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 overcrowded and understaffed prison officers warn of more incidents
overcrowded and understaffed: prison officers warn of more 'incidents'

WA's prison officers' union warns the state's prison system is overcrowded, understaffed and risks "further incidents" unless the state government boosts staffing levels.The union's blunt comments come after the escape of ten inmates from Greenough Regional Prison on Tuesday afternoon.All but one of the prisoners is now back in custody after an extensive manhunt was triggered with prison officers assisting the Regional Operations Group, Tactical Response Group and Canine Section.Greenough Regional Prison is located 16km south of Geraldton.Photo: GoogleWhile alarmed, WAPOU Acting Secretary Paul Ledingham said the union was not surprised the prison break occurred.“When staffing levels are low prisoners are locked up in cells for longer, with reduced access to programs and prison industry wor

irish sun - level of violence prison officers are facing is frightening authorit

At least 120 prison officers are assaulted each year Most recent assault took place at the Dublin District Family CourtsNew measures need to be introduced to help combat violenceDUBLIN, Ireland - A recent case of assault at the Dublin District Family Courts in Temple Bar is said to have brought to light the frightening level of violence faced by prison officers in the country. According to authorities at least 120 prison officers are assaulted each year while on the job.In the incident last week, when the Dublin District Family Courts in Temple Bar, Dublin saw three officers being attacked while escorting a prisoner.Following the attack, Gabriel Keaveny, Assistant General Secretary of the Prison Officers Association said that the level of violence facing officers on a daily basis is fright

irish sun - riot gear batons pepper spray sought by prison officers to protect t

The increase in the number of assaults on prison officers is being attributed to staff cuts Prison officer have asked for more equipment to prevent suffering injuries at workPOA has warned work conditions for prison staff were getting worseGALWAY, Ireland - With the number of assaults on prison officers increasing in recent times, the officers are now said to be seeking more equipment to protect themselves from injuries that occur at work.The increasing number of assaults and injuries is being attributed to staff cuts, the Prison Officers Association has said. The prison officer are therefore seeking more equipment, including riot gear, batons and pepper spray to protect themselves.Stephen Delaney, President of the Prison Officers Association (POA) said that work conditions for prison staf

spate of inmate attacks on wa prison staff

Three prison officers have been injured at Western Australia's largest remand centre, in what their union says is the latest in a string of assaults.The three officers were attempting to subdue a struggling prisoner at Hakea Prison when the attack happened on Wednesday, the Prison Officer's Union said on Monday.
The union's greatest concern is the long-term psychological impact of inmate attacks. Photo: Tanya LakeThe union's WA secretary John Welch says the incident comes after other "brutal assaults" against officers following heightened tension at the prison due to overcrowding."We've seen a spate of assaults coinciding with the heat of summer and overcrowding, increasing the likelihood of serious incidents," Mr Walsh said.The three officers suffered injuries to their hamstring, knee a

presstv-200 indonesian inmates at large days after jailbreak

About 200 inmates are still at large after a mass prison break at an overcrowded prison on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island, officials say.Indonesian authorities said 242 of the prisoners who had managed to break out of the Sialang Bungkuk Prison in Pekanbaru on Friday had been retaken into custody by Sunday morning.Police have called on the roughly 200 inmates who remain at large to immediately surrender. Police have also asked people with information on the whereabouts of the escapees to immediately report to authorities.“It would be better for them if they (the escapees) surrendered because our officers in the field will take decisive and measured steps,” said police spokesperson Sr. Comr. Guntur Aryo Tejo.Police said some of the prisoners surrendered or were returned by their families, while

prison probe uncovers 'culture of cover-up' over use of excessive force

"Although the reports cover a number of incidents at different prisons, they deal with common themes, being failure to report and misreporting of incidents of use of force, and officers of various seniority deliberately withholding information about use of force incidents from head office," the CCC said.The corruption watchdog said its ongoing investigations had shown "cultural issues" had compromised the integrity of the prison system, which is an environment that "not only allows, misconduct, but fosters it".The CCC said some corrections officers "show little or no respect for rules" and are reluctant to report misconduct.ReplayReplay VideoLoadingPlay VideoPlay VideoPlaying in 5 ...A CCC report tabled in parliament yesterday uncovered to how easily guards smuggled drugs into prisons afte

