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 ikea place makes furnishing your space as easy as using your camera
ikea place makes furnishing your space as easy as using your camera

IKEA Place is incredibly easy to use. To get started, just give the app access to your iPhone's camera, and then scan your room. Aim the camera at the floor, so IKEA Place can determine how large your space is and what angle you're working from.Next, you can browse for furnishings and decorative items. The full IKEA catalog is at your fingertips, so look through or search for that perfect item. Once you find it, you can add it to your room's augmented reality view.When placing the furniture or decorative item, you can drag it around or rotate it by swiping around with two fingers. Once you have the object how you want it, just tap on the checkmark to drop it into place.Now find more items to add to your room, until you have things just the way you like them.One drawback to the app is that

best ikea products for renters

(Image credit: IKEA)
Two monumental things happened to me in June 2008: my son was born and an IKEA opened a mile from my apartment. Any New Yorker who's stood in line in the bowels of Port Authority to take the shuttle bus back and forth to the Elizabeth, NJ IKEA will understand that these events were nearly on par with each other. I'm a lifelong renter and IKEA products have come to the rescue for many of my rental conundrums over the years. Here are, in my opinion, the most renter-friendly IKEA products out there to know about.
SCHOTTIS pleated shade, $2.99
(Image credit: IKEA)SCHOTTIS shades are an easy and cheap way to get your windows covered fast. They're great for privacy when you've just moved into a new place or, like me, you're taking your sweet, sweet time deciding on more

ikea goes green with solar battery storage solutions

IKEA is probably one of the biggest names in the home furnishing market. Being popular, however, also means attracting even more criticisms and doubters, especially those that have qualms over the company’s use of materials. While there’s no going around the fact that wood is still the material of choice or most furniture. The company, however, wants to be part of the solution rather than just contributing to a global problem. That’s why it’s now launching its Solar Battery Storage offer to help cut down on carbon footprint and, in the long run, also cut down on bills.Ikea has actually been working on solar energy and other sustainable programs for quite a while, but it’s only now that it launched something residents of the UK can sign up for and use in their homes. Of course, IKEA itself

the ikea place app shows the practical promise of ar kit

For almost as long as Ikea has designed and manufactured assemble-it-yourself furniture, the Swedish company has let technology inform its business. It incorporated wireless charging into its furniture designs, created smart lighting that works no matter what smart home ecosystem you live in, and as early as 2012, experimented with augmented reality to bring its shelves and tables to life in your living room. Now that idea gets a major refresh, with a new app called Ikea Place.Tap through the app's catalogue of over 2,000 products—nearly the company’s full collection of umlauted sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, and storage units—then hold up your phone and use the camera to place the digital furniture anywhere in a room. Want to see how the Strandmon winged chair looks by the window? Done.

smart shopping: are ikea stoves actually a good deal?

You may already buy things like bookcases and sheepskin rugs from IKEA, but did you know you can buy kitchen appliances there too? If you're not sure about making such a big budget purchase at the big blue store, we did a little research to see how IKEA's line of ranges compares to products from other manufacturers. Here's what we found out.
Warranties & Repair
IKEA makes their appliances in partnership with Whirlpool, and all of their ranges come with a five-year warranty (except for the LAGAN, which has only a one-year warranty). IKEA doesn't have a dedicated service team, so if you experience a problem with your appliances, you can call their Warranty Service Line, and they'll send someone out to fix it.
Individual Models
IKEA makes nine ranges: three electric ranges, two gas ones

thousands apply for jobs at new ikea store

Serbia's first Ikea store has 250 job openings. But that hasn't stopped nearly 18,000 people from applying.
The Swedish home furnishing giant has tallied 17,775 applications, most from Belgrade locals who would have a quick commute to the big box store being set up just outside the capital, Belga news agency reported.
Belgrade once, and briefly, boasted an Ikea. The store opened in what was then the capital of Yugoslavia, on the eve of the break-up of the nation, and was shut when the Balkan wars began in the early 1990s.
Now it says it is investigating 70 million euros ($78 million) in the new site, which it hopes to open by summer and follow with four other locations.
The unemployment rate in Serbia, a country of 7.2 million, was 19.7 percent in 2016, according to UN figures, wi

ikea foundation commits euros 2.9 mn for girl child education in india

IKEA Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Swedish home furnishing major IKEA, has committed euros 2.9 million for girl child education and empowerment in India through Lila Poonawalla Foundation."The IKEA Foundation's commitment of euros 2.9 million will enable the girls to not only pursue and complete their education, but also help them become confident young individuals who become financially independent members of society," IKEA Foundation said in a statement.It further said: "Apart from just scholarships, this grant will also provide funds to organise various training programmes such as soft skill development, journey to job and aptitude training to the girls. The training programmes will help them get practical exposure and enhance their knowledge."Under this initiative, IKEA Foundati

