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 sweating palms racing heart 7 signs you have over horsed yourself
sweating palms? racing heart? 7 signs you have over-horsed yourself

After years of fearlessly riding other people's 'project' horses, Victoria Brant was finally in a position to buy her own horse. But after opting for a four-year-old warmblood, she quickly realised she had made a mistake... Growing up in rural Lincolnshire and riding anything I could get my grubby, child-size mitts on, I soon developed a taste for bringing on ‘lost causes’. You know the types that no one wants to ride? Those were my ‘projects’. Fearlessly, I collected a decent amount of rides and competed at a respectable level before turning 23 and being in a position to buy my own horse for the first time.The combination of coming from a non-horsey family and a mountain of student debt, meant that I didn’t have enough disposable income to purchase a ‘safe’ option — no big deal, I though!

how to stop excessive sweating in simple ways

We can all agree that excessive sweating can lead to some very embarrassing situations. But that should not be a reason for you limiting yourself, living in constant fear of raising your arms or engaging in strenuous outdoor activities. If you find yourself constantly worrying about sweating, then you should note down these simple ways to deal with excessive sweating which will help you live your life just the way you want, without having to restrict yourself in any way.Firstly, let us acknowledge that sweating is not really a bad thing. In fact it can be a very good thing. Sweating is your body’s way of removing toxins and cooling off. But while it’s great to sweat while you’re working out, sweating when you have to give a presentation or when you’re meeting your significant others’ paren

laminitis in horses: recognising the signs

Contrary to myth, laminitis occurs all year-round and not just in the spring. It is an emergency that needs prompt action so find out how to recognise it and what to do if your horse is showing signsLaminitis in horses is a very serious and potentially agonising condition. Every case should be dealt with promptly and the condition should never be underestimated.Laminitis can occur in two forms:Acute laminitis is the early stage of the disease when the animal is uncomfortable and showing signs of lameness, but major damage has not yet happened within the hoof. The chances of recovery are maximised if treatment is started early.Chronic laminitis is when the pedal bone sinks or rotates within the hoof (pictured top), leading to permanent damage. These cases are not necessarily such an emergen

inactivity, excess weight linked to hard-to-treat heart failures

IMAGE: Dr. Jarett Berry says prevention is imperative for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.
view more Credit: UT SouthwesternDALLAS - February 27, 2017 - Lack of exercise and excessive weight are strongly associated with a type of heart failure that has a particularly poor prognosis, UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers determined in an analysis of data from three large studies.Heart failure is a chronic condition in which the heart is unable to supply enough oxygenated blood to meet the demands of the body. Heart failure is approximately equally divided between two subtypes: heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) and heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF). Ejection fraction refers to the percentage of the blood that exits the heart with

biggest loser bob harper suffers after heart attack, recovers

Bob Harper, host of NBC's TheBiggest Loserweight loss show, has said he is "feeling better" just over two weeks after suffering from a heart attack.Harper, who took over as a host on the show in 2016 after serving as a trainer on it, thanked everyone for "the outpouring of messages and support" in a heartfelt Facebook post, accompanied with a picture of him wearing a hospital gown in bed."Well I guess you all heard what happened," he wrote. "Two weeks ago yesterday I had a heart attack. I am feeling better. Just taking it easy... I'm lucky to have such good friends and family to take care of me right now."In an interview with TMZ, Harper said his heart attack was to do with genetics and his mom died from one. He added that he was working out in a gym in New York City when he collapsed.

meet the self-driving car built for human-free racing

If it looks sci-fi, that's on purpose. The post Meet the Self-Driving Car Built for Human-Free Racing appeared first on WIRED.

