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 presstv lebanons hariri gets third time as pm
presstv-'hariri’s resignation saudi plan b against hezbollah'

A political commentator believes Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s resignation is pretty much Saudi Arabia’s “Plan B” against Lebanon’s Hezbollah after the resistance movement's successes against Daesh Takfiri terrorists in Lebanon and Syria.“So now we have to wait and see in the couple weeks to come if this actually will be translated into an actual war against the resistance axis in the entire Middle East specifically Hezbollah in Lebanon or if this is just some sort of a maneuvering to mainly prepare Saad Hariri for the upcoming parliamentary elections,” Marwa Osma told PressTV in an interview on Saturday.PressTV-Lebanese PM Hariri resigns after trips to Saudi ArabiaLebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has announced his resignation in a speech broadcast from Saudi Arabia.

presstv-hariri's party says he still pm, urges him to return

A Lebanese political party led by Saad Hariri, who recently resigned in Saudi Arabia, says the politician is still the country's prime minister.In a televised statement on Thursday, Future Movement threw its weight behind Hariri, calling for his immediate return to Lebanon.“We confirm our support for Prime Minister Saad Hariri and for all the decisions he makes under any circumstances,” the movement said, adding that Hariri’s return “is necessary to restoring the internal and external balance of Lebanon with full respect to Lebanese legitimacy.”Hariri quit his post on Saturday in a speech from Saudi Arabia and has not returned to Lebanon since. In his speech, he accused Iran and the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, of sowing strife in the Arab world.Hariri’s departure has sent shoc

presstv-debate: hariri’s resignation

Lebanese President Michel Aoun says Saad al-Hariri had phoned him "from outside Lebanon" to resign as the country's prime minister. Al-Hariri visited Saudi Arabia twice in the past few days.In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Ali Rizk, a political analyst from Beirut, and Nabil Mikhail, a professor at the George Washington University, to discuss the consequences of Lebanon’s Prime Minister Sa’ad al-Hariri's surprise resignation.

presstv-lebanon pm hariri resigns from saudi arabia

Mariam SalehPress TV, BeirutLebanon’s two-time Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri announces his surprise resignation, saying he’s sensed his life is in danger. Hariri unveiled his shocking decision while on a trip to Saudi Arabia -his second in just a few days. As our correspondent Mariam Saleh reports this has got many to believe that Riyadh is behind the move.

presstv-iran ‘hopes hariri returns to lebanon, helps restore calm’

Iran says it hopes that Saad Hariri, who has resigned as Lebanon’s prime minister, will return home from Saudi Arabia and help restore calm to his country by pursuing his resignation there.Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said in a press briefing on Monday that Hariri’s Sunday remark that he would return to Lebanon offered “a flicker of hope” that calm would be restored in the Arab country.Hariri announced his shock resignation in Saudi Arabia and in footage broadcast by a Saudi-owned television on November 2. The announcement is widely seen to have been made under Saudi influence, and Lebanese President Michel Aoun has refused to formally consider Hariri’s resignation, saying he has to return first.Lebanese government officials also said they believed Hariri was “being held” in S

presstv-hariri arrives in paris, 2 children stay behind in riyadh

Saad Hariri, who unexpectedly resigned as Lebanon’s prime minister while in Saudi Arabia and was widely known to have been under restrictions there, has arrived in France, but two of his children have stayed behind in Riyadh.Hariri and his wife, Lara, landed at Le Bourget Airport outside Paris on Saturday after flying in from the Saudi capital.Hariri is set to hold talks with French President Emmanuel Macron, who had invited the Lebanese politician to the European country in an attempt to lower the tensions that erupted after Hariri’s abrupt resignation.The Lebanese politician’s elder son, Houssam, is also expected to arrive in Paris separately from London.A source close to Hariri told AFP that Hariri’s two youngest children, Loulwa and Abdelaziz, had stayed behind in the Saudi capital “fo

presstv-hariri meets saudi crown prince for first time since crisis

Rana AladdinPress TV, BeirutLebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri has concluded his visit to Saudi Arabia. Hariri traveled to Riyadh four months after he abruptly announced his resignation while visiting the kingdom in November that caused a brief political chaos in Lebanon. During his latest trip, Hariri met with the Saudi King and Crown Prince to discuss the strained Lebanese-Saudi relations. Press TV’s Rana Aladdin reports from Beirut.