10 smart ways to organize and store your spices

(Image credit: Gneiss Spice/Etsy)
Familiar with the struggle of trying to find the cinnamon or the garlic powder among more than a dozen other spices in varying-sized containers with no organizational system? It's time for a change, and that means putting all your spices in one place, in more functional containers and having a method that makes them both easy to access and aesthetically pleasing.
If you need some inspiration for your kitchen organization, check out these clever ways to store and arrange your spices and seasonings.
Store Them in Stackable Tins(Image credit: Table For Two)
A neater way to keep your spices organized and easy to find in your kitchen cabinet: stack them in labeled tins like the ones above from Table For Two.
Use Drawer Inserts to Arrange Them(Image cred

häftigt! ikea working with apple to launch an ar app when ios 11 ships this fall

Apple's ARKit technology will help Ikea create an augmented reality shopping app for its furniture.At WWDC 2017, Apple announced it would bring augmented reality to iOS devices with ARKit, a framework that lets developers produce augmented reality experiences using an iOS device's camera and embedded sensors. Apple showed a couple nifty demos on stage and made mention of Ikea:"We've had some third parties in to take a look at ARKit and they are totally excited and we are just blown away by what they've been able to accomplish. Ikea, of course, is placing furniture everywhere and it's really super awesome …"
Apparently Ikea is very serious about "placing furniture everywhere," because the company is reportedly working to be a launch partner for AR when Apple ships iOS 11 this fall.It's not

ikea designers will live in a mars simulator to seek inspiration

As the population of Earth increases, Marcus Engman (IKEA's head of design) and his team believe that space-saving, small-footprint furniture will be key. He hopes that this endeavor will inspire his team to design new types of furniture. "It's the same way we work with home visits, but this is a home in space," explained Engman to Wired. "They get into the vibe to explore what we could do that we don't think of today for for products for Earth."It's not exactly clear why these designers needed to specifically live in a Mars simulator for small furniture inspiration, rather than in just a tiny urban apartment -- but hey, it makes for good press. But if IKEA's end goal is to actually collaborate with NASA to provide furniture for an eventual Martian habitat, then it makes sense they'd want

a clever storage idea for small kitchens

One of the biggest challenges of living in a small apartment is dealing with a small kitchen—and figuring out where to put all your stuff. Here's a solution you might not have thought of, a way to utilize a little bit of storage space you might not have realized you had. The space in question? The side of the cabinets.
(Image credit: Alexis Buryk)
At Rachel and Brian's Chicago home, the side of a cabinet is the perfect spot for hanging utensils. This is a great solution for a kitchen that's short on drawer space, as many apartment kitchens are.
(Image credit: Homelife)
In this kitchen from Homelife, the side of the cabinet becomes a handy place to hang cutting boards, which can be tricky to store in traditional cabinets.
(Image credit: Saltbush Avenue)
Steph from Saltbush Avenue u

ikea plans to improve ar shopping tools with help from apple

In the first version, customers will take photos of their homes and use the app to place images of IKEA products wherever they might want them. Valdsgaard said users will be able to position products with millimeter precision and sizing of the products will be to scale. Eventually, customers may be able to try out products and then order them through the app.The IKEA catalog app sort of lets you do this now, but not with much accuracy. In it, you can click on a piece of furniture and see it superimposed over whatever your camera is pointed towards. You can drag the furniture around and get an idea of what it might look like in your home and you can even use the app to make sure the size is accurate. But Valdsgaard says the new app will be better with the help of Apple's technology and expe

ideas for a stylish indoor kitchen herb garden

(Image credit: IKEA)
What could be greener — color wise, and also environmentally speaking — than growing herbs right in your own kitchen? Growing herbs indoors isn't without its challenges, but if your kitchen has sufficient light, you can save money on grocery bills, make your kitchen smell amazing, and reduce the distance from farm to table to, oh, about fifteen feet. Here are a few ideas to get you started.
Above: IKEA's FINTORP system isn't just great for holding utensils — it can also be used to create a vertical garden in your kitchen. Image from IKEA, via their Pinterest.
(Image credit: IKEA)
This is the same idea, but with the GRUNDTAL series. Image from IKEA, via their Pinterest.
(Image credit: HGTV)
From HGTV, instructions for creating an herb garden that mounts inside

