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 making money from idle machinery
making money from idle machinery

New Farmer to Farmer Machinery Rental is the ‘Airbnb for Farm Machinery’, helping to bring Asset Efficiency to British Farming An innovative new farm machinery trading platform has launched in the UK. Farm-r is an online market-place allowing farm businesses to share machinery and create efficiencies for both parties, making agriculture more environmentally and financially sustainable. From the click of a button from your phone, tablet or computer, Farm-r allows farmers to easily connect with each other to share machinery and transact securely.   How Does the Platform Work? Farm-r is building a community where machinery owners earn more from assets they already own and machinery renters save money by not having to buy a seasonal piece of machinery - for many it will re-duce the need for ow

bjp slams akhilesh for asking electors to take money but vote for sp

BJP today lashed out at Akhilesh Yadav for "hurting" the dignity of the Chief Minister's post by making a "frivolous" statement that voters should accept money from other parties but cast their ballot for the SP. Reacting strongly to Akhilesh's remarks, BJP state General Secretary Vijay Bahadur Pathak said, "It seems that the UP CM is indulging in hollow talk."His frivolous statement which appeals to the voters that they may take money from different political parties, but vote for SP's 'bicycle' symbol has undoubtedly hurt the dignity and sanctity of the CM's post." It is because of such acts and faulty policies of the state government in the past five years that the funds sent by the Centre to UP could not be spent, he told reporters here."Apart from this, law and order machinery has col

partial digitalisation will modernise farming equipment

Partial digitalisation may be the way forward for farmers still using mainly traditional mechanical equipment, according to the EU agricultural machinery industry.A new policy paper compiled by field mapping service 365FarmNet, a company active in digital farming within the European Agricultural Machinery network (CEMA), was presented yesterday (27 February) at the SIMA farm machinery fair in Paris.The Agriculture 4.0 white paper was based on input from a broad range of stakeholders such as academic and industry experts, and policymakers.It notes that partial digitalisation is “a way of introducing digitisation rationally” while keeping existing agricultural equipment that is still in service.“The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), working in synergy with other EU policies and funds, is pri

is your nintendo switch running hot while in the dock?

Does my Nintendo Switch get too hot?If you've been playing a lot of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild recently, you've probably noticed it's a game that puts a fair bit of stress on the Nintendo Switch. For any mobile device, heavy gaming means lots of heat. When that mobile device is wedged into a big plastic dock so you can enjoy the game on your television, you're adding power and insulation to something already generating heat.It's not hard to look at that situation and wonder if overheating or battery damage due to heat are concerns. While Nintendo says there's nothing to worry about, we took a loot at the Switch through a thermal camera in various states to see just how much heat is being generated and where.The first set of shots here are from my entertainment center, when everyth

tata hitachi rolls out 10,000th machine from kharagpur plant

Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Pvt Ltd rolled out its 10,000th machine from Kharagpur plant in West Bengal on Thursday. The machine, ZAXIS470H, was handed over to V Prabhakar Reddy of VPR Mining Infrastructure Pvt Ltd - a leader and trend setter in the Indian mining industry, with many global ongoing projects and a big patron of Tata Hitachi.
The company also rolled out of the 10,001st machine - the ZAXIS370GI excavator - which was handed over to Nilamani Panda of Balasore Alloys Ltd.
Sandeep Singh, managing director, Tata Hitachi, said, “We have been able to cross several milestones at Kharagpur. Handing over of the 10,000th machine series is yet another achievement for us. I am extremely happy to be a part of this great event and thank my team for their unfailing commitm

electric tractors by 2020? a review of advanced vehicle technology in the agricu

What is likely to be powering agricultural and farmyard machinery in ten or twenty years' time? A research / position paper for the NFU compile on current trends. d by Jonathan Scurlock, Tom Price, Richard Wordsworth and othersThe UK agricultural machinery market includes about 10,000-15,000 new tractor sales per year , plus around 3000 telehandlers and thousands of combines, sprayers, ploughs, harrows, balers, etc.  Here in the UK and worldwide, there is growing evidence now of possible future trends in vehicle technology for the agricultural sector – including smaller driverless tractors, electric farmyard and other vehicles like telehandlers and ATVs, and safer electrical interfaces between agricultural equipment, replacing mechanical PTOs and hydraulics.  In the past year or two, we ha

