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 presstv may govt wants frictionless trade with eu rudd
presstv-may govt. wants frictionless trade with eu: rudd

Britain’s Interior Minister says the British government's main aim is to maintain “frictionless tradewith the European Union, be free to strike trade deals with other nations and avoid a hard border with Ireland.In an interview with the state-funded BBC, Amber Rudd claimed the UK economy will grow after leaving the European bloc.Rudd’s claim comes at a time a leaked government report has revealed the UK will be worse off in all possible scenarios after leaving the European Union.PressTV-UK worse off in all Brexit scenarios: Leaked reportThe UK's economic growth will take a hit under the most possible Brexit scenarios, according to a leaked government report.Rudd also maintained that the UK government is more united on Brexit than many say."I have a surprise for the Brexiteers, which is t

presstv-uk seeking temporary trade deal after brexit

The UK government is seeking an interim trade relationship with the European Union in order to secure the "freest and most frictionless possible trade" with the EU after Britain exits the bloc.London plans to ask Brussels to establish a "temporary customs union" after Brexit in March 2019, the UK Department for Exiting the EU said in a statement on Tuesday."During this interim period, which will be negotiated with Brussels, Britain will look to negotiate bold new trade relationships around the world," the statement said."One possible approach would be a temporary customs union between the UK and the EU," it said. "Our goal is to secure as frictionless trade as possible with the EU alongside the ability to forge trade deals around the world."Britain’s membership in the EU customs union, whi

presstv-brexit negotiator warns uk it has 'more to lose' than eu

The European Commission’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has warned Britain that it has more to lose than the European Union if it were to walk away from Brexit talks without a deal.Speaking in Brussels, Barnier also warned that frictionless trade between the EU and Britain would be impossible after Brexit.“We want to be ready for all eventualities, including ‘no deal’, a possibility that has been mentioned again recently by several British ministers,” he said at a meeting of employers, trade unions and NGOs."No deal would make a lose-lose situation even worse ... in my mind, there is no reasonable justification for a no-deal,"  he added, referring to recent suggestions by British ministers that London could go its own way if the talks fail.Barnier said the bloc would make no compr

presstv-romanian workers protest govt. fiscal measures

Around 8,000 workers from the automotive industry gathered at Trade Union Square in Mioveni to protest against the government's plans to transfer social contributions from employer to employee as well as to demand starting construction of Pitesti-Sibiu motorway, Tuesday.Protesters armed with signs and flags were joined by trade union representatives as they chanted against the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) and its President Liviu Dragnea. 

presstv-uk business leaders call for reversing brexit

The UK’s largest business organization is privately pushing for a new campaign to reverse Britain’s planned exit from the European Union as concerns mount about the viability of London’s plan to prevent a collapse in exports to the EU.On Monday, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) launched its most sustained attack yet on the government’s Brexit strategy by calling for full customs union with the EU and single market participation, even if it means abandoning the pursuit of separate trade deals with the rest of the world.Senior figures at the CBI’s policy council are urging a national rethink of the decision to leave the EU, perhaps through a second referendum or an election.“It’s not for us to say [whether to reverse Brexit], we are simply pointing out that you need single market

presstv-uk calls for more control on messaging apps

UK spy agencies should be able to access encrypted content in online messaging applications to prevent terrorist attacks, says British Home Secretary Amber Rudd, warning that terrorists are hiding behind some of the most popular apps.According to reports, Khalid Masood, the man behind the recent terror attack in London, had communicated with unknown parties through WhatsApp messenger two minutes before his assault that killed 4 people and wounded 50 others.In an interview with BBC on Sunday, Rudd said it was “completely unacceptable” that terrorists have found a “place to hide” using these applications.“It is completely unacceptable, there should be no place for terrorists to hide,” she said.British Home Secretary Amber Rudd (Photo by AFP)“We need to make sure that organizations like Whats

still a faceless man, but nobody calls bill shorten a lapdog anymore

When Julia Gillard calls "Bill! Bill Shorten!", a scrappy little terrier comes running.In the ABC TV satire At Home with Julia, the prime minister explained to visitors to The Lodge that she named the dog after the minister for workplace relations because he's "always at mummy's heels".
Illustration: John Shakespeare Until, in the final insult, her pet relieves himself on her leg, just as, in real life, Shorten switched his support from Gillard to Kevin Rudd, the decisive final vote to destroy Gillard and restore Rudd.Shorten hasn't set the electorate on fire. But he has managed to doggedly build his leadership and restore a battered Labor party to a position of political competitiveness.Even dominance. Labor has been ahead in the polls consistently since the election, over a year now. N

presstv-eu wants iran in world trade organization

Jerome HughesPressTV, BrusselsThe European Union trade commissioner says there should be a chance for Iran to join the World Trade Organization. Cecilia Malmstrom told a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels that there has been considerable growth in the volume of trade between the EU and Tehran since the implementation of the nuclear deal.Jerome Hughes has this report.