an honest review of ikea's sunnersta mini-sink

When my husband and I decided to renovate the third floor of our 1890 home in Louisville, Kentucky, we started from scratch. Yes, there was an old sink up there, but there was also some very gross wallpaper — and we didn't keep either.
I was determined to outfit the space (an eventual full-time Airbnb) with interesting finds from architectural salvage shops, flea markets, and auctions. But for everything there is a place, and IKEA has its place in this kitchen under the eaves.
Well, to be fair, perhaps we should call it a kitchenette.
A post shared by Dana M. @bourbonbarbarella (@vertigolouisville) on Jun 27, 2017 at 12:29pm PDT
With a perilously sloped ceiling, this little kitchen presented a challenge, to say the least. The sink would have to go in the same place the old one did, bu

ikea hacks for the kitchen

We love a good IKEA hack, particularly in the kitchen, where little changes can make a big difference to the look and feel of the space. From island storage to glamorous pot rails, here are eleven of our favorite projects.
(Image credit: Oliver & Rust)
You might never guess that this fancy kitchen cart came from IKEA. Meg from Oliver and Rust gave an IKEA BEKVAM kitchen a makeover, inspired by the look of a Williams-Sonoma one she loved but couldn't afford. A few coats of paint, a towel bar and a marble top have transformed this humble cart into something seriously high-end.
(Image credit: Club Crafted)
This rolling kitchen island from Club Crafted is made from a KALLAX shelf — and is the perfect way to add a dining space (or a little extra workspace) to a small kitchen.
(Image cred

ideas for using the $30 ikea raskog cart

(Image credit: IKEA)
The IKEA Raskog, the humble little utility cart that only costs thirty dollars, is just so darned versatile. A couple of years ago, Taryn wrote a brilliant post about how to use the Raskog in every room of the house, and since then I've been spotting this helpful little cart practically everywhere. So I've rounded up 11 more ways to make this little guy work for you.
Above: Use a Raskog to supplement the existing storage in your kitchen, as seen on IKEA.
Better Homes & Gardens(Image credit: Better Homes & Gardens)
Use one to stash extra supplies in the laundry room.
Stijlidee(Image credit: Stijlidee)
A Raskog can make a great (and very versatile) end table.
Livet Hemma(Image credit: Livet Hemma)
If your closet isn't quite cutting it, this hardworking cart c

on sale at ikea right now: kitchen, outdoor, and more

The March IKEA Family offers are here and we're so excited to share some of our favorites with you! It's Kitchen Event time, so SEKTION cabinet frames, fronts, knobs, handles, and more are up to 20% off. There are a host of kitchen, dining, and outdoor items on sale, too, including all plant pots—so now's the time to get your green thumb on.
OutdoorThe new SOLROSFRÖ plant pot is made of durable polyethylene which makes is a great durable outdoor option. IKEA got everything right with the new HINDÖ potting bench. Made of durable steel with two drawers of storage, hooks for tools, and a lower shelf with high clearance, it was everything we want for a plant care station in any size space.We love that the ASKHOLMEN table and chairs set folds up easily. A perfect addition to small outdoor spac

ikea freezer bags versus ziploc freezer bags

Is there anything IKEA doesn't make? From sleek kitchen utensils to bakeware, the furniture superstore has so much more than, well, furniture. I've known this for years and never get too surprised when I see new stuff from IKEA. (Excited, yes, but never shocked. It's more like: Oh, of course IKEA makes whole-grain rice packets!)
And yet, I was surprised the first time I realized that IKEA offers plastic sandwich and freezer bags. What's next? Olive oil and aluminum foil? But were these baggies any good? I recently bought a bunch and tested them out.
(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)Comparing IKEA Freezer Bags to Name-Brand Bags
Upon getting them home, I did a quick comparison of the IKEA bags against the Ziploc ones I already had on hand. The IKEA bags actually felt just as thick, if not

need to know info: all about ikea dishwashers

IKEA has long been a strong option for kitchen cabinets, and now they offer appliances too, so you can order your entire kitchen from the Swedish retailer. How do IKEA dishwashers stack up against other models at similar price points? We did a little research to find out.
Warranties & Repair
IKEA makes their appliances in partnership with Whirlpool, and all of their dishwashers come with a five-year warranty (except for the LAGAN, which has only a one-year warranty). IKEA doesn't have a dedicated service team, so if you experience a problem with your appliances, you can call their Warranty Service Line, and they'll send someone out to fix it.
Individual Models(Image credit: IKEA)
The LAGAN, which sells for $279, is IKEA's most budget-friendly dishwasher. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't ha

