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5 ways the south turns vegetables into comfort food

What do you think of when you think of Southern food? Fried chicken? Red velvet cake? Sweet potato pie? If you don't immediately say vegetables, you've got Southern cooking all wrong.
Vegetable cookery has a hallowed place in Southern cuisine, with a few of the most nutritious vegetables standing out: okra, cabbage, and dark leafy greens of all kinds. Southern cooking has the ability to take these nutritional powerhouses and turn them into comfort food of the finest caliber.
Here are five recipes that will teach you how to cook vegetables like a Southerner. These are weeknight-friendly, soulful, and delicious dishes that make vegetables the most exciting and beloved food on the plate.
(Image credit: Guy Ambrosino)The Secret of Turning Vegetables into Comfort Food
What Southern vegetab

storm doris brings harsh winds and snow to sweden

File photo not related to the story. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
Southern Sweden was hit by the remnants of Storm Doris over Thursday night, as snow combined with wind to cause tricky conditions for drivers and leave few signs that spring is on its way any time soon.
Between 5 and 10 centimetres of snow was expected to have fallen in the south of the country by Friday morning, thanks to the dying strains of the storm which has made its way west after hitting the UK earlier this week.
"That's what has caused the snowfall over southern Skåne, but it is in a weakened form compared to how it was in the UK before," SMHI meteorologist Mattias Burtu told news agency TT.
"There is a risk of slippery snow on the roads. In the southwestern parts closest to the coast it'll become slippery slush

teen cleared of killing homeless german in southern sweden

Police at the train station in Hässleholm in August. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
An 18-year-boy has been cleared of all murder charges after spending five months in custody suspected of killing a homeless German man at a railway station in Hässleholm.
The man, who was identified as a German national in his fifties with no fixed abode, was found dead near a train station in Hässleholm, southern Sweden, in August last year. He had been stabbed three times.
A 17-year-old boy was arrested a week later on suspicion of murdering him. But on Friday Hässleholm District Court found that it had not been proven he was ever at the scene.
The police have not been able to find the weapon that was used to kill the homeless man, and there is no other forensic evidence linking the teenager, who is now

trump sends top aides to mexico amid deep strains with us - west hawaii today

President Donald Trump is sending his top diplomat and homeland security chief to Mexico on a fence-mending mission made all the more challenging by the actual fence he wants to build on the southern border. Ties between the countries have plunged since Trump took office a month ago, punctuated by Trump's insistence that Mexico pay for a border wall and other demands on illegal immigration and trade.Start the conversation, or Read more at West Hawaii Today.

azeri gas pipeline to start pumping gas by 2020 | news

The Southern Gas Corridor will start pumping gas from the Caspian Sea to Europe by 2020, its backers said on Thursday, despite the risk of delays to this option for reducing dependence on Russia.Politicians and ministers meeting in Baku backed the $40 billion, 3,500-kilometer chain of pipelines, a step toward curbing Russia’s one-third share of Europe’s natural gas market.The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) is the project’s end piece, joining up with the Trans Anatolian Pipeline at the Turkish border, then crossing Greece and Albania to reach Italy. But the slow pace of work in Italy’s Puglia region and growing concern over Azerbaijan’s ability to honor its supply commitments – it faces domestic shortfalls – have knocked confidence in the project.[Reuters]

book now for tennessee williams's cat on a hot tin roof at the apollo theatre, t

The truth hurts. On a steamy night in Mississippi, a Southern family gather at their cotton plantation to celebrate Big Daddy’s birthday. The scorching heat is almost as oppressive as the lies they tell. Brick and Maggie dance round the secrets and sexual tensions that threaten to destroy their marriage. With the future of the family at stake, which version of the truth is real – and which will win out? Sienna Miller stars as Maggie alongside Jack O’Connell as Brick. A return to the stage for director Benedict Andrews following his smash hit production of A Streetcar Named Desire. Tennessee Williams’ searing, poetic story of a family’s fight for survival is a twentieth century masterpiece.Book online now at The Week Tickets or call 0207 492 9948. Tickets from just £26.00

matthew mott says stars 'under pressure' to perform

Southern Stars coach Matthew Mott says his batters are "under pressure" to perform when the tourists begin their one-day series against New Zealand on Sunday.The Stars were humbled with the bat in losing the final two Twenty20 matches against the White Ferns in Australia, and have been firmly put under the spotlight by Mott in the best-of-three Rose Bowl series in New Zealand, beginning at Eden Park.
Australian captain Meg Lanning. Photo: Rohan Thomson"To me, for the batting group, it's about ownership and really taking accountability to see the innings through," Mott said on Saturday."I think too many people threw their wickets away in the T20. Admittedly, it's a different format – ODIs give you more time to set your plans up and bat a little bit longer."We talk a lot about match-winnin

