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 print your own body parts
how to quickly and easily convert to pdf on ios

The preceding method is not bad. But in most cases, it’s not good either, since, for one thing, it mandates the use of iBooks and, for another, it offers nothing in the way of direct sharing beyond email. Fortunately, there’s a trick to creating PDFs out of webpages in Safari, images in Photos, emails in Mail, and other documents in compatible apps without much ado — your device just needs to be running iOS 10 or later, and the app in question just needs to have the Print capability.While viewing the document you’d like to convert to PDF, tap the share icon (usually at the bottom).If you’re viewing an email in Mail, tap the reply icon instead.Swipe on the bottom row of the share sheet until you see the Print option.If you don’t see the Print option, it may be that it’s not yet enabled. Tap

print photos instantly with polaroid snap touch camera

I’m old enough to remember the Polaroid cameras of the 1980s. You’d take a photo, and the camera would immediately spit out your print, albeit not quite developed. You’d shake it for a minute or two, and the photo would magically appear. It was a lot of fun, especially before digital cameras, when you’d typically have to wait weeks or months to see a photo you’d taken. You had to finish a roll of film, and then take it or mail it someplace to be developed. Polaroid photos were the only immediate photographic gratification we had.Polaroid’s latest camera combines that old school charm with the modern touches you’d expect. You can set the camera to print out each photo you take immediately, but I suspect most users will want to toggle that feature off so you can pick and choose which photos

print photos instantly with polaroid snap touch camera

I’m old enough to remember the Polaroid cameras of the 1980s. You’d take a photo, and the camera would immediately spit out your print, albeit not quite developed. You’d shake it for a minute or two, and the photo would magically appear. It was a lot of fun, especially before digital cameras, when you’d typically have to wait weeks or months to see a photo you’d taken. You had to finish a roll of film, and then take it or mail it someplace to be developed. Polaroid photos were the only immediate photographic gratification we had.Polaroid’s latest camera combines that old school charm with the modern touches you’d expect. You can set the camera to print out each photo you take immediately, but I suspect most users will want to toggle that feature off so you can pick and choose which photos

caterpillars found to use vibrations to attract other caterpillars

Caterpillar, Drepana arcuata. Credit: Nature Communications 1, 1–9. doi:10.1038/ncomms1002(—A small team of researchers with members from institutions in Canada and Brazil has found that one species of caterpillar uses parts of its body to create vibrational noises that attract others of its kind. In their paper published in the journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, the team describes their study of the tiny insects and the possible impact their results could have on pesticide development.
Prior research had shown that the tiny birch caterpillar uses parts of its body to communicate with other caterpillars. In this new effort, the researchers found that the caterpillars use more body parts than originally thought, and use them to communicate in a number of ways.To learn m

print your own body parts

Enlarge/ As the technology has improved, 3D printing has become a more realistic option for medical professionals, though printing a femur replica (seen here) presents much less of a challenge than creating a functioning prosthetic. Getty ImagesShare this storyFor people who are missing limbs, 3D printing can make new prosthetics—faster, cheaper, and better. For Mosaic, Ian Birrell reports that this idea could transform mobility for millions around the world. This article
was first published by Mosaic and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.John Nhial was barely a teenager when he was grabbed by a Sudanese guerrilla army and forced to become a child soldier. He was made to endure weeks of walking with so little food and water that some of his fellow captives died. Four m

ford motor plans to use 3d printing technology for making large auto parts

Ford Motor Company aims to become the world’s first automaker to use 3-D printing technology to make large-scale one-piece auto parts, like spoilers, for prototyping and future production vehicles. As part of this exercise, it is working on a pilot project using the Stratasys Infinite Build 3D printer.
Capable of printing automotive parts of practically any shape or length, the Stratasys Infinite Build system could be a breakthrough for vehicle manufacturing - providing a more efficient, affordable way to create tooling, prototype parts and components for low-volume vehicles such as Ford Performance products, as well as personalised car parts. The new 3D printer system is housed at Ford Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn.
“With Infinite Build technology, we can print large tool

best printing apps for iphone that help you print on the go and enjoy wire-free

Printers are not heavily used as they were a decade ago. But, still many professions involve regular printing tasks and also people who are not accustomed to the digital format still prefer the physical print medium. You don't require a full-fledged computer or even laptop to serve your printing needs these days. Your ingenious iOS device will do the job for you thanks to these best printing apps for iPhone and iPad. Modern printers are incorporated with Apple's AirPrint functionality which has made wireless printing from an iPhone easier. If you have a printer that does not come with this functionality, plenty of third-party apps are there to help you. These types of printers may not have AirPrint function, but they support wireless printing. Hence, using your local Wi-Fi, these apps can