ikea's affordable smart lights will dim with your voice

Traditionally, smart lighting systems are pricey. Take Philips Hue, perhaps the best known smart lighting system. The Philips Hue Bridge 2.0, which supports 50 Hue lights, costs $60. In comparison, IKEA's Smart Lighting System's TRÅDFRI Gateway is half that price — just $30, though the number of lights it supports is unclear. Hue provides more choice in bulb types, from floodlights to spotlights, but IKEA wins on price — their standard bulb is priced at $12, compared to Hue's $15. A $3 difference may not seem like much, but when you're replacing every bulb in your house, that seemingly small gap can add up quickly.Smart lighting systems may have once been a quirk for those with too much money on their hands, but with their arrival at IKEA, it looks like they're here to stay. IKEA's aggress

this $18 ikea find is the best travel companion

At Kitchn, we are big fans of IKEA. It is, after all, the inventor of the RÅSKOG utility cart. But the Swedish superstore is no one-trick pony! It delights and amazes outside the home as well.
In fact, an $18 IKEA find is the best travel companion that's ever hit the road with me. (No offense to past travel buddies!)
(Image credit: Ikea)
It was love at first sight when I saw this FÖRENKLA shoulder bag hanging on the wall at IKEA. I adore the color, the functionality, and the smart design. Here are three reasons why you'll love it too.
1. It's affordable!
First of all, it's insanely cheap for a backpack. On IKEA's website, it's listed for $18 ($14 if you're an IKEA family member), which is a steal. It comes in sleek black or fiery red (I opted for the red!) and because it wasn't too

beyond as-is: how to save even more money at ikea

Thrifty IKEA shoppers know the key to a good deal is to always check the As-Is section, where you can find items that have been returned or assembled and used for display for a discounted price. Even savvier shoppers know that you can negotiate prices for As-Is items, and that you can score better deals there at certain times of the year.
But, the As-Is section, as glorious as it can be, isn't the only way to save money at IKEA. If you're looking to save even more money on everything from meatballs to mattresses, here's how to take advantage of everything IKEA has to offer.
Sign Up for an IKEA Family Membership
Seriously, before you do anything else at IKEA, sign up for an IKEA Family membership. It's a loyalty program that anyone over the age of 18 can sign up for, it's free, and it c

ikea to launch augmented reality ios app in the fall – macstories

At WWDC, Craig Federighi demoed ARKit, Apple's new augmented reality API and mentioned that Apple was teaming up with IKEA on AR. The collaboration was mentioned again recently by Tim Cook in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek.Now in an interview with Digital.di, Michael Valdsgaard, Digital Transformation Manager for Ikea's parent company, has provided further details of its upcoming AR app:
This will be the first augmented reality app that allows you to make reliable buying decisions.
IKEA has big plans for the app:
At launch, 500-600 products will be in the app. In future, it will play a key role in new product lines.
According to Valdsgaard,
When we launch new products, they will come first in the AR app.
Based on the interview, IKEA and Apple feel like a natural fit. IKE

ikea shows off wireless charging furniture for iphone 8, iphone x

In the wake of iPhone 8, IKEA wants to remind us all that its products have had Qi wireless charging capabilities since 2015.IKEA, the world's largest furniture retailer, launched its new ad campaign today just in time for the release of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the first iPhones to adhere to the Qi wireless charging standard. The campaign — created by IKEA and famed advertising company ACNE— very pointedly caters directly to Apple users with sayings that play on Apple slogans such as "This changes everything" and "Think different."IKEA introduced its Qi wireless charging products all the way back in 2015, and offers freestanding wireless chargers as well as furniture with the chargers already built in. The company also gives customers the option to embed its JYSSEN wireless charger into a

4 things tidy people do every day

Candace's Old World Home with Modern California Charm(Image credit: Monica Wang)
Who wants to be tidier? It's not as hard as you think. Those people with effortlessly clean homes just know a few rules that you don't and we're here to spill.
An easy sweep
Tidy people wouldn't dream of going to bed with dishes in the sink. They know that doing a quick sweep for out-of-place-items every night before bed will help them and their home get a fresh start in the morning. Keeping up with the clutter frequently makes it an easy, do-able task rather than an overwhelming chore.
Think ahead
When neat people take something out, they put it away. When they walk in the door and take off their shoes, they put them in the closet, not scattered in the hall. They know that they'll have to put it away

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