presstv-pm hariri says he will return to lebanon within days

Rana AladdinPress TV, BeirutLebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri finally breaks his silence a week after his surprise resignation while in Saudi Arabia. In a live interview, Hariri dismissed claims that he has been held hostage by Saudi forces and promised to return to Lebanon within days. Press TV Correspondent Rana Aladdin reports.

presstv-hariri to ‘certainly’ remain lebanon pm: aoun

Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun says Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who recently walked back on his shock resignation, will “certainly” remain in office.During a visit to Rome on Wednesday, Aoun told the Italian daily La Stampa that the political crisis in Lebanon triggered by Hariri’s November 4 departure announcement will be “resolved definitely in a few days.”“We have just finished deliberations with all the political forces in the country. There is a wide agreement,” the Lebanese president said.Hariri announced his resignation in a televised announcement broadcast from the Saudi capital, Riyadh.Senior sources close to Hariri and top Lebanese officials said Saudi Arabia had coerced the Lebanese premier into stepping down and put him under house arrest. Aoun refused to accept Hariri’s resig

presstv-'saudi arabia ordered hariri resignation'

A political commentator believes Saudi Arabia orderedLebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to resign in a "last-ditch attempt" to “destabilize” Lebanon. “What we see now is that you have an irrational party - I mean the Saudis - who have been trying all the irrational things that come to your mind and now they are trying one last-ditch attempt because they have already tried everything. Lebanon has seen the explosions by terrorists, suicide bombers and everything and instability at the political level with delaying of the formation of Hariri’s government and all the pressures made in order to destabilize this country came from Saudi Arabia but all have failed,” Mohammad Obeid told PressTV in an interview on Saturday.He also added that Hariri’s resignation cannot be separated from the develop

presstv-lebanon pm hariri to leave saudi arabia for france

Mariam SalehPress TV, BeirutLebanese Prime Minister Sa'ad al-Hariri and his family are expected to arrive in Paris on Saturday where they will meet with President Emanuel Macron. The trip is part of a French initiative to release Hariri who is believed to be held by force in Saudi Arabia. In Beirut, many believe that Hariri’s trip to Paris will lead to his return to Beirut. But as Press TV’s correspondent Maryam Saleh reports, there are also fears that his return kick off a new round of political feud in Lebanon.

presstv-hariri says may withdraw resignation next week

Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri has announced that he may retract his resignation by next week."Matters are positive, as you hear, and if this positivity continues, we will announce, God willing, to Lebanese next week with President Michel Aoun and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri the withdrawal of the resignation," said a statement released by Hariri's press office on Wednesday night.Meanwhile, a source close to Hariri announced that he had left for Paris to visit his family."He left half an hour ago and will spend a few days with his family in Paris," said the source.Earlier in the day, Aoun said Hariri will “certainly” remain in office.   PressTV-Hariri to ‘certainly’ remain Lebanon PM: AounLebanese President Michel Aoun says Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who recently walked back from

presstv-lebanese pm hariri resigns after trips to saudi arabia

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has announced his resignation in a speech broadcast from Saudi Arabia.Hariri announced his resignation in a televised statement on Saturday, citing many reasons, including the security situation in Lebanon, for his sudden decision.He also said that he sensed a plot being hatched against his life.Lebanese President Michel Aoun's office said that Hariri had phoned him "from outside Lebanon" to resign and that Aoun awaited Hariri's return to hear the "circumstances of the resignation."Walid Jumblatt, leader of Lebanon's Progressive Socialist Party (PSP), said Hariri's resignation could adversely affect the country already under huge strain."Lebanon is too small and vulnerable to bear the economic and political burden that comes with this resignation," he sa

presstv-hariri takes tough line on hezbollah, cites arab ties

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who recently walked back his surprise resignation in Saudi Arabia, says he will not accept the Hezbollah resistance movement’s stance should it endanger Beirut’s Arab allies.“We will not accept the positions of Hezbollah that affect our Arab brothers or target the security and stability of their countries,” Hariri’s media office quoted him as saying during a meeting with members of the Supreme Islamic Sharia Council in Beirut on Saturday.Hariri stunned Lebanon on November 4 by announcing his resignation in a live television broadcast from Saudi Arabia. He accused Iran and Hezbollah of sowing strife in the Arab world, an allegation rejected by both sides.Senior sources close to Hariri and top Lebanese officials said Riyadh had coerced the Lebanese premie

