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macstories sponsorship changes for 2017 – macstories

Many readers may not know this, but for the past few years, MacStories sponsorships were sold by a third party. The arrangement worked well, but for a variety of reasons, it makes sense to manage sponsorships internally now. So, starting today, sponsorships will be handled in-house by MacStories contributor John Voorhees.As in the past, we will offer exclusive, week-long sponsorships that highlight a sponsor’s product in a sponsored post on However, we have instituted a new two-tier sponsorship structure. Most of the features of previous MacStories sponsorships are now included in our Basic Sponsorship package. A second tier called the Plus Sponsorship incorporates additional features, including some not previously offered as part of any MacStories sponsorshi

the share sheet – macstories

This week Fraser and Federico tackle a core part of iOS: the Share Sheet.
For this week's Canvas, we asked ourselves a question: how difficult could it be to explain the iOS share sheet and its inner workings? To find out, you can listen here.Sponsored by:Pingdom: Start monitoring your websites and servers today. Use offer CANVAS to get 20% off.

waiting for the switch – macstories

We are just one week away from the Nintendo Switch. What do we know?
The Nintendo Switch is launching in a week. On the latest Remaster, we go over the latest details we know about the console, the games that have been announced, and all the hardware we're buying. You can listen here.Sponsored by:Mack Weldon: Smart underwear for smart guys. Get 20% off with the code REMASTER.Squarespace: Make your next move. Enter offer code INSERTCOIN at checkout to get 10% off your first purchase.

fun conjecture hour – macstories

This week, Stephen talks about a possible iMac Pro while his co-hosts play Zelda. They come back to round robin some things that they find frustrating about working from iOS and the iPad.
On this week's Connected, we share some more thoughts on USB-C and describe the areas where iOS is still lagging behind the Mac. You can listen here.Sponsored by:Casper: Because everyone deserves a great night sleep. Get $50 off with the code ‘CONNECTED’Squarespace: Make your next move. Enter offer code WORLD at checkout to get 10% off your first purchase.Away: Travel smarter with the suitcase that charges your phone. Get $20 off with the code ‘connected’.

the high school reunion of phones – macstories

This week, Stephen yells at the cloud, Myke gets new emojis and Federico speaks wisdom to the masses.
Another fun episode of Connected this week, with plenty of speculation about USB-C on future Apple devices and what other companies are doing with smartphones in 2017. You can listen here.Sponsored by:Mack Weldon: Smart underwear for smart guys. Get 20% off with the code CONNECTED.Incapsula: Secure and accelerate your website. Connected listeners get one month free.Blue Apron: A better way to cook. Get three meals free with your first purchase, and free shipping.

aim starts cutting off access for third-party apps – macstories

In what feels like a death blow to everyone’s early-Aughts nostalgia, it looks like AOL will soon cut off third-party access to its famous Instant Messenger service. The service turns 20 years old this year, and at this point, it’s unclear if it will see its 21st birthday. AOL shared news of this tragedy quietly. Adium users, at least, got a brief warning when they signed on Wednesday morning, explaining that their AIM access had less than a month to live. It reads like sad notice for an imminent memorial service.
Adium was one of the first apps I installed when I switched to the Mac in 2008. (Does anyone remember checking out the latest Adium skins and icons on MacThemes?)End of an era, though AIM feels like a lifetime ago in the age of Facebook and iMessage.

get the right shot – macstories

In my early pick for 2017’s “App Description of the Year,” Moment’s Eun Seong Kim tells a story about his frustration and disappointment after the dreaded “Storage Almost Full” message caused him to miss an exciting moment at a Toronto Raptors basketball game. It’s an elevator pitch that ends with the question that drew me to Moment: “What if I could keep video recording but only capture the last 5 seconds?”I instantly identified with Kim's hypothetical. When I’m shooting video, I’m often only looking for the 5 or 10 seconds of action, but I'm stuck with a multi-minute clip that I have to edit. Moreover, even though my iPhone has plenty of storage now, there’s a real chance I will run into the same problem in the future.After I tried Moment, I was sold – the app lets you record video for a

dropbox, twitter ios apps gain option to clear cache – macstories

In the last two days, updates to the official Twitter and Dropbox apps for iOS have added an option to clear the contents of their caches.Cache management has always been an issue on iOS: some apps can accumulate several hundred MBs of cached data and there isn't an easy way to purge all these separate app caches, which is why companies are implementing their own custom solutions. Currently, Facebook has a cache of 534 MB on my iPhone; Twitter and Instagram have 365 MB; Super Mario Run, GIPHY, and Google Maps have 340 MB stored in cache.These numbers add up, particularly if you don't buy Apple's highest-capacity iPhone models. I appreciate that developers are fixing this problem themselves, but Apple should add a native option in the iOS Settings app to clear app caches more easily.

