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convert a dishwasher into a fish tank? why not?

When you sell appliances for a living, getting people into your store rather than the other guys is extremely important. In Dean Eaton’s case, owner of Rochester Appliance, there are five “big box” stores nearby, so he’s always trying to set himself apart from the competition. Although you might be thinking this means giant inflatable men, or a “Price-slashing President’s Day Sale,” in this case it means displaying a large fish tank made out of a dishwasher.Eaton started apprenticing at his store when he was 15 years old, and eventually was able to buy it, take it over, and expand from just himself to 18 employees. Naturally, he knows “a little bit” about appliances, but putting fish in a dishwasher was new territory. On the other hand, aquatic appliances isn’t a totally new endeavor, as E

laser cutting an enclosure to compare to 3d printing and milling

There’s always a next step, a new opportunity to learn. For me, that’s the best part of being a maker.  I’d wanted to come up to speed on 3 modern fabrication technologies, a filament 3D printer, a resin SLA 3D printer and a CNC router. At the Columbus Idea Foundry, a local makerspace, I had access to these devices. That led to my article, published on MakeZine in January. I wanted to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of these technologies and as a beginner with them all, it was the perfect chance to compare.
My comparison project was to create an enclosure for a “Camera Axe,” a camera controller for high-speed photography developed by another maker, Maurice Ribble. I’d built the board from a kit. While it worked perfectly without an enclosure, it just seemed wrong to use it

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