presstv-hariri tells supporters he will stay in lebanon

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri says he will stand with his supporters after suspending his shock resignation, which he announced in Saudi Arabia earlier this month.“I'm staying with you. We continue together... We are the people of moderation, the people of stability. We have all come here on the Independence Day to say we have nothing more precious than our country, we have nothing but our country,” Hariri addressed his supporters, who had swarmed the streets adjacent to his house in Beirut to celebrate his return to Lebanon.Supporters of Saad Hariri, who suspended his decision to resign as the Lebanese prime minister, are seen near his home in Beirut, Lebanon, on November 22, 2017. (Photo by Reuters)“Our principles won't ever change, and our slogan will be: Lebanon first, Lebanon fi

presstv-lebanon’s hariri gets third time as pm

The office of Lebanon’s president says a majority of lawmakers in parliament have endorsed Sa’ad al-Hariri, designating the Western-backed politician as prime minister for a third time.The office of Michel Aoun said in a statement on Thursday that Hariri had won the backing of 111 out of 128 members of Lebanon’s new parliament during official consultations with the president earlier in the day.Lebanon’s post of prime minister is reserved for a Sunni Muslim politician. Despite losing more than a third of his MPs in a May 6 election, Hariri was still the leading Sunni figure and a clear frontrunner for the post.Local media said Hariri would swiftly launch negotiations with other parties on forming a coalition government.The Lebanese Hezbollah resistant movement had named nobody for the post.

presstv-‘hariri’s return will prove his freedom’

Lebanon's Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil has said that Prime Minister Saad Hariri can only prove his freedom by returning home.Bassil made remark during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in France on Tuesday.“We hope to resolve this with the quick and immediate return of Prime Minister Hariri to his country ... where he has the right to do what he wants," said Bassil.Bassil also responded to reports concerning Saudi Arabia's intruding punitive measures against Lebanon.“Any (Saudi) measures would not only be targeting Lebanon and its stability, this would be a punishment for the region because any instability in Lebanon would cause instability in the region," he said.   Earlier on Tuesday, Hariri announced he will return to Lebanon in the next two days in a Twitter post.PressT

presstv-hariri to ‘certainly’ remain lebanon pm: aoun

Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun says Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who recently walked back on his shock resignation, will “certainly” remain in office.During a visit to Rome on Wednesday, Aoun told the Italian daily La Stampa that the political crisis in Lebanon triggered by Hariri’s November 4 departure announcement will be “resolved definitively in a few days.”“We have just finished deliberations with all the political forces in the country. There is a wide agreement,” the Lebanese president said.Hariri told French broadcaster CNews on Monday that he would stay on as prime minister if Hezbollah “accepted to stick by the state policy of staying out of regional conflicts.”Asked about that Hariri’s comments, Aoun said the Lebanese resistance movement has fought against Daesh terrorists both

presstv-maronite leader visits riyadh amid hariri mystery

A top Lebanese Christian religious figure was heading to Saudi Arabia on Monday afternoon with the hope of meeting Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri whose surprise resignation in Riyadh has raised many questions.The visit by Cardinal Bechara el-Rai, who heads the Maronite sect, is the latest in Lebanon's efforts to allay fears about the circumstances surrounding Hariri's fate in Saudi Arabia. The Maronite sect is Lebanon's largest Christian community and the Middle East's largest Catholic church, to which President President Michel Aoun also belongs. On Sunday, Aoun said Hariri was living in “mysterious circumstances” with restricted freedom in Riyadh as he cast doubt on what the Lebanese prime minister has said about his situation.His remarks came shortly before Hariri said he would re

presstv-hariri must return to lebanon: tillerson

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri needs to return to his country before officially stepping down from his post.Tillerson's remarks come amid growing questions about the premier's sudden resignation last Saturday from Saudi Arabia where he was spending a supposedly routine trip.“If he’s going to step down, as I understand it, he needs to go back to Lebanon to make that official,” Tillerson said en route from Chinese capital Beijing to Danang on Friday, nearly a week after an anxious Hariri appeared on live TV to announce his intention to quit his job.“I‘m hopeful that if that is still his intent to leave that he’ll do that so that the government of Lebanon can function properly,” Tillerson added.Although the Lebanese PM insisted in his resignation

presstv-saudi detention of hariri ‘aggression against lebanon’