clipboard management with copied and workflow – macstories

One of the common challenges involving a switch from macOS to an iPad is the lack of desktop-like clipboard managers on iOS.By nature of the platform1 and technical restrictions imposed by Apple, apps like Pastebot or Alfred wouldn't be able to adapt their Mac capabilities to the iPad. Third-party iOS apps can't constantly monitor changes to the system clipboard in the background; similarly, it isn't possible for an iPad app to register as the handler of a keyboard shortcut at a system-wide level. An app would have to at least be currently in use via Split View to listen for clipboard changes, but, even in that case, it would have to be active to receive external keyboard commands.With these limitations, it's no surprise that clipboard managers aren't a flourishing category on the iPad App

ios 10.2.1 has reduced unexpected iphone 6s shutdown issues – macstories

Matthew Panzarino, writing for TechCrunch following a statement from Apple:
Over the past couple of iPhone versions users have complained of “unexpected” shutdowns of their devices. Some iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus devices could basically go dark unexpectedly, forcing a user to have to plug them into an outlet to get them to power back on. Apple has been working on this very annoying bug and it says it has come up with a fix of sorts that should mitigate the problem on a majority of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s devices. The fix is actually already on your iPhone if you have installed iOS 10.2.1 — something that around 50 percent of iOS users have already done. After letting the fix simmer on customer devices, Apple now has statistics to share on how it has improved the issue, citing 80 pe

apple pay launches in ireland, coming soon to italy – macstories

Benjamin Mayo, writing for 9to5Mac:As we reported exclusively last night, Apple Pay is now live in Ireland. The service allows iPhone and Apple Watch owners to use the NFC chips in their devices to pay for their shopping at contactless terminals in retail stores across the country. Apple Pay requires iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, or any Apple Watch, and is launching with support for Ulster Bank and KBC in Ireland. Apple has also announced that the service is coming soon to Italy.
I've been waiting for Apple Pay to launch in Italy, and I'm glad to see Apple has confirmed the service will roll out "soon". However, as I feared, my bank – despite being one of the largest banking groups in Italy – is not going to be supported at launch. This has happened with 14 other countries (in

raw power review – macstories

RAW Power is a powerful image editor reminiscent of Aperture that takes Apple’s discontinued pro photo editing tool a step further than Apple ever did. Whether you use RAW Power as a standalone image editor or as a Photos extension, what strikes me most about it is that with a little experimentation and patience, it’s accessible regardless of whether you consider yourself a pro user.Before Photos, Apple had two photography apps: iPhotos for average consumers and Aperture for pros. In 2014, Apple discontinued Aperture. Around the same time, Apple evolved iPhoto into Photos, bringing the macOS and iOS apps that go by that name closer together from a feature set standpoint. That left pros and ‘prosumers’ who relied on Aperture in a bind. There are alternatives like Adobe’s Lightroom, but if y

raw power review – macstories

RAW Power is a powerful RAW image editor reminiscent of Aperture that takes Apple’s discontinued pro photo editing tool a step further than Apple ever did. Whether you use RAW Power as a standalone image editor or as a Photos extension, what strikes me most about it is that with a little experimentation and patience, it’s accessible regardless of whether you consider yourself a pro user.Before Photos, Apple had two photography apps: iPhotos for average consumers and Aperture for pros. In 2014, Apple discontinued Aperture. Around the same time, Apple evolved iPhoto into Photos, bringing the macOS and iOS apps that go by that name closer together from a feature set standpoint. That left pros and ‘prosumers’ who relied on Aperture in a bind. There are alternatives like Adobe’s Lightroom, but