gmail update allows requesting and sending money

The folks responsible for developing Gmail have teamed up with the folks behind Google Wallet to put money in email. Transferring money from one person to the other takes place within the Gmail app or in Gmail on the web. Users can send money or claim money. The best bit about this update is the lack of need for a separate app from the receiving end of the transaction.“Recipients are able to receive or request money right from the email itself—without having to install another payment app,” said Sam Kansara, Product Manager for Gmail. “They can even arrange for money they receive to go directly into their bank account. Either way, it’s completely free for both of you.”This setup also allows users to exchange money with any other person – not just people with Gmail-specific email addresses.

rick ross' 'idols become rivals': new song details rocky relationship with birdm

With Rick Ross' ninth album Rather You Than Me making its debut tomorrow (March 17), one track is making the rounds on the Internet thanks to leaks from the international releases. On "Idols Become Rivals," the MMG Bawse taps comedian Chris Rock for an LOL-worthy intro before getting deep about his relationship with Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman. "I grew up on that Cash Money/"Bling Bling" was well-known to flash money," begins Rozay. "I used to see you n----s on my TV screen / And wonder what was life like, was it all a dream / And then I met you out on Live Nation dates / Came to the realization that your watch was fake / Damn, you nearly broke my heart / I thought you n----s really owned them cars." "I used to look up to you n---a," he pauses and reflects. He even name-drops Bab

jack white talks music making, white stripes history in rare interview

Jack Whitedoesn’t do many interviews. But when he commits, he’s all in. The multihyphenate former White Stripesfrontman is typically portrayed as a talented, elusive and rather perplexing character. Few get to peer in and almost no-one gains full access. In a new feature-length piece for The New Yorker, White opened his doors for a rare study of the man and his machinery. Writer Alec Wilkinson goes deep with White Stripes history lessons, and family tales (White, born John Gillis, was “very energetic, always doing something. He still has the same personality,” we learn), we get insight into his obsession with detail and how three, for White, really is the magic number. On the White Stripes, White says the duo “had no business being in the mainstream.” Though that’s exactly where Jack and M

your money: avoid withdrawing provident fund money to buy a house

Tinesh Bhasin  | 
Mumbai  March 17, 2017 Last Updated at 02:04 IST

how horses helped one man turn 20p into £457,000

H&H readers will know that spending money is often a lot easier than making money when it comes to horses. But it was thanks to our four-legged friends that a pensioner managed to turn 20p into almost half a million pounds.The retired accountant, who wishes to remain anonymous, placed a total of £2 worth of bets across seven horses running at Lingfield, Doncaster and Newbury on Friday (3 March).The life-long racing fan was totally unaware of the scale of the win until he received a phone call from Ladbrookes congratulating him on winning £457,067.52.“I checked a couple of the early results on my tablet but then after seeing one of them had lost I thought I might have only been on for a couple of places so didn’t bother to see how the rest of the horses had got on,” he said.“The next thing

how horses helped one man turn 20p into £457,000

H&H readers will know that spending money is often a lot easier than making money when it comes to horses. But it was thanks to our four-legged friends that a pensioner managed to turn 20p into almost half a million pounds.The retired accountant, who wishes to remain anonymous, placed a total of £2 worth of bets across seven horses running at Lingfield, Doncaster and Newbury on Friday (3 March).The life-long racing fan was totally unaware of the scale of the win until he received a phone call from Ladbrookes congratulating him on winning £457,067.52.“I checked a couple of the early results on my tablet but then after seeing one of them had lost I thought I might have only been on for a couple of places so didn’t bother to see how the rest of the horses had got on,” he said.“The next thing

your money: don't worry about banks' fee on cash transactions

TRENDING ON BS You are here: Home » PF » News » OthersYour money: How to safeguard yourself against phishing or malware attacksBusiness StandardCustomers can transact up to Rs 2 lakh in a month at their home branch for freeTinesh Bhasin  March 3, 2017 Last Updated at 00:09 ISTYour Money: Don't worry about banks' fee on cash transactions">
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windmill maker's $2m growth spurt will see 50 more workers join the daily grind