union to address devastating toll of mental health issues on wa's prison officer

"As a former prison officer, I’ve seen a high rate of suicide among colleagues and somethingneeded to be done to give officers the tools to deal with mental health," he said."Although prison officers face dangerous and stressful conditions at times they are notrecognised in the same way police, paramedics and hospital staff are."So we took it upon ourselves to develop training to educate officers and provide avenues of support if they, their colleagues or members of their family are facing the challenges associated with poor mental health.“Basically prison officers have not been aware of where they can go and how they can dealwith it and the nature of the business itself is very confronting."They're constantly dealing with prisoners' problems and locking people up in what is a very stressf

police warn about use of replica weapons following string of incidents

Photo: Graham DockeryDutch police dealt with 350 incidents involving fake weapons in the first five months of this year, the AD said on Monday. This is a ‘slight rise’ compared with last year, according to a police press release.On Wednesday, for example, a 14-year-old boy was picked up in Zoetermeer with a fake gun and a week ago, police drew their weapons when another youth was seen walking around with a replica pistol in Voorburg, the AD said. There have also been incidents in Eindhoven, Breda and Waalre in recent days.‘These replicas are often impossible to distinguish from the real thing,’ the police statement said. ‘This is certainly the case for the officer on the street who has to take a split-second decision whether or not to intervene.’The police on Monday launched an 11 day camp

parents of two greek army officers visit them in turkish prison

The parents of the two Greek army officers who were captured by Turkish troops while on patrol in the Evros border region have been allowed to visit their sons at a prison in the city of Edirne.This will be their second visit to the prison, where they are allowed to speak to the officers, Aggelos Mitetodis and Dimitris Kouklatzis through a glass barrier.A large protest demanding that the officers be freed and allowed to return to their homes was held yesterday in the city of Orestiada, near the border region where they were captured.The two officers were captured on 2 March. The precise charges they face, beyond an alleged illegal entry into Turkish territory are still unknown.There have been unconfirmed reports of a military espionage charge in the Turkish press. In addition, a trial date

prison officers assaulted at malmsbury juvenile justice centre

Three prison officers have been assaulted during a violent incident at the Malmsbury Juvenile Justice Centre.Police and emergency services were called to the centre following reports a fight had broken out about 2.45pm on Sunday.
Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre.  Photo: Paul JeffersIt is believed three prison officers were punched and kicked by inmates during the incident.A Victoria Police spokesman said the group of youths had also caused damage to the centre.  He said one of the workers was being treated for facial injuries at the scene. More to come

irish sun - crime gangs operate empires from behind bars in ireland

Under-resourced prison officers are getting injured trying to separate inmates The Prison Officers’ Association has said that violent crime gangs are operating from behind barsOfficials explained there is a hierarchy within the prison estate, with contractors who can be hired for workDUBLIN, Ireland - Highlighting the state of affairs within Irish prisons, the Prison Officers’ Association has revealed that violent gangs operate international criminal empires from inside Irish prisons.According to the Prison Officers’ Association, crime gangs are able to operate their international empires from behind bars and that increasingly exposed and under-resourced prison officers often get injured trying to separate inmates that cannot be allowed to mix with each other on safety grounds.Speaking at

irish sun - portlaoise prison wing c faces safety concerns on lockdown

A particular wing of Ireland’s maximum security prison was put under lockdown The Prison Wing C houses members of the Kinahan crime gangThe measure was taken after one officer was assaultedDUBLIN, Ireland - Following an incident during which an officer was assaulted, an entire wing of Ireland’s maximum security prison was placed under lockdown.According to authorities, the Prison Wing C at Portlaoise Prison, which houses members of the Kinahan crime gang was on lockdown after officers raised safety concerns.Local media reports stated that about 17 staff members, including two senior prison officers, were reportedly informed by prison management that they are being transferred to Cloverhill prison in a fortnight.Earlier, officers staged a walkout after one of them was assaulted in Wing C.Th