the omni group announces low-cost version of omnioutliner – macstories

Ken Case, CEO of the Omni Group, wrote today about a new detail of its upcoming OmniOutliner 5 software. In addition to the traditional Pro version, OmniOutliner will also come in a new Essentials version.
In OmniOutliner’s new Essentials edition, your entire focus is on your own content: there are no distracting sidebars or panels. You can choose to work in a window or in a distraction-free full-screen mode, selecting from a set of beautiful built-in themes. As you write, you’ll be able to see some key statistics about your content so you can track progress towards your goals. But our goal is to help you focus on your content and whatever task you’re working on—not on the tool you’re using. With the Essentials edition, we’ve lowered OmniOutliner’s entry price from $49.99 to an extremely

record bird is apple music’s missing discovery tool for new releases – macstorie

When it comes to keeping track of new music releases from my favorite artists, streaming services have always been a disappointment. After nearly eight years of streaming music every day, I've realized that the problem lies on the two ends of the New Releases spectrum: these days, services either prioritize front page curation skewed towards new pop, R&B/hip-hop, or EDM tracks (the most popular and lucrative genres), or they algorithmically suggest new releases for artists I may like, but which I'm not necessarily familiar with.I've tried all of the major streaming services since 2009, and only two of them have gotten close to my ideal implementation of "Here's everything artists you already know have released or are about to release".Rdio (forever in our hearts) had a solid New Releases s

instagram posts expand to include multiple photos – macstories

Today Instagram announced a new feature that will be rolling out to all users soon: the ability to share multiple photos or videos within a single post.Here's how it works:
When uploading to your feed, you’ll see a new icon to select multiple photos and videos. It’s easy to control exactly how your post will look. You can tap and hold to change the order, apply a filter to everything at once or edit one by one. These posts have a single caption and are square-only for now. On your profile grid, you’ll notice the first photo or video of your post has a little icon, which means there’s more to see.
As you browse your feed, a post that contains a collection of photos or videos will show a number of small dots underneath the first image, with each dot representing a photo or video you can s

castro 2.3 brings podcast triage through rich notifications – macstories

Today the team at Supertop announced the release of Castro 2.3, which introduces rich notification support for the podcast app.Castro 2 launched last August with a new interface for managing podcast episodes that centers around an inbox and queue. With an increasing number of great podcasts available, the traditional model of subscribing to a show and adding all of its episodes to your feed can get overwhelming. In Castro 2 the solution to this problem is to have new episodes land in an inbox. The inbox allows users to decide which episodes make it to their queue for listening, and which don't.Previously, when notifications for a new episode came in, you were presented the options to play, queue, or archive the episode. But unfortunately, while the episode's title would display in the noti

tim cook affirms apple’s commitment to pro users in annual shareholder meeting –

Apple hosted its annual shareholder meeting today, and Zac Hall of 9to5Mac has the scoop on Tim Cook's remarks.Besides mentioning that this would be the last shareholder meeting at Town Hall because Apple Park will open soon, Cook showed shareholders an unreleased AirPods promo video and called the new product "quite the cultural phenomenon."Perhaps the most interesting tidbit from the meeting had to do with Apple's efforts in the pro market:
Cook also hinted at Apple’s product pipeline by promising Apple will “do more in the pro area.” Cook called out the creative field as especially important to Apple while pushing back against the notion that Apple is too consumer focused now. “Don’t think that something we’ve done or something we’re doing that isn’t visible yet is a signal that our p

doctors report findings from researchkit study of seizures – macstories

Tim Hardwick of MacRumors reports on the results of a recent ResearchKit-powered study:
The 10-month study involved 598 people who tracked their seizures with an iPhone app called EpiWatch, which was built by Johns Hopkins using Apple's ResearchKit software framework. The app features a custom Apple Watch complication that provides patients with one-touch access to record accelerometer and heart rate sensor data. When participants felt a seizure aura coming on, they were asked to launch the app to let it record their heart rate and movements for 10 minutes.
Apple reported on the launch of this study back in October 2015, so it's exciting to have some of the data from the study brought to light. Triggers for seizures was a major data point gleaned from those participating in the study.

