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courting the past - india legal

The next few chapters move on to the setting up of the modern legal system in India, beginning with the colonial period and continuing to the current day functions of the “the conscience keeper of Independent India: the Supreme Court” and the High Courts.Some famous trials are described in this segment, such as the Bhawal Sanyasi case, the INA trial and the case regarding the banning of the book, Lady Chatterley’s Lover.All through, landmark cases, famous and infamous, are discussed in easy anecdotal style to illustrate points made about the development of law or to explain essential attributes of it. We are given vignettes about lawyers and judges who have become part of court lore and legend, including Cornelia Sorabjee, the first Indian woman to study for the BCL at Oxford, and Anna Cha

slicing through gene-splicing - india legal

It is a mind-blowing legal battle for many unobvious reasons. First, it is a battle between two big, high-profile universities— the University of California (Berkeley) and the Broad Institute at Massachusetts Institute of Technology of Harvard University. It is a patent battle, which means it is about who got there first and who can assert the intellectual property right.The technology at issue is that of using a protein —CRISPR-Cas9—to slice DNA, which is part of the burgeoning medical research field of genetic therapeutics, with huge commercial implications and millions of dollars in earnings for anyone who owns the patent.The United States Patent Trial and Appeal Board, in its decision on February 15, 2017, said that Broad Institute patents do not clash with the use of the gene-splicing

fighting antibiotic resistance - india legal

Meat from animals and chickens also contain antibiotics as it is mixed in their feed under the guise of preventing them from falling sick, but the actual goal is to fatten them before slaughter. The Superbugs pass from the animal’s dung and spread through the air, soil, and water into rivers and sewers.Dr Vikram Sarbhai, senior consultant in chest medicine, critical care and sleep medicine at the National Heart Institute, New Delhi told India Legal: “The idea of auditing prescription to regulate use of antibiotics may be wonderful. But the question is how do we ensure compliance? The magnitude of logistics is huge and there is no apparatus to deal with it. India has not yet standardised healthcare and created even minimum standards format. We do not have health records for every individual

india legal show discusses cbi’s credibility

India’s premier investigative agency CBI is once again in the headlines but for a wrong reason. While former CBI chief Ranjit Sinha is already being probed by the agency he once headed, this time it is his predecessor AP Singh, who is under the scanner.While Sinha is being investigated by the CBI for trying to scuttle the agency’s probe into the coal scam by meeting the accused personally at his house, Singh has got into trouble for doling out favours to controversial meat exporter Moin Qureshi.Questions are being raised about the credibility of the CBI as an institution. If CBI itself is biased or favours the accused, is fair justice possible in cases where it is given charge of the probe, especially high-profile cases?CBI has often been in the past accused of functioning as an agent of t

justice for narmada oustees - india legal

After 38 years, the Supreme Court directed a compensation of Rs 60 lakh each to be paid to 681 families hit by the Sardar Sarovar Project. In a rare gesture, both the Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh governments welcomed the orderBy Rakesh Dixit“You have been struggling for compensation for 38 years. We are going to give it to you in one shot,” Chief Justice of India Justice JS Khehar told Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) leader Medha Patkar on February 8. The remark accompanied the Supreme Court order hiking the compensation to the Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP) oustee families by more than 11 times—from Rs 5.5 lakh to Rs 60 lakh per family. Patkar, on whose petition the order came, was visibly satisfied.Surprisingly, the two major respondents in the petition—the governments of Madhya Pradesh and Guj

ahead of trump’s new travel ban, us state dept issues warning to all americans a

India among countries to be wary of, says a private mailer sent to citizens US embassies across the world have sent out heightened security warnings privately to their citizens who are travelling. American citizens have been warned to stay away from several countries—not just statutory areas such as North Korea and Afghanistan—and terror situations have been pointed out across the globe (including India) from where American citizens might be kidnapped.While the advisory about India is regarding extremist activity, there is no elaboration.While the language of the sudden advisory may be almost standard, it did talk about a “Worldwide Caution”, as well as “information on the continuing threat of terrorist actions, political violence, and criminal activity against U.S. citizens.”Its timing wa

riding on a successful kwid, renault to make india as hub for small car r&d

Enthused by the global success of its sub-4-metre Kwid, French car maker Renault is set to make India a hub not only for manufacturing but also for design and development.
Kwid was initially designed, developed and manufactured in India and later exported to the world market.
Speaking to Business Standard after launching the company's first Design Academy in India to foster fresh talent in car design at Chennai, Patrick Lecharpy, vice-president (Advanced Design) and head of Renault Design India Studios, said India remained one of the important markets for Groupe Renault. ...T E NarasimhanBusiness Standard

oecd sees india's growth at 7% due to note ban, bats for inheritance tax

India should cut corporate tax, opt for inheritance levy: OECDBusiness StandardIt prescribes that India should bring down corporate tax rate to 25 per centIndivjal Dhasmana  February 28, 2017 Last Updated at 12:00 IST