Lebanese President Michel Aoun says Saudi Arabia is holding Prime Minister Saay Hariri, calling the detention as an act of aggression against his country and a violation of international human rights regulations.“Nothing justifies Hariri’s lack of return for 12 days. We therefore consider him detained. This is a violation of the Vienna agreements and human rights law,” Aoun said at a meeting with Lebanese journalists and media executives.Aoun underlined the need for Hariri’s immediate return to Lebanon, saying, “We cannot wait a long time for Hariri’s return, we cannot stop the state’s work.”Later on Wednesday, Hariri repeated his previous statements that he would return home. "I want to repeat and affirm that I am perfectly fine and I will return, God willing, to dear Lebanon as I promise

presstv-hariri to return to lebanon in next two days

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri says he will return to Lebanon in the next two days, after his surprise resignation in Saudi Arabia created a shockwave in Lebanon’s political scene.Hariri announced the news in a Twitter message on Tuesday amid speculations about the time of his possible return to Lebanon.Hariri announced his resignation in Riyadh on November 4, shortly after travelling to Saudi Arabia. The televised announcement saw him reading out from a statement.Lebanese government officials and senior sources close to Hariri believe that Riyadh forced him to step down and has further placed him under effective house arrest since he touched down in Saudi Arabia on November 3, a day before he announced his shock resignation in a televised address aired from the kingdom’s capital.Leba

presstv-‘saudi arabia forced hariri to resign’

An academic believes Saudi Arabia has forced Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to resign, saying a claim about an attempt on his life is a “mere veil” to justify his stay in the kingdom.“So I believe that the Saudis dealt with Saad Hariri not as Lebanese prime minister but more as their employee who was hired by them and his father before him for the past 40 years to implement Saudi policies in Lebanon on behalf of Saudi influence mainly,” Jamal Wakim, a professor at the Lebanese International University, told Press TV in an interview on Sunday.PressTV-Lebanese PM Hariri resigns after trips to Saudi ArabiaLebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has announced his resignation in a speech broadcast from Saudi Arabia.

presstv-hariri resignation, us-saudi-zionist plot: iran

Iran has vehemently rejected remarks by Saad Hariri, who has stepped down as Lebanon’s Prime Minister, saying his resignation and rehashing of the “unfounded and baseless” allegations regularly leveled by the Zionists, Saudis and the US are another scenario to create new tensions in Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East.Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi made the remarks on Saturday, a few hours after the announcement of Hariri’s resignation in Saudi Arabia, in which he made allegations against Iran and Lebanon's Resistance Movement Hezbollah.“The sudden resignation of Mr. Hariri and its announcement in another country are not only regrettable and astonishing, but also indicative of him playing in a court that the ill-wishers in the region have laid out,” he said.PressTV-

presstv-lebanon rejects reports of assassination plot against hariri

Rana AladdinPress TV, BeirutLebanon’s security forces have rejected reports of an assassination plot against Saad Hariri who’s resigned as prime minister. Hariri announced his decision to step down during a visit to Saudi Arabia, saying he fears for his life. Rana Aladdin has the details in this report from the Lebanese capital.

presstv-‘aoun says pm hariri has been kidnapped’

Lebanese President Michel Aoun says Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who announced his resignation in a broadcast from Saudi Arabia, has been “kidnapped” and must have immunity.Aoun made the remarks in a meeting with foreign ambassadors in the capital Beirut, a senior unnamed Lebanese official told Reuters on Saturday.Meanwhile, in a statement released by Aoun's office on Saturday, the Lebanese president expressed concern over Hariri's situation and said the premier was living in a “dubious” situation in Saudi Arabia. He added that anything Hariri has said or may say “does not reflect reality” due to the mystery of his situation.Any stance or move by Hariri “is the result of the dubious and mysterious situation that he is living in the kingdom,” Aoun said.Aoun further called on Riyadh to clarif

presstv-hariri says not being held captive by saudis

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri claims he is not being held captive in Saudi Arabia and will be returning to his country in the next few days.Hariri made the remarks on Sunday during an interview with the Lebanese TV channel Future TV.He further said that his resignation had been given in the interest of Lebanon, and that the country may be facing Arab sanctions."I am free here. If I want to travel tomorrow, I will…I will return to Lebanon very soon," he said, adding that he would return to  Beirut "in two or three days."Earlier in the day, Lebanese President Michel Aoun said that Hariri is living in “mysterious circumstances” with restricted freedom in Riyadh.Aoun has yet to formally accept Hariri's resignationPressTV-Hariri’s freedom restricted in Riyadh: AounThe Lebanese preside