sweden warned of february wildfires. yes, you read that right

Forget about this week's snowy weather in much of Sweden. In other parts spring has already sprung, so much so that forecasters on Friday issued a warning for grass fires in the south.
The warning applies to most of the southern Götaland region as well as the Öland and Gotland islands. Meteorologists said the fire risk was due to combination of no snow, warmth from the sun and dry air.
Many Swedes tend to start the barbecue season the moment temperatures edge below zero, but Leif Sandahl of the Civil Contingencies Agency urged people to be careful.
"When there's this high grass fire risk, and especially in combination with wind, you shouldn't light a fire because it is too risky," he told the TT newswire.
Sweden has around 2000-3000 grass fires every year, according to the authori

pakistan's vulnerable, embattled shrines

The sufi shrines of Pakistan, sanctuaries for the poor and the weak, are being attacked by the extremistsLast Thursday, a suicide bomber affiliated with the Islamic State attacked Sehwan Sharif, one of the most revered Sufi shrines, in the southern Sindh Province of Pakistan, killing more than 80 people, including 24 children, and wounding more than 250. Why the terrorists hate Sehwan is why we love it. The saint and his shrine at Sehwan belong to everyone, to Sunnis and Shiites, to Hindus and Muslims, transgender devotees, to believers and questioners alike. The inclusiveness, the rituals and music born of syncretic roots make shrines like Sehwan Sharif targets in the extremist interpretations of the IS and other radical Wahhabi militants. As a child in the late 1980s and early ‘90s, I wo

largest grid-tied lithium ion battery system deployed today in san diego

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Energy storage can come from any number of sources—natural gas, wind, solar. But having the ability to store energy will allow utilities to put more intermittent renewable energy on the grid.
The battery storage lockers hide nearly 400,000 batteries.
An aerial view of the new batteries on SDG&E's grid.
SDG&E On Friday, Southern California utility San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) held a small press conference in Escondido to show off its brand new energy storage facility, a 30MW battery system capable of storing 120MWh of energy, which can serve 20,000 customers for four hours. SDG&E also introduced a 7.5MW battery system built in El Cajon, CA.The two projects were built after state energy officials ordered power companies to add lithium-ion bat

10 ways to eat collard greens

Collard Green Salad with Strawberries & Tahini Dressing(Image credit: Andrea Bemis)
In your quest to get more greens in your diet, I urge you to look past the usual suspects of kale, spinach, and chard and embrace collard greens. Widely popular in Southern cooking, these large, tough leaves offer a more mild flavor than kale and can be used in much the same way as other greens. Here are 10 ways to work them into your meal plan.
1. In Salads and Slaws
Move over, kale — collards deserve a spot in your salads and slaws. If you already enjoy them cooked into submission, know that they can absolutely be eaten raw, and they're delicious.
Get a recipe: Collard Green Salad with Strawberries & Tahini Dressing(Image credit: Lauren Volo)2. Mixed into a Meaty Braise
Ready to turn your next mea

police defuse hand grenade bomb found outside dafni precinct | news

Police bomb disposal experts defused an explosive device comprising a hand grenade on Saturday after receiving an anonymous caller telephoned a threat that the bomb would detonate outside the police precinct in Dafni, southern Athens.The bomb was found in a bag that had been placed in a small park behind the police precinct. The bomb is said to have had an unusual composition: a hand grenade, a timer, a detonator, a battery and an undisclosed amount of explosives. It was destroyed in two controlled explosions.The anonymous caller who phoned the police shortly before 3 a.m. had warned that the bomb would go off in 40 minutes from then. The caller said the attack would be in memory of Lambros Fountas, a member of Revolutionary Struggle who died in a shootout with police in the area in March

bob greenlee, ex-boulder mayor, charged with vehicular homicide in december cras

Pat Lucero (Courtesy Valley Courier)Former Boulder Mayor Bob Greenlee this week was charged with nine criminal counts — including vehicular homicide and criminally negligent homicide — for his role in a fatal five-car crash in southern Colorado late last year.In addition to the homicide counts, Greenlee, 75, was charged with vehicular assault, two counts of careless driving causing injury, reckless driving, speeding, reckless endangerment and improper passing on the left.The charges were filed Wednesday in Alamosa, about two months after the crash.Twelfth Judicial District Attorney Crista Newmyer-Olsen said accident reconstruction played a part in the delay in filing charges, but she added that her office also is handling a triple homicide investigation and another fatal crash."In an area

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