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 presstv number of refugees in lebanon deteriorating following victories over daesh
presstv-number of refugees in lebanon deteriorating following victories over dae

Rana AladdinPress TV, BeirutLebanon has announced that the number of Syrian refugees there has dropped below one million, for the first time in three years. Our correspondent Rana Aladdin has talked to the UNHCR spokesperson in Beirut and asked her view about the reasons behind the decrease of refugees.

presstv-lebanon celebrates recent victories against takfiris

Mariam SalehPress TV, BeirutThe Lebanese army has celebrated its recent successful operation in the northeast of the country which led to the ultimate defeat of Takfiri terrorists and Daesh forces in the country. During a ceremony in Beirut, army Chief Major general Joseph Aoun hailed the achievement. He told the armed forces to boost their readiness in the face of Lebanon’s number one enemy: Israel. Press TV’s correspondent Maryam Saleh has attended the event and filed this report. 

presstv-hezbollah victories herald fall of daesh: iran official

A senior Iranian official has hailed the recent gains made by Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movements on the battlefield against Daesh, saying the victories herald the Takfri terrorist group’s collapse in the entire region. Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani told Lebanon’s al-Ahed news website on Tuesday that Hezbollah resistance fighters have dealt heavy blows to extremist terrorists, preventing their infiltration from neighboring Syria into Lebanon.The SNSC head said Hezbollah’s victories herald the annihilation of Daesh and foil the plots being pursued by the West, Zionists and their Arab allies in the troubled region.Last month, Hezbollah conducted a six-day joint offensive with the Syrian army in Arsal, which has been hardly hit by the spillove

presstv-58% of syrian refugees in lebanon extremely poor: un

The UN's refugee agency says more than 50 percent of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon are now living in extreme poverty and are highly vulnerable than ever before.Some 1.5 million Syrian refugees have been living in Lebanon since 2011, making up a quarter of the country’s population.The UNHCR said on Friday that the Syrian refugees had sunk further into debt and poverty over the last six years of the war.The UN agency said in an annual survey that the proportion of households now living in extreme poverty, defined as less than $2.87 per person a day, reached 58 percent, an increase of five percent from last year.According to the survey, 76 percent of the refugees were living below the poverty line of less than $3.84 per person a day.Meanwhile, the report said that around 90 percent of the re

presstv-‘lebanon fully liberated from daesh terrorists’

The secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has praised the victories recently achieved by the movement’s fighters and army soldiers in the fight against Daesh Takfiri terrorists, stressing Lebanon’s soil has been fully liberated from the extremist elements.Addressing his followers via a televised speech from the Lebanese capital Beirut on Thursday evening, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah described the gains against the terrorists as the second liberation after the withdrawal of Israeli military forces from southern Lebanon and Western Bekaa region in 2000.Supporters of the Lebanese resistance movement listen to a speech by Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in Beirut on August 31, 2017.  This item is being updated …

presstv-iranian volunteer doctors help palestinian refugees in lebanon

A group of doctors from Iran have gone on a mission in Lebanon to help Palestinians living in refugee camps. According to latest figures, there are around 450,000 registered Palestinian refugees living in 12 UN-provided camps across Lebanon. Amid crippling medical costs, they receive no benefits from the government despite paying into the country’s social security fund.

presstv-'arsal victory promising for anti-takfiri terror front'

The buildup of a front against Takfiri terrorists in the Middle East has paved the way for achieving “victory after victory” in the fight against terrorism, including the recent retaking of Lebanon-Syria border from Daesh, says an analyst.The triumph over Takfiri terrorists in Arsal, located to the northeast of Beirut, “is very promising not only for Lebanon but also for all those who are fighting the Takfiri groups,” Ibrahim Mousawi told Press TV on Wednesday.Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran, which are fighting Takfiri extremists, have been able to “dismantle many of terrorist networks” in the region, the political commentator said.PressTV-‘Daesh terrorists had no choice, but to submit’The leader of Lebanese Hezbollah movement says Daesh terrorists who left the border region between Lebanon

