came back from Badminton fine, then four days before selection [for the Rio Olympics] a front leg wasn’t quite 100%,” Gemma told H&H. “Within three weeks the scan was clear and the vet said we could crack on and take him to Pau, but he doesn’t owe me anything and we decided to give him some time.”“Spike” had “a nice holiday” in the field with Gemma’s Rio ride Quicklook V and came back into work on 1 December.At Tweseldown he scored 30 in the dressage, before a double jum

william fox-pitt: 17 pearls of jumping wisdom

He has won 14 four-star events, more than 50 three-day events and countless medals for the British eventing team. While attending the British Horse Society's coaching convention, William Fox-Pitt shared his advice and knowledge on training horses and riders for jumping. Here are the highlights...1. A rider should always focus on the individual character of a horse when training — one method does not fit all.2. A horse that is genuine on the flat usually translates through to its rideability and trainability while jumping.3. When training or looking for a horse to jump, you want one that can think for himself, is clever on his feet and is ultimately safe — you want a horse to help you out if you’ve messed things up at a fence.4. It is our job as riders to train a horse to think on his feet,

allister hood: 3 ingredients for a trot-up that will impress the judge

How do you trot up a horse to impress the judge? In the first part of a new training series with Allister Hood (pictured), the leading producer explains that it isn’t just about showing your horse moves correctlyAccording to Allister, impressing the judges is not just about showing your horse moves correctly. It requires the following three things as well:1. Maintaining the horse’s rhythm2. Maintaining the horse’s balance3. Ensuring the horse stays straight“If he isn’t straight, he may look as if he’s throwing out a leg to the side even when he isn’t,” explains Allister.How to teach a correct trot-up• At home, teach your horse to lead from both sides and change the rein on both reins, so he doesn’t become one-sided.• Walk away in a straight line and move him slightly to the left before tur

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