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i'm obsessed with this toaster and it costs $150

For years I was convinced I didn't need a toaster. I thought I could just fry bread in some butteron the stovetop and it would be fine. I thought a toaster would be too big for my small Brooklyn kitchen. I thought toasters were just a silly, expensive item.
Well, dear reader, I was wrong.
I spotted this Smeg toaster at a kitchen appliance show a year or so ago and knew I needed to have it. Not only is it the most beautiful thing in my kitchen (sorry, Le Creuset Dutch oven), but it's also completely functional and makes perfect toast in minutes. You can currently buy this on Amazon for $150. Yes, it's not cheap. Not at all.
A post shared by The Kitchn (@thekitchn) on Jan 6, 2016 at 11:04am PST
I imagine I'm not alone when I say I've always wanted a Smeg fridge, but that's not going to

11 moms that make mealtime a little more magical

My mother is an extremely magical person.
My mom managed to convince my sister that she was controlling the traffic lights when she was little (gotta love a rolling traffic light sequence that a 4-year-old just doesn't understand). She turned our living room into a Moroccan oasis for my dad's 40th birthday — draping fabric from the ceilings, painstakingly making bastilla from delicate phyllo dough and ground poultry, and hiring belly dancers to transform our quiet suburban home into a raucous palace, if only for the night.
And every year, during our Passover Seder, she would do a magic trick during the telling of the plagues. The trick, shockingly, turned water to blood right before our very eyes. A colorless goblet holding just air became filled with red liquid as my mother poured cryst

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