canberra lawyer stephen stubbs sent to jail for 'calculated' legal fees fraud

A former Canberra lawyer who fraudulently accepted tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees has been jailed by a judge who slammed his "deliberate and calculated" money-making ruse as bordering on the "pathological". Stephen Stubbs, 64, was sentenced to three years and one month imprisonment for accepting more than $29,000 in payments from Legal Aid ACT and a client's mother to defend her son accused of conspiracy to murder.
Stephen Stubbs, 64, will spend one year behind bars for the deception.  Photo: Graham TidyStubbs was led from the ACT Supreme Court in handcuffs to serve one year of his sentence behind bars, with the rest suspended upon entering a good behaviour order for more than two years on Thursday.A jury found Stubbs guilty of 14 fraud offences after one day of deliberations

live streaming of india vs australia 1st test: where to watch live cricket

Live streaming of the 1st Test between India vs Australia in Pune is available online. The Paytm Series 1st Test Match will be played at the MCA International Stadium (Gahunje, Pune) from February 23 to February 27, 2017.Live Streaming of India vs Australia Paytm Series: Where to watch live cricket on TVGet ready for a great contest as India take on Australia for the first game of the Test series. Played over five days, the game will start at the standard daily time of 9.30 am, on February 23. With Kohli and Smith leading from the front and leading with example, the expectation is set and it promises to be a hard fought contest.The Border-Gavaskar Trophy currently rests in Australia’s cabinet. Australia won the last series between the two teams. They beat India in Australia and won 2-0. It

india vs australia 2017: 1st test – preview

After India’s emphatic performance against England at home across all formats, all eyes are now set to witness another nail-biting Test series. The first Test between India and Australia will begin on February 23, 2017 – just a few hours from now onwards. The world’s top two ranking teams will lock horns in Pune for the first encounter of this four-Test series.India vs Australia 2017Australia will have a golden opportunity to avenge the 16-year-old embarrassment that they faced when Ganguly-led Indian cricket team halted Australia’s winning streak after 16 consecutive wins in 2001. India is also currently riding its winning wagon at home with unbeaten streak in 19 consecutive Test matches. Can Australia stop India’s undefeated streak?It would be an uphill task for the Aussies to stop men-i

live streaming of india vs australia 2nd test: where to watch live cricket

Live streaming or live coverage of the 2nd Test between India vs Australia is available online. The Paytm Series 2nd Test Match will be played at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru from March 4 to March 8, 2017.Live Streaming of India vs Australia Paytm Series: Where to watch live cricket on TVGet ready for a great contest as India take on Australia for the second test of the Paytm Series. Played over five days, the game will start at the standard daily time of 9.30 am.Also Read: India vs Australia 2017: 2nd Test – PreviewThe Virat Kohli led Indian cricket team will try to fight back and level the series in the 2nd Test of the Paytm Series that is due to begin tomorrow. With Kohli and Smith leading from the front and leading with example, the expectation is set and it promises to be a

wonder whether air india should 'exist at all': cea arvind subramanian

Press Trust of India  | 
New Delhi  March 2, 2017 Last Updated at 17:31 IST

india lead australia by 126 runs in second test

Press Trust of India  | 
Bengaluru  March 6, 2017 Last Updated at 17:04 IST

air india to raise over rs 3,000 cr for purchasing four boeing 787 planes

Press Trust of India  | 
New Delhi  March 5, 2017 Last Updated at 14:38 IST

india should cut corporate tax, opt for inheritance levy: oecd

Press Trust of India  | 
New Delhi  February 28, 2017 Last Updated at 11:44 IST

india announces new licensing policy to boost oil output

Press Trust of India  | 
Houston  March 7, 2017 Last Updated at 17:03 IST

curbs on religious freedom among rights problems in india: us

Press Trust of India  | 
Washington  March 4, 2017 Last Updated at 15:51 IST

india will achieve 8% growth despite demonetisation: dharmendra pradhan

Press Trust of India  | 
Boston  March 4, 2017 Last Updated at 14:53 IST

railways partners with india post in parcel business

Press Trust of India  | 
New Delhi  February 27, 2017 Last Updated at 20:59 IST

a k govil replaces a k kathpalia as air india operations head

Press Trust of India  | 
New Delhi  March 3, 2017 Last Updated at 11:35 IST

e-tailers' business models have not worked in india, says t v mohandas pai

Press Trust of India  | 
Hyderabad  February 25, 2017 Last Updated at 02:02 IST

hmd global to make nokia 3310, other models in india

Press Trust of India  | 
Barcelona  March 2, 2017 Last Updated at 23:31 IST

govt seeks ag's views on all-india judicial service

Press Trust of India  | 
New Delhi  February 28, 2017 Last Updated at 17:46 IST

mumbai is india's richest city with $820 bn; home to 46,000 millionaires

Press Trust of India  | 
New Delhi  February 27, 2017 Last Updated at 08:45 IST

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