drug smuggling in wa prisons: two officers dismissed

Acacia Prison manager Serco has dismissed two prison officers as an investigation into drug smuggling in WA prisons continues.The two custodial officers at the facility were stood down from duty following a year-long joint investigation between the Corruption and Crime Commission, the Department of Justice and WA Police for allegedly "engaging in serious misconduct".
Acacia Prison is subject to the investigation. The investigation has aimed to uncover improper relationships between prison officers and prisoners, and the smuggling of drugs and other contraband into WA's prisons.A Serco spokesman confirmed the two officers had been officially dismissed on Friday afternoon.
The CCC will table their report in parliament. Photo: Doric Group"Acacia Prison has worked closely with the CCC to s

cow vigilantes group: on the horns of a dilemma

This state of affairs raises a key concern—will the appointment of nodal officers to check cow vigilantism be a strong enough deterrent against these incidents of mob-lynchings, especially amid reports of police apathy towards victims of such crimes in the past?Though the appointment of nodal officers was a suggestion submitted by Gandhi and Jaising, both agree that while this could be a positive first step towards checking such incidents, there’s still “much more” that needs to be done by the states and the centre.Gandhi told India Legal: “The very fact that these three states filed affidavits saying that they had appointed the nodal officers but failed to check incidents of hate crimes and lynching shows that there is no political or administrative will. These states lied to the Supreme

report reveals 'uphill' drug battle, poor hygiene and overcrowding at wa prison

The Department of Corrective Services has "categorically rejected" reports a toilet was used as a make-shift holding cell in WA' Casuarina Prison, after a new report into the facility found overcrowding was creating a "dangerous and highly stressful" environment for both prison officers and inmates.The report was released by the Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services, and Inspector Neil Morgan made 18 recommendations in order to help tackle the exploding prison population.
The entrance to Casuarina Prison. Photo: the Office of the Inspector of Custodial ServicesWhile the prison has a design capacity of 397, at the time of inspection it held close to 950 inmates.According to the report, inmates struggled with "cobwebs and grime accumulating on the ceiling" of the prison kitchen, ov

pm’s office replies to erdogan: greece has a prime minister, not a sultan

The office of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras issue a withering response to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s linkage of the case of the eight Turkish military officers seeking asylum in Greece with that of two Greek army officers imprisoned in Edirne’s top security prison for crossing the border into Turkey.“The Turkish president, if he had something to say about the case of the eight [Turkish officers], could have said it directly to the Greek prime minister, or publicly during his recent visit to Athens,” the statement from PM’s office noted. “Today, he is choosing incomprehensibly to continue on a slippery road, putting two entirely dissimilar cases in the same balance.”“We make it perfectly clear to him, therefore, that Greece operates under the rule of law, and has a prime minis

us jail riot: 7 inmates dead, 17 injured at south carolina prison; updates

Seven inmates have been killed and at least 17 others seriously injured amid fighting between prisoners inside a maximum security prison in South Carolina. Prisons spokesman Jeff Taillon announced the grim outcome after State Law Enforcement Division agents helped secure Lee Correctional Institution around 3 AM today.
Taillon said no officers were wounded after multiple inmate fights broke out at 7:15 PM Sunday. He said 17 of the injured required medical attention outside the prison. It was one of the deadliest U.S. prison incidents in years.
The South Carolina Department of Corrections tweeted that it involved multiple inmate-on-inmate altercations in three housing units. According to the local newspaper the State, the victims were deemed a “nuisance” to the two other prisoners who mu

arthur gorrie prison staff locked out amid ongoing dispute

Dozens of guards have been locked out of Queensland's second-largest prison as tensions between staff and management escalate over safety concerns.Queensland's entire prison system has suffered from overcrowding, with most jails as much as 20 per cent over capacity.
Prison officers protest at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre. Photo: SuppliedThe privately run Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre in Wacol was at 120 per cent capacity in May but staff concerns centred on the "dangerous" staffing levels.Several stop-works have taken place in recent weeks as the United Voice union attempted to force operator GEO Group to increase staffing levels.ON Friday morning, about 40 officers were locked out of the jail and the facility was put in lockdown ahead of planned rolling stoppages throughout the

sfio is highly understaffed with more than 50% of posts lying vacant

A manpower crunch has hit the Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO), with more than half the posts in the organisation yet to be filled. The numbers suggest that the SFIO is highly understaffed with more than 50 per cent of the posts lying vacant. Of the 133 posts in different categories in the SFIO, 69 are vacant. Recently the Centre referred 19 cases to the SFIO, but insiders say it would be difficult to wrap up the cases in time because there are not enough people to investigate them. While 75 posts have been sanctioned for recruitment on deputation, only 25 are in place, while the ...