Victoria's only wind tower manufacturer, Keppel Prince, will undertake a $2 million expansion of its wind tower fabrication facility in Portland, a move expected to generate 50 new jobs.Jaala Pulford, Victorian minister for regional development, said new machinery would be installed that would deliver productivity gains, cut operating costs and lift total production to 175 wind towers per year.
More windmill's are good news for windmill makers. Photo: Pacific Hydro Limited"Keppel Prince's expansion project will create 50 new jobs and safeguard 80 existing jobs. "That's great news for the local economy and the community," she said.Ms Pulford said the wind tower manufacturer currently made 110 wind towers per year.The expansion would allow production to rise to 175 towers per year, making

'jumping genes' may set the stage for brain cell death in alzheimer's, other dis

IMAGE: Alzheimer's disease causes neurons in the brain to stop working, lose connections with other neurons and die. Duke University researchers have identified a molecular mechanism that may be responsible for...
view more Credit: Photo by Duke Photo.DURHAM, N.C. -- The latest round of failed drug trials for Alzheimer's has researchers questioning the reigning approach to battling the disease, which focuses on preventing a sticky protein called amyloid from building up in the brain. Duke University scientists have identified a mechanism in the molecular machinery of the cell that could help explain how neurons begin to falter in the initial stages of Alzheimer's, even before amyloid clumps appear.This rethinking of the Alzheimer's process centers on human genes critical for the healthy

give sugar beet a boost with green cover

The UK sugar beet crop is set to increase by up to 25% this year as the sugar surplus has eased and quotas are due to end. However, yields will suffer if sugar beet is sown into poor soils and despite many growers taking an interest in improving soil health and structure, there is plenty still to be done. Kings eastern technical advisor, Paul Brown examines how green cover crops can make a difference. In recent years, factors such as heavier machinery and lack of organic matter addition have damaged soils. Most arable crops can suffer in such situations, but especially root crops such as sugar beet, which needs to get its roots down to a sufficient depth quickly to obtain the necessary water and nutrients for maximum yields. This isn’t possible on soils in poor condition.Along with changes

kishan s rana: why india needs smart diplomacy

TRENDING ON BS You are here: Home » Opinion » ColumnsAll roads lead to eastern Uttar PradeshBusiness StandardThe country's diplomatic machinery should have more resources for proactive external engagementKishan S Rana  February 25, 2017 Last Updated at 20:44 ISTKishan S Rana: Why India needs smart diplomacy">

trump's budget director develops the wrong kind of reputation

Trump’s budget director added that cutting assistance to struggling seniors is “one of the most compassionate things we can do,” telling skeptical reporters, “You’re focusing on recipients of the money. We’re trying to focus on both the recipients of the money and the folks who give us the money in the first place.” He pointed to programs such as Meals on Wheels as initiatives that are “just not showing any results.”The point of Meals on Wheels is to provide food to the low-income elderly. I’m honestly not sure what kind of “results” Mulvaney is looking for – if the struggling seniors eat the food, and the evidence suggests the meals have a positive impact on their well-being, then the return on Americans’ investment is high.This really was just the start of a jaw-dropping presentation. Du

