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announcing the sydney, australia region for heroku private spaces

Today we’re happy to announce that the Sydney, Australia region is now generally available for use with Heroku Private Spaces. Sydney joins Virginia, Oregon, Frankfurt, and Tokyo as regions where Private Spaces can be created by any Heroku Enterprise user. Developers can now deploy Heroku apps closer to customers in the Asia-Pacific area to reduce latency and take advantage of the advanced network & trust controls of Spaces to ensure sensitive data stays protected.To create a Private Space in Sydney, select the Spaces tab in Heroku Dashboard in Heroku Enterprise, then click the “New Space” button and choose “Sydney, Australia” from the the Space Region dropdown. After a Private Space in Sydney is created, Heroku apps can be created inside it as normal. Heroku Postgres, Redis, and Kafka are

now ga: read and write postgres data from salesforce with heroku external object

Today we are announcing a significant enhancement to Heroku External Objects: write support. Salesforce users can now create, read, update, and delete records that physically reside in any Heroku Postgres database from within their Salesforce deployment. Increasingly, developers need to build applications with the sophistication and user experience of the consumer Internet, coupled with the seamless customer experience that comes from integration with Salesforce. Heroku External Objects enable a compelling set of integrations scenarios between Heroku and Salesforce deployments, allowing Postgres to be updated based on business processes or customer records in Salesforce. With Heroku External Objects, data persisted in Heroku Postgres is presented as an external object in Salesforce. Extern

powering the real food revolution with iot, mqtt, and heroku: an interview with

Kyle Seaman is Director of Farm Technology for Freight Farms, producer of pre-assembled, IoT-enabled, hydroponic farms inside repurposed freight containers. Read the Freight Farms customer story to learn more about how Heroku has helped the company scale their business.Our flagship product, The Leafy Green Machine (LGM), is a complete, commercial-ready, hydroponic growing system assembled inside a repurposed shipping container. Each of our 100+ farms is connected to an IoT network built on Heroku.We’re running the open source version of the Parse server on Heroku. Our stack is mostly JavaScript: MongoDB along with a Node.js API. We also use Heroku Postgres.Xively is a core component of our stack. We use the Xively add-on to sync our Heroku apps with their IoT cloud platform enabling us to

the heroku 2016 retrospective | heroku

As we begin 2017, we want to thank you for supporting Heroku. Your creativity and innovation continues to inspire us, and pushed us to deliver even more new products and features in 2016. We especially want to thank everyone who helped us by beta testing, sharing Heroku with others, and providing feedback. Here are the highlights of what became generally available in 2016.A new way to structure, manage and visualize continuous delivery.Test code at a shareable URL using disposable Heroku apps that spin up with each GitHub pull request.Get SSL encryption on custom domains for free on apps that use paid dynos.Take advantage of the CLI’s faster performance and new usability features.Powerful collaboration, administration and centralized billing capabilities to build and run more effective dev

announcing heroku autoscaling for web dynos

We’re excited to announce that Heroku Autoscaling is now generally available for apps using web dynos.We’ve always made it seamless and simple to scale apps on Heroku - just move the slider. But we want to go further, and help you in the face of unexpected demand spikes or intermittent activity. Part of our core mission is delivering a first-class operational experience that provides proactive notifications, guidance, and—where appropriate—automated responses to particular application events. Today we take another big step forward in that mission with the introduction of Autoscaling.Autoscaling makes it effortless to meet demand by horizontally scaling your web dynos based on what’s most important to your end users: responsiveness. To measure responsiveness, Heroku Autoscaling uses your ap

postgresql 9.6 now generally available on heroku

PostgreSQL 9.6 is now generally available for Heroku Postgres. The main focus of this release is centered around performance. PostgreSQL 9.6 includes enhanced parallelism for key capabilities that sets the stage for significant performance improvements for a variety of analytic and transactional workloads. With 9.6, certain actions, like individual queries, can be split up into multiple parts and performed in parallel. This means that everything from running queries, creating indexes, and sorting have major improvements that should allow a number of different workloads to execute faster than they had in prior releases of PostgreSQL. With 9.6, the PostgreSQL community, along with Heroku’s own open source contributions to this release (a special thanks to Peter Geoghegan), have laid the foun

bundler changed where your canonical ruby information lives: what you need to kn

Heroku bumped its Bundler version to 1.13.7 almost a month ago, and since then we've had a large number of support tickets opened, many a variant of the following:Your Ruby version is , but your Gemfile specified
I wanted to talk about why you might get this error while deploying to Heroku, and what you can do about it, along with some bonus features provided by the new Bundler version.First off, why are you getting this error? On Heroku in our Ruby Version docs, we mention that you can use a Ruby directive in your Gemfile to specify a version of Ruby. For example if you wanted 2.3.3 then you would need this:# Gemfile
ruby "2.3.3"
This is still the right way to specify a version, however recent versions of Bundler introduced a cool new feature. To understand why this bug happens you nee