presstv-trump threatens trade war with eu

US President Donald Trump has issued a trade war warning against the European Union over what he has described the bloc’s unfair treatment of Washington.In his first British TV interview in office with ITV's Piers Morgan made during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Donald Trump described EU trade policies toward the US as "very, very unfair.”“They’re not the only one, by the way. I could name many countries and places that do. But the European Union has been very, very unfair to the US. And I think it will turn out to be very much to their detriment.”"I've had a lot of problems with the European Union, and it may morph into something very big from that standpoint, from a trade standpoint," Trump said.He also criticized the EU for paying very little taxes for the products it

presstv-debate: eu-us trade showdown

EU has that it’s “ready to react swiftly and appropriately in case our exports are affected by any restrictive trade measures by the United States.” The reaction came after U.S. President Trump on Sunday threatened to confront the EU over its “very unfair” trade policy toward the U.S.In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has interviewed Sean O'Grady, the former economics editor of the Independent from London, and Brent Budowsky, a columnist with The Hill from Washington, to discuss the possibility of a trade war between the EU and the United States following Donald Trump's accusations of Europe's unfair trade policies' with US.

kevin rudd's scathing attack on us president donald trump

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has launched a scathing attack on Donald Trump, declaring the American president to be "nuts" and warning that China could step into a potential regional power vacuum."I think the general consensus amongst anyone concerned with a public policy process, domestic or international, thinks he's nuts," Mr Rudd said on the ABC's Q&A on Monday night, in response to a question about US voter support for the President.
Kevin Rudd was scathing about Donald Trump. Photo: Andrew MearesMr Rudd, now based in the US but in Australia promoting his memoir, said he had remained silent for the first six months of the Trump presidency. But, he said: "One small example … I spent a huge amount of time as PM getting America to be accepted as a member of something called the Eas

uk tells whatsapp to open up to intelligence services

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd said Facebook's WhatsApp messaging system should open its encryption to security services and urged online companies to be more aggressive in shutting down sites exploited by terrorists.After newspapers disclosed that Khalid Masood, who killed four people in London last week, had used WhatsApp shortly before he began his attack, Rudd identified the company as needing to do more to help fight terrorism.
Governments and security agencies are facing an uphill struggle to keep up with new technology. Photo: Bloomberg"It's completely unacceptable" that messages can't be opened, Rudd told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show on Sunday. "We need to make sure that our intelligence services have the ability to get into encrypted services like WhatsApp."Since the attack, governm

presstv-uk threatens tech companies over encryption

The UK government has once again threatened tech companies over development of message encryption tools, saying they should either cooperate with security and intelligence services to solve the “problem” or face stricter laws.British Home Secretary Amber Rudd said Monday that end-to-end encryption technologies used in messaging applications were working to the benefit of terrorists."We support its place in making sure that we have secure facilities in our daily lives,” Rudd told BBC."However, there is a problem in terms of the growth of end-to-end encryption. It’s a problem for the security services and for police who are not, under the normal way, under properly-warranted paths, able to access that information,” she added.The home secretary, who has been holding meetings with tech giants

presstv-clinton warns uk against trade deal with trump

Former US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has warned the British government not strike trade deals with the administration of US President Donald Trump after the UK leaves the European Union (EU).Clinton, who conceded a surprising defeat to Trump in last year’s presidential election, told BBC on Sunday that Trump was opposed to trade.“You’re making a trade deal with somebody who says he doesn’t believe in trade, so I‘m not quite sure how that’s going to play out over the next few years,” she said.UK Prime Minister Theresa May is said to have been playing up the prospects of increasing trade with “old friends” like the US and “new partners” like China, India and Japan after Brexit.May visited Trump at the White House in January and invited him for a state visit. The two countries share

amber rudd: no sudden drop in immigration post-brexit -

Ms Rudd said the Government was "against cliff edges" as she revealed businesses and others will be consulted on plans for a new immigration system in summer. She confirmed that ministers are considering plans to limit benefits for new immigrants but insisted it was one of a range of options and that no decisions have been made.Start the conversation, or Read more at

presstv-eu warns us of ‘swift’ response to trade curbs

The European Union has warned the US that it will react "swiftly and appropriately" if Washington wages a trade war on the 28-member bloc."We also believe that while trade has to be open and fair it has also to be rules-based. The European Union stands ready to react swiftly and appropriately in case our exports are affected by any restrictive trade measures from the United States," European Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas said on Monday.The EU warning came a day after US President Donald Trump said in an interview with Britain's ITV channel that he was annoyed with the EU trade policy and accused Brussels of treating Washington “very unfairly” when it came to trade.Trump said that his many problems with Brussels could "morph into something very big from a trade standpoint.”The US