extract dna at home with a 3d printed centrifuge

Biotechnology is powerful, but only for those with the tools to experiment with and utilize it. The DIYbio movement seeks to put the tools and techniques used in well-funded laboratories around the world into the hands of ordinary people who have an interest but not the means to investigate biology.Read articles from the magazine right here on Make:. Don’t have a subscription yet? Get one today.One of these tools is the centrifuge. Centrifuges come in many shapes and sizes to fit a wide variety of laboratory needs. There are large machines with precise controls for RPMs, G-force, timers of all kinds, and even ones with temperature control. Then there are mini-centrifuges used for simple DNA extraction and quick-spins for mixing the contents of test tubes.This 3D-printed DIYbio mini-centrif

sony's motion sonic wristband makes sound with a wave of your arm

The core Motion Sonic Project is a wristband that you strap on like a watch. The prototype I saw wasn't terribly refined, but it's early days still, so I won't judge it for its bulky appearance. Once you put the device on, it hooks up to a tablet and speakers and starts producing sound in sync with your movements. Sony had five different demos, one of which had me punching the air as loud, booming noises came out of the speaker in sync with my flailing arm. Another had me tapping my body to produce xylophone-esque sounds. And, of course, I did the robot.The demo was frivolous and fun, but the idea of moving your body to manipulate audio isn't a new one. Any improved tech to make that more precise and engaging is worth keeping an eye on -- a new way to manipulate music you're playing by mov

laser use on fossils yields new discovery about dinosaurs

New technology that examines previously invisible body parts of the Anchiornis dinosaur could provide invaluable insight into the origin of the bird, according to a new study.The study, published this week in Nature Communications, shows how the feathered dinosaur Anchiornis, which means "near bird," has similar body functions to birds, including drumstick shaped legs and arms shaped like wings. Researchers used laser technology to examine the body shape of the Anchiornis, including soft tissues, which were previously unavailable for study, they said in a summary of their work.Michael Pittman, a co-author of the study, told National Geographicthe findings show "the broad extent to which bird-like dinosaurs were experimenting with their anatomy and functional capabilities before we had the

you ain't seen nothing yet

3D printing is still in its infancy ("Thousands download plans to 3D-print guns at home", March 5) and while it is, governments need to think very carefully about legislation surrounding this technology. It won't be too far down the track that advancements in the technology will start producing viable weapons rather than the current pop guns.
Illustration: Matt Golding Photo: Matt GoldingPeter Miniutti Ashbury    Who needs a perfect bodyThe shape and strength of bodies 'in all their diversities' ("No retouching here: female athletes discuss the 'perfect' body shape", March 5), will never become as important as the complexity and diversity of each mind and soul. The body is just the dust cover of the soul.Joy Cooksey Harrington The photo and associated comments from 10 'perfect' female b

turmeric milk health benefits: golden milk each morning

An all rounder herb – a piece of turmeric when crushed and consumed with milk can do wonders for the body and the mind. Apart from being a powerful source to defeat inflammation, to detox our liver and as an anti-carcinogenic agent, there are many more reasons why the ‘nectar of Gods’ – the Golden Milk as it is popularly known, should be consumed.If you still haven’t tried turmeric milk, you should now. Not only would it relax the body and the mind for a good nights sleep, but it would also bring in all the nutrition your body needs.Beauty benefits of turmeric as an antioxidantTurmeric is a natural antioxidant. It is one of the most available anti-aging ingredients found in Kitchen, which helps beat cancer and tumour cells on the skin, thanks to the onslaught of free radicals that play hav

met eireann warns sleet and icy showers expected in the country

Irish Sun Friday 24th February, 2017• Sleet and icy showers expected in parts of the country• Estimated 34,000 homes remain without power• ESB has warned that some households will not see services restored until FridayDUBLIN, Ireland - As of Thursday, over 34,000 homes were left without power due to Storm Doris. The weather body, Met Eireann has said that even though the worst of the storm had passed, parts of the country are expected to experience sleet and icy showers. According to the ESB, the services would not be restored in some households until Friday.In a statement, Bernadine Maloney, head of Corporate Communications at the ESB said that they were dealing with 900 individual faults across the network with the north west, north Dublin and parts of the midlands worst hit.Maloney said

are bodyweight workouts beneficial for you? let’s find out!