presstv-trump, hariri meet in washington

US President Donald Trump and Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri have met in the White House, discussing a range of issues including the so-called fight against terrorism, Syrian refugees and humanitarian aid.In their first bilateral meeting on Tuesday, the two leaders vowed to work against terrorism by Daesh (ISIL) and other militant groups, with Hariri saying that he hoped the anti-terrorism partnership between Beirut and Washington would continue until all terrorists were defeated.In response, Trump praised the Lebanese army for keeping the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group and other extremists from gaining a foothold in the country, saying, “Ultimately you will win ... we have great confidence in you.”The Lebanese prime minister also touched on the issue of Syrian refugees, noting that th

presstv-lebanon holds funeral for soldiers killed by daesh

Mariam SalehPress TV, Beirut Lebanon has held a funeral ceremony in honor of ten army soldiers who were killed by Daesh terrorists. During the event, President Michel Aoun expressed his condolences to the victims’ families, saying the blood of the slain soldiers will not go in vain. Press TV's Mariam Saleh has more from Beirut.

hostility grows towards syrian refugees in lebanon - lebanon

Tensions have simmered for years but the debate has taken a harder edge in recent months.United Nations concerned about rising tensionsLebanese politicians call for refugee returnsSyrian refugees say they fear harassmentBy Ellen FrancisBEIRUT, Aug 28 (Reuters) - Abu Yazan has rarely stepped out of his apartment in northern Lebanon since he was beaten up on the street in June.Read more on Reuters

presstv-un urges more funds for syrian refugees

The United Nations has called on countries around the world to increase their support for the states hosting refugees from Syria, saying their dwindling resources could cause social and civil tension. “What we see at the moment is more tension between communities, we see demonstrations by some communities between the others,” Mireille Girard, the UN refugee agency’s representative in Lebanon, said on Monday.Lebanon, Syria’s small neighbor to the southwest, has been one of the main countries hosting refugees fleeing the six-year-old war in Syria. The UN estimates that one million Syrians have fled into Lebanon since the war started in March 2011. Beirut puts the figure some 1.5 million, which is around a third of Lebanon’s native population.Girard said countries like Lebanon have already fe

presstv-daesh convoy reaches swap point in syria

A convoy of buses carrying Takfiri Daesh terrorists and their families has reached an exchange point in eastern Syria as part of a ceasefire deal to evacuate the Lebanese-Syrian border region.The media bureau of Hezbollah Operations Command reported on Tuesday that the terrorists would be transferred to Daesh-held territory in exchange for the return of the bodies of Lebanese soldiers kidnapped in 2014 and ultimately slain by Daesh.The evacuation of the militants was made possible under a truce agreement between Daesh on the one side and the Lebanese army, the Syrian military, and the Hezbollah resistance movement on the other side.On August 19, the Lebanese military launched an anti-terror operation on the Syrian border. Hezbollah and the Syrian army also started a simultaneous offensive

presstv-lebanon army tightens grip on daesh near syria

Lebanon’s army has recaptured more areas from the Daesh Takfiri terror group in a northwestern area bordering Syria.The advance was announced by the army on Thursday in and around the Ras Baalbek village in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.The Lebanese army is expected soon to assault the Daesh pocket in the area.Over the past days, the Lebanese army has been targeting the Daesh hideouts along the Syrian border.A picture released by the media office of Lebanon's Hezbollah movement on July 23, 2017 shows an artillery gun firing towards terrorist position in Joroud Arsal, a mountainous region bordering with Syria. (Via AFP)The operation began after the Hezbollah resistance movement forced militant concentrations, and the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham terror group, formerly known as al-Qaeda’s Syria offshoot or

presstv-syria agrees to evacuation deal for daesh terrorists

The Syrian government has agreed to a deal between the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement and Daesh Takfiri terrorists, which allows the transfer of the latter from  the strategic and mountainous region of Qalamoun close to the border with Lebanon to eastern Syria.“After the successes achieved by Syria armed forces and Lebanese Hezbollah resistance fighters in the Western Qalamoun, the deal arranged between Hezbollah and the terrorist Daesh group on the withdrawal of the remaining Daesh terrorists from Western Qalamoun towards the eastern part of Syria has been approved,” Syria’s official news agency SANA reported, citing an unnamed military source.On August 19, Hezbollah and the Syrian army launched an operation to purge Daesh from Qalamoun, located about 330 kilometers (205 miles) no

presstv-‘daesh terrorists had no choice, but to submit’