new call for whatsapp to decrypt messages on request after uk terror attack

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd has called for the government to be permitted access to end-to-end encrypted files following last week’s terror attack in London.It is believed that Khalid Masood, the British extremist responsible, used WhatsApp several minutes before launching the attack outside parliament on Wednesday, though to what end isn’t clear.Rudd, who spoke on the BBC’s Android Marr show, said it was “completely unacceptable” that the government was not permitted to read such messages and said that WhatsApp should not “provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other.” Rudd has arranged a meeting on Thursday, March 30 to discuss the matter with tech company leaders.See also:WhatsApp beta update adds support for Google Gboard GIFs1 week agoThe Investigatory Powers

govt countering china's second push by navigating the sea trade route

Subhomoy Bhattarjee  | 
New Delhi  July 10, 2017 Last Updated at 18:58 IST

presstv-uk says manchester bomber did not act alone

British Home Secretary Amber Rudd says the man who allegedly carried out the deadly terrorist attack in Manchester was known to intelligence services and he did not act alone.In an interview with BBC Radio Wednesday, Rudd said more information is being gathered about 22-year-old Salman Abedi.She said 3,800 soldiers will be deployed across Britain to step up security amid fears of a wider plot."We do know he [Abedi] was known up to a point to the intelligence services. I’m sure we’ll get more information about him over the next few days."At least 22 people lost their lives when Abedi allegedly detonated his explosives at a concert hall in Manchester on Monday.British medical sources have raised the number of injuries to 119. Twenty of those with traumatic injuries are still in critical cond

presstv-the debate: trump trade policies

Trump trade policies.In this episode of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with John Steppling, an author and commentator from Norway, and Brent Budowsky, a columnist at The Hill from Washington, to discuss Trump’s foreign trade policies.

rudd says abbott and turnbull are ‘tweedledee and tweedledum’ on policy

The former PM was asked whether recent infighting in the Turnbull Government was proof that they had failed to learn from the Rudd-Gillard years. The government’s policies on climate change, healthcare and the NBN are likely to stay the same even if a leadership spill one day replaces Malcolm Turnbull with Tony Abbott, according to former prime minister Kevin Rudd.Speaking on ABC Radio this morning, the former Labor leader was asked whether friction between Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott was proof the Liberals had failed to learn from the leadership tussle that plagued Mr Rudd’s own prime ministership.He said the differences between the two men were superficial on the “big policy changes facing Australia”.Turnbull says he won't be reshuffling cabinetA reshuffle of cabinet to bring in mor

rudd says abbott and turnbull are ‘tweedledee and tweedledum’ on policy

The former PM was asked whether recent infighting in the Turnbull Government was proof that they had failed to learn from the Rudd-Gillard years. The government’s policies on climate change, healthcare and the NBN are likely to stay the same even if a leadership spill one day replaces Malcolm Turnbull with Tony Abbott, according to former prime minister Kevin Rudd.Speaking on ABC Radio this morning, the former Labor leader was asked whether friction between Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott was proof the Liberals had failed to learn from the leadership tussle that plagued Mr Rudd’s own prime ministership.He said the differences between the two men were superficial on the “big policy changes facing Australia”.Turnbull says he won't be reshuffling cabinetA reshuffle of cabinet to bring in mor

presstv-eu official warns us of retaliation over trade tariffs

A senior official in the European Union has warned that the 28-nation bloc will retaliate if US President Donald Trump takes trade measures to restrict European imports into the US."If European exporters have to pay tariffs, that will become a two-way street. Then US exporters will have to pay tariffs here," EU budget commissioner Guenther Oettinger told Sunday's edition of Germany's Welt am Sonntag newspaper."Anyone who uses the instrument must know that we also have it. And the European market is at least as big as the American one," Oettinger said.Last week, Trump expressed his annoyance with EU trade policy, saying that it "may morph into something very big."In an interview with Britain’s ITV network during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Trump described EU trade polici

sikkim standoff: govt hopes border row will not hit indo-china trade

Press Trust of India  | 
Hyderabad  July 25, 2017 Last Updated at 03:11 IST

amber rudd announces new counter-terror laws and warns more attacks are likely

Manchester: People caught repeatedly looking up terrorist content online will be jailed for up to 15 years, the British Home Secretary Amber Rudd has announced. The same jail term will apply to anyone who publishes information about police or armed forces as part of preparing a terrorist attack, in what the government said was a "tightening" of the country's counter-terror laws. 
Britain's Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, speaks at the Conservative party conference. Photo: APSpeaking to the Tory party conference underway in Manchester, a city she said was "shrouded in grief" following the deaths of 22 people in the bombing of Manchester Arena earlier this year, Ms Rudd says the British had been through a testing year with five attacks across the country. She repeated the revelation made last

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