a few postgres essentials | heroku

Postgres is our favorite database—it’s reliable, powerful and secure. Here are a few essential tips learned from building, and helping our customers build, apps around Postgres. These tips will help ensure you get the most out of Postgres, whether you’re running it on your own box or using the Heroku Postgres add-on.Postgres connections are not free, as each established connection has a cost. By using a connection pooler, you’ll reduce the number of connections you use and reduce your overhead.Most Postgres client libraries include a built-in connection pooler; make sure you’re using it. You might also consider using our pgbouncer buildpack if your application requires a large number of connections. PgBouncer is a server-side connection pooler and connection manager that goes between your

announcing the new heroku cli: performance and readability enhancements

Today we are announcing the newest version of the Heroku CLI. We know how much time you spend in the CLI as developers and how much pride you take in being able to get things done quickly. Our new CLI has big improvements in performance as well as enhanced readability for humans and machines. CLI response time is made up of two parts: the API response time and the performance of the CLI itself, and the latter is where we’ve made big improvements. While a typical Unix user should experience responses that are around half a second faster, the biggest gains are for Windows users, as the new CLI no longer has a Ruby wrapper. When we measured the time it takes for the info command in the old vs. new CLI, it decreases from 1690 to 1210 milliseconds in Unix, and 3409 to 944 milliseconds in Window

apache kafka, data pipelines, and functional reactive programming with node.js

Heroku recently released a managed Apache Kafka offering. As a Node.js developer, I wanted to demystify Kafka by sharing a simple yet practical use case with the many Node.js developers who are curious how this technology might be useful. At Heroku we use Kafka internally for a number of uses including data pipelines.  I thought that would be a good place to start.When it comes to actual examples, Java and Scala get all the love in the Kafka world.  Of course, these are powerful languages, but I wanted to explore Kafka from the perspective of Node.js.  While there are no technical limitations to using Node.js with Kafka, I was unable to find many examples of their use together in tutorials, open source code on GitHub, or blog posts.  Libraries implementing Kafka’s binary (and fairly simple

apache kafka on heroku is now generally available

Many of the compelling and engaging application experiences we enjoy every day are powered by event-based systems; requesting a ride and watching its progress, communicating with a friend or large group in real time, or connecting our increasingly intelligent devices to our phones and each other. Behind the scenes, similar architectures let developers connect separate services into single systems, or process huge data streams to generate real-time insights. Together, these event-driven architectures and systems are quickly becoming a powerful complement to the relational database and app server models that have been at the core of Internet applications for over twenty years.At Heroku, we want to make the power of this increasingly important model available to a broader range of developers,

yarn: lock it in for deterministic dependency resolution

Choices are an important part of a healthy open source software community. That’s why we’re excited about Yarn, a new package manager that addresses many of the problems with Node’s default package manager, npm. While npm has done a fantastic job creating a large and vibrant JavaScript ecosystem, I want to share why Yarn is an important addition to the Node.js ecosystem, how it will improve your Node.js development experience, and how Heroku has incorporated it into the build process for your Heroku apps.We began testing Yarn almost immediately after it was released, and began fully supporting it on December 16.Yarn was released in October 2016 and made a big splash immediately. And while it came out of Facebook, Yarn is a true open source project: it has a BSD license, clear contribution

ruby 2.4 released: faster hashes, unified integers and better rounding

The Ruby maintainers continued their annual tradition by gifting us a new Ruby version to celebrate the holiday: Ruby 2.4 is now available and you can try it out on Heroku.Ruby 2.4 brings some impressive new features and performance improvements to the table, here are a few of the big ones:Have you ever used p or puts to get the value of a variable in your code? If you’ve been writing Ruby the odds are pretty good that you have. The alternative REPL Pry ( broke many of us of this habit, but installing a gem to get a REPL during runtime isn’t always an option, or at least not a convenient one.Enter binding.irb, a new native runtime invocation for the IRB REPL that ships with Ruby. Now you can simply add binding.irb to your code to open an IRB session and have a look arou

ruby 3x3: matz, koichi, and tenderlove on the future of ruby performance

At RubyKaigi I caught up with Matz, Koichi, and Aaron Patterson aka Tenderlove to talk about Ruby 3x3 and our path so far to reach that goal. We discussed Koichi’s guild proposal, just-in-time compilation and the future of Ruby performance.Jonan: Welcome everyone. Today we are doing an interview to talk about new features coming in Ruby 3. I am here with my coworkers from Heroku, Sasada Koichi and Yukihiro Matsumoto, along with Aaron Patterson from GitHub. Jonan: So, last year at RubyKaigi you announced an initiative to speed up Ruby by three times by the release of version three. Tell us more about Ruby 3x3.Matz: In the design of the Ruby language we have been primarily focused on productivity and the joy of programming. As a result, Ruby was too slow, because we focused on run-time effic

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