workflow 1.7.1 brings new icon glyphs, ‘run workflow’ action – macstories

Following the release of Workflow 1.7 earlier this month, the Workflow team is debuting a set of tweaks and additions this week that further simplify the creation and management of workflows for both beginners and advanced users.Run WorkflowWorkflow 1.7.1 adds the ability to run a workflow inside another workflow that is currently executing. With this feature, you'll be able to reference an entire workflow as a block of actions that lives outside the current workflow. To embed a workflow inside another one, there's a new 'Run Workflow' action that lets you pick one of your existing workflows displayed in alphabetical order.The new 'Run Workflow' action and its workflow picker.It's important to note that what the Workflow team has built isn't support for action presets and templates (someth

facebook launches video app for apple tv – macstories

Last night Facebook launched its first app for the Apple TV. Its technical name is simply 'Facebook,' since it's bundled with the Facebook iOS app, but marketing images dub it Facebook Video. The app provides the first native way to watch video content from Facebook on an Apple TV.Launching the app for the first time will prompt a login. There are two options for logging in. The more convenient option is to open the Facebook app on your phone, go to your notifications tab, and follow the prompts of the newly sent notification. It's quick, easy, and requires no typing of usernames or passwords. Alternately, you can visit and enter a unique code in there.Once logged in, you'll land on the Home tab of the app. This is where nearly all videos will be found. Videos are organ

marshmallow run kickstarter seeks to teach girls programming and design – macsto

Design Code Build and Girl Scouts San Diego are developing a curriculum to teach girls programming and design by building a game called Marshmallow Run. It’s an ambitious program to bring Marshmallow Run to life through Scratch, the web, iOS, and Android as a way to reach girls of all age levels and provide opportunities that will appeal to a wide variety of interests. To make the program a reality, Design Code Build and Girl Scouts San Diego launched a Kickstarter campaign to cover the cost of computers, meeting space, developer accounts, and other overhead.What’s unique about the Marshmallow Run campaign is its breadth. The project isn’t constrained by the programming platform chosen or other structural decisions that might limit its appeal. Design Code Build has developed the characters

object removal made easy – macstories

On my best days, I’m a novice photo editor – a lot of my work involves color and brightness tweaks to make my shots look better. If I’m feeling adventurous, though, I’ll try to touch up the pictures and remove unwanted objects, blemishes, or lines.A lot of times, that ends in horrible failure.However, TouchRetouch makes me feel like a pro photo editor. In just a few taps, I’ve been able to remove elements in my pictures at my will, making my photos look much better than before. And with a pretty interface and a low price, I think I’ve found another tool to add to my repertoire.Removing ObjectsRemoving objects in photos, especially when doing it on the iPhone, is something I always am wowed by when it works. Although it can be a bit tricky (and sometimes fall completely flat), TouchRetouch’

the cases for (and against) apple adopting usb-c on future iphones – macstories

Jason Snell, writing for Macworld on the possibility of Apple adopting USB-C on future iPhones:
But the Lightning paragraph–that’s the really puzzling one. At first parsing, it comes across as a flat-out statement that Apple is going to ditch Lightning for the USB-C connector currently found on the MacBook and MacBook Pro. But a second read highlights some of the details–power cord and other peripheral devices?–that make you wonder if this might be a misreading of a decision to replace the USB-A-based cords and power adapters that come in the iPhone box with USB-C models. (I’m also a bit baffled by how the Lightning connector is “original,” unless it means it’s like a Netflix Original.) Still, the Wall Street Journal would appear to be a more visible and reputable source than an analyst

google updates gboard with dictation, doodles, new languages, and emoji – macsto

Nearly one year ago Google launched Gboard, a third-party keyboard for iOS that brought the power of Google search to iOS's keyboard. The company has continuously improved the keyboard over time, with updates including support for multiple languages and a 3D Touch-powered trackpad mode. Earlier this year the keyboard was integrated with Google's standard search app. Today the improvements continue with three separate highlights.DictationThe default iOS keyboard has long presented the option to dictate text rather than type it, and Gboard has gained that ability starting today. Users will notice a speaker icon that now appears on the right side of the space bar. Long pressing that speaker icon will engage dictation mode.DoodlesGoogle's Doodles add a sense of whimsy to the company's search p

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