police officers warn ministry one of them may get killed | news

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Police officers warn ministry one of them may get killedTAGS:Crime, PoliticsPolice officers are expressing fears that the increase in violence against them in the last few days may lead to a dead police officer or civilian, according to the general secretary of Police Special Guards, Stratos Mavroidakos.
Speaking on Skai, Mavroidakos responded to the criticism by Alternate Minister for Public Order and Citizens Protection Nikos Toskas against the police, saying that “one thing is certain, that in the end the price will be paid by low-ranked police officers; the state has not acknowledged our work.”
“It is a shame as the minister has lost his temper,” the police un

victoria police officers suspended over brutality claims

Four Victoria Police officers have been suspended and another put on different duties over three separate alleged brutality incidents.Head of Professional Standards Command, Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius, took the action on Friday after CCTV footage of the incidents was made public earlier in the week.Three officers have been suspended over a September 2017 incident in which a disability pensioner was pinned down, beaten with a baton, capsicum sprayed, then hosed down in his Preston front yard.Another officer has been suspended over the treatment of a man who held up a Preston pharmacy in February 2016 and was kicked and stomped on while handcuffed.A fifth officer has been reassigned after a March 2015 incident at Bendigo, where an arrested man was thrown into a metal door at the p

premier backs corrections minister after 10 inmates escape in prison riot

The bill to fix the damage caused by the riot would be significant, according to the WA Prison Officers' Union.The Premier said Mr Logan, who was on annual leave for the month of July and due back at work on Monday, was on the "first plane back" after he heard about the riot.Mr McGowan said the government had been doing its best to manage problems in the corrections system after the Corruption and Crime Commission delivered a number of damning reports that included claims corrupt prison guards, prisoners and organised crime gangs were smuggling drugs into WA prisons.But the Premier said he absolutely backed Mr Logan and Corrective Services Commissioner Tony Hassall."Corrective service is the sort of portfolio that often has a range of issues, whichever state you're in and wherever you are,

'disturbing network' of corrupt guards, crime gangs smuggle drugs into wa jails:

A covert investigation into the security of the state's corrections system has unveiled a "disturbing network" of corrupt prison guards, prisoners and "organised crime syndicates" is smuggling drugs into WA prisons.A damning Corruption and Crime Commission report, which was tabled in WA Parliament on Tuesday, found smuggling drugs into jail was as easy as stuffing them down the front of a prison officer's pants.It labelled the state's prison system a "corruption risk hot-spot".Lax security in WA's prison system has been the subject of an ongoing Corruption and Crime Commission investigation.Photo: Dan HensonThere were "multiple instances" of custodial officers associating with criminals and members of crime gangs, using prohibited drugs, smuggling prohibited drugs into prison and taking br

at least six dead after bolivia prison uprising

La Paz: At least six inmates died and more than 20 were injured in a Bolivian prison on Wednesday while attempting to resist a police search of the Palmasola jail in Santa Cruz, the government said.Earlier on Wednesday, around 2000 police entered the prison where they found firearms, an alcohol distillery, cocaine and marijuana, according to the general commander of the Bolivian Police Faustino Mendoza. He said six police were shot and injured.Some 5000 men and women are incarcerated in Palmasola, where a clash between inmates in 2013 left 34 people dead. The government recently ordered the evacuation of dozens of children who had been living with their parents at the prison after because of child prostitution.Overcrowded and violent prisons are common throughout much of Latin America. In

police enter sprawling chios migrant camp | news

Joint teams of police officers and their coast guard counterparts entered a sprawling migrant reception center on the eastern Aegean island of Chios on Friday, detaining more than 20 people in an effort to trace those who have had their asylum appeals rejected.The operation was deemed necessary due to the fact the Souda camp has grown in recent months as arrivals of migrants from neighboring Turkey have continued to trickle in spite of an agreement between the European Union and Ankara aimed at curbing human smuggling across the Aegean. The coast guard joined the Greek Police as the tents now reach the seashore, which falls under the former’s remit.Tensions have been rising on Chios, which is currently favored by human smugglers ferrying migrants over from Turkey, with an increasing number

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