2017 – we aim to be better health wise than the year gone by. Our motto is to be fit and in the prime of health, which is why, we need to eat right and exercise at least half an hour daily. One trending workout these days much spoke about is the body weight workout. Let’s learn if body weight workout is indeed good for us or is it another fad doing the rounds. Grab a cup of your green tea and sit by the laptop; we are here to talk about why you should get moving with the best bodyweight workout. Read on!What Is Body Weight Workout?When we talk about body weight workout, we are talking about strength training exercises and regimes which are sans the use of free weights, machines and any other gym equipments as such, since the weight of the body is used to provide resistance against gravity.

the equine liver *h&h vip*

The equine liver looks similar to that in most other species. This smooth, dark red organ is situated near the front of the belly, between the lungs and the intestines. Most of the liver is found on the right-hand side of the horse’s body, to allow room for the stomach on the left (see diagram, above).The liver is quite small in the horse, however, compared with the rest of his body. In an average adult horse it weighs about 5kg — roughly four times that of the average human liver. Unlike the liver of many other mammals, the equine version does not have a gall bladder to store bile.The hard-working liver processes nutrients that the horse absorbs from food — making proteins, for example, from the plant proteins the horse has eaten. It can store some useful nutrients, such as vitamins. It c

city of hope researchers discover how breast cancer spreads to the brain

DUARTE, Calif. -- Ninety percent of cancer deaths are from cancer spread. Breast cancer patients, for example, typically do not die because cancer returns in their breast, they die because it spreads to other parts of their body. The most dangerous of which is the brain. Approximately 40 percent of all women with HER2-positive breast cancer will develop brain metastases. Now City of Hope researchers have found how this happens. Breast cancer cells wrap themselves in reelin -- a protein typically found only in the brain -- that allows the cells to disguise themselves as "friend and not foe," avoiding a system in the brain designed to detect enemy cells. From these disguised cells, new deadly brain tumors form. "More women than ever are surviving breast cancer only to die from breast tumors

photographer eugene tan displays giant print on the floor of bondi icebergs pool

Eugene Tan, photographer and founder of Bondi's Aquabumps gallery, has displayed a 700 square metre print of one of his images across the floor of Bondi Icebergs Pool. The print, an image from Tan's series documenting Italy's Amalfi Coast, was 49 metres long and 13 metres wide.
A detail of Eugene Tan's printed photo of the Amalfi Coast on the floor of Bondi Icebergs Pool. Photo: Henry Zwartz"It took 50 hours or so to print the image," Tan told Fairfax Media. "Three utes and six people needed five hours to install it."Tan has been documenting the Italian coastline for two years. Canon assisted Tan in displaying and completing the project as part of the company's Show Us What's Possible Campaign – an initiative inviting photographers to submit project pitches in return for potential sponso

fresh post-mortem on body of jawan after family raises doubts

A fresh autopsy was today ordered on the body of a jawan from Kerala, found dead after a sting video on the "abuse" of buddy system in the army, after his family insisted on it, raising doubts over this demise. The fresh post-mortem of Roy Mathew (33), a native of Karuvelil in Ezhukon in Kollam district, was underway at the Government Medical College Hospital here, hours after the body was brought to the city this morning by a flight, a senior police official said.Mathew was found hanging from the ceiling of a room in an abandoned barrack in Deolali cantonment in Maharashtra's Nashik on Thursday. Alleging that there were marks of beating on his feet and blood had clotted in some parts, his relatives, including wife Finy, refused to accept the body until a fresh post-mortem was conducted in

print, cut, and twirl this whirly noisemaker

Read articles from the magazine right here on Make:. Don’t have a subscription yet? Get one today.Here’s an update of a bullroarer, an ancient noisemaker dating to the Paleolithic period and found in many cultures around the world. When a thin, wooden paddle is whirled around on a string it creates a roaring sound with a cool 360° “surround sound” effect. This version is based on a mid-20th-century cardboard toy premium and makes a fun flapping sound: the faster you whirl it around, the louder and higher the buzz!Step 1You can download and print out this Makey bot version seen above, or this blank version to finish with your own graphics. Paste it onto a piece of thin cardboard. Then cut out the noisemaker on the solid black line. Be sure to also cut the slit in the center.Step 2Assemble:

thunderstorm 'likely', along with a steady soaking

Sydney faces another day of thunderstorm activity as storms continue over inland regions and rains become more persistent.The Bureau of Meteorology predicts Sydney's rainfall on Tuesday to range from 25-45 millimetres, with "a thunderstorm likely, possibly severe", with heavy falls possible.The bureau has issued a warning for severe thunderstorms for the Sydney metropolitan area, north west slopes and plains, and parts of the Hunter, Illawarra, central tablelands, central west slopes and plains, upper western and northern tablelands districts. (See map below.)Young boy, woman's body foundVideo duration00:13Previous slideNext slideVideo duration01:56Sydney weather: Prepare for a wet TuesdaySydney weather: Prepare for a wet TuesdayAfter heavy rain and hailstones on Monday, the wet weather wi

how to remove holi colours from the face, neck and other body parts the safe way

Stop hiding at home and watching peek-a-boo your neighbors and besties play the festival of colors, because we are here to help you learn more on how to remove holi colours.[Also Read: Different Ways to Wear White This Holi]Holi, the festival of colors is an amazing festival, and we keep talking about indulging in pop of colors in fashion, and fashion is life, isn’t it? So stop staying indoors from this year on and play the festival with total glee, using our tips on how to get rid of holi colors on face, neck and other body parts. Read on PYTs and share this post on how to remove holi colours, with family and friends who stay away from the colorful affair and splashes out there.1. Wash And Rinse With Cold WaterThe biggest mistake made is to use warm or hot water when bathing after a game

iag, suncorp battered by sydney hail storm

A recent hailstorm in Sydney could cost two of Australia's major insurance companies, IAG and Suncorp, up to $370 million.IAG, which offers insurance under several brands including NRMA, Swann, CGU and AMI in New Zealand, said it had received more than 20,000 claims in relation to the February 18 hailstorm as of March 5, and expected the cost would be around $160 million.Woman's body found in Bankstown apartmentVideo duration00:24Previous slideNext slideVideo duration00:41NSW storms: whopper hailstones hit HornsbyNSW storms: whopper hailstones hit HornsbySevere storms hammered parts of Sydney's on Saturday, inlcuding Hornsby where Fairfax photographer Nick Moir was battered by golf ball-sized hailstones. Woman's body found in Bankstown apartmentVideo duration00:24Video duration00:24Woman's

ford tests 3d printer that can manufacture car parts of any size and shape

Ford today said it will be the first automaker to test a new 3D printer that can build parts of unlimited size. The company is also testing the printer to make prototypes of one-piece auto parts that could be used in production of future vehicles.The use of a 3D printer capable of manufacturing parts of unlimited size and shape “could be a breakthrough for vehicle manufacturing,” the automaker stated in a news release.[ Docker, Amazon, TensorFlow, Windows 10, and more: See InfoWorld's 2017 Technology of the Year Award winners. | Cut to the key news in technology trends and IT breakthroughs with the InfoWorld Daily newsletter, our summary of the top tech happenings. ]Ford is testing the Stratasys Infinite-Build 3D printer, which was one of two new industrial machines announced last fall. Th

flights cancelled, schools close as blizzard aims at northeast us

New York/Boston: A fast-moving winter storm was expected to hit the US Northeast United States, forecasters warned , threatening to snarl travel and knock out power while prompting some city officials to order schools to close.The National Weather Service issued blizzard warnings for parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, with forecasts calling for up to 60 cm of snow in places by early Wednesday US times, with temperatures 15 to 30 degrees below normal for this time of year.Young boy, woman's body foundVideo duration00:13Previous slideNext slideVideo duration00:40Freezing weather blasts east coastFreezing weather blasts east coastSnow in Canberra and blizzard conditions in the Alps as a cold snap sweeps south east Australia. Vision: Seven NetworkYoung boy, woman's bo

new plastic surgery statistics reveal focus on face and fat

IMAGE: New data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that 17.1 million surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States in 2016.
view more Credit: the American Society of Plastic SurgeonsARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. -- New data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reveals that Americans want to put their best face and body forward as their annual plastic surgery procedural statistics show a three percent growth in cosmetic procedures over the last year. According to ASPS statistics there were 17.1 million surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2016. The data also shows new cosmetic trends in both facelifts and fat. Patients Use Own Fat to Fill and SculptFrom body

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