men with higher cognitive ability better at taking heart medication

After a heart attack, it is important for patients to take medication that lowers cholesterol levels. In a new study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, researchers at Uppsala and Umeå Universities have found that general cognitive ability (intelligence) has a bearing, in the first year and two years after the heart attack, on how well men take statins prescribed for them.Patients who have had heart attacks almost always get prescriptions for statins, which are among the key drugs for secondary prevention and effectively reduce cholesterol levels. Not taking one's statins raises the risk of suffering from a new heart attack or premature death. Nonetheless, some patients choose not to continue taking them. The risk of discontinuing statins is associated with various

australian turf club rocked by horse cruelty scandal

The Australian Turf Club is embroiled in a major scandal after its mounted security division was shut down amid claims that former racehorses were mistreated and illegally sedated to fulfil lucrative commercial work.The ATC's Mounted Division uses retired racehorses that are retrained for everyday life.  Aside from ceremonial duties on race days, they double as horses for hire in the private security sector and regularly appear as props in modelling shoots for shows including Australia's Next Top Model and Channel Seven's Sunrise. But Fairfax Media can reveal that following serious allegations of cruelty and drugging, Racing NSW has seized all the horses and launched an investigation.
The Australian Turf Club at Randwick has introduced an equine mounted division of former racehorses. Pho

australian turf club rocked by horse cruelty scandal

The Australian Turf Club is embroiled in a major scandal after its mounted security division was shut down amid claims that former racehorses were mistreated and illegally sedated to fulfil lucrative commercial work.The ATC's Mounted Division uses retired racehorses that are retrained for everyday life.  Aside from ceremonial duties on race days, they double as horses for hire in the private security sector and regularly appear as props in modelling shoots for shows including Australia's Next Top Model and Channel Seven's Sunrise. But Fairfax Media can reveal that following serious allegations of cruelty and drugging, Racing NSW has seized all the horses and launched an investigation.
The Australian Turf Club at Randwick has introduced an equine mounted division of former racehorses. Pho

moov hr review: everyone should wear heart rate monitors on their heads

Share this storyVideo shot/edited by Jennifer Hahn.We're all used to heart rate monitoring chest straps and wristbands, but Moov has just introduced a fitness tracker that goes inside a headband. The new $99 Moov HR monitor is a small module that captures your pulse via the blood that rushes through your head. While most companies favor the wrist or the chest for pulse-tracking sensors, the temple is a good pressure point that is under-utilized in the fitness tracker world.Paired with the Moov mobile app and its motion sensor, the Moov Now, the company's new heart rate monitor completes the trifecta of fitness coaching that it has been developing for the past few years. However, the challenge for Moov HR is that it needs to be good enough and easy enough to use that people will get over th

teenagers caught racing each other past police

Police caught two teenagers drag racing along a Warrnambool road on Friday night.The two officers were filling up their van with petrol when the speeding teens flew past on Raglan Parade about 11.30pm.
Unbeknown to the drivers, police witnessed their drag race. Photo: Marina NeilThe officers estimated the pair was travelling about 100 km/h in a 60 km/h zone.A short time later the drivers pulled up behind the police officers, who proceeded to request they pull over.The 18-year-old drivers were charged with a number of traffic related offences and their cars have been impounded for the next 30 days.If found guilty of hoon driving, the teenagers could have their cars impounded for up to three months.

greyhound trainer gets suspended sentence for cutting dog's tail without pain re

A greyhound trainer who cut off part of a dog's tail without pain relief and then raced the animal while the wound was gangrenous has been allowed to continue training.The greyhound Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board's decision has been slammed as alarmingly lenient, and used as evidence that the scandal-plagued industry still needs urgent reform.The dog, named Super Ballotelli, was euthanased by a veterinarian more than a year ago, when the dog was not yet three years old.The Heathcote trainer, Jason Formosa, was named 2016 Trainer of the Year in Shepparton on Friday night – the second year in a row he has won the award– despite being fined $5000 and having a six-month licence disqualification fully suspended by the Greyhound Racing Victoria's Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board.Tail

huawei watch 2 and watch 2 classic unveiled

Along with announcing the their new P10 & P10 Plus smartphones, Huawei is using Mobile World Congress 2017 to unveil a pair of new smartwatches. Arriving two years after the company’s first wearable are the Huawei Watch 2 and its sibling, the Huawei Watch 2 Classic. Powered by Android Wear 2.0, the smartwatches feature a stunning design, improved battery life, as well as 4G and GPS functionality.The Huawei Watch 2 will come in 4G and non-4G variants, with some regions getting eSIM versions while other get a standard SIM model. The watch features a 45mm diameter face, with a design that includes chronograph and double-crown layout, along with a ceramic bezel.Huawei says the Watch 2’s standard battery life will allow 2 days of usage. Activating the workout mode, which uses GPS and per-second