Leader of Lebanese Hezbollah movement, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, says Daesh terrorists who left the border region between Lebanon and Syria had no choice, but to submit to resistance fighters.“Daesh had no choice, but to submit to us, because they had collapsed from within and had to accept our conditions,” the leader of hezbollah said in a televised address on Monday explaining about evacuation of Daesh terrorists from Qalamoun region near the border with Syria.Nasrallah pointed out that the battle against Daesh terrorists in Qalamoun has achieved all its objectives, describing the evacuation of the Takfiris from the rugged mountainous region as “the second victory” as Lebanon-Syria border region has been completed purged of their presence.He went on to say that the fight against Daesh is

presstv-lebanon launches anti-terror operation near syria

The Lebanese military has launched an offensive against Daesh terrorists in eastern Lebanese territory along the border with Syria.Lebanese army chief General Joseph Aoun announced the start of the operation, dubbed Jaroud Dawn, on Saturday.A Lebanese security source also said that the army was now targeting Daesh positions close to the village of Ras Baalbek in eastern Lebanon with rockets, artillery, and helicopter gunfire.The military campaign began with an attack on the terrorists’ positions in the Western Qalamoon Jaroud region from the north, south, and east.Separately on Saturday, the Hezbollah resistance movement said that it had started a joint operation with the Syrian army inside Syrian territory, according to al-Manar TV station. Earlier this month, reports said that the Lebane

presstv-'lebanon troops in daesh captivity likely dead'

The head of Lebanon's internal security agency says eight Lebanese soldiers who had been in captivity of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group since 2014 are almost certainly dead.General Abbas Ibrahim told reporters gathered in downtown Beirut on Sunday that the army had retrieved the remains of six soldiers so far and was digging for the other two.He said DNA testing would be carried out to determine the identities of the remains."We have removed the remains of six bodies. We are expecting the number to go up to eight," Ibrahim said, adding, "We believe that these remains belong to the soldiers."Lebanon’s army earlier announced a ceasefire in its operation against Daesh terrorists near the country’s border with Syria to help start negotiations over the fate of the captive soldiers.The ceasef

presstv-lebanon busts daesh-linked terror network

Lebanese authorities have arrested seven suspected terrorists affiliated with the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group, destroyed their terror network and foiled a number of planned mass attacks.According to a Friday statement released by the General Security Directorate, Lebanon's intelligence agency, the arrests were made during a joint operation by the Directorate General of Internal Security Forces.It added that the detainees included a Yemeni, a Syrian and five Palestinian nationals, who had confessed to planning a series of bombings and assassinations against armed forces and civilians. Three of the suspects had been arrested in the past on terror charges, the statement added."Members of the network received instructions and communicated with their handlers from Lebanon," mainly from Ain al

presstv-lebanese forces dismantle daesh sleeper cell

Lebanese security forces have arrested a group of people suspected of affiliation with Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in neighboring Syria, and planning to carry out a series of deadly attacks in Lebanon.“We were able to arrest a group of Syrians, who had formed a network to conduct terror missions. They were tasked with monitoring Lebanese Army and the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) centers in southern Lebanon in order to collect information on military personnel and equipment ... and their methods of operation,” Lebanon’s General Security Directorate said in a statement released on Friday.The statement added that the detainees had taken pictures of sensitive facilities, and sent them to Daesh terrorists in Syria’s northern city of Raqqah as well as the eastern town of al

presstv-severe food shortages hit s sudanese refugees in uganda

Daniel ArapmoiPress TV, AdjumaniThe United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has warned of a deteriorating food situation in Uganda’s refugee settlements. Provision of food rations has become unbearable due to severe underfunding of humanitarian response. Our correspondent Daniel Arapmoi has talked to the affected refugees in the western part of the Nile region.

