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9 secrets to cyberattack survival

Cybersecurity incidents continue to grow in both volume and sophistication, with 64 percent more security incidents reported in 2015 than in 2014, according to a June 2016 report by the Ponemon Institute. The human instinct is to try to find those responsible. However, any attempt to access, damage, or impair another system that appears to be involved in an attack is mostly likely illegal and can result in civil and/or criminal liability. Since many intrusions and attacks are launched from compromised systems, there’s also the danger of damaging an innocent victim’s system.Following a breach, organizations should focus on mitigating damage and data loss and providing information to law enforcement. Partner at Ballard Spahr, LLP and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Ed McAndrew and Guidance So

cracking the last silo | infoworld

Ever since the dot-com boom, enterprises have been trying to figure out how to reorganize themselves to meet the demands of a fast-changing, perpetually connected world. One model that many companies are finding persuasive is based on the workflow for the design, development, and deployment of software.According to Dominic Price, a self-styled “work futurist” and head of R&D for the dev tool firm Atlassian, the basic unit of this new organizational model is the “two-pizza team,” a phrased coined by Jeff Bezos over a dozen years ago. In a visit to InfoWorld’s offices last week, Price described the success he’s seen from applying this model to his own company.Why a team no larger than two pizzas can feed? In Bezos’s original conception, one big reason was to cut down on the number of people

brendan eich: tech giants could botch webassembly

WebAssembly is a highly lauded portable code format that holds the promises of making the web run faster while extending the browser to accommodate multiple languages beyond JavaScript. Falling under the jurisdiction of the World Wide Web Consortium, the project has been supported by major browser vendors Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla. It's now available as a preview in browsers, with a draft specification due this quarter.
But JavaScript founder Brendan Eich, who has been an advocate for WebAssembly, is concerned that conflicting competitive interests might end up splintering the project. InfoWorld Editor at Large Paul Krill recently chatted with Eich, now the CEO of Brave Software, about what's ahead for WebAssembly and JavaScript. Eich also sees a day at some point when his famo

containers 101 | infoworld

As containers and microservices become more mainstream, you may wonder how to pave the way to adoption. How can you use containers to automate application deployments? What tools do you need to help your path to adoption? How can you get there faster, with fewer chances for errors and re-work?A new Geek Guide sponsored by Puppet, Containers 101, covers everything you need to know about:What containers are, including the major players in the space.Benefits gained from switching to containers.How configuration management applies to containers.Using containers is not an all-or-nothing approach. You’ll see how to incorporate containers into a mix of technologies, whether you’re managing bare metal, virtual machines, or services in the cloud. You’ll also get a sense of how to manage a migration

review: visual studio 2017 is the best ever

Two years ago, when I reviewed Visual Studio 2015, I came away thinking that Microsoft’s IDE had become the most complicated product ever, and Microsoft would have to simplify it in the future. I was wrong in one respect: Although Microsoft threw out a few features for Visual Studio 2017, it added a great deal more. But sure enough, Microsoft managed to deliver a simpler—and nimbler—IDE in Visual Studio 2017, despite increasing its capabilities.
Unlike some past versions of Visual Studio that focused on introducing complicated new Microsoft-specific technologies such as Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation, Visual Studio 2017 installs and works better and faster, supports more programming languages and platforms, improves developer productivity, and a

get started with functional programming and f#

We all learned about mathematical functions when we studied algebra: y = f(x), where f(x) = ax2+…. In the abstract world of mathematics, functions are pure and reproducible and have no side effects.
In imperative programming languages such as C, functions (in the sense of subroutines that return a value) are often anything but pure, since they rely on internal and external state, and they may change their behavior from one invocation to another. While it's often useful and expedient to have functions with side effects, they can be complicated to debug and may present a nightmare for a maintainer.
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