street signs: bankers scramble for irctc mandate

Pavan Burugula & Chandan Kishore Kant  | 
Mumbai  February 27, 2017 Last Updated at 02:43 IST

cheltenham festival preview nights 2017 you won't want to miss

Looking for the best tips from racing experts ahead of Cheltenham? With the Festival just around the corner (14-17 March), we've rounded up the preview evenings happening across the country and Ireland over the coming weeks for the National Hunt enthusiasts out thereThursday, 2 MarchWhere: Chepstow racecourse, Monmouthshire (in aid of Velindre Cancer Hospital and Racing Welfare)Time: 7pmPanel includes: champion jockey Richard Johnson, 10-time champion trainer Paul Nicholls, TV personality and racing enthusiast Jeremy Kyle and hosted by Coral PR director Simon Clare (Ruby Walsh and Sir AP McCoy will be joining the panel live via Facetime)Ticket price: £25pp (including supper)Call: 01291 622260Friday, 3 MarchWhere: Jack Berry House, Malton, Yorks (in aid of the Injured Jockeys Fund)Time: 7pm

could community-based 'change clubs' improve heart health in black women?

BOSTON (Feb. 27, 2017)--Heart disease is the leading cause of death for Black/African American women in the US and more Black/African American women die every year from heart disease compared to their white and Hispanic counterparts, according to the Centers for Disease Control. A pilot study, led by researchers at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, aimed to address this disparity by investigating the impact of engaging Black/African American women in "Change Clubs" on measures of heart health. The results of the pilot study were published in BMC Public Health on Jan. 24. Using the African American Collaborative Obesity Research Network (AACORN) model focused on engaging community members in the planning and implementation of interventions, the researc

photos of the week: 2/18–2/24

Flooding in California, unrest at town hall meetings across the U.S., the Naked Man Festival in Japan, continued fighting in Iraq and Syria, the end of a long-term protest in North Dakota, horse racing on a frozen Swiss lake, and much more.

retraining the giant bolster: sammy's 'special' browband and a debut dressage cl

The start of February for me has been all about shopping and what girl does not like to shop!I really hope that The Giant Bolster (aka Sammy) will be successful in the show ring as well as in the dressage arena. So I contacted my saddler Maurice and had Sammy measured for a Black Country classic saddle. I have used these saddles previously and find them to be very comfortable.Also on the shopping list was a coloured browband, because now he is a ‘riding horse’ he will wear one of these in the ring instead of a plain browband. I spoke to a lovely lady called Katey at Prestige Browbands — I expressed concern as Sammy already has a lot of white on his face, with his big blaze, and I did not want anything too loud. I did, however, want to stay true to his racing colours of owner Simon Hunt. Ka

*breaking* rio gold medallist horse dies of bacterial infection

Natasha Baker’s Rio Paralympic Games horse Cabral (JP) has been put down. The 16-year-old Polish-bred dark bay gelding suffered a small cut while grazing in the field at home on Wednesday (22 February) and was subsequently put down on yesterday morning (26 February) after developing a bacterial infection.The vet was called to what seemed like a fairly minor wound, and the horse was monitored closely. However, on Saturday he was taken into the clinic and found to have contracted clostridia bacterial infection, which proved to be fatal.Natasha is “stunned by the sudden death”.“I’m writing this with a totally broken heart,” Natasha said. “This weekend I suddenly lost my soul mate, my best friend and my dancing partner. JP was a horse like no other, a true legend. He was discovered by fluke an

flexible sensor might one day monitor a heart for decades

During surgery, a heartbeat doesn’t just tell whether a person is dead or alive— it can warn of big problems that come up quite suddenly. Keeping watch for subtle irregularities in the heart’s electric activity can help save a patient’s life but today’s technology can’t give as much detail as doctors want, because it degrades too easily—which can cause serious harm to the patient. That’s why John Rogers, professor of materials science and engineering at Northwestern University, collaborated with a team of researchers to develop a new type of sensor that is much safer, more refined, and could likely survive in the body about 70 years.These paper-thin devices are an array of 396 voltage sensors set in 9.5 x 11.5 mm multi-layer flexible substrate that’s meant to attach to the outside of the h