presstv-lebanon army advances along syrian border

The Lebanese army says its forces have advanced along the Syrian border, tightening the noose on the areas controlled by Daesh Takfiri militants.Militants left bombs and explosive belts behind in the areas captured by the Lebanese troops on the edge of the Lebanese border town of Arsal on Tuesday, the army said in a statement.The body of an unidentified man was also discovered in the areas, the statement said.At present, only Daesh terrorists have remained in the area, as militants affiliated with the Levant People's Brigades and al-Qaeda have left the area.The Lebanese army has been making preparations to launch massive offensive on Daesh positions along the Syrian border for weeks, massing reinforcements and bombing the area with artillery shells and rockets.Meanwhile, Lebanon’s Hezbolla

presstv-us-led strikes block lebanon’s militant evacuation

US-led warplanes have struck a road being used by a convoy of Daesh terrorists and their families to reach eastern Syria in an apparent attempt to torpedo an agreement between Lebanon and the militant group aimed at cleansing the joint Syrian-Lebanese border of Takfiri terrorists.Reuters quoted coalition spokesman Ryan Dillon as saying that the air raids took place on Wednesday east of the Humeima district, on the border between Syria’s Homs and Dayr al-Zawr provinces.The convoy was leaving Lebanon-Syria border regions through the road in Humeima, which leads eastward to the Daesh-controlled Syrian town of Albukamal near the Iraqi border.“We did crater the road and destroyed a small bridge to prevent this convoy from moving further east,” Dillon told Reuters by phone.The evacuation was par

presstv-‘daesh terrorists had no choice, but to submit’

Leader of Lebanese Hezbollah movement, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, says Daesh terrorists who left the border region between Lebanon and Syria had no choice, but to submit to resistance fighters.“Daesh had no choice, but to submit to us, because they had collapsed from within and had to accept our conditions,” the leader of hezbollah said in a televised address on Monday explaining about evacuation of Daesh terrorists from Qalamoun region near the border with Syria.On August 19, Hezbollah and the Syrian army launched an operation to purge Daesh from Qalamoun, located about 330 kilometers (205 miles) north of the Syrian capital, Damascus.Hezbollah launched a major push on July 21 to clear both sides of Lebanon's border with Syria of “armed terrorists.”Earlier on Monday, Daesh terrorists and the

presstv-lebanon urges return of refugees to syria

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has called for a gradual return of Syrian refugees to their country, saying Lebanon can no longer cope with the burden.“My country cannot handle it anymore,” Aoun said Monday of some 1.5 million Syrian refugees living in Lebanon.Aoun, who was addressing a group of international envoys in the Lebanese capital Beirut, called on global powers to help start the process of return for the Syrian refugees.Many in Lebanon, a country of around six million people to the west of Syria, are demanding that the government facilitate the return of Syrians who have arrived in the country since a foreign-backed war started in Syria in 2011, arguing the Syrian government has managed to purge many areas of terrorists and refugees can now safely return to their homes.Syrian refu

critical gaps in lebanon and jordan spell looming destitution and despair for sy

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, warns that without urgent additional funding, some 60,000 Syrian refugee families will be cut from monthly cash assistance programmes in Lebanon and Jordan as early as July.Vital parts of UNHCR’s response to the needs of Syrian refugees are critically underfunded. Additional contributions are urgently required to avoid dramatic and deep cuts to both basic and life-saving services to Syrian refugees in the second half of the year.Despite generous pledges, humanitarian programmes in support of Syrian refugee and communities hosting them are quickly running out of resources. The situation is most dramatic in Lebanon and Jordan where a number of direct cash assistance activities could dry up in less than four weeks.
Syrian refugees in Lebanon – 70 per cent of wh

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