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this is the most popular popcorn recipe on pinterest

(Image credit: Cookies & Cups)
The unofficial snack of watching movies has always been popcorn, and with the Oscars coming up this Sunday, you definitely need to add it to your party menu. You could go with something classic and simple like buttered microwave popcorn, or get creative with your toppings to impress your guests. Do you have the perfect recipe in mind for the Big Day?
If you're still undecided, let the internet help you out with a crowd-pleasing recipe. I've discovered the most popular popcorn recipe on Pinterest, and it's surprisingly easy to make. Have you tried it?
(Image credit: Cookies & Cups)
The most popular popcorn recipe on Pinterest right now is this salted caramel popcorn from Cookies & Cups. The recipe has been saved over 123,000 times on the platform. Other

best recipe apps for iphone: discover lip-smacking recipes

We all love eating the yummy dish and always like to have something special on the dining table. Many of us are not just extremely fond of exquisite food but also love cooking. For those folks who swear by super delicious food, I have made this great collection of the best iPhone recipe apps to discover the widest range of recipes and enhance cooking.So, if you are getting ready to take part in a major cooking competition or just want to explore different varieties of recipes to ensure your boundless love for yummy dishes never die down, these recipe apps can stand up to both your distinct taste and expectation. Even better, you can connect with other like-minded people to exchange experience. Let's dive right into scroll through the list!#1. Food Network in the Kitchen“Food Network in the

impress your friends with this recipe for swedish stuffed pork chops

Stuffed pork chops. Photo: John Duxbury/Swedish food
If you love pork, you'll love this Swedish recipe for pork chops with apple and sage stuffing. Summary
Serves: 2
Preparation: 10 minutes
Cooking: 30 minutesTips
- If you can't get thick pork chops, don't try to stuff them with the apple and celery mixture. Instead, coarsely chop the ingredients for the stuffing and fry gently for 5 minutes or so and serve as a kind of sauce. For a bit more theatre, let the chops rest for 5 minutes after taking them out of the oven then flambé them at the table.
- If you haven't got any aquavit or snaps you can use brandy or simply eat the pork without flambéing. It is such a tasty dish anyway that the flambéing isn't really necessary: it just makes for a bit more fun!Ingredients
2 thick por

recipe: one-bowl chocolate wacky cake

The first time I made a crazy cake, it was a few days after 9/11. At the time, I lived in Wisconsin with my boyfriend and the world felt sharp and uncertain.
After spending countless hours on the couch, I needed something to do that would get me away from the TV. Baking seemed like a good idea. A recipe on the back of the Wooden Spoon Baking Book caught my eye, "This cake is mixed right in the pan, without an egg to help it rise. The crazy part is that it turns out so well."
Something easy that turns out well? Just what I needed.
Fifteen years later, that boyfriend is now my husband, we live in New York, and the world, well, you know — at times, it feels sharp and uncertain.
I still make the crazy cake.
(Image credit: Lauren Volo)What Is Crazy (or Wacky) Cake?
This cake, which seem

how to make the perfect margarita – three great recipes

Photographed for generations in the hands of countless celebrities, the margarita is the classic American party drink, a staple of socialite soirees from Hollywood to New York City.But what is a margarita and how do you make the perfect one? At an event at Harvey Nichols's Wallpaper* Bar in Knightsbridge to celebrate International Margarita Day (yes, it really does exist), expert mixologist and Patron brand ambassador Zoran Peric tells me about the history and structure of this versatile good-time drink."When you think of tequila, you think of parties," says Peric, adding that tequila is the one component of a margarita that is irreplaceable.Rather than one set recipe, the margarita is a wildly versatile drink, with any number of variants appealing to a wide range of taste buds. Such is th

how to make the best buttery, movie-style popcorn

Hot, buttery, salty, crunchy — movie theater popcorn is as much a part of the cinema experience as the movie itself. The aroma beckons moviegoers toward concession stands, but the pay-off to this seductive smell is all too often disappointing, with greasy kernels loaded up with fake butter flavoring.
The fantasy of movie popcorn deserves better. Today, we fulfill the promise of super-buttery, crispy popcorn with the recipe it deserves.
There are a few surprising keys to making the best, buttery, movie-style popcorn and all of them add up to the best bowl of popcorn you can make at home.
(Image credit: Lauren Volo)How to Make the Most Buttery, Movie-Style Popcorn
The popcorn at the movies isn't made with butter at all. The corn kernels are cooked in coconut or canola oil and sprinkled

10 ways to eat collard greens

Collard Green Salad with Strawberries & Tahini Dressing(Image credit: Andrea Bemis)
In your quest to get more greens in your diet, I urge you to look past the usual suspects of kale, spinach, and chard and embrace collard greens. Widely popular in Southern cooking, these large, tough leaves offer a more mild flavor than kale and can be used in much the same way as other greens. Here are 10 ways to work them into your meal plan.
1. In Salads and Slaws
Move over, kale — collards deserve a spot in your salads and slaws. If you already enjoy them cooked into submission, know that they can absolutely be eaten raw, and they're delicious.
Get a recipe: Collard Green Salad with Strawberries & Tahini Dressing(Image credit: Lauren Volo)2. Mixed into a Meaty Braise
Ready to turn your next mea

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