ecco le novità in arrivo a marzo su mediaset premium

Dopo aver visto le novità in arrivo a marzo su Infinity, vediamo cosa ci riserverà Mediaset Premium. Per quanto riguarda i film segnaliamo "Heart of the Sea - Le origini di Moby Dick", "La notte del giudizio - Election Year", "By the Sea", "Un poliziotto ancora in prova" e "A Bigger Splash". Per le serie TV citiamo la seconda stagione di "Mr. Robot", "The Detour" e la settima stagione di "30 Rock". A seguire l'elenco di tutti i contenuti:Premium Cinema HD2 marzo - A BIGGER SPLASH 9 marzo - HEART OF THE SEA - LE ORIGINI DI MOBY DICK16 marzo - LA NOTTE DEL GIUDIZIO - ELECTION YEAR23 marzo - BY THE SEA30 marzo - UN POLIZIOTTO ANCORA IN PROVA

formula 1 2017: the rest of the grid shows up

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Ferrari's 2017 challenger, the SF70H. This is Ferrari's 70th F1 car.
L-R: Mattia Binotto (technical director), Maurizio Arrivabene (team principal), Antonio Giovinazzi (test driver), Kimi Raikkonen, and Sebastian Vettel.
The SF70H in profile.
Red Bull Racing's new RB13. Curious about that hole in the nose? Craig Scarborough has an explanation for you.
David Clerihew/Red Bull
Daniel Ricciardo on track in Spain. Red Bull ran into trouble early on, and Ricciardo didn't get many laps in.
Mark Thompson | Getty Images
Red Bull's sister team, Toro Rosso, will campaign the STR12 this season.
Guido De Bortoli/Red Bull Content Pool
Carlos Sainz of Scuderia Toro Rosso is bullish about the team's chances this season.
Toro Rosso

presstv-warming of ties between china and afghanistan

These are some of the headlines we are tracking for you in this episode of On the News Line:China's military presence in AfghanistanThere are growing signs that Afghanistan is getting closer to its powerful neighbor China militarily, economically and politically. Some say the warming of ties began with President Ashraf Ghani’s trip to China in 2014. The deepening relations between the two governments have come under the spotlight following reports of Chinese military forces patrolling on Afghan soil.War on the Myanmar-China borderThe Kachin area has resumed a conflict that endured a 17 year ceasefire, between the Kachin Independence Army and the Myanmar Government.  With 10’s of thousands of people displaced due to the conflict, the United Wa State Army, led by Bao Youxiang, has stated tha

rugby: ali williams poursuivi pour `achat de stupéfiants` et james o'connor pour

Ali Williams sera convoqué ultérieurement devant le tribunal pour "achat de stupéfiants" dans le cadre d'une procédure de comparution sur reconnaissance préalable de culpabilité (plaider-coupable) et James O'Connor s'est vu notifier une amende pour "usage" dans le cadre d'une ordonnance pénale, ont-elles précisé. Les deux joueurs, qui comptent parmi les stars du Top 14, respectivement au Racing 92 et à Toulon, avaient été arrêtés en possession de 2,4 grammes de cocaïne. D'après les premiers éléments de l'enquête, Ali Williams est celui qui a acheté la drogue. Il a été contrôlé négatif à la cocaïne. James O'Connor a été contrôlé positif, mais n'est pas impliqué dans la transaction. Selon une source policière, ils semblaient fortement alcoolisés au moment des faits. Les deux hommes ont d'abo

après le dopage et l’alcool, le racing 92 confronté à une affaire de cocaïne

Le Néo-Zélandais Ali Williams a été arrêté ce week-end en possession de 2,4 grammes de cocaïne. Il y a dix jours, son coéquiper Dan Carter était contrôlé au volant avec un « taux délictuel » d’alcool dans le sang.Sale temps pour le Racing 92. Le club champion de France en titre a appris ce week-end que son joueur néo-zélandais, Ali Williams, 35 ans, avait été arrêté à Paris en possession de cocaïne et placé en garde à vue, tout comme le joueur australien de Toulon, James O’Connor, 26 ans.Ali Williams (77 sélections avec les All Blacks entre 2002 et 2012) sera convoqué ultérieurement devant le tribunal pour « achat de stupéfiants » dans le cadre d’une procédure de comparution sur reconnaissance préalable de culpabilité (plaider-coupable), et James O’Connor s’est vu notifier une amende pour

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