fitbit launches alta hr and new sleep tracking features

With its most recent updates, Fitbit has largely focused on making it easier to set personal fitness goals and discover new workouts. Now, the company is aiming to improve the way it measures sleep.The company's upcoming Alta HR wristband, a new version of its slim fitness wearable that's been refreshed with a heart rate monitor and longer battery life, will be one of three devices to get Fitbit's forthcoming sleep tracking features. Called Sleep Stages, the update will allow the Alta HR, Blaze, and Charge 2 wristbands to detect light, deep, and REM stages of sleep. That goes beyond what Fitbit's trackers can currently monitor, which include metrics such as the number of times wearers wake up throughout the night, the amount of time they spent awake, and the times at which they've fallen a

you can now send and receive money through gmail app for android

For some time now, you could send money through Google Wallet on Gmail as long as it was on the web version. Well, now the feature is available on the Gmail app for Android: if you’re in the US or the UK, you can send, request, and receive money for free as a Gmail attachment.See also:Snapchat update lets you send money to other usersNovember 17, 2014There are a lot of online payment transfer apps out there: from PayPal to social media companies like Facebook and Snap, companies know that digital payment sharing is growing. While PayPal and its millennial-oriented Venmo app dominate the market, it doesn’t mean we can’t have one more option. Google has now integrated Google Wallet into Gmail for Android, so you can share payments as email attachments even if the receiver doesn’t have a Gmai

family bonding over a giant cnc router project

Building a big piece of machinery is a great bonding experience!
Read more on MAKE
The post Family Bonding Over a Giant CNC Router Project appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.

what you need to know about marriage and money

Money is still the #1 topic married couples fight about — even happily married ones. Want to keep fiscal fights in your marriage to a minimum? The five tips below can improve your finances and help maintain wedded bliss.
1. Ask the Hard Questions
Don't want to bring up touchy subjects like money before the wedding? Actually, the honeymoon phase of the relationship is the time to do it (definitely don't wait until the actual honeymoon!). All the pheromones flying around will keep you both in a good mood.
So, what should you ask? If you don't already know, consider the following:
Do you budget or spend until you run out of money?Do you have savings or a retirement account?Do you have any debt? If so, what kind? Do you buy generic or only brand names?Do you love your current job, or do

hard cash being disclosed must exist on payment date: i-t dept

Weeks before the new tax amnesty scheme closes, the government has clarified that any hard cash being disclosed must exist at the time of making payments, but the same condition is not necessary for undisclosed income held in the form of deposits.In the latest clarification on the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, the tax department said "where the undisclosed income is represented in the form of deposits in an account maintained with a specified entity, it is not necessary that the said deposits should exist on the date of making payments under the Scheme or furnishing a declaration under the Scheme".However, when hard cash is being disclosed under PMGKY, its existence is necessary on the date of making payment of tax, surcharge and penalty under PMGKY. "Where the undisclosed income is

player's charity hoax 'abhorrent': nrl boss

The NRL integrity unit found that Tim Simona had been taking money from Wests Tigers jersey auctions that was meant to be for charity. NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg admitted Tim Simona's charity hoaxes that were part of their investigation into his betting scandal left him "sick in the stomach".Simona's NRL career was left in tatters on Friday after the governing body confirmed it had torn up his contract for a range of rule breaches including multiple wagers on opposition teams.But it was his ploy at auctioning off Wests Tigers jerseys and keeping the money that deeply affronted the game's boss."All I can tell you is that he was putting forward opportunities to sell jerseys and putting that money to charities, and that money did not go to the charities," Greenberg said on Friday."I p

trump's border-wall dream moves forward, but not with mexican money

Note, the reference to “the treasury” refers to money from U.S. taxpayers. In other words, Mexico isn’t writing a $4.1 billion check; in Trump’s vision, you are. (Asked last week whether Mexico would pay for Trump’s border wall, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “Uh, no.”)The president is nevertheless committed to the idea, telling a Tennessee audience last night that the proposed border wall is “way ahead of schedule” – which continues to be odd, since there is no actual schedule and the administration doesn’t yet have money to begin the project.The key takeaway from all of this, however, is whether that money will ever be approved. If the White House is counting on Congress ponying up the cash, officials in the West Wing may be disappointed.The Washington Postreported yesterda

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