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presstv-drought leaves 8.5 million ethiopians hungry

Livestock are dying in parts of Ethiopia that are overwhelmingly reliant on their milk as deepening drought pushes up the number of districts in need of life-saving aid by 19 percent, according to a report.At least 8.5 million people in 228 districts of Ethiopia need urgent food aid in the second half of the year, up from 5.6 million in January, according to the study published on ReliefWeb, a website run by the United Nations.Ethiopia’s eastern Somali region is one of the country’s worst affected zones and is home to a quarter of the country’s cases of severe acute malnutrition, UN agencies said.Severe acute malnutrition is a condition that kills up to half of sufferers under five years old.“The number of districts requiring immediate, life-saving intervention increased to levels not seen

no migrant deaths at sea in last 20 days as mediterranean arrivals reach 121,517

Geneva – Since 9 August, IOM, the UN Migration Agency, has not received any reports of migrant deaths in the Mediterranean. The total count for Mediterranean Sea fatalities has remained at 2,410 for 20 days. Just 19 deaths have been recorded in the region so far in all of August by IOM, a sharp drop from the 689 recorded in August 2015 and 62 last year.Some 121,517 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2017 through 27 August. This compares with 272,612 arrivals across the region through 27 August 2016. On Monday (28/08), 134 migrants were rescued at sea off Tripoli. So far in 2017, 13,282 migrants have been rescued in Libyan waters.IOM’s Missing Migrants Project (MMP) reports that there have been 3,514 fatalities in 2017 through 27 August. MMP recorded two migrant deaths on the US

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