presstv-hariri to clarify stance on lebanon after return to beirut

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri has said he will announce his position with regard to the ongoing crisis in the country after he returns to Lebanon in the coming days."With regard to the political situation in Lebanon, I will go to Beirut in the coming days, I will participate in the independence celebrations, and it is there that I will make known my position on these subjects after meeting President [Michel] Aoun," Hariri said after meeting French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Saturday.Hariri stunned Lebanon and the region by announcing his resignation in a live television broadcast from Saudi Arabia on November 4.Senior sources close to Hariri and top Lebanese political and security officials said Saudi Arabia had coerced Hariri into stepping down and had put him under hous

presstv-lebanon army: no assassination plots uncovered

The Lebanese army says it has not uncovered any assassination plots in the Arab country after the country's resigned prime minister, Saad al-Hariri, said during a speech declaring his resignation that there was a plot to kill him.The army, in a statement released on Sunday, announced that intelligence in its possession in addition to ongoing arrests and investigations had not revealed “the presence of any plan for assassinations in the country.”In a speech broadcast from Saudi Arabia by Arabic-language Al-Arabiya television news network, Hariri announced his resignation, citing numerous reasons, including the security situation in Lebanon, for his sudden decision.He also said that he sensed a plot being hatched against his life.Hariri accused the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hezbollah of m

presstv-hezbollah mps welcome hariri's return to lebanon

The parliamentary group of the Hezbollah resistance movement has welcomed Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s return to Lebanon, who recently stepped back from his surprise resignation in Saudi Arabia.In a statement released on Thursday, the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc voiced its “great satisfaction” with recent political developments in Lebanon, adding that Hariri’s latest “positive statements” signaled a possible return to normalcy in the country.The recent developments were “the result of the adherence of the Lebanese to their unity, sovereignty, independence and national dignity,” in tandem with “their rejection of any foreign dictates,” the bloc said.It further hailed the “outstanding management of President Michel Aoun” and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri during the fresh political crisis

presstv-lebanon waits hariri’s return amid tensions with riyadh

Rana AladdinPress TV, BeirutLebanese President Michel Aoun is demanding the return of Sa'ad Hariri, who resigned from his post as Lebanon’s prime minister while in Saudi Arabia last week. The call comes as a number of Arab states, led by Saudi Arabia, have asked their nationals to leave Lebanon as soon as possible. Press TV Correspondent Rana Aladdin reports.

presstv-lebanon believes saad hariri ‘being held’ in saudi arabia

Lebanese authorities believe Saad Hariri, who recently announced his resignation as prime minister in a live broadcast from Riyadh, is being held in Saudi Arabia, a top government official says.Reuters also cited the official as saying Thursday that Beirut wants foreign pressure to secure Hariri’s return to his his country.

presstv-lebanon's hariri visits uae after resigning as prime minister

Lebanese Prime Minister Sa'ad al-Hariri visited the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday, after his trip to Saudi Arabia, as regional tensions aggravated by his surprise resignation escalated into a domestic crisis.Hariri, an ally of Saudi Arabia, flew to Abu Dhabi and then returned to Riyadh, his office said. His Future TV channel said he would also visit Bahrain.

presstv-saudi king receives lebanon pm hariri in riyadh

©AFPSaudi King Salman meets with Lebanese PM Sa'ad al-Hariri less than 48 hours after he resigned as premier in a televised address from Riyadh.

presstv-leader’s aide rejects hariri anti-iran allegations

A senior advisor to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on international affairs has rejected the recent allegations against Iran leveled by Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, a long-time Saudi ally who recently announced his resignation in a broadcast from the kingdom.Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Ali Akbar Velayati dismissed the claim by the Lebanese premier in a television interview on Sunday that he had called on Iran during a meeting between the two to stop interfering in Lebanon’s internal affairs. Velayati met with Hariri in Lebanon earlier this month a day before his resignation declaration.“In our talks, this issue was not raised and he [Hariri] asked to mediate between Iran and Saudi Arabia,” Velayati said.